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McMinn County Historical Society and Archives
13. Miscellaneous Historical Files

African American

African Americans with American Indians
African American History: Free Hill/Tin Can Hollar
African American Slavery
African American Education in 1920's
African American Families (Ferguson, Williams, gentry, Hoyle)
African American History "June Teenth"
African American Missionary Church
Black History
Black History (Civil)
Black History 1821 Negro Market in Virginia
Black History 1920-1940 by Beatrice Johnson
Black History J L Cook
Black History: Manuscript History of the Black Community 20"-60"
Black History & Louisiana Slaves regain Identity
Black History Month
Emancipation Act 1855
Black History: Nashoba Experin1ent
Black History: Booker T Washington
Black History: Burkett Witt
Black History: Coretta Scott King
Black History: Snowden, Arnold
Black History: Swafford, Henry (former slave)


Athens Agriculture Depression/Extension
Akins, Bill (papers)
Athens, Acme Mill Deed. 1836-1850 (George Wallace)
Athens, - Cherokee H.ardware Company
Athens Citizens National Bank
Athens "Cornerstone Articles"
Athens Cotton Gin
Athens (Daily Post Athenian)
Athens Early
Athens Federal Bank
Civilian Conservation Corps
Cresent Hosiery Mill Inc. I 00th Anniversary
Charles Allen Cannery
Evans Funeral Home
Fisher Typewriter Company
Athens Foundry
Athens Furniture Inc
Gem Theatre
Glenmore Paper Mill
Historical Files, File Cabinet 1, Drawer 1
Goody's Family Clothing
Athens Farm Bureau (RD Malone)
Farm Census
Farm, Ridgeway
Athens, McMinn farm Survey 1992 Census
Jack Daniel's Country History told with pictures
Mt Verd Mill
Athens Mineral and Manufacturing Corp. Business
Athens Plow Company
Athens Restaurant
Athens Roller Mills & Forester & Blacksmith & Wagon Shop
Athens Woolen Mill
Athens Soil Conservation
Athens Table Co. Accessory Boutique
Bowater Incorporated Calhoun, TN Newsprint Co
Athens Tomato Plant (John Dewey)
Athens WCI Stove Plant
Mayfield History
McMinn Co Agriculture
McMinn Co Agriculture Agent
McMinn Co Businesses
McMinn County - Swift Airplanes
McMi1m Co Mills
Old Woolen Mill
Riddle and Wallace Drug Store
Sinclair Station
Southern Organ Company/Athens Furniture Works/1883
Strand Theatre
Striker Winery
Pendergast Cotton Mills Pendergast, TN
Wattenbarger's Store
Taylor Implement an Arnpco-Pittsburg Company
Trew's Store
Niota Industries
Crescent Hosiery
The Dycho Company Inc
The White Cliff Corporation
Fountain Academy
Mouse Creek Male and Female Academy
Eastanallee Carriage
Englewood Textile Mill
Calhoun: Joe Enterprises
Etowah: Coghill Mill
Etowah Business
Ag Exo Center Committee
The Athens Bank
Almanac 1879
Baker's Chapel Cemetery
"Birds and Beasts" of Old Savannah A Book
Boy Scouts of America
Browder Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery -Knoxville
CarnpGround/Dr. David Sullens Church
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Cemetery Deed book 3-L pg. 569
Cemetery Law
Cemetery Listings McMinn County
Chestua - Salem Baptist Church
Citizens Bank
Civil War Cemetery/Walmart
Clear Springs Cemetery
Coghill Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery
First National Bank of Athens
"Footprints on the Sand of Time" Book
Friendship Cemetery (Church) 1931 (Polk Co)
Hutsell Cemetery
"Killing a Bear" (Story)
Kelly Cemetery
Knoxville's First Graveyard 1800-1879
Kyker Funeral Horne History
Lane Family Cemetery
Lowry Cemetery
Mayfield Cemetery (TN Laws)
"Mistakes in Fanny Kernble's Georgia Journal" (Book)
"Mountaineer Times" (Book)
Murray County, Georgia 1850 Census
Neil Cemetery
Niota Cemetery Records
Old Riceville Cemetery
Old Providence Meth Cemetery
The Planters Bank of Tenn Branch Established 1834
Polk Co Cemeteries
Prospect Cern
Register/Herald in Ohio
Riceville Cemeteries
Rothwell Cemetery Rededication 1997
Rutherford County NC Census
State Bank of Athens
"Tennessee Heritage" (Book)
Revised 2022
Miscellaneous Historical Files, File Drawer 2, A-Z
"Tennessee Printers" 1791-1945
"Tennessee and North Carolina" (Book)
'Tennessee and Virginia" (Book)
"Tenn. The most interesting State" (Book)
"Thoughts in Rhyme" (Book)
University of Tennessee Press
VFW Cook Book 2001
Whittle Communications
Williamsburg Cemetery
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