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McMinn County
Court Minutes 1820-1873


p.47,  3 June 1822. Court met at court house in Calhoun (before this had met at house of John Walker).

p.100, 1 Dec. 1823, Court held at temporary court house in Athens.

p.115, 1 Mar 1824, Court held at court house in Athens.

p.143, 8 June 1824, Sam'l Claige on Grand Jury.

p.158, 7 Sept 1824, Daniel Lowry and Thomas Sherman on Grand Jury.

p.205, 1825, David Claig of jury.

P.201, 9 June 1825, Susan Hogan's bastard child  - John Cansler the reputed father.

p.278,  7 Sept 1827, Joseph Erwin - first mention of Erwins.

p.287, 6 Dec. 1827, State VS James Stepp - P.L. - he to be given 9 lashes at public whipping post.

p.287, 6 Dec. 1827, John Rucker found guilty of being father of Nancy Hill's illegitimate male child.



p.34, 6 Dec 1824; Deed Joseph McMinn to Robert Morrison proven by James G. Williams & Caleb Starr - certified for registration in Hawkins Co.

p.40, 7 Dec 1824; John Overton pension app. (Ordered - if do not get, copy from book) copied.

p.50, 7 Mar 1825; Deed from Rebecca Dugan, Wm., John, Joseph, Solomon, & Jane Copeland, Fanny Atkinson, Sally Taff, & Wm. Sewel to Catharine Swan partly proven by witness Peter Taff and certified to Jefferson Co.

p.51, 7 Mar 1825; Deed for Louisa Seahorn (Seaborn?) to John Poper proven by Wm. M. Biggs and certified to Jefferson Co.

p.56, 8 Mar 1825; Received and filed a plan of Town of Athens and map of McMinn Co. from William H. Cook, Esq.

p.69, 6 Jun 1825; Deed from James McNabb to John Wright acknowledged and certified to Carter Co.

p.97, 6 Sept 1825; Wm. Erwin first time mentioned but there seem to be two.

p.99, 7 Sept 1825; Matthew Daugherty juilty of bastardy on Dinah Kelly spinster. Petition to legitimatize child and change name from Joshua Kelly to Dennis Daugherty and make him heir with orther children.

p.101, 7 Sept 1826; Petition of Gabriel Cantrell to legitimatize Susannah Lankford his illegitimate child by Mary Ann Landford and change her name to Susannah Cantrell. Says conduct of mother before birth makes it uncertain but probable that he is father.

p.148, 9 Mar 1826; Petition of Kinsey Moore to legitimatize child named Polly Bennett, dau. of Matilda Bennett a single woman and change her name to Polly Moore and make her joint heir. He has one child 5 yrs. old and hiswife  is willing & anxious to have child made heir.

p.142, 1826; Wm. Erwin that does not appear to be mine.

p.150, 1826; Samuel Walker app. for pension. (ordered  - if does not come copy from this) it came.

p.153, 11 Mar 1826; P of A from Calvin Davis to Benjamin Davisson or Cornelius acknowledged and certified for reg. in Mo.

p.214, 8 Mar 1827; Deed Lazarus Dodson to Augustine P. Fore proven by witnessess - land in Claiborne Co.

p.237, 4 Sept 1827; P of A. Willson  Norman to Nelson Norman to rent lands in Va.

p.239, 5 Sept 1827; Peggy Henderson charges that Fleming Pew is father of her bastard child.

p.240, 5 Sept 1827; John Atkinson ordered to support bastard child of Nancy Bolinger as the father.

p.245, 3 Dec 1827; Deed John Miller to William Hancher for 28 acres in Sullivan Co. acknowledge by Miller & certified.

p.244-45, 3 Dec 1827; Deeds of gift from Hinchey Barker to Burt, Thosmas, & James G. Barker.

p.254, 4 Dec 1827, Deed George Morgan & wife Francis to James Paullot on Tuskaloose, Ala., acknowledged by grantors.

p.272-273, 4 Mar 1828; Deeds from Cherokees to McGhees - get from book.

p.289, 2 June 1828; Hinchey Barker to Alexander Barker - Deed of Gift.

p.306, 1 Sept 1828; Deed form Richard Waldrope to U. S. for Bounty land in Ark. Terr. (Ordered appl.) it came.

p.310, 3 Sept 1828; Deed Marvel Coffy & wife Rachel of McMinn Co. to  Thos. Hutchison of Ky. Land in Wayne Co., Ky.

p.336, 2 Mar 1829; Wm. Ervin overseer Hiwasse River  up Spring Creek (mine).

p.350, 4 Mar 1829; Deed William Sterling & wife Jane to James Lackland acknowledged by grantors, to be certified in Green Co., Tenn.

p.382, 7 Sept 1829; Deed from Sally, John, Nathaniel, Silas, Jane Morning, & Patsey Witt and Edward G. Sellars to Chas Cate. Land in Jefferson Co. proven by Napoleon B. Bradford who knows handwriting of James Ferrell one of Witnesses.

p.382, 7 Sept 1829; Deed from Edward G. Sellars, Sally Sellars,  & Sarah Witt, Gdns. for an ediot named Martha Witt and Joseph Witt to the heirs of Charless Cate dec=d . Land in Jefferson Co.

p.389, 8 Sept 1829; Deed, William White & wife Phebe to David Thomas. Land in Washington Co., acknowledged by grantors.

p.391, 9 Sept 1829; P of A from Saml Hardy & wife Martha of Tenn to John Jordin of Va.

p.420, 1 Mar 1830; Deed from John S. Burnett & wife Lucinda to George W. Clemmons. Land in Chesterfield Co., VA.

p.477, 9 Sept 1830; P of A from Betsy Paxton  & Eliza Barclay to Elihu Barclay to sell their interest in common with other persons of land  in Augusta Co., VA. Acknowledged by grantors and Eliza apart from her husband.

p.490, 7 Dec 1830; Deed form Andrew Burk, Jr. & wife Malinda to Aron Hays. Acknowledged by grantors, Land in Monroe Co., Ky.

p.490, 7 Dec 1830; Robert W. McClary & wife Polly to Loahnes & Whitmore. Certified to Knox Co. for Reg.

p.498, 10 Dec 1830; James P. Lowry represents to the Court that Elihu S. Barclay expects in a short time to remove to GA., that he has been for past 5 yrs. a res. of McMinn and an Atty.

P&QS 1831-41

p.46, 6 Dec 1831; Orphan nemed James Madison son of Rebecka Snider now Reeser.

p.65, 5 Mar 1832; John  McInturff ordered to surrender James Madison son of Rebecca Reeser to John & Rebecca Reeser. Appealed.

p.73, 7 Mar 1832; John McInturf states that by oath of Rebeeca Reeser he was made father of male child  James Madison Snider and illegitimate born to the sd. Rebecca and he believes he is father. Request granted that he make boy an heir and change name to James Madison McIntruf.

p.79, 4 Jun 1832; Citizens have liberty to remove whipping post from public square to jail lot.

p.150, 8 Mar 1833; Wm. McCallie & wife Mary to Jacob D. Williamson their undivided interest in land in Rockingham co., Va.

p.154, 3 Jun 1833; Deed from Francis Kincannon & wife Elizabeth Kincannon, John Hodges, Mary Hodges, & Robert H. McCroskey to William McCroskey their undivided interest in land in Sevier Co. Acknowledged and certified to Sevier Co.

p.166, 3 Sept 1833; Deed from Charles Collins & wife margaret to Alexander Campbell for Margaret=s share of land in Washington Co., Tenn formerly property of Ephraim Brabston dec=d who was brother of said Maragret.

p.206, 5 Sept 1834; Pension app. for Peter Helton. (ordered - copy if do not get) came.

p.226, 1 June 1835; James B. Hammock a minor bound to Hugh Reeveley and Messor Hammock a minor bound to Thos. B. Love.

p226, 1 June 1835; Joseph Morgan Acrey ? a minor bound to Bird Newman and Rachel Angeline Acrey ? bound to Hartwell Ivy. 

p.233, 7 Sept 1835; James Monroe Strong bound to James Lowry and Lucinda Brown bound to Mary Doan.

p.234, 1835; Summoned to attend as Jurors: In the part of Rhea Co. attached to McMinn, Hail Butram & Nathaniel Brittain.

p.235, 7 Sept 1835; Petition of Asbury Atkerson that a bastard child of his by Sarah Sproule called John Sproule be made legititimate. and name changed to John Atkerson.

p.236, 7 Sept 1835; Tax collector for 1834 to collect Tax due from people South of Hiwassee River for 1834.

p.239, 7 Dec 1835; Deed from Coleman Daniel & wife Lettitia for Lot No 39 in Knigston (Kingston ?) acknowledged by grantors. Also P of A both to Sam'l L. Childress & Henry H. Wiley.

p.243, 8 Dec 1835; To take tax for 1836 in part. Taken from Rhea Co. Wm. Dotson.

p.251, 9 Mar 1836; John B. Jackson elected County Court Clerk. A. R. Turk is Clerk in Mar. 1832 then elected. 

p.254, 10 Mar 1836; A. R. Turk (County Official) could not make settlement because his leg was broken.

p.260, 6 June 1836; Susanah Hutsell a minor bound to A. B. Neal.

p.284, 3 Oct 1836; Samuel Sulser a minor bound to Charles P. Owens.

p.285, 3 Oct 1836; Inquest of a murdered Indian called Walking Staff.

p.290, 7 Nov 1836; State by Joseph Russell VS Joseph, Winny, Aley, Charity & Peggy Salle. Peace Warrant.

p.297, 2 Jan 1837; Jesse Anderson and John Madarus swear that William Crye a Rev. soldier died 30 Aug 1835 in McMinn Co. leaving widow Sarah.

p.318, 5 Jun 1837; Transcript of Cause of County VS Seaborn Senter former Tax Collector for balance due sd. County to be sent to William McGaughy of Spring Place, GA.

p.343, 1 Jan 1838; Sheriff ordered to bring John & James Brindley to court for purpose of disposing of them as law directs.

p.353, 5 Mar 1838; John Crawford age 4 bound to Dennis Knight and Martha Anderson age 11 bound to A. B. Neal.

p.369, 4 Jun 1838; Robert Lankford a minor bound to George Peahorn and Malinda Lankford a minor bound to John Grayham.

p.369, 5 Jun 1838; Peter Hutson an orphan boy bound to Slolmon Boggart and Jude Hutson an orphan girl to same.

p.370, 5 Jun 1838; Wm. Lankford an orphan boy bound to Geo. W. Mayo.

p.372, 2 July 1838; Clavin George bound to Wm. Burns, Mary Elizabeth George to same; Wm. A. George bound to Benjamin Ragsdale.

p.375, 3 July 1838; James Lankford bound to Dempsey Casey by the assent of Gibson Lankford his father.

p.377, 6 Aug 1838; James Calhoun a minor bound to Robt. Randolph (p.396, 2 Oct 1838 James Calhoun is age 5)

p.377, 6 Aug 1838; John Lankford bound to Allen McRoy, the father assenting.

p.391, 1 Oct 1838; Wm. H. Williams a minor bound to Silvester Blackwell. Also, Arrena Williams bound to him. Also, Zechious L. Williams bound to him. Arrena & Zechious called orphans.

p.392, 1 Oct 1838; Mary E. Williams an orphan bound to Joel Grigg.

p.393, 1 Oct 1838; Jacob Vanzant paid for acting as coroner & making coffin for Robert McGinias who was found murdered.

p.396, 5 NOv 1838; Fanny Calhoun a lunatic sold to Thos. L. Hoyl.

p.402, 5 Nov 1838; Sheriff ordered to bring Neal, Dolly, & Peggy Ann Burris of 5th Dist. to be disposed as law directs.

p. 402, 5 Nov 1838; Cloaborn Stubbs released from liabilities. Mary Ann Herald age 7 had been bound to him.

p.402, 5 Nov 1838; Wiley Helton found guilty of bastardy on Elizabeth Ann James. 

p. 404, 3 Dec 1838; Cornelius Burris bound to Hartwell Ivy. Other Burris children sent back with mother Mrs. Burris until further gdnship..

p.414, 7 Jan 1839; Joel Thacker paid for keeping an infant child of Gipson Lankford for 2 months.

p.428, 4 Mar 1839; James Davis agrees to keep above child free from county charge. So Sheriff ordered to get child from Thacker.

p.430, 4 Mar 1839; State by Dorcas Abigail Matrtin VS Chas. D. Wright, Bastardy.

p.443-444, 6 May 1839; Following persons swear allegiance to US (have lived in McMinn Co. one whole year) and made citizens: Thomas Hennasay born County  Tiplary, Ireland; Richard Duneven born County Cork, Ireland; John Manning, Jeremiah Gavey, Wm. O=Connell, Jeremiah Dunaven, John Condon, William Stack, Daniel
O=Conal, Jeremiah McCarty, Roger Shields, Edward Rhine, all of County Cork, Ireland; John Delay, Thomas Delay, Thomas Gorman, Parsey Doty, all of Limerick County, Ireland; Patrick Dunn, Timothy Cavanach, Martin Brixell, Daniel O=Neal all of Tiplary County, Ireland; John Agan of Kings County, Ireland; Andrew O=Neal of Utley County, Ireland; James McCormick of Meredith County, Ireland; James Powers of Ireland.

p.445, 3 Jun 1839; State of Tenn. at the relation of Dorcas Abigail Martin VS Charles D. Martin alias Chas. D. Wright. Chas. withdraws appeal and Dorcas withdraws prosecution.

p.446, 1 July 1839; Peggy Whealor bound to James Knox.

p.450, 1 July 1839; Thos. L. Hoyl paid for keeping Fanny Calhoun and her child 5 months 12 days also burial expenses.

p.451, 1 July 1839; Michel Delany and Silvester Noland natives of Ireland Naturalized.

p.452, 3 July 1839; Thomas Casey, John Keardon & Patrick Da___ natives of Ireland naturalized.

p.476, 6 Jan 1840; That portion of 17th Dist. reduced by Co. of Polk attacked to 16th Dist.

p.480, 6 Jan 1840; Lewis Stanton 1 poll 37 1/2 cents in list of persons insolvent, gone off or overcharged for 1839.

p.488, 6 April 1840; Thomas Vaughn elected CCC (Count Court Clerk) for 4 years.

p.490, 6 Apr 1840; Serena Kennedy an orphan aged 12 bound to Henry Hatton.

p.499, 4 May 1840; Duke Kimbrogh admits being father of bastard female child  of Nancy A. Robeson.

p.541, 5 Apr 1841, Russell Lane app. one of Quorum Court to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Bynum Jarnagin.

p.548, 7 Jun 1841; Samuel W. Dickson bound to James Lowry Sr.

p.552, 5 July 1841; Ambrose Harnage in the Cherokee Nation of Indians in Arkansas.


p.6, 4 Oct 1841; William Hutson Robeson and Delaney Churchwell Robeson bound to George W. Wallis.

p.23, 3 Jan 1842; John Parshall paid for bringing Samuel & Harden Smith from jail of Buncombe Co., NC to jail of McMinn Co. on charge of horse stealing. Hansel Robbins paid for removing Loyd Maroney from Poor House to Ala.

p.25, 3 Jan 1842; Elizabeth & William Martin bound to Benton Keeton.

p.39, 4 Apr 1842; Civil Dist. No. 17 laid off. Bounds given here.

p.51, 4 Jul 1842; Adison C. Lowe aged 18 the 1st of Sept. next, bound to Hugh L. & John J. Middleton. (not called orphan)

p.56, 4 Jul 1842; Hayshur H. Turner informs the Court that a certain Dorcas Emberson resides in his neighborhood and she has 8 children with her and they are suffering for food & raiment.

p.65, 5 Sept 1842; Daniel B. Brown aged 10 yrs. the 5th Mar. last bound to James B. Fennell.

p.69, 6 Sept 1842; Sheriff to take into custody the children of Dorcas Emberson to wit Caroline, Leticia, Carroll and others except the youngest child and have them be at next court.

p.70, 3 Oct 1842; James R. Woods, about 10 yrs old, bound to William Baker.

p.90, 6 Feb 1843; Adison C. Lowe aged 18 the 1st of Sept. last bound to Isaac Lowe.

p.94, 6 Mar 1843; By last Will of John May dec=d it is ordered that Joseph Cobbs, Saml. Firestone, & Thomas Trew be app. to value two negroes.

p.112, 5 June 1843; O. G. Murrell of McMinn applies for control of property his father John Murrell of Lynchburg, Va. left him in trust.

p.115, 3 July 1843; Sheriff ordered to bring in Nancy Bates & 8 children for disposition.

p.121, 4 Sept 1843; Wm. H. Stephenson Constable in 15th Dist. havin removed himself & family out of the County.

p.123, 4 Sept 1843; Sheriff ordered to bring in Mitchell, Mary, Asberry, & John Hilderbrand, children of Nicy (Nicy, Nacy, Necy) Hilderbrand.

p.124, 4 Sept 1843; Lorenzo Frazier released from apprentice bond, Andrew Woods then bound to Elisha Bryant.

p.125, 2 Oct 1843; William W. Morris aged 6 last Christmas bound to William S. Dobbs.

p.125, 2 Oct 1843; Sarah Jane Rector bound to John K. Boyd.

p.131, 6 Nov 1843; Sarah Jane Rector aged 10 on 6 June 1843 bound to Albartus Arnwine, John K. Boyd released.

p.153, 4 Mar 1844; James C. Carlock elected Count Court Clerk.

p.166, 6 May 1844; John Woods aged 7 bound to J. W. Barnett.

p.168, 7 May 1844; Thomas Crawford and 11 bound to Chas. W. McDonald.

p.177, 1 July 1844; James H. Lasseter says he is not guilty of bastardy on Elizabeth hane Barnett. Jury finds him guilty. Child born 13 May 1843. 

p.183, 5 Aug 1844; John Crawford aged 10 bound to R. P. Burk.

p.184, 5 Augn 1844; James Calhoun aged about 11 ? yrs. bound to James Stanfield.

p.194, 7 Oct 1844; A. B. Brown paid for making coffin for old man Bradley who was killed by a tree.

p237, 7 July 1845; William Cartright aged 11 bound to Lemuel Cartright.

p.246, 1 Sept 1845; Eli W. Marcum aged 10 bound to Nathan Sullins. Nancy Louisa Marcum aged 6 bound to Henry Walker. Polly S. Marcum aged 7 bound to Eli Sherrill.

p.250, 6 Oct 1845; One Seaborn Senter in the Superior Court of Murry Co., GA. Lawsuit.

p.252, 6 Oct 1845; Henry Williams aged 9 bound to John Swafford.

p.255, 3 Nov 1845; George Williams age 14 bound to Edwin A. Atlee.

p.262, 5 Jan 1846; Moses A. Cass app. to transcribe Will Bk A.

p.272, 2 Feb 1846; John Crawford age 13 bound to W. F. Miller.

p.276, 2 Mar 1846; Thomas G. Bonner aged 13 bound to Ezekiel Bonner.

p.277, 6 Apr 1846; Samuel Wilson still a JP. (Justice of the Peace)

p.289, 4 May 1846; George Cordial aged 10 bound to Edwin S. Ivey.

p.304, 7 Sept 1846; George Large found guilty of bastardy on Mahala Withers, child born 18 Oct 1845. Issac Large his Security.

p319, 2 Nov 1846; James Stanfield released from care of James Calhoun and James Calhoun is then bound to John Hoyl. Orphan is aged 12.

p.323, 7 Dec 1846; Joseph Grayson aged 13 bound to Oliver Dodson. Sam'l. H. Jordan app. Gdn. to Thomas Eason. McMinn Dodson has paid poll tax for 1846 in Monroe (Co.).

p.324, 7 Dec 1846; John D. Williams released form poll tax for 1846 as he has not lived in McMinn for last 3 yrs.

p.338, 5 Jan 1847; George W. Hoback aged 10 bound to Joseph McCully.

p.366, 2 Aug 1847; James A. Henderson an orphan aged 12 bound to James Braden.

p.372, 4 Oct 1847; Sheriff to bring in Asberry & Malinda minor children of Polly Bigham.

p.375, 4 Oct 1847; James Buckner, Jr. accused by Martha Jane Porter of having begot a bastard child upon her body on 9 of Aug. 1847; Buckner pleads not guilty and asks for delay until he can get Clarissa January & David L. Boyd as witnesses. Page 385, Found guilty and date of conception is 9 Apr. instead of 9 Aug.

p.386, 8 Oct 1847; John R. Porter app. Gdn. for Betsy Ann Porter. 

p.393, 3 Jan 1848; Sheriff to bring in the 2 children of Cyntha Roberson.

p.387, 1 Nov 1847; Asberry Bigham aged 14 and Malinda Carter age 6 bound to Wm. Ford.

p.399, 6 Jan 1848; Willaim Ford released and Asberry Bigham an orphan aged 14 bound to William T. McCallie.

p.402, 6 Jan 1848; State VS Mahaly Rudd, Sophia Gibbs, & Viny Brady; these defendants committed to jail on charge of murder  Aug. 1847; discharged by order of Court & Atty. Gen.

p.405, 6 Jan 1848; Henderson Roberson an orphan aged 16 bound to James Mayo.

p.409, 7 Feb 1848; Tilman Usom an orphan boy aged 14 bound to Willaim Wasson. Joseph Rush an orphan aged 3 bound to Alex. McKenzie.

p.414, 6 Mar 1848; Wiley Pace orphan boy aged 13 bound to Seth Bedford.

p.415, 6 Mar 1848; Sheriff to bring in 2 orphan children by name of Usom.

p.420, 6 Mar 1848; Thomas Grisham elected Constable in 8th Dist. and Wm. H. Wilson is on his bond.

p.422, 6 Mar 1848; Henry Walker elected Constable in 11th Dist. 

p.428, 3 Apr 1848; Geo. W. Mayo elected County Court Clerk.

p.465, 7 Aug 1848; Sheriff ordered to bring in John & Polly Carson children of Elizabeth Carson to bound out; a bastard child named martha Green in 2nd Civil Dist. to brought in and then delivered to her father Wesley Lowder. p.471 order rescinded.

p.465, 7 Aug 1848; Louisa M. Fetzer aged about 13 bound to John Derrick.

p.471, 4 Sept 1848; James h. Dodd an orphan aged 14 bound to John A Rowles.

p.491, 6 Nov 1848; Josiah Childers, Jr. is now a citizen of Polk Co. and he is guilty of begetting a bastard child on Sarah Tenny otherwise Sarah Blackwell of which she has been delivered in McMinnn.

p.498, Jan 1849; proceedings quashed.

p.503, 1 Jan 1849; The bound children of Polly Bigham returned to her, the mother. 

p.507 order rescinded.

p.508, Feb 1849; Jury to inquire into sanity of Wm. Nelson Cansler.

p.509, Feb 1849; James R. Davis age 16 bound to Isaac Davis.

p.515, Feb 1849; Jury to inquire into sanity of William Nelson Cansler find that he is not an idiot to the full extenr of being a natural  fool, but that he is of exceedingly weak and imbecile mind; that he owns 1/4 interest in slaves & land and has money due him in S. C.

p.517, 5 Mar 1849; Lewis Franklin Acre, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Acre, bound to Wm. O. Barrett.

p.521, Apr 1849; Thomas Kelly an orphan bound to Noah Higdon.

p.521, Apr 1849; Tillman Alin an orphan bound to Seth Bedford.

p.528, 7 May 1849; Benton Usom an orphan bound to John H. Crow.

p.533, July 1849; Eliza Jane Tinney aged 7 bound to Thomas E. Cox.

p.534, July 1849; Eliza Bishop a minor to be placed in charge of Wm. Randolph until next Court.

p.538, July 1849; Robert Webb admits having begotten a bastard child on Sarah Ann Melton.

p.543, 6 Aug 1849; Elizabeth Bishop an orphan bound to HMD (?) McElrat.

p.546, 6 Aug 1849; Witnesses to appear to give evidence how John Simpson the child of Nancy Rudd is treated by John Simpson the grandfather of sd. child.

CM 1849-57 pages not numbered and some missing.

Jan 1851; Thomas Vaughan sworn in as Deputy Count Court Clerk.
June 1851; Joseph Hodgson released from paying poll tax for years 1849, 1850, 1851, he not having been naturalized.
July 1851; James Hughes to pay Elizageth Wassom - bastardy.
July 1851; paid for Aironing prisoner Hawk@  - this term ironing has been used before - John H. Hawk had been declared insane before. He is Dr. John H. Hawk.
Oct 1851; James Forrest app. Gdn to John L. Dearmon whose mind is affected.
Oct 1851; Town of Calhoun petitions for incorporation under Act of Assembly.
Dec. 1851; Robert R. Caldwell JP removed causing a vacancy.
Mar 1852; Chas. F. Hackler bound to Joseph Hardin. Wm. B. Hackler bound to Benjamin C. Jameson.
Apr 1852; Thomas Vaughan elected Count Court Clerk.
Aug. 1852; James Fairbanks bound to John Wolff.
Sep. 1852; Hiram Washam bound to Thomas Everton.
Feb. 1853; James Henderson aged 17 bound to R. F. Braden. James W. Fenny aged 8 and Thos. D. J. Fenny aged 4 bound to Moses Sweeny. Robert Rentfro requests jury to inquire into state of mind of John Rentfro.
Apr. 1853; Charles H. Hackler aged 9 and upwards bound to Benjamin C. Jameson.
May 1853; Chas. Dickson aged 4 bound to Thos. Worthy. Harrison Hambrick and Malissa Hambrick aged 12 and 14 bound to James Culton. Emaline J. Hambrick aged 20 bound to E. R. Johnson.
June 1853; Lewis Night aged 15 bound to Wm. Moon. Leander Barlow aged 11 bound to Geo. M. Hutsell.
July 1853; Lew Night order rescinded and he to return to his parents.
Feb 1854; Found that Malissa Hambrick  who was bound to James Culton is only 7 instead of 12. (About the time of the first indenture there was an entry about sending Selia Hambrick to poor house.)
May 1854; Jess Dodson app. Gdn. to his idiot son James Dodson.
June 1854; David M. Bowerman guilty of bastardy on Mary A. A. Knight a single white woman - child named Dancy Jane.
6 Nov 1854; James Pike aged 5 in May last bound to Williamson Ereckson.
4 Dec 1854; John M. Vaughan app. Deputy County Court Clerk until July 1855.
7 May 1855; Thomas Vaughan has died and John M. Baughan app. CCC.
5 June 1855; Mary Ann Finney dau. og Matilda Finney bound to Wm. Burke.
July 1855; Wm. George elected CCC by Court.
Oct 1855; James Underwood aged 12 bound to G. ? Small.
Apr. 1856; The minor children of Mary Wooten now living with Jacob Bonine to brought in and conducted to Alfred Castiler in Bradley Co.
Apr 1856; Williamm George elected CCC.

Court Minutes 1857-61

Jan 1857; James Philio aged 8 or 9 bound to Thos. Hale. Isaac N. Shelton aged 3 bound to William Wilson.

p.15, 15 Apr 1857; Maranda Filio aged 7 bound to John Walker. Wm. Underwood aged 10 bound to James Carter.

p.47, Aug 1857; James Robertson bound to William Foster, Jr. p.48 aged 13.

p.48, Aug 1857; Saml. Shelton bound to James Gregory instead of Taply Gregory. p.50 17 years old.

p.52, Aug 1857; John Robinson aged 11 bound to John R. Foster.

p.230, Sept 1858; Morgan Hackler aged 7 bound to John Newman.

p286, Feb 1859; Wm. J. Johnson makes petition that Margaret McNelly is the mother of two children Theresa Ann born 13 Mar 1846 and Wm. J. born 21 July 1848 of whom he is the father and he requests names to be changed to Johnson and that they are the only children that he has  and that they be legitimatized.

p302, Apr 1859; James Bowerman denied that he is father of bastard child of which Manilda ? McMurry was delivered 26 Dec 1856, but court thinks he is.

p.359, 5 Dec 1859; It appearing to the Court that in Sep. 1835 Asbury Atkinson presented petition which was not recorded and petition is ordered to be spread of record; Asberry A. Atkinson states that he is the father of an illegitimate child of Sarah Sprowel=s,  a male now 9 yrs. old and known as John Sprowels, that the transaction took place  in Ala. but Sarah is now a resident of McMinn and John is living with her. Petition to change name of child to John Atkinson and legitimatize him. Dated 7 Sept  1835.

p.388, Apr 1860; William George elected CCC (relected)

p.439, May 1860; William Webb accused of being father of bastard child of which Elizabeth Martin is now pregnant.

p466, 7 May 1860; Election to be held 9 June 1860 to vote on whether Town of Athens will incorporate. 

p.488 Mahority voted in favor. Boundaries to be the same as shown in original plan of said town: Commencing at N corner of Lot No. known as Hornsby lot running with street SW to W corner of Lot No. known as old Academy lot so as to include the Athesn Female Lollege property and the lots and residence of E. Rowley thence with the street SE to S corner of Lot No. known as Turner=s lot thence NE with the street to the E corner of Lot No. known as Baker=s lot so as to include all Baker property the lots and residence of E. A. Atlee thence NW to the Big Spring Lot thence NE with the street to the E corner of Lot No. known as Bernhart Gilbert=s Lot thence NW with street to beginning so as to include the lots & residence of John F. Slover & R. M. Fisher. 47 signatures.
P.454, 2 July 1860; Petition of James Lamar in 1857. He was accused of being father of illegitimate dau. of Hersula Pearce named Sarah Virginia Pearce born 1 Nov 1856; he has been supporting child; mother is loose woman and he wants to legitimatize child and change name to Sarah Virginia Lamar.

p.456, 2 July 1860; Houston hackler aged 5 bound to Bird Newman. (He is probably son of Clarissa Hackler.) George Hackler aged 10 bound to Wm. McPhail. (He also prob. a son of Clarissa Hackler. see p.455)
p.473, 2 Oct 1860; Thomas Grisham age 15 bound to Wm. W. Porter. Thos. is illegitimate child of Ursula Pearce and John Grisham, dec=d was his reputed father.

p.482, Nov 1860; James Montgomery denies that he is guilty of bastardy on Mary J. Dixon.

p.530, Apr 1861; Jeptha Sivils guilty of being father of illeg. child of Malissa B. Only which was born 11 Jan 1860.

p.543, 27 May 1861; Called Session of Coutnty Court - voting upon the organization of a home guard - postponed for the present - vote to lay a tax to support the indigent families of volunteers in the service in the Southern Army during the continuance .

p.552, July 1861; A man in each district paid for ascertaining no. of guns, rifles, & shotguns.

Court Minutes lost 1861-63

Jan. 1862, Petition to establish a ferry on Hiwassee above the bridge recently burned on the ET & Ga. RR.
Feb. 1862, Martha Hammontree mother of David or Daniel Hammontree consents that he be bound to William Moore, Jr.
Apr. 1862, William Burk in taking oath as Sheriff swears to support the constitution of this State and of the Confederate States.
Apr. 1862, Court to issue scrip to the indigent families of volunteers.
May 1862, Owing to the scarcity of salt in MnMinn Co. and the impossibility of getting it thur the ______b channels it is ordered that A. P. Baradford as agent for the County go to salt works in VA. and procure salt for domestic use. The Court gives solemn pledge that the salt will be furnished to families without any profit. Our population is at least 16000.
May 1862, p.81; A. P. Bradford presents written contract for salt; court votes to borrow money at Branch Bank of Tenn. at Athens to pay for salt, sacks, & freight and money to remain at bank for that special purpose; one man in each district to take names of heads of families and no. in each family. upon which Agent Bradford will make out amounts to go to the four depots, or towns, to wit: Mouse Creek, where 1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th Dists. to draw; Athens, where Dist. 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, to draw; Riceville, where Dists. 10 & 15 to draw; Calhoun, where Dists. 9, 16, & 17 to draw; Agent Bradford to make out amountt to go to each station and amount to go to each family; James Wison to agent at Mouse Creek, J. M. Alexander at Athens, G. C. Bradford at Riceville, B. F. Martin at Calhoun.
p.111 gives list of person to distribute the salt.
Jan. 1863, Wm. C. Tedwell aged 8 bound to Jepiha Sivils.
Jan. 1863, Ordered that the 3 sacks of salt at Mouse Creek be sold by James Wislon to the highest bidder in lots of 5 pounds to citizens of 1-2-4-5 Dists.
Mar. 1863, Houston Hackler aged 9 bound to Rebecca Newman.
Apr. 1863 John Robinson aged 17 bound to Robinson Snider. Mongan Hackler aged 13 bound to O. L. Cate. 
May 1863, Geo. W. Hackler aged 13 bound to Peter Wattenbarger.

Court Minutes 1868-73

p.64, 5 Oct 1868; John Slover, Jr. app. D. C. (Deputy Clerk) by Thomas Hale, Clk.

p.83, 4 Jan 1869; Court to pay Mrs. Sarah Keith a pauper  in care of James Parkison.

p.84, 4 Jan 1869; William W. Alexander receives cert. of good character. He obtaining license to practice law.

p.95, 1 Mar 1869; R. J. Patty admits his guilt in case of bastardy on Mary B. Reynolds. Child named McMinn.

p.100, 5 Apr 1869; S. M. Henderson petitions to adopt Mary French, an orphan whom he obtained from the Protestant Orphan Asylum on 14 Sept. 1868, she about seven, her mother died about 4 yrs. ago and father blind and whereabouts unknown, she and brothers & sisters placed in Asylum, wants name changed to Mary Henderson. Ordered.

p.113, 3 May 1869; Calvin Erwin orphan aged 11 bound to John R. Erwin.

p.227, Sep. 1870; Lon Blizard elected Clerk.

p.239, Oct 1870; James Howard app. Deputy Clerk.

Court of P & Q=s 1829-36

p.20, Sept 1829; Meshack Rowden VS James, William W., Robert, & David Hannah & Eleanor Rowden. Judgement.

p.30, Sept 1829; Joseph W. McMillin admits bastardy on Polly Combs.

p.101, 7 Sept 1830; Arch. R. Turk  made CCC.

p.311, 5 Jun 1833, James Trotten produces receipt from Barsheba Crawford releasing him from all responsibility as the reputed father of her illeg. child.

p.452, 4 Jun 1835; Lewis R. Hurst accused of bastardy on Mary Rush.

p.458, 9 Sept 1835; Jesse H. Benton accused of bastardy on Eliza Dennom. (Male child p.480.)

p.475, 7 Mar 1836; Mary Rush acknowledges full satisfaction from Lewis R. Hurst. (Female Child)

Circuit Court 1852-55

p.35, 11 Aug 1852; William Henry Hugo Fussinger, naturalized, formerly of the Dukedom of Nassau, has been a res. of US 2 yrs.

p.75, 15 Dec 1852; Clerk reports  tat Execution Dockets had been burnt in burning of Circuit Court Clerk=s Office.

p.76, Dec. 1852; Divorce granted Mary Dunlap. Married John Dunlap in Bradley Co. early 1849. John abandoned Mary.

p.112, Ar 1853; Divorce granted Matilda McCarver from Wm. McCarver who abandoned her.

p.141, 11 Aug 1853; Lewis Erwin granted divorce from Barbara Erwin, married about 29 July 1845. Barbara has deserted Lewis and is guilty of adultery with on Elijah Largent.

p.153, 11 Aug 1853; Affidavit of Clerk John L. Bridges that in Apr. 1850 Williiam Symmons, Sr., William Symmons, Jr., & James V. Symmons formerly citizens of Great Brittain filed Declar. for citizenship.  They arrived in US 6 May 1848. Records burnt.

p.172, 12 Dec 1853; Elizabeth Brown VS Benj. Brown. Plaintiff dismisses.

p.232, 15 Apr 1854; Naturalization of Joseph Hodgson. Filed about Aprl 1851 or 1852, papers burnt. Joseph a subject of Kingdom of Great Britain, born there, came to USA about 1831 when a minor under 21, has lived in Tenn. for about 8 yrs. 

p.260, 15 Aug 1854; Lazarus Lewis Goodman files Declar. for Citizenship, renounces allegiance to Ludwick III Duke of Wessen Damstadt of whom he was formerly a subject in the Duchy of Damstadt.

p.260, 15 Aug 1854; Caroline Gauge dismisses petition for divorce from John Gauge.

p.287, 19 Aug 1854; Petition for divorce, Robert Sharp VS Nancy Ann Sharp. Robert allowed to amend petition.

p.298, 12 Dec 1854; Isaac Guthman native of Germany came to US 14 Apr 1853. Renounces allegiance to Ludwick III the present sovereign of Wessen Damstadt.

p.321, 16 Dec 1854; Thomas Hale granted divorce from Sabinia Hale, she deserted him.

p.328, 16 Dec 1854; Ann Elizabeth Brown divorced from Berry Brown. He abandoned her.

p.387, 14 Apr 1855; Robert Sharp divorced from Nancy Ann Sharp, adultery.

Court Minutes 1868-73

p.471, Apr  1873; Report of committee for plans for new Court House, A. R. Bruce of Knoxville the Architect, describes the building, present Court House built about half century ago, new one to cost $25,000.

Circuit Court Minute Book 1860-65

p.58, 14 Dec 1860; James Guthrie & wife VS Jacob Myers & wife. The plaintiff is mother of minor Sarah Carherine Matilda Bunch and she acted in unnatural manner 
towards child when her health and infancy most demanded care and attention. Judge leaves child with defendants.

p.83, 1860; John S. Reid  sentenced to pen. for life for murder.

p.141, Aug 1861; Anna V. Wicks granted divorce from James E. Wicks and gets control of infant child Ella. Abandonment.

p.206, Nov 1862; Martial law existing.

p.222, 5 May 1863; The State VS Thomas J. Cate. Bigamy, married on 9 Nov 1830 Mary Cate, married on 8 Aug 1862 in McMinn Co. Tabitha Ledbetter while still married to Mary, who was still alive. Eli Cate the prosecutor. John Neil & E. B. Cate witnessess for State. 

P.233, wife Mary was living in Hamilton Co. Elijah Cate signed appearance bond for Thos. J. Cate.

p.302, 21 Aug 1865; Susan West et als VS Henry Latham et als - Case. Susan West has married John Billings since commencement of suit.

P.418, Dec 1865, Atty. Gen. enters a Nolle Proseque and Elijah Cate pays the costs.

(In 1864 and 1865 Notices were being published in the Cleveland Banner)

Circuit Court Minutes 1867-68

p.102, 19 Apr 1867; Elizabeth Hankins granted divorce form James Hankins for abandonment and adultery. Maiden name of Elizabeth Brown restored.

p.259, 27 Aug 1867; Catharine Ball granted divorce form Wm. F. Ball, abandonment.

p.259, 27 Aug 1867; David Cleage, Wm. H. Ballew, Andrew Turner, Timothy Sullins, J. D. Gaston, M. A. Cass, C. F. Gibson, Trustees of Meth. Epis. Ch. South VS Jesse A. Hyden, J. W. Mann, R. D. Black, E. A. Atlee, Wm. L. Atlee, M. L. Philips, James H. Hornsby, Williakm Burns, Andrew Hutsell, J. W. Gilbert, and James Baker. Case to Supreme Court at Knoxville.

p.302, 11 Dec 1867; State VS Elias Kibble on 1 Jan 1847 in Bradley Co. Elias Kibble married Polly Harris then while still married to her he married on 1 Sept  1864 Martha 
Cates. Robert Jerls is prosecutor. On 15 Nov 1867 Elias Kibble, in McMinn Co., took Polly Jerls, a minor from her parents Robert & Levina P. Jerls for prostitution of Concubinage; also indicted for keeping a house of ill fame.

p.314, 12 Dec 1867; Report of Grand Jury on condition of county jail in detail; is terrible.

p.368, Dec 1867; H. Roberson petition for restoration of citizenship after being in penitentiary in 1850 on a charge of larceny, served three years. Is also written J. Roberson.

p.439, Apr 1868; The State VS John Netherland, Mitchell Johnson, John M. Johns and H. Burns. Acquitted of murder.

p.443, Apr 1868; Susan Burnett VS John Burnett, divorce. Suit dismissed Dec 1868.

p.452, Apr 1868; Grand Jury reports on condition of Forest Hill Academy. Building going to ruin and Sarah N or V ______  a woman of ill fame is living there without authority.

p.504, 13 Aug 1868; S. M. Dyer granted divorce from Mary E. Dyer, abandonment. She refused to move to this State with him.

p.528, Aug 1868; Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff, Allen Ware, S. J. Martin Deputy Sheriffs, Timothy Hawk and Isaac F. Eaton Constables and James H. Hornsby Clerk of Circuit Court take the oath required by act of Assembly in regard to secret organizations passed 10 Sept 1868.

Circuit Court Minutes 1868-72

p.51, Dec 1868; John Morton granted divorce from Catherine Morton, abandonment.

p.96, Apr 1869; Jonathan Tallent granted divorce from Jenetta Ann Tallent, adultery.

p.224, 15 Dec 1869; Petition of Byrum Allen. About 17 Aug 1860 Elizabeth Wyatt was delivered of Mary Minerva Wyatt out of wedlock. Allen believes he is father of sd. child and desired to legitimatize child and change name to Mary Minerva Allen. Granted.

p.239, 17 Dec 1869; Sarah Ward granded divorce from E. W. Ward, abandoned her and family.

p.280, 14 Apr 1870; Amanda Akins granted divorce form Joseph Akins because he had a living wife when they were married.

p.314, 9 Aug 1870; Joseph Cowan applies for citizenship, born in Hexham, Northumberland Co., Great Brittain on 29 May 1823, emigrated from Great Brittain to USA in 1844, landed NY - to Philadelphia - to Pittsburg - to Cincinnati - to Memphis - to Vicksburg - to New Orleans - to Mobile - to Columbus Ga. - to Macon, Ga. - to Augusta, Ga. - to Atlanta, GA - to Huntsville, Ala - to Chattangooa - to Dalton, Ga - to McMinn Co. - signed Joseph Cowing.

p.358-9, Dec 1870; Moses Long VS Clarinda Long. Granted divorce  because of abandonment by Clarinda.

p.402, 15 Apr 1870; James Gentry VS Phoebe D. Gentry. Granted divorce. Phoebe abandoned him. They were married 21 Aug 1862.

p.404, 17 Apr 1871, Deaths but they seem to be after 1870 so I did not use. Gives heirs of

p.412, 18 apr 1871; Petition of Wellington Keith to be restored to citizenship after being in prison, was pardoned by Gov.

p.452, 11 Dec 1871; Trustees of  M. E. Church South VS (nine men). Settlement, South to get building but not to get rent for time M. E. Church had it.

p.471, Dec 1871; C. C. Carver VS Mary J. Carver. Divorce granted.

p.476, Dec 1871; Report of Grand Jury on delapidated condition of Court House.

p.567, Aut 1872; Sarah Emma Canode VS James Canode. Divorce granted. Were married in Bradley County

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