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McMinn County

Joseph AIKEN to Elizabeth ROLAND 1/11/1872 by William H. Stephenson, J. P.

Samuel AIKEN to Harriet S. THOMPSON 3/11/1872 by Joseph Neil, J. P.

John AIKENS to Vina ROWLAN 8/24/1872

Zachariah E. ALLOWAY to Amanda M. WALKER 1/11/1872 by P. M. Long, J. P.

E. S. ALMAROADES to Mary PHILLIPS 4/30/1871 by Julius Miller, J. P.

B. E. AVANS to Sarah E. COFFEE Issued 11/28/1871

James T. BAKER to Margaret E. FRADY 1/1/1871 by W. H. Stephenson, J. P

M. M. BAKER to L. H. PRICE 12/12/1872 by John Dodson, M. G.

Joseph BALES to Julia QUEENER 1/16/1873 by Calvin Denton, M. G.

John S. BARKER to Narsis WILKEY 3/23/1871 by W. H. Stephenson, J. P.

Jehu A. BARKER to Julia TUNNEL 10/11/1872 by W. H. Stephenson, J. P.

William BASKET to Mary C. CALDWELL 9/21/1871 by W. J. Ware, M. G.

Joseph BASKET to Margarett HICKS 11/12/1871 by C. Long, M. G.

B. J. BAYLESS to T. A. DIXON 6/12/1872 by J. S. Russell, M. G.

H. O. BEAVERS to Julia A. FELLOWS 10/1/1872 by J. H. Keith, M. G.

William BEDWELL to Anna Eliza BELT 8/20/1871 by James Parkison, J. P.

? (sic) BICE to Lizzie SMITH 12/25/1872 by William M. Cass, J. P.

Bud BIDDEY to Annie HAMPTON 4/20/1871 by P. M. Long, J. P.

James A. BIGGS to Agusta E. MCKINNEY 2/20/1872 by James A. Wallace, M. G.

George BILLINGS to Eliza BUNCH 8/3/1872 S. H. Cate, M. G.

T. E. BLACK to N. E. REDMON 12/24/1871 by A. J. Duncan, M. G.

S. H. BLEVINS to Jane HUDSON 2/22/1871 by S. J. Cate, M. G.

Samuel H. BLEVINS to Martha A. PICKREN 11/18/1871 Issued

Edward BOLEN to Miny LONG Issued 3/27/1871

David A. BOLTON to Lizzie A. HORNSBY 6/19/1872 by N. H. Cobleigh, M. G.

E. W. BONHAM to M. J. DEAN 2/21/1871 by William Aiken, M. G.

E. BOWDRIE to Sue C. PAYNE 1/28/1871 by R. H. Parker, M. G.

G. M. BOYD to Susan HYDE 9/3/1872 by W. C. Barnett, J. P.

Charles BRANNUM to Mattie EMERSON 8/29/1871 by G. W. Hendrix, J. P.

James T. BRICKELL to Tempie C. WOFFORD 9/1/1872 by D. Carpenter, M. G.

J. W. BRITTON to M. M. BROWDER Issued 7/29/1871

F. M. BROCK to Mary C. SANDS 5/9/1871 by William G. Horton, J. P.

David A. BROCK to Nancy A. BARNETT 2/20/1873 by W. C. Barnett, J. P.

Joel K. BROWN to Mary L. WILLIAMS 2/23/1871 by John W. Dodson, M. G.

C. S. BROWN to Nancy J. WILSON 3/21/1872 by C. R. Hoyl, M. G.

Lewis P. BUCKNER to Jane VAUGHN 11/24/1872 by B. E. Cass, J. P.

Joseph BUNCH to Nancy HAMILTON 3/5/1871 by John W. Dodson, M. G.

Joseph M. BURGIS to Rebecca C. ROBESON 2/28/1872 by Dan Carpenter, M. G.

W. H. BURK to Hannah RICHARDSON 2/1/1872 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

W. B. CALDWELL to Mrs. Lou CATE 2/19/1871 by J. S. Russell, M. G.

William CALHOUN to Sarah E. WAMAC 11/20/1872 by Stephen Hill, J. P.

Joseph S. CARNEY to Nancy BUCKNER 1/3/1871 by B. E. Cass, J. P.

T. M. CASS to P. L. WHITE 7/28/1872 by E. M. Berry, M. G.

John CASTEEL to Mary A. HANNAH 12/23/1872

Gideon CATE to Mrs. Mary ELDER 2/1/1871 by S. H. Cate, M. G.

William CATE to Mary A. SHELL 3/30/1871 by A. Hawn, M. G.

L. W. T. CATE to Sue C. COOKE 10/22/1872 by C. R. Hoyl, M. G.

E. A. CATE to Rebecca M. RUDD 12/16/1872 C. C. Witt, J. P.

Thomas CHANCE to E. J. HARREL 12/15/1871 by W. C. Barnett, J. P.

D. A. COBB to Texanna BENTON 2/8/1872 by J. H. Brunner, M. G.

Charles COLE to Margaret MILLER 11/21/1871 by W. C. Barnett, J. P.

Jacob COLLINS to Elizabeth C. MCMINN 3/27/1872 by L. W. Crouch, M. G.

James COOLY to Elizabeth BUCKNER 1/12/1873 by B. E. Cass, J. P.

George W. COOPER to Sallie E. BUTTRAM 8/15/1872 by C. R. Hoyl, M. G.

J. M. COPELAND to Dialtha MCROBERTS 3/23/1871 J. S. Russell, M. G.

D. CORBETT to Harriet T. CORN 8/20/1871 by W. H. Cate, J. P.

Andrew COVEL to Bettie Ann SMITH 11/16/1871 by L. W. Crouch, M. G.

Phillip COX to Mary Jane LINGERFELT Issued 1/31/1871

S. T. COX to Julia Welli--- 6/8/1871 by J. H. Keith, M. G.

James W. COX to Martha HIX 8/22/1872 by C. Long, M. G.

James C. CRANE to Matilda E. WRIGHT 12/24/1872 by S. Sharits, M. G.

Mark A. CRITTENDEN to Amanda Palestine ROWLAND 9/13/1872 by J. B. Reed, J. P.

J. C. CRUSH to Ellen BALES 10/22/1871 by W. Zeigler, J. P.

C. C. CURTIS to Ann HAYS 3/22/1871 by O. M. Liner, J. P.

Thomas J. CURTIS to Sarah L. KNOX 12/20/1871 by C. C. Witt, J. P.

John A. DAILY to Nancy A. SANDERS 1/12/1873 by C. J. Croft, M. G.

James R. DAUGHERTY to Elizabeth EVERTON 7/18/1872 by J. J. Elliott, J. P.

John M. DAVIS to Emily B. DAUGHERTY 8/6/1871 by B. E. Cass, J. P.

J. H. DAY to Sarah A. SATTERFIELD 4/8/1872 by George D. French, M. G.

Jehu DEAN to N. M. DEAN 9/14/1871 by W. D.Cox, J. P.

John DEAN to J. N. HUDGENS 10/1/1871 W. D. Cox, J. P.

N. J. DEAN to Sallie A. PREWIT 10/8/1871 by W. H. Small, J. P.

Thomas DENTON to Mary HUTSELL 12/25/1871 by D. M. McReynolds, M. G.

J. M. DERRICK to Susan SMITH 2/5/1871 by J. J. Elliott, J. P.

Edom DIXON to Artie M. JOHNSTON 2/9/1871 by D. M. McReynolds, M. G.

F. A. DIXON to M. A. BOWLAND 7/13/1871 by J. D. Lyle, M. G.

C. C. DODSON to Susan L. PICKENS 1/23/1872 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

W. T. DODSON to Nannie M. LONG 12/24/1872 by I. B. Kimbrough, M. G.

Columbus DOWNEY to Lutitia CALDWELL 3/30/1871 by John W. Dodson, M. G.

G. W. DOWNEY to Sarah COX 10/1/1872 by J. H. Keith, M. G.

N. B. DUNN to Tine GOULDY 7/13/1871 by C. Long, M. G.

John A. DYSE to Texas PEARMAN 9/28/1872 by William Thompson, M. G.

Jon EARLY to Sarah J. TALLENT 7/18/1872

William P. EATON to Angeline LEATHERWOOD 8/29/1871 by C. H. Eaton, M. G.

James B. EATON to Elizabeth (Dills or Wells) WELLS 2/11/1873 y J. Albert Hyden, M. G.

James M. ELROD to Mary F. HAMELTON 12/29/1872 by W. H. Cate, J. P.

T. J. ENSMINGER to S. A. SNIDER 11/23/1871 by E. L. Miller, M. G.

J. E. ERICKSON to B. J. BILDERBACK 10/2/1872

William L. ERVIN to Louisa CASS 1/26/1873 by Robert Henderson, M. G.

F. J. ETTER to Fannie STALCUP 1/4/1871 by J. Cloninger, M. G.

Thomas EVERETT to S. C. HUGHER Issued 7/24/1871

Thomas EVERHART to Elizabeth JACK 1/16/1871 by J. J. Elliott, J. P.

Joseph FERGERSON to Flora BROWN 8/4/1872 by R. H. Porter, M. G.

W. A. FORESTER to M. E. ODUM Issued 10/13/1871

John G. FOSTER to Mary J. COFFEE 1/22/1871 by E. L. Miller, M. G.

Wilson FOSTER to Nancy Ann E. MORRIS 8/25/1871 by A. J. Kirksey, J. P. Iss. April 10

J. H. C. FOSTER to Bertie GASTON 10/24/1871 by J. W. Mann, M. G.

W. T. FOSTER to S. P. COOPER 8/31/1872

Adam FOWLER to Nicy SANDS 7/25/1872 by W. G. Horton, J. P.

Albert FOX to Elizabeth HORN 11/15/1872 by C. J. Wright, M. G.

Wiley FRANK to Elizabeth EMERSON 9/19/1871 by A. D. Briant, J. P.

Sterling FRANK to Mary EMERSON 1/19/1873 by A. G. Small, M. G.

Saml J. A. FRAZIER to Annie E. KEITH 10/19/1871 by R. H. Parker, M. G.

Jacob E. R. FURGERSON to Rachael GALLANT 12/26/1872 by D. W. Beaver, M. G.

William GALLANT to S. L. THOMPSON 8/1/1872 by D. W. Brewer, M. G.

W. A. J. GENTRY to S. E. DAVIS 10/22/1871 by J. J.Elliott, J. P.

W. J. GERALDS to Licinda GENTRY 8/6/1871 by C. R. Hoyl, M. G.

W. GETTYS to Julia I. MCKELDIN 10/111871 by Joseph H. Martin, M. G.

R. P. GETTYS to Lettie M. EVANS 12/17/1872 by James Park, M. G.

J. W. GIBSON to Mary Ann KIRBY 8/4/1872 by Thomas W. Brown, M. G.

E. P. GIBSON to Sue L. RICE 10/15/1872 by C. Long, M. G.

J. B. GOLLAHON to Rebecca LITTLETON 12/28/1871 by W. B. Carr, J. P.

Henry GREEN to Sarah PRINCE 11/30/1872 by C. J. Wright, M. G.

A. B. GREGG to A. E. WALKER 11/28/1872 by J. B. Lee, M. G.

John GREGORY to Mary C. DENNIS 3/21/1872 by James T. Smith, M. G.

W. R. GREGORY to Mary T. REID 2/6/1873 by W. C. Carden, M. G.

Eli K. GRIGESBY to Emily T. BRICKLD 9/5/1871 by D. Carpenter, M. G.

G. W. HACKLER to Mary INGRAM 10/10/1871 by William Thompson, M. G.

J. P. HAGLER to Emily DEATHERAGE 12/3/1872

Lon HALL to S. C. C. SHERREL 10/15/1871 by William H. Stephenson, M. G.

David HAMILTON to Sarah E. TUNNEL 10/11/1872 by W. H. Stephenson, J. P.

Daniel HAMPTON to Marthy A. MCBROOM 11/1/1871 by Wm. H. Cate, J. P.

Joseph HANEY to Ann IRVIN 10/15/1871 by Joseph Hamilton, Elder

E. W. HANEY to Mary CORUM 12/7/1871 by L. W. Crouch, J. P.

Thomas HARRIS to Mary KELSEY 4/4/1872 by J. D. Gaston, J. P.

John HARRIS to Martha WATTENBARGER 7/18/1872 by S. Sharits, M. G.

John HENNESSEE to Mary E. SHOOK 10/8/1871 by J. D. Gaston, J. P.

William HICKS to Malinda SLIGER 2/23/1872 by Dan Carpenter, M. G.

George W. HILL to Ella CALLAWAY 10/16/1871 by Robert Sneed, M. G.

O. H. HOGE to Larcena WALSH 6/8/1871 by D. H. Atkins

Charles HOWARD to Sarah PEARCE 3/26/1871 by John W. Dodson, M. G.

J. A. HUTSELL to Nancy Emily FOSTER 10/25/1871 by H. H. Burke, M. G.

H. T. INMAN to Jodie Van DYKE 5/23/1871 by J. H. Martin, M. G.

Joseph INMAN to Nancy ANSLEY 10/13/1872 by D. W. Beaver, M. G.

D. R. ISBELL to Emma E. CALLAWAY 12/28/1871 by I. B. Kimbrough, M. G.

W. H. JENKINS to Elizabeth E. BEAVER 1/4/1872 by Willliam Erickson, M. G.

William H. JEWELL to Sarah J. DAVIS 10/3/1872 by W. R. Long, M. G.

James JOHNSON to Elizabeth PERRY 8/5/1872 by James Thomas, J. P.

P. L. JOHNSTON to Sallie E. BALLARD 2/28/1872 by I. B. Kimbrough, M. G.

W. M. KELLY to L. M. ADAIR 9/7/1871 by B. F. Nuckaels, M. G.

J. B. KELLY to J. P. ADAIR 9/7/1871 by B. F. Nuckaels, M. G.

Jonathan KELLY to Dicy J. CASTEEL 2/12/1872 by J. J. Elliott, J. P.

Isaac KELTNER to Elizabeth GILES 3/2/1871 by A. D. Briant, J. P.

Joseph E. KIKER to Emily P. FARRELL 7/24/1871 by D. W. Beaver, M. G.

P. M. KIKER to Mary A. BRIANT 7/29/1871 by William Thompson, M. G.

John F. KINSER to Agnes LANE 1/12/1871 by Williamson Erickson, M. G.

Joseph H. KINSER to Lorinda A. DODSON 8/8/1872 by J. S. Russell, M. G.

Thomas M. LADD to Eliza Jane HAMMER 2/12/1871 by B. F. Nuckles, M. G.

James LAND to Ellen MELTON 10/12/1871 by C. J. Wright, M. G.

William A. LAND to Caroline STEWART 10/22/1871 by Julius Miller, J. P.

Watsel LAND to Nannie STEWART 9/8/1872 by Julius Miller, J. P.

R. C. LANE to Jennie PAYNE 10/10/1872 by J. H. Keith, M. G.

T. J. LARGE to Martha L. WOOD 2/2/1873 by Joseph Neil, J. P.

T. J. LATHAM to Jane SMALL 12/14/1871 by Joseph Neil, J. P.

J. L. LEMONS to B. A. TRUE 1/27/1871 by Uriah Payne, M. G.

Thomas LEWIS to Emily E. WESTERN 4/23/1871 by Julius Miller, J. P.

Larkin LEWIS to Patsy PARRIS 4/26/1871 by H. M. Cass, J. P.

William LEWIS to Arrena ? MICHAELS 8/24/1871 by L. W. Crouch, M. G.

J. R. D. LONG to C. L. BENTON 8/3/1871 by C. Long, M. G.

William F. LONG to Mary E. PARKISON 11/15/1871 by I. B. Kimbrough, M. G.

James F. LONG to S. A. DODSON 8/28/1872 by Calvin Denton, M. G.

J. C. LOWRY to M. F. SMITH 4/11/1872 by A. G. Small, M. G.

J. W. LUNFORD to Lizzie ANDERSON 10/23/1872 by J. B. Lee, M. G.

F. M. LUTTERELL to Margaret T. JARVIS 9/10/1871 by S. Sharets, M. G.

Andrew MADEN to Susan MASSEY 1/15/1871 by P. L. Dodson, J. P.

A. J. MADOX to Mary A. TREW 7/30/1872 by C. R. Hoyl, M. G.

William MALONE to Jane HEATON 10/28/1871 by John Scarbrough, J. P.

James MALONE to Malissa CASTEEL 6/28/1872 by C. C. Witt, J. P.

William A. MARTIN to Texanna MAYNER 6/16/1872 by A. J. Kerksey, J. P.

John MASON to Sarah L. BELT 10/10/1871 by W. Gettys, J. P.

C. J. MATHIS to M. S. BALL 6/4/1871 by William Thompson, M. G.

Noah L. MAXWELL to Florence J. WALLIS 11/25/1871 by J. Cloninger, M. G.

F. M. MCCALLISTER to Mary J. LIVELY 10/2/1872 by John Davis, M. G.

Wilson MCCAMMISH to Sarah A. HAYNES 2/19/1871 by Stephen Hill, J. P.

William MCCOY to Nancy HOBACK 8/31/1872 by James Thomas, J. P.

J. M. MCCRACKEN to Martha A. WILSON 7/10/1872

T. B. MCCURDY to J. H. A. WILLSON 1/2/1873 by J. S. Russell, M. G.

Joseph W. MCDANIEL to Emma C. HORTON 8/6/1872 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

Tol MCDANIEL to Margaret DODSON 8/13/1872 by James Parkison, J. P.

Thomas MCGEE to Mary Jane PRICE 2/13/1872 by William Thompson, Elder

John MCGUIRE to M. E. ENSMINGER 3/8/1871 by J. D. Gaston, J. P.

J. A. MCKELDIN to S. A. KILGORE 10/3/1871 by J. W. Mann, M. G.

James R. MCNUTT to Elizabeth WILSON 9/11/1872 by C. J. Wright, M. G.

J. B. MCPHAIL to E. R. BALL 7/9/1871 by William Thompson, M. G.

Daniel P. MCPHAIL to Ellen DIXON 10/22/1871 by D. W. Beaver, M. G.

Hugh L. MCREYNOLDS to Mattie L. RICE 3/28/1871 by Robert Sneed, M. G.

J. M. MELTON to Caldonia BASINGER 2/16/1871 by William H. Stephenson, J. P.

B. W. MELTON to H. J. MCKENZIE 3/2/1871 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

Benjamin MELTON to Jane BROWN 8/1/1872

M. A. MELTON to R. J. HARRIS 8/29/1872

C. R. MILLARD to A. C. CARLOCK 2/1/1871 by J. H. Brunner, M. G.

Samuel MILLER to Mary ELLIS 1/11/1871 by A. Hawn, M. G.

John C. MILLER to Emma JACKSON 2/19/1871 by S. H. Cate. M. G.

P. A. MILLER to C. A. WILSON 9/21/1871 by S. H. Cate, M. G..

John A. MINNISH to Jane MORRISON 5/2/1872 by Calvin Denton, M. G.

John C. MITCHELL to Catharine E. BUCKNER 5/18/1872

W. M. MONROE to Eliza M. RETHERFORD 1/16/1871 by A. S. Briant, J. P. Issued Jan. 26

William MOORE to Amanda THOMAS 1/14/1872 by Stephen Hill, J. P.

William M. MORGAN to Abigal JENKINS 10/18/1872

Isaac W. MORRISON to Martha L. COLDWELL 10/10/1872 by Calvin Denton, M. G.

Harvey MORRISON to E. A. MINNIS 11/14/1872 by Calvin Denton, M. G.

J. P. MURRY to Peggy WHITE 8/22/1872 by A. D. Briant, J. P.

Samuel P. NEAL to Miss M. Jennie GEORGE 7/17/1872 by W. W.Pyott, M. G.

Noah ORTEN to L. H. MCNABB 3/5/1871 by John Davis, M. G.

Charles OWENS to Sallie OLIPHANT 10/8/1872 by I. B. Kimbrough, M. G.

J. D. PARKISON to M. E. DODSON 8/2/1872 by I. B. Kinbrough, M. G.

F. S. PATTY to Ellen E. WILSON 1/25/1872 by Caleb T. Croft, M. G.

J. C. PAYNE to Tennie BENTON 9/12/1872 by J. H. Brunner, M. G.

W. T. PEAK to Lucinda SMART 10/13/1871 by L. W. Crouch, M. G.

James PENLAND to Elizabeth WHite 5/4/1871 by John Scarbrough, J. P. Issued April 8

James F. PERRY to Margaret BROWN 9/5/1872 by John Dodson, M. G.

Ben PHILLIPS to Margaret E. BROCK 2/19/1871 by Julius Miller, J. P.

Charles PICKEL to Nattie BRACKET 3/10/1872 by J. D. Gaston, J. P.

William POPIN to Mary BROGDON 1/4/1871 by John Wm. Dodson. M. G.

J. P. PORTER to Annie E. OLIPHANT Issued 3/11/1871

Stephen A. PORTER to L. J. DODSON 11/9/1871 by George W. Bulter, M. G.

Richard POTTER to Emeline JONES 12/21/1871 by P. L. Dodson, J. P.

James A. POWELL to Miss. C. N. REED 8/7/1872 by J. Albert Hyden, M. G.

James K. PRINCE to Texanna FOX 4/2/1872 by Stephen Hill, J. P.

James M. PRUNER to Sidna RUDD 7/29/1872 by C. C. Witt, J. P.

C. C. RABORN to Jane J. WILSON 7/27/1872

John RAMSEY to Sarah E. BUCKNER 5/4/1871 by B. E. Cass, J. P.

J. N. RANDOLPH to Susan SHIPLEY 2/7/1872 by J. D. Lyle, J. P.

J. M. RAYBORN to J. BIGHAM 5/26/1872 by P. M. Long, J. P.

J. Horace REED to Leorah A. CASS 2/28/1871 by C. Long, M. G.

Henry RICE to Maggie E. WRIGHT 12/24/1872 by H. H. Burk, M. G.

William J. RICHARDSON to Sallie C. ORR 12/7/1871 by J. S. Russell, M. G.

D. C. RICHESIN to Sarah J. SCYBERT 2/27/1872 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

E. S. ROBERTS to Eliza Ann WASSON 4/1/1871 by W. Gettys, J. P.

James ROBESON to Susan F. HEAD Issued 6/21/1871

Charles ROBESON to Nancy M. JOHNSON 12/25/1872 by D. M. McReynolds, M. G.

Jesse N. ROGERS to Mary M. DAVIS 3/30/1871 by C. H. Eaton, M. G.

James ROGERS to S. E. LEMONS 10/29/1871 by James A. Womac, M. G.

John M. ROTHWELL to Mary GARRISON 12/26/1872 by A. G. Small, M. G.

J. T. ROWLAND to C. N. WILSON 2/5/1872 by John Scarborough, J. P.

Moses L. RUNIONS to Mary WARD 11/28/1872 by Stephne Hill, J. P.

James A. SHARPE to Martha J. PARKER 4/12/1872 by J. D. Gaston, J. P.

T. B. SHELL to Dolly G. KINSER 3/30/1871 by A. Hawn, M. G.

James SHELTON to Parlee WILLIAMS 1/30/1871 by John W. Dodson, M. G.

John F. SHERMAN to Margaret MIDDLETON 7/9/1872 by W. W. Pyott, M. G.

James H. SHERRIL to N. D. SCROGGINS 4/22/1871 by J. D. Gaston, J. P.

George A. SHERRILL to Nancy A. STEPHENSON 12/26/1872 by William Erickson, M. G.

J. S. SHIPLEY to Algerena DYSE 1/8/1872 by William Thompson, M. G.

James SHOEMAKE to Nancy E. JERKINS 6/15/1872

John SLIGER to Margaret CARPENTER 3/12/1872 by Dan Carpenter, M. G.

M. L. SLOOP to Sarah ?. THOMPSON 9/9/1871 by C. J. Wright, M. G.

John SMALL to Maggie A. HAYS 9/5/1872 by J. W. Brown, J. P.

Willson SMALL to Bettie HISKELL 12/18/1872 by W. H. Small, J. P. Iss. Sept 14, 1872

T. H. SMALL to (?.) J. BILDERBACK 11/12/1872

William SMITH to Nancy SLIGER 6/25/1871 by A. D. Briant, J. P.

Joseph A. R. SMITH to Mattie ELDRIDGE 11/29/1871 by W. C. Barnett, J. P.

Mattison SPIGGLE to Miss F. L. REED 6/2/1872 by William Erickson, Elder

J. L. SPRADLING to N. A. THOMAS 4/3/1872 by James Thomas, J.P.

C. C. STALCUP to S. F. JOHN 3/1/1871 by D. M. McReynolds, M. G.

William STANDFIELD to Mary D. ARMOND Issued 1/23/1871

Timothy B. STANDFIELD to Mary C. STONE Issued 2/11/1871

J. L. STOE to S. E. CATE 11/9/1871 by J. W. Petty, M. G.

G. E. STOOKE to Rachel K. CASSADAY 9/29/1872 by William Thompson, M. G.

William STUDARD to Mary A. RUDD 8/6/1871 by W. H. Cate, J. P.

E. A. STUDDARD to Mary J. MELTON 1/5/1871 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

G. W. STUDDARD to Mary Jane GREEN 11/28/1871 by William H. Stephenson, J. P.

Daniel SWAFFORD to Catharine SWAFFORD 9/14/1872 by J. D. Lyle, J. P.

M. L. SWINFORD to M. W. PEARSON 7/3/1872 by W. B. Carr, J. P.

Thomas TALLENT to Remillie E. CAMPBELL 6/5/1871 by M. A. Cass, M. G.

T. M. TALLENT to C. L. YOTHEN 8/15/1872 by M. A. Cass, M. G.

Jonathan TALLENT to Sarah J. SLAUGHTER 10/26/1872

William TAYLOR to Emma LINER Issued 2/9/1871

James TAYLOR to Polina E. RUE 11/9/1871 by S. H. Cate, M. G.

R. THOMAS to Sarah GREGORY 12/28/1871 by Dan Carpenter, M. G.

G. D. THOMPSON to Nancy M. RIDDLE 10/9/1872 by D. W. Beaver, M. G.

Frank THORNBURG to Eliza KIRKLAND 10/3/1872 by A. D. Briant, J. P.

A. H. THURMAN to Elizabeth FORGY 7/29/1871 by John W. Dodson, M. G.

John TOWNSEN to Millie HAYS 7/13/1872 by W. B. Carr, J. P.

N. J. TOWNSEND to Mary E. KIBBLE 10/11/1871 by P. L. Dodson, J. P.

W. G. TRIPLETT to America F. PITMAN 1/16/1872 by A. J. Kirksey, J. P.

William VAUGHN to Sarah JONES 1/9/1873 by B. E. Cass, J. P.

Thomas WAFFORD to Parlee N. SHIPLEY 6/30/1872 by William Thompson, Elder

J. K. P. WALICE to Callie MCKINNEY 3/13/1872 by I. B. Kimbrough, M. G.

Joseph S. WALKER to Elizabeth SHERREL 1/31/1871 by Moses A. Cass, M. G.

J. G. WALKER to Mary E. DEAN 10/19/1871 by D. M. McReynolds, M. G.

W. D. WALLER to Clarissa LOGAN 12/21/1872

Waddie A. WAMMACK to M. E. PUGH 10/2/1872 by S. M. Thomas, J. P.

Robert M. WARREN to Sarah E. BAGART 11/25/1872 by David M. Wilson, M. G.

Henry WATSON to Betty J. WILLIAMS Issued 8/2/1871

Joseph WEBB to Tennessee IRWIN 12/15/1872 by Stephen Hill, J. P.

James WEST to Fannie E. SANDIFER 9/5/1872 by W. B. Carr, J. P.

John G. WHITE to Minnie CATE 3/10/1871 by William G. Horton, J. P.

James WHITE to Serena CAVIS 7/16/1871 by P. L. Dodson, J.P.

James WHITE to Nancy L. KID 2/15/1872 by J. J. Elliott, J. P.

James J. WHITE to Nancy J. LOVE 10/17/1872 by E. M. Berry, M. G.

George W. WHITECOTTON to Margaret A. WALKER 9/15/1872 by S. V. Bates, M. G.

John M. WILKINS to Sue A. BOONE 4/14/1871 by J. S. Russell, M. G.

John WILLIAMS to Queentina BEDWELL 7/5/1872 by James Parkison, J. P.

W. P. WILLSON to C. R. CALLAWAY 9/26/1872 by J. B. Lee, M. G.

P. B. WILLSON to Elizabeth WILLSON 11/7/1872 by John H. Brunner, M. G.

John WILSON to Lois LOVE 12/5/1871 by L. W. Crouch, J.P.

J. E. WILSON to S. E. CORN 12/5/1872

W. J. WITCHER to Addie MCGAUGHEY 11/26/1872 by John W. Mann, M. G.

James P. WITT to Margarett EDGEMON 8/31/1871 by J. S. Petty, M. G.

James YOTHER to Susan HICKS Issued 3/18/1871

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The following notices concern marriages that not included in MARRIAGE RECORDS OF McMINN COUNT, TENNESSEE 1820-1870, By Reba Bayless Boyer, 1964, that is marriages which are not in the record books, or that give additional facts about the marriages that are included in that volume.


ATHENS POST, published at Athens Tennessee:


II-103,        13 Sep 1850 Edward Lee to Esther A. Fitzgerald, all of McMinn Co., m. 15 Aug 1850

M. Ezekiel Spriggs of Bradley Co. to Mrs Marye Ann Houston m 12 Sep 1850.


IV-179,      27 Feb 1852 George Wilson of Monroe Co. to Mary Glaze of McMinn Co., m. 19 Feb 1852 by Rev. John Scruggs.


V-219,      3 Dec 1852 Milton P. Jarnagin of Athens to Emily L. Murrell daughter of Col. O.G. Murrell of Madison Co., Miss., m. 1 Dec 1852 at residence of Mrs. P.H. Campbell.


V-245,      3 Jun 1853 David Watson of Ala. to Delila Atkinson of McMinn co., m. 29 May 1853


VI-279,      27 Jan 1854 Willford Dodson to Miss Lucina Jane Porter, daughter of Wm. B. and Elizabeth Porter, all of Riceville, Tenn., m. 24 Jan 1854 by L.A. Spofford.


VI-282,      17 Feb 1854 Enoch M. Willoughby of McMinn Co. to Matilda N., daughter of William and Nancy Jones, of Shady Grove, Ga., m. 9 Feb 1854 by Rev. Dr. P. Cheek


VI-309,      25 Aug 1854 T.F. Gibson, Esq., merchant of Athens to Miss Lizzie F., daughter of Thos. Mayfield, near Athens m. 17 Aug 1854 by Rev. T.K. Munsey.


VI-310,      1 Sep 1854  John L. Epperson to Malinda J. Berlison, all of McMinn Co., m. 29 Aug 1854.


VII-321,     17 Nov 1854 George Decker to Jane McMillan, daughter of Major Samuel McMillan, all of McMinn Co., m. 12 Nov 1854


VII-326,     22 Dec 1854 Noah Cate of Meigs Co. to Mahala D. Isom of McMinn Co., m. 21 Dec 1854.

Alexander Michael of Illinois to Martha J. Strain, daughter of Wm. Strain of McMinn Co., m. 17 Dec 1854.


VII-327,     29 Dec 1854 Rev. E.W. King formerly of Holston Conference to Miss Vilenia W. Atkinson at residence of Col. John Gregory, McMinn Co., m. 20 Dec 1854.


VII-328,     5 Jan 1855 Wm. M. Prather to Rosaline Kemp, at residence of J.B. Shipman near Athens, m. 20 Dec 1854.


VII-330,     19 Jan 1855 John P. Love of Polk Co. to Elizabeth N. Barker of McMinn Co., m. 2 Jan 1855.


VII-331,     26 Jan 1855 John G. Mayfield of Polk Co. to Mary Elizabeth Cobbs of McMinn Co., m. 18 Jan 1855.


VII-335,     23 Feb 1855 C.H. Ward of Ga. to Miss Jerusha Paris of McMinn Co., m. 14 Feb 1855.


VII-342,     13 Apr 1855 S.A. Wallis of Monroe Co. to Harriett Maxwell of McMinn Co., m. 29 Mar 1855 by Rev. James Sewell.

Rev. G.W. Butler to Elizabeth Catharine Porter, daughter of Wm. B. Porter, m. 5 Apr 1855, near Riceville.


VII-344,     27 Apr 1855 Matthew Nelson of Knoxville to Rebecca A. McGaughey of Athens, m. 25 Apr 1855.


VII   2,        31 Aug 1855 David Grogan to Miss Narcissa J. Roddan, m. 19 Aug 1855


VIII-365,    21 Sep 1855 Col. Wm. C. Witt of Meigs Co. to Mary J. Heron of Athens, m. 20 Sep 1855.


VIII-367,    5 Oct 1855 James Hamilton to Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell, both of McMinn Co.,

                   m. 25 Sep 1855 in Monroe Co.



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VIII-369,    19 Oct 1855 Wm. Bussell to Miss Amanda Sallee, all of Athens m. 16 Oct 1855 by Rev. C. Godby.


VIII-374,    23 Nov 1855 M.D. Cantrell to Miss Mary E. Vaughn, m. 1 Nov 1855 by T.J. Russell, M.G.


VIII-376,    7 Dec 1855 Mark Dennis to Mary W. Elder, daughter of James Elder m. 2 Dec 1855 by Henry M. Roberts, J.P.


VIII-380,    4 Jan 1856 Geo. W. Bridges, Esq of Athens, to Elmira C., daughter of George McFarlane, of Knoxville, m. in Knoxville 19 Dec 1855 by T.W. Humes.

S.P. Hale to Miss Elmira Cantrell, all of this county, m. 1st ult by Rev. Jno. Scruggs.


VIII-381,    11 Jan 1856 Charles Rice of McMinn Co. to Miss Mary Smith of Bradley Co., m. 6 Jan by Rev. Henry Rice.


VIII-384,    1 Feb 1856 Col. V.M. Metcalfe of McMinn Co. to Miss Ellen D., daughter of Mr. Whitfield Killebrew of Montgomery Co., Tenn m. 27 Dec 1855


VIII-389,    7 Mar 1856 Woodson H. Weatherly to Eliza Jane Cook, all of this county, m. 26 Feb 1856 by Jam. Parkison, Esq.


VIII-392,    28 Mar 1856 Wm. Rentfro to Bradley Co. to Melvina Roy of Monroe Co., m. 27 Mar 1856.


VIII-405,    27 Jun 27 1856 W.B. Ashe of McMinn Co. Miss M.M. Culpepper of Ala., m. 15 Jun 1856.


VIII-409,    25 Jul 1856 Daniel Kalback of Reading, Pa. to Mary Sharets of this county m. 22 Jul 1856.

Joseph Yoder of Reading Pa. to Sarah A. Sharits of McMinn Co., m. 22 Jul 1856.


VIII-410,    1 Aug 1856 W.R. Hicks of McMinn Co, to Minerva Jane Sneed of Monroe Co., m 27 ult by G. Milton Hicks, in Monroe Co.


VIII-413,    22 Aug 1856 W.C. Hutton, formerly of Washington Co., Va. to Mary Ann Ashley of McMinn Co., m. 29 Jun 1856.


IX-418,      26 Sep 1856 Robert a. Lowery to Lydia C. Wasson, all of this county, m. 18 Sep 1856.


IX-421,      17 Oct 1856 Wm. B. Sampley late of Ala. to Caroline Rider of McMinn Co., m. 12 Oct 1856.


IX-424,      7 Nov 1856 Col. Thomas B. Sample of Charleston, S.C. to Miss Kate R., daughter of the late Col. V.M. Campbell m. 4 Nov 1856 at residence of Chancellor Van Dyke.

Andrew J. Coltharp of Monroe Co. to Harriet R. Lowry of McMinn Co., m. 6 Nov 1856.


IX-425,      14 Nov 1856 J.A. Culpepper of Polk Co. to Elizabeth A. Benton of McMinn Co., m. 6 Nov 1856.

Thos. A. Jones of Ga. to Susan N. Mastin, m. 12 Nov at residence of her mother, by Rev. T.K. Munsey.


IX-429,      12 Dec 1856 Dr. J.G. Parshall of Georgetown to Miss M.M. Rowan of McMinn Co., m. 27 Nov 1856.         

John L. Bridges to Margaretta Amanda Deaderick, daughter of W.H. Deaderick, m. 9 Dec 1856.


IX-432,      2 Jan 1857 Andre Burk to Emily Gibbs, m. 30 Dec 1856.


IX-433,      9 Jan 1857 John Milton Lowery to Louisa E.C. Anderson, daughter of Martin D. Anderson, m. 6 Jan 1857.


IX-434,      16 Jan 1857 Rev. Henry Rice of McMinn Co., to Miss Margaret, daughter of late David L. Knox of Bradley Co., m. 8 Jan 1857 by Rev T.K. Munsey.


IX-437,      6 Feb 1857 John P. Griffin to Frances Jane Howard, daughter of Capt. Thomas Howard, all of McMinn Co., m. 22 Jan 1857.


IX-445,      3 Apr 1857 Thomas B. Matlock of Johnson Co., Ark. to Miram Dixon, daughter of Eli Dixon of McMinn Co., m. 24 Mar 1857.


IX-447,      17 Apr 1857 James Wilson of McMinn Co. to Miss Sarah McReynolds of Monroe Co., m. 12 Apr 1857 by Rev. Robert Snead.


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IX-448,      24 Apr 1857 H.P. Davis of McMinn Co., to Miss Martha M. Flinn, m. 12 Apr 1857 by James Grisham Esq. at her father’s residence in Independence Co., Ark.


IX-459,      19 Jun 1857  Rev. Francis A. Taft of Meigs Co. to Miss Minerva Gaut of McMinn Co.,  m. 17 Jun 1857.


X-480,      4 Dec 1857 James H. Reynolds of McMinn Co. to Miss M.J. Browder of Roane Co., m. 25 Nov 1857 by Rev. James Blair.


X-482,      18 Dec 1857 James G. Gibson of Cedar  Valley, Ga. to Mary T. Hurst, daughter of  Maj. L.B. and H.N. Hurst, m. 10 Dec 1857 at Mouse Creek.


X-483,      25 Dec 1857 George Davenport of Cleveland to  Sallie H. Mitchell of McMinn Co., m 22 Dec 1857.

S.H. Mayfield to Martha Rice, daughter of C.W. Rice, m. 3 Dec 1857.

James Pritchard to Nancy A. Wilson, daughter of H.P. Wilson, m. 17 Dec 1857.


X-488,      29 Jan 1858 George H. Power to Martha J. Hamilton, all of McMinn Co., m. 14 Jan 1858.


X-491       19 Feb 1858 Rev T. Sullins of Holston Conference to Miss Mary W. Rogers of Knoxville, m. in Knoxville 25 Jan 1858.


X-492,      26 Feb 1858 Robert Boyd to Jane C. Coffee, all of this county m. 18 Feb 1858.


X-499,      16 Apr 1858 Philip Neet to Mrs. Eliza J. Markham, all of Athens, m. 13 Apr 1858.


X-501,      30 Apr 1858 Francis Reavely of Hamilton Co. to Miss Mariah J. Culpepper of McMinn Co., m. 10 Jan 1858.


X-502,      7 May 1858 Robert Boyd of Polk Co. to Miss Barsheba Davis of McMinn Co., m. 15 Apr 1858 by W.O. Cameron. Esq.


X-508,      18 Jun 1858 Col. Felix Orac to Eliza Newcom,   daughter of Gen. Newcom, all of McMinn Co., m. 8 Jun 1858.


X-509,      25 Jun 1858 Capt. C. Zimmerman of Athens to Miss Catherine Evans of lantyre, Jefferson Co., m. 16 Jun 1858 by Rev. T.W. Humes.



X-510,      2 Jul 1858 John P. McPhail to Mary Jane Sharritts, daughter of Rev. S. Sharritts, all of McMinn Co., m. 4 Jul 1858.


X-516,      13 Aug 1858 M.B. Goddard to Miss Clemanda V. Hutsell, daughter of Col. A. Hutsell, all of McMinn Co., m. 5 Aug 1858 at residence of bride’s father by Rev. R.M. Stevens.


X-520,      10 Sep 1858 Thomas M.Y. Fleming to Jane Gibbony, all of Athens, m. 2 Sep 1858

Dr. J.F. McAfee of Ga. to Miss M.J. Collier of Calhoun, Tenn., m. 26 Aug 1858.


XI-521,      17 Sep 1858 E.G. Brown of Cleveland to Lucy Whetsell, m. 12 Sep 1858.


XI-530,      19 Nov 1858 R.E. Cave of Meigs Co. to Arminda Stephenson of McMinn Co., m. 16 Nov at home of bride’s father.


XI-531,      26 Nov 1858 Joseph Hamilton Hale of Rogersville to Margaret L. Campbell m. 23 Nov 1858 at residence of John L. Bridges.


XI-550,      8 Apr 1859 Dr. James C. King to Orleana Lattimore, all of McMinn Co., m. 30 Mar 1859.


XII-606,     4 May 1860 Henry Mays of Sweetwater to Mrs. Adaline Treadway of Rome Ga., m. 26 Apr 1860 at residence of Wm. Burns by Rev. G.A. Caldwell.


XII-607,     11 May 1860 Dr. A. P. Durham of Penfield Ga. to Miss Sallie L. Callaway, m. 1 May 1860 at residence of bride’s father near Riceville by Elder Robert Snead.



XIII-658,    3 May 1861 Patton A. Bradford to Mrs Amanda C. Hawk, all of McMinn Co., m. 25 Apr 1861 in Athens.


XIII-663,    7 Jun 1861 J.S. Richards to Miss Lydia H. Johns, all of McMinn Co., m. 23 May 1861 by James Forrest, Esq.


XIII-664,    14 June A. Sartain of Athens, Tenn. to Miss Josephine Womble, m.(?)  Jun 1861 at residence of bride’s mother, Talbot Valley, Talbot Co., Ga., by Rev. John Harris.



XIII-668,    12 Jul 1861 T.M. Butner of Athens to Miss Maria Kirke of Graysville,

Ga., m. 8 Jul 1861 at residence of Dr. A.A. McKee by same.

S. Cleage of Athens to Miss Hattie S., daughter of Dr. J. Ewing of Rose Hill, Va., m. at residence of A. Caldwell in Athens 4 Jul 1861 by Rev. G.A. Caldwell.


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XIV-688,   29 Nov 1861 C.L. Rice of Riceville Tenn. to Miss Margarette Senter of Jefferson Co., m. in Athens 26 Nov 1861 by Rev. J. Atkins.


XIV-706,   4 Apr 1862 B.F. Brock, private in Capt. J.B. Cook’s Co., Eakins Battalion, to Mis Mollie Stuart of Grainger Co.,  m. near Morristown 30 Mar 1862.


XV-730,    19 Sep 1862 James M. Oshields to Miss Ruth Lands, m. 16 Sep 1862 by W.W. Carlock, Esq., all of McMinn Co.


XV-732,    3 Oct 1862 John F. Norvell to Miss Rachel Davis, m. 25 Sep 1862 by Rev M. A. Cass, all of this county.

Col. John N. Dunn of Cleveland to Miss Salina Alexander, m. 1 Oct 1862 at Residence of bride’s father near Athens by Rev. Geo. A. Caldwell.


XV-754,    6 Mar 1863 T.J. Errickson to Miss Parthena J. Johns, m. 26 Feb 1863 by Rev. M.A. Cass, all of McMinn Co.


XV-768,    12 June 1863 Lt. A.B. Latham of McMinn Co. to Miss Sarah A.S. Brooks of Palmetta, Ga., m. 9 Jun 1863 at residence of bride’s father.


HIWASSEE PATRIOT, published at Madisonville, Tennessee from January 1839 un 14 May 1839, when it was moved to Athens, Tennessee.


I-11,           21 May 1839 Augustus P. Green  to Mary Rudd, daughter of Wm. Rudd, m. 16 May 1839.


I-16,           27 Jun 1839 Joseph W. Hicks, Printer of Athens, to Leucy Ann Franklin of McMinn Co., m. 26 Jun 1839.

Jacob Low to Miss Sarah Akin, all of Athens, m. 16 Jun 1839.


I-23,           15 Aug 1839 Leven A. Ward, late of Knoxville, to Miss Charity Sallee of Athens, m. 8 Aug 1839.


I-52,           5 Mar 1840 David G. Orr to Miss Susan Johnson, all of McMinn Co., m. 20 Feb 1840 by Rev. A. Slover.


II-25,          1 Sep 1840 Charles A. Pickens to Caroline Smith, m. 19 Aug 1840.


II-33,          27 Oct 1840 James McCamis to Miss Eliza F. Cooper, m. 22 Oct 1840.


II-49,          16 Feb 1841 George Washington Trotter to Nancy Howard, m. 26 Jan 1841.

James Madison Gallaher to Miza Sparks, m. 2 Feb 1841.


ATHENS REPUBLICAN, published at Athens, Tennessee.


II-3,            30 Jul 1868 A.R. Byington to Miss Fatie C. Johns. m. 28 Jul 1868 at residence of bride’s father.

II-9,            10 Sep 1868 J.E. Long of Bradley Co. to Phebe Cassidy of Cedar Springs, m. 31 Aug 1868.


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KNOXVILLE REGISTER, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.


I-2, 10 Aug 1816 Joseph McMinn, Gov. of Tenn., to Mrs Nancy Williams of Kingston, m. 4 Aug 1816.


IV-174,      Tues., 23 Nov 1819 Elijah Ellis of Blount Co. to Betsy Macknair of the Cherokee Nation, m. 18 Nov 1819.


V-225,      14 Nov 1820 Augustine P. Fore to Mrs. Nancy Monroe, both of Jefferson Co., m. 30 Oct 1820.


IX-428,      22 Oct 1824 James Walker of this vicinity to Miss Charlotte C. Dean of Hiwassee District, m. 12 Oct 1824.


III-110,       New Series, 25 Jan 1843 Benjamin F. Welcker of Kingston to Sarah E. Reagan, daughter of Gen. Jas. H. Reagan of McMinn Co., m. 17 Jan 1843.


III-119,       New Series, 29 Mar 1843 Johnson Crews of Meigs Co. to Mary McGuire of McMinn Co., m. 23 Mar 1843.


III-123,       New Series, 26 Apr 1843 John L Hurst of Athens to Elizabeth H. Foster, youngest daughter of the late Arthur Foster of Greene Co., Ga., m. 13 Apr 1843 at residence of Mrs. Foster in Greene Co., Ga.


III-129,       New Series, 7 Jun 1843 D.C. McMillin fo Chattanooga to Mary Letitia Campbell, daughter of Hon. T.J. Campbell of Athens, m. 24 May 1843.


III-130,       New Series, 14 June 1843 John H. Colville to Jennette V. Lide, daughter of the late Dr. J.W. Lide, m. 6 Jun 1843.


III-139,       New Series, 16 Aug 1843 John Fisher of Athens to Mary Ann Riley of Harrison, m. 1 Aug 1843 in Harrison.


III-151,       8 Nov 1843 Wm. R. Neil of Missouri to Elizabeth Beret, m. 26 Oct 1843.


XL-21,      29 May 1856 W.W. Kelley of Bradley Co. to Miss Lydia A. McKnight of McMinn Co., m. 14 May 1856.


XL-38,      25 Sep 1856 Mary P. Lide of Athens to Dr. Roland Mitchell of Ga., m 2nd inst at Columbus by Rev. J.N. Blackburn.


XLI-22,      4 Jun 1857 J.E. Caldwell of Calhoun to Miss Catherine A. Baumann, m.26 May by Rev. Joseph H. Marti at residence of bride’s father in Knoxville.


XLI-48,      3 Dec 1857 John M Bridges formerly of Athens to Miss Nancy M. Holt of Dalton, Ga., m. 25 ult at Dalton.


KNOXVILLE ENQUIRER, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.


I-46,           2 Jun 1825 Thomas J. Grills to Harriet W. Smith of McMinn Co., m. 29 May 1825 by Rev. George Atkin, in Knoxville.


I-47,           Thurs 9 Jun 1825 Dr. Marshall Callaway to Grace S. Meigs, daughter of the late Timothy Meigs, all of McMinn Co., m. Thursday last.


II-71           24 Nov 1825 M. 17th inst Boyd Porter of Sevier Co. to Miss Margaret McNutt, daughter of Benjamin McNutt  of Knox Co.


II-95,          14 Jun 1826 m. 11th inst, George Loudermilk of Cherokee Nation to Miss Polly McNutt, daughter of Robert McNutt of Knox Co.


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KINGSTON GAZETTEER, published at Kingston, Tennessee.



I-3, 18 Apr 1854 Alexander B. Harwell to Catharine L. Green daughter of A.L. Greene, all of Roane Co., m. 1854 in McMinn Co. By Rev. J.R. Fryar.


I-9, 30 May 1854 Wm. F. Keith to Jennette H. Jordan of Ga., m. 23 May 1854 in Jasper Co., Ga., by Rev. Mr. Cloud.


THE TIMES, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.


I-35,           Tues. 17 Sep 1839 m. in Warren Co. on Wed. last, Thomas P. Argo of Athens to Miss Mary V., daughter of Col. Samuel H. Laughlin.


I-61,           Dec 1839 m. in Athens 11th inst, William C. Graves to Miss Margaret A.C. Hood.

Sorted By Groom

Taken From McMinn County Court Clerk Record



Adams  Henry S.  to  Carter  Catherine  08/25/1864 08/26/1864 Crouch L. W.

Akins Zachariah  to  Anderson  Mary  Ann 06/30/1838 06/30/1838 Taylor Larkin

Akins S. J. to Wyatt  Mary  01/08/1880 01/08/1880 Hor to n M. G.

 Alexander  Wiley  to  Wilson  Sarah   Jane 10/25/1866 10/25/1866 Moore  John W.

Allen  John  to  Perry  Mary 01/15/1845 01/15/1845 Gregory Tapley

Allen Byrum  to  Cane Tildy E.09/26/1870 09/29/1870 RussellJ. S.

Allen  Thomas  to  Porter  Caroline 10/12/1870 10/12/1870 Porter James S.

Allen  William B. to  Birdwell Dolly A. 01/14/1880 01/15/1880 RussellJ. S.

Allison  William F.  to  Scarborough M. J.08/05/1851 08/15/1851

Almasoads E. S. to  Phillips  Mary 04/28/1871 04/30/1871 MillerJ.

Ames  Henry  to  Cate Easter C. 09/24/1865 09/24/1865 Owens  William

Amons H. S.  to  Thompson  Nancy  01/13/1859 01/13/1859

Anderson  Alexander   to  Harris  Nancy  Ann 09/02/1851 09/02/1851

Anderson  John  to  Shell Luamey 01/24/1867 01/24/1867 Small A. C.

 Andrews  William  to  Hughes  Susan  A. D. 07/28/1853 07/28/1853 Ballew William H.

Armstrong  James Madison  to  Baker Celinda 06/13/1838 06/14/1838 Ledford Ralph

Armstrong  James A. to  Kimbrough  Susan  C.01/12/1865 01/12/1865 Wilson  William G.

Armstrong  William B. to  Blankenship Malinda C.01/16/186601/16/1866 Kelly Elihu

Arnold  John  to  Hley Betty12/22/1879 12/26/1879 LinerO. M.

Atkins E. B.  to  Mel to n  Rebecca 12/13/1850 12/13/1850

Atkins B. H.  to  Smith H  Jane  B.02/21/1868 02/23/1868 Wiggins J. A.

Atkinson W. L. to  Loughmiller Darcus E.10/01/1850 10/01/1850 HoyleT. L.

Atkison W. A. to  Reynolds L. E.04/15/1879 04/15/1879 ColemanG. M.

Atlee  John L.  to  Humphreys  Sarah  05/22/185605/22/1856 Phillips S.

Bain  Samuel R.  to  Patty Amanda E.10/01/1850 10/01/1850 Chapman Wilson

Baker  Joseph  to  Hickey  Nancy  E.09/19/1845 09/19/1845 RiceS. S.

Baker  John  to  Hudgen   Elizabeth 12/04/1849 12/04/1849

Baker  John Jr.  to  Davis Pamela 06/12/1858 06/12/1858

Baker  James  to  Samson Scyntha 11/18/1864 11/22/1864 CarpenterDan

Baker Calaway  to   Johnson  Eliza  J.03/11/1865 03/12/1865  Jane way James

Baker  James T.  to  Grubb  Mary  E.05/05/1866 05/10/1866 HoylC. R.

Baker  John R.  to  Duff Emma R.03/20/1867 03/20/1867

Baker  James T.  to  Frady Margaret E.12/30/1870 12/30/1870

Baker James A. to ReynoldsLennie12/22/1877 12/22/1877

Bale W. S.  to  Keith   Elizabeth  D.10/23/1851 10/23/1851 Park  James

Bales Hugh M.  to  Hoback Dorthula 02/12/1851 02/13/1851 Sharetts Stephen

Ballard Peter  to  Henderson Anna09/29/1870 09/29/1870 HenryM. G.

Barger  William Rutledge   Elizabeth 11/28/1865 11/29/1865Rose

Barkel A. J. to  Caldwell M. S.12/18/1879 12/18/1879 Coleman. W.

Barker Burrell B. to Wilky  Sarah  A.12/30/1867 12/30/1867 Slover John

Barnes  John  to  Rue  Caroline 01/13/1858 01/13/1858

Barnett  Thomas J. to West  Mary  J.04/07/1864 04/07/1864

Barnett  Charles C.  to  McGoss  Lucinda 11/06/1850 11/07/1850 McPhail Daniel

Barnett C.  to  Lee  Mary  E.10/20/1866 10/21/1866 BurnsW. L.

Barns  Henry  to  Bains Susin 08/04/1866 08/04/1866 Owens. C.

Bassenger Harry N.  to  Cooper  Sarah  09/10/1879 09/11/1879 Stephenson M. H.

Bates Ezekial  to  Douglas   Elizabeth  05/16/1847 05/17/1847 Wilson Leander

Baxter Barney  to  Billingsley Sally 07/10/1839 07/10/1839 Hendley Edmund

Beasly J. A.  to  Walles Sarina 07/14/1880 07/14/1880 StephensonW. H.

Beck Israel  to  McKenzie Christian P.02/26/1851 02/27/1851 Walker William

Beck Ephrem  to  Bunch Caty 11/22/1869 11/24/1869  Thomas S. M.

Belk Richard  Henry  to  Carver Loretta Ann 06/30/1877 07/01/1877 Bigham J. M.

Belt Melvin B. to  Thompson   Elizabeth  02/22/1879 02/22/1879 GrubbJ. J.

Bennett William J. Y.  to Only Mary  E.07/18/1849 07/18/1849

Bennett J. L. to   Roberts Parthena 08/20/1880 08/20/1880

Ben to n T. L. to Shipley Mary 10/20/1854 10/20/1854

Ben to n M. S.  to Halland Elizy 02/19/1868 02/19/1868

Berry Samuel A. to Moore Sarah A.05/11/1854 05/11/1854 Ware M. T.

Biddy Bud to Hamp to n Annie 04/20/1871 04/20/1871

Bidwell William to Bell Ann Eliza 08/18/1871 08/20/1871 Parkison James 

Biggs Thomas to Kimbrough S. E.05/16/1864 05/17/1864 Atkins James

Bigham Ashbury to Carver Nancy J. 06/22/1864 06/23/1864 Stephenson W.

Billingsly William J. to Stanton Mary 09/04/1879 09/04/1879 McElever F. B.

Bingham Isaac to Temple Charity 03/28/1849 03/28/1849

Bishop Sylvester to  Givens  Martha  A. 07/27/1864 07/27/1864 Wilson William G.

Bishop Washington to Boyd Lucinda 07/26/1865 07/26/1865 Parkison James

Blackburn James to Carter Mary 03/23/1852 03/23/1852

Blackburn Milton to Griffith Margaret 10/25/1864 10/25/1864 Parkinson James

Blair H. C. to Chesnutt S. E.07/20/1878 07/20/1878

Blane Mordecai G. to Buttrum Mary A. 09/27/1850 09/28/1850 Buttrum Hiel

Blankenship J. H.  to Coldwell M. M.10/22/1868 10/22/1868 Denton Calvin

Blevins S. H. to Hudson  Jane  02/21/1871 02/21/1871

Blevins W. S. to Payne Maggie 01/07/1880 04/08/1880 Hixson John R.

Blizard Lionous to  Gibson Sallie A.09/29/1870 09/29/1870

Bloom T.  to Newman Marthy 03/09/1867 03/09/1867

Bogart S.  to  Baker  Mary  A.01/07/1856 01/10/1856 Newman William

Boggess Jiles to Patty  Martha 12/21/1875 12/21/1875

Boggess B. B. to Stanton Artisha 04/03/1880 04/04/1880 Guthrey C. H.

Bolin William to Robison Clarisa 04/14/1864 04/14/1864 Wilson William G.

Bollen Samuel to Moss Claressa 10/04/1849 10/04/1849

Bonine Wiliam to Raburn Lucinda  11/11/1852 11/11/1852 Harris Stephens

Bonine Andrew J. to Wyatt Catherine 04/08/1851 04/08/1851

Bonine Jacob to Cobble Liza A.03/03/1879 03/04/1879 Cleminger J.

Bonner J. B.  to Dodson M. L.12/10/1866 12/27/1866 Thomas S. M.

Bonner C. L.  to McNabb Maranda 08/05/1867 08/05/1867

Bookout James to  Cox  Mary  M.10/23/1869 10/23/1869

Bookout T. L. to Mellin M. A.05/04/1878 05/04/1878

Bookout T. L. to Thompson S. A.06/05/1880 06/05/1880 Chesnutt John C

Boring Joseph to Williams Mattie E.11/24/1864 11/25/1864 Brooks H. T.

Boring J. D. to Williams Mary A.03/22/1880 03/25/1880 Eaton C. H.

Boring Thomas H. to Horton Ella10/21/1880 10/21/1880 Sullins T.

Bowerman Micheal to Smith Mary A.02/22/1842 02/22/1842 Jenkins John

Bowers Thomas H. to Haney Anna 09/25/1854 09/25/1854

Bowling Ed to Bell Jane 01/04/1878 01/04/1878

Bowman Milburn to Shook Martha 05/09/1867 05/09/1867

Boyd Jordan to Morris Diatha 07/05/1865 07/05/1865

BradenE. W. to Smith Nancy Jane 05/24/1850 05/27/1850 Key John

Bradford A. to Wear Martha 05/04/1867 05/04/1867

Brady J. H. to Casteel Elviry09/26/1866 09/26/1866 Horton William

Brandon William to Landers M. A. F.12/08/1863 12/17/1863 Long J. R.

Brannon Alexander to SlaughterEllen11/06/1875 11/06/1875

Brannum W. L. to ThompsonM. J.12/15/1877 12/15/1877

Branum Edward to ShookMargaret09/12/1852 09/12/1852

Brawer James S. to Hanks M. A.07/30/1868 07/30/1868

Brewer G. W. to Roberts Jennie 11/15/1864 11/15/1864 Gaughry John M.

Brewer John D. to Curtis Mary L.05/08/1880 05/09/1880 Dodson W. C.

Briant Henry to HydeMerica12/29/1879 01/01/1880 Ingram C. M.

Bridges James H. to Diven Eliza 06/30/1849 06/30/1849

Bridges William to St John Rebeckah12/30/1852 12/30/1852 Love Munny

Bridges John L. to Gettys Eliza J.11/02/1853 11/02/1853 Caldwell Geoge M.

Bridges Wolford to Prather Mary 11/28/1879 11/28/1879 McGill R.

Brigham T. to OwensVirginnia10/05/1866 10/07/1866 Mann J. W.

Brock David to Stout Ann 11/27/1852 11/28/1852 Swafford A.

Brock Penny G. to Lafferty Mary A. E.04/21/1852 04/22/1852 Walker William R.

Brock Andrew J. to Jack Emeline10/10/1853 10/10/1853

Brock Micheal to Harmon Elizabeth 03/08/1865 03/09/1865 Boyston J. M.

Brock Benjamin to Baker Mary 11/16/1862 11/17/1862 Jack John

Brock Elmore to Bonner Mary 01/02/1850 01/03/1850 McKamy William

Brooks James to Neal Anna12/12/1866 12/13/1866 Thorpe W. W.

Brooks Thomas to Arnold Molly 06/24/1876 06/24/1876

Brookshire William to Brookshire Rebecca 07/11/1849 07/11/1849

Brookshire V. to Brookshire Mary12/28/1849 12/28/1849

Browden Samuel D. to Triplet Nancy 09/10/1846 09/10/1846 Smith C. D.

Browder Calvin to Nance Mary A.10/12/1853 10/13/1853 Café M. f.

Browder James M. to Armstrong Lizzie A.12/09/1880 12/14/1880 Small A. G.

Brown Columbus to Sivil Abigale 06/05/1849 06/05/1849

Brown David  to McKenzie  Elizabeth  A.11/14/1849 11/14/1849

Brown G. W. to Thompson Mary Ann12/09/1852 12/09/1852DailyD. W.

Brown Hiram J. to Casteel Elizabeth  J.05/17/1853 05/17/1853DailyW. C.

Brown William to Weatherly Mary 01/27/1859 01/27/1859 ReynoldsR.

Brown Samuel to Adams Frances E.07/25/1864 07/25/1864

Brown G. T. to Brown Mary J.12/28/1864 12/29/1864 WilsonA. R.

Brown James S. to Cantrell Alice E.12/06/1865 12/06/1865

Brown William to Scott Elizabeth 12/20/1865 12/20/1865

Brown John M. to Small Emaline 03/23/1868 03/23/1868

Brown John to Halland Sonna 08/25/1870 08/25/1870 Stephenson W. H.

Brown John to Cookes Ellen 07/12/1870 7/13/1871 Armstrong Jacob

Brown H. L. to Hibberts Alice 01/11/1878 01/11/1878

Brown R. H. to Leadbetter Josie M.01/04/188001/04/1880 Long William H.

Brown R. W. to Strange Anna H.12/25/188012/26/1880 Brunner John H.

Brummet J. F. to Barnes Letty02/15/1853 02/15/1853 LinerO. M.

Brummet A. H. to Burn Martha 12/17/1866 12/17/1866 Hoyl C. R.

Bryan William to Cate Mary L. 05/07/1853 05/07/1853 Daily W. C.

Bryant Gamaliel to Dobkins Rebecca 08/01/1854 08/01/1854

Bryant Louis to Pennington L. C.02/09/1867 02/14/1867 SmallA. C.

Bryant M. S. to LangF. S.07/03/1867 07/03/1867

Buchanan Marshall to Hudgins Sarah 01/22/1865 01/22/1865 Gwen William

Buchannon John to Grigsby Mary 10/14/186510/15/1865 Cate Charles

Buck John C. R. to Williams Tabitha L.01/10/1866 01/10/1866

Buckner James Madison to Stephenson Susanah 02/25/1838 02/25/1838 Gregory Robert

Buckner J. to Beaver Matilda 08/31/1853 08/31/1853

Buckner James W. to Porter Eliza 03/25/185403/25/1854

Buckner William A. to McKinney Rachel V.07/22/1866 07/24/1866 Nelson W. A.

Buckner James to Jamison Elizabeth 11/15/1866 11/18/1866 Kelley Elihu

Bunch Daniel to Bennett Rachel 10/29/1849 10/29/1849

Bunk Joesph to Walker Mollie 04/28/1880 04/29/1880 Cass Thomas A.

Burger W. L. to Dickerson Mary C.11/26/1870 11/26/1870

Burger James M. to Mires Susan 01/02/1879 01/09/1879 Davis John

Burk William P. to Wilson Margaret A.08/20/1850 08/20/1850 Gaston John C.

Burk W. A. to Idill S. L.03/03/1866 03/03/1866

Burn Harrison B. to Barnett Margaret E.09/16/1865 09/17/1865 Lowry Thomas J.

Burnett William P. to Shults Sarah S. 02/20/1861 02/20/1861 Neil Joseph

Bursell William to Sallie Caroline 11/22/1849 11/22/1849

Buttram John to PiermanAddie10/28/1876 10/28/1876 Thompson William

Buttrum Jacob to Wilson Josephine09/30/1850 10/01/1850 Carpenter Daniel

Buttrum Moses to Foster Mary Ann08/31/1850 09/05/1850 Gillenwater E. E. 

Buttrum William to Foster Elizabeth Ann 10/06/1851 10/09/1851 Buttrum Heil

Byess G. H. to Jackson Marthy C.05/04/1867 05/04/1867

Byington Alfred R. to Grisham Mary Jane 01/04/1853 01/06/1853 Walker William R.

Byington Alfred R. to Guffey Elizabeth C. 06/25/1850 06/25/1850

Caldwell Jessee B. to Frizzell Martha J. 07/04/1850 07/04/1850 Gregory Robert

Cambell Landon to Quinn Nancy 01/31/1867 01/31/1867 Newman W. H.

Campbell D. L. to McAdoo Judiah12/16/1851 12/18/1851 Barb A.

Campson Lewis to Brooks Ulanthia 12/23/1868 12/23/1868 Slover John

Camran A. M. to Rodden Eliza Jane 12/12/1866 12/12/1866 Hoyl C. R.

Cannon G. W. to Netherland A. E.02/23/1870 02/23/1870 Hyden Albert

Cantrell David to Crockett Rebecca 10/17/185110/19/1851 Hoyl C. R.

Cantrell William to Cook Margaret 11/29/1851 11/30/1851 Kirksey W. G.

Carlock Daniel to Cleage 02/16/1867 02/16/1867

Carlock John L. to Cass Julia 12/18/1879 12/18/1879 Robertson J. W.

Carlock John C. to Pickins L. E.10/13/1880 10/14/1880 Hoyl C. R.

Carpenter Moses to McKeehan Margaret 12/07/1865 12/07/1865 Carpenter Daniel

Carroll Neil to Hurt Betsy Jane 11/20/1866 11/20/1866 Buttram Niel

Carroll Alfred to KeelonPolly09/25/1877 09/20/1877 Kyker A. J.

Carson D. F. to Barker Milly M.05/09/1850 05/09/1850 Cook H. C.

Carter Jackson to Harris Nancy 11/07/1865 11/08/1865 Hutsell George M.

Carver Carmuel to Bear Winney 08/09/1880 08/10/1880 Bigham J. M.

Case Isam H. to Brown Sallie A.04/19/1859 04/20/1859 Atkins I.

Cash Bagan to Riddle Mary 10/07/1867 10/07/1867

Casida James to Bradford Mary J. 01/29/1868 01/29/1868

Cass W. A. to Stanaifer D. E.12/24/1878 12/24/1878 Russell J. S.

CassJ. A. R. to Caves Mollie Bell 09/18/1880 09/19/1880 Scarbrough John H.

Casteel M. H. to Elbert Mary Ann01/01/1850 01/01/1850 Pendergrass J. C.

Cate Charles to Ownby Elizabeth 01/10/1865 01/10/1865 Baker James

Cate John to Errickson Harriet08/07/1850 08/07/1850

Cate Peter B. to Womack Gemima12/26/1850 12/26/1850 Walker William

Cate Lafait to Hanks Catherine 11/23/1866 11/23/1866 Dixon F. A.

Cate Pony to Spradlin Liddy01/23/1867 01/25/1867 Buttram Hiel

Cate Moses to Swafford Lucinda 01/30/1871 02/08/1871 Dodson M. M.

Cate Jerry to Arnwine Rozy 12/09/1880 12/09/1880 Jackson A.

Chamlee A. Judson to Thalch Eliza 12/27/1850 12/29/1850 Rice T. S.

Chamlee R. H. to McDonald L. J.04/26/1879 04/27/1879 Horton W. G.

Chamlee G. H. to  John Lanora G.12/26/1879 12/28/1879 Forrest W. H.

Chesnutt Samuel G. to Hoyl Mary J. 01/10/1865 01/11/1865 Chesnutt I. K.

Chestnutt J. W. to Benton Elmira 11/04/1868 11/04/1868

Chrisman A. J. to Foster Elizabeth 12/10/1853 12/10/1853

Chrisman G. A. to ChrismanGennie10/04/1880 10/04/1880 Hon Abraham

Christian Joseph to Stephens Mary 12/14/1878 12/15/1878 Carlock E. W.

Clark William B. to HumphreyAbigail01/12/18530 1/12/1853 Liner O. M.

Clark D. C. to Foster Caroline 12/29/1868 12/30/1868 Knight William

Clark W. B. to Farmer Mary 07/23/1870 07/24/1870 Miller J. M.

Clayton J. H. to FosterT.08/09/1880 09/02/1880 Janeway J.

Cleage Lewis to Cleage Malissey 08/04/1866 08/04/1866 Owen W. C.

Cleage Frank to Judy Cleag 08/11/1866 08/11/1866

Cleage Lewis to Rice Sela 04/25/1872 04/25/1872

Clementson John to Steed Mary 02/17/1853 02/17/1853 Daily W. C.

Cline Brummitt to Jack Mary 10/25/1879 11/20/1879 Thompson Samuel H.

Clonts John to Emery Caroline 03/06/1850 03/06/1850 Bonner James

Coate Alford to Matlock Eliza 10/27/1866 11/04/1866 Williams E. Z.

Coats William A. to HutinVeney10/26/1866 10/28/1866 Carpenter Daniel

Cobb Joseph to Lattimore Caroline 11/17/1844 11/17/1844 McDougal F.

Coffee James O. to Grady Eliza Ann 01/08/1851 01/08/1850 Bryan J. C.

Coldwell William to Coldwell Judy 08/07/1866 08/09/1866 Parkison James

Coldwell William to Calloway Mary 02/28/1870 03/01/1870 Hutsell J. M.

Colier James M. to Douglass Mary 03/23/1850 03/24/1850 Carlock J. C.

Comb William to Ballinger Catherine 10/25/1878 10/25/1878

Cooper James to ArmstrongMargaret05/21/1866 05/22/1866 Hoyl C. R.

Cox Alexander F. to Atlee Amilia V.05/01/1850 05/01/1850 Miller J. W.

Coxey John to Orton Mary 01/21/1851 01/21/1851 John B. A.

Crittenden James H. to Ellis Samantha10/02/1851 10/02/1851 Barnett Nathaniel

Crocket John to Carney Sarah 05/26/1866 05/28/1866 KeirkseyA. T.

Crockett Josiah H. to Derrick Iwanona 11/27/1851 11/27/1851 Hoyl C. R.

Crockett Joseph to ParrisFrancis07/13/188007/15/1880 Jackson T. J.

Cunningham David B. to Henderson Mary 12/25/185012/25/1850 Bellew William H.

Cunningham Moses to Graves Mrs. Margaret A.02/14/1850 02/14/1850 Robinson John

Curtis William to Green Catherine 04/02/1868 04/02/1868 Russell J. S.

Davis George N. to Hale Martha  L.01/30/1851 01/30/1851

Davis Rec to r to Lemmons Lieu Anna11/29/1850 11/29/1850 Jenkins J.

Davis Marien to Slaughter Sallie M. 08/08/1866 08/05/1866 Randolph E. M.. J.

Dean William S. to Woody Elizabeth 03/06/1865 03/07/1865 Thompson William

Deatharpe B. M. to SinserJea04/29/1876 05/10/1876 Callan J. B.

Dement Thomas to Ickes Zoe L.10/06/1870 10/06/1870 Cobbs R. A.

Dennis John to Hackler Martha M. 04/08/1865 04/13/1865 Frazier B.

Dennis Orrin to Cate Virginia 12/26/186112/26/1861

Denton Thomas to Hutsell Mary 12/25/1871 12/25/1871 McReynolds D. M.

Derrick J. W. to Smith Susan 02/02/1871 02/05/1871 Elbatt T. F.

Dixon John to McCallie Mrs. Mary 01/23/1851 01/23/1851 Swafford A.

Dixon F. S. to Bowland M. A.07/10/1871 07/13/1871 LyleJ. D.

Dixon G. H. to BoonTennie02/19/1879 02/20/1879 Denton Calvin

Dixon James A. to Coatney S. E.11/24/1879 11/25/1879 Dodson W. C.

Dodson Jesse W. to McKamy Elizabeth J. 02/01/1850 02/05/1850 Forrest William F.

Dodson Jessie J. to Buttram Malinda J.01/13/1879 01/16/1879 Miller Thomas L.

Doss James L. to Gage Nancy 07/23/1850 07/23/1850 Swafford A.

Duggan F. W. to Cantrell Mintie 02/03/1879 03/11/1879 Eaton C. H.

Duggan W. C. to ThompsonA.12/20/1879 12/28/1879 Thompson Samuel H.

Eaves James to Fowler Mary 08/17/1850 08/18/1850 Scarbrough J. M.

Edgemon William S. to Hardy Martha 09/20/1849 09/21/1849 Southern William

Elder A. to Barns M. A. 09/22/1880 09/22/1880 Jackson Amos

Elison William A. to Reynolds Elizabeth 09/14/1867 09/14/1867

Ellis Jeremiah B. to Thompson Sarah 09/10/1850 09/10/1850 Gregory Robert

Emberson A. J. to Coats Martha 01/03/1868 01/03/1868

Emerson William to Haggan Josephine 05/26/1856 05/26/1856 Gregory Robert

England Edward to Owens Elizabeth A. 09/01/1851 09/01/1851

Etter Martin Luther to Long Lourena 05/03/1851 05/03/1851

Falkner James to Crow Susan 01/16/1850 01/17/1850 Buttrum Heil

Falyew John to Coxey R. 09/12/1850 09/17/1850 John A.

Farless Samuel to Grisham Polly 01/06/1851 01/06/1851 John A.

Fitzgerald James T. to Neel Sarah E. 09/08/1851 09/08/1851 Douglas James

Flinn E. M. to Moore R. E.11/01/1851 11/01/1851

Forest James to Ellis Nancy Jane 06/23/1850 06/23/1850 Gaston J. C.

Fortner Henry to Harris Lucinda 10/20/1867 10/20/1867

Foster Andrew to Buttrum Sarah 08/31/1850 09/04/1850 Gillenwater E. E.

Foster John R. to Buttrum Malissa 03/04/1850 03/07/1850 Gillenwater E. E.

Funkelhauser John to McGuglsy Hattie A. 07/15/1867 07/15/1867

Gallant John to Wilson Sarah 07/08/185207/08/1852

Galloway Silvester to Shields Mary C.11/30/1876 11/30/1876

Gamble Patton L. to Hounshell Nancy Ann02/18/1851 02/18/1851 Ballew William H.

Gamblin Aaran to Green Lidda 12/25/1878 12/25/1878 Camping Joseph

Garrison John to Garrison Vesta 01/07/1878 01/07/1878

Garrison F. S. to Buttram Amanda 07/29/1878 07/29/1878

Gaut J. Hamilton to Isbell Sarah Elizabeth 12/04/1849 12/04/1849

Gee Johnathan to Grubb Margaret07/20/1853 07/20/1853

Gee John J. to Grubb Mary 04/17/1851 04/17/1851 Gregory Robert

Gentry James to Rudd Mindy05/02/1867 05/02/1867

 George John C. to Womack Mary 08/28/1850 08/28/1850

 George F. H. to Howard Call 06/05/1867 06/05/1867

Geralds William J. to Cann Martha E.12/30/1867 12/30/1867 Slover John

Geralds W. J. to Gentry Lucinda 08/04/1871 08/06/1871 HoylC. R.

Ghornly J. P. to Gamble S. M.08/17/1868 08/17/1868

Gibbony William to Hutsell M. E.12/25/1867 12/25/1867

Gibson Elisha  to Etter Mary  A.11/30/1853 11/30/1853

Gibson John C. to Drake Willametta M.10/11/1870 10/11/1870

Gilbreath Samuel to Cobbs Nancy 09/10/1851 03/19/1852 HoylT. L.

Gilley Samuel to BrockCatharine03/13/1850 03/13/1850 Spears John

Gipson B. A. to Wallin Rebecca 08/02/1856 08/02/1856

Glass A. W. to Melton Mandy12/18/1860 12/18/1860

Glaze Jefferson to Dugan Mariah 02/14/1852 02/19/1852 Lee William

Gordan John to Shamblin Jane 07/15/1854 07/15/1854

Graham W. J. to Wilson Eliza 04/23/1864 04/23/1864

Graves Christopher to Shelton  Elizabeth 08/05/1853 08/15/1853 Walker William

Graves Andrew to CarterFrancis07/08/186607/12/1866Briant

Green John A. to  HenryMargaret09/06/185009/06/1850SweeneyMoses

Green William J. to Millsaps Lidia 01/31/1851 01/31/1851

Green William to Curtis Nancy 02827/1868 02/28/1868 RussellJ. S.

Green Rufus to PrinceHannah10/13/1873 10/19/1873 Jackson John

Green Joseph to Washam Sarah J. 12/22/1875 12/22/1875

Green D. W. to Lewis S. E.11/03/1879 11/06/1879 CarlockE. W.

Gregg John to Mullday Louisa02/06/1839 02/06/1839 Blackwell Sylvester

Gregory William E. to Lillard Cinthia Ann 02/20/1851 02/23/1851 Carpenter Daniel

Gregory James L. to Graves Nancy 02/25/186702/25/1867

Gregory James to Peak Jan Sina 09/20/1867 09/20/1867

Griffith James T. to Pickens Catherine 12/23/1878 12/23/1878 LongW. B.

Griffitts Delaney to Griffitts Margaret 10/25/1851 10/26/1851

Grigg Jess R. to Prophet Jane 08/15/1850 08/18/1850 Hoyl J. R.

Grills Stark D. P. to Armstrong Penelope 04/06/1854 04/06/1854 PhillipsM. L.

Grisham Joseph to Ervin Mry Jane 09/20/1849 09/20/1849

Grisham Elijah to Sherrill Lucinda 02/07/1878 02/07/1878

Grogan David C. to Bumit Telitha E.12/01/1870 12/01/1870

Grubb T. J. to Pearce M. H.04/30/1867 04/30/1867

Hacker F. E. to Fisher Virginia 07/06/1852 07/06/1852 Daily W. C.

Haggard James to McCrosky Isophene 10/06/1850 10/07/1850 Snoddy Samuel

Haggard James to McCroskey Mrs. Isaphena M.10/06/1850 10/06/1850 Snoddy Samuel

Hains Samuel B. to Yearwood Martha J. 07/07/1851 07/07/1851

Hall Samuel to EmmersonDelila07/13/1847 07/13/1847

Hammond William W. to Patton Jane O. 08/15/1850 08/16/1850 Russell Thomas T.

Hampton N. J. to Isbell Mary 11/05/1844 11/05/1844 Circuit Court Clerk Records

Harden William G. to Mins Margaret 09/11/1851 09/11/1851

Hardy Samuel Jr. to Copeland Elizabeth 12/12/1850 12/13/1850 Southard M.

Harrell William to Ford Rinda 01/11/1853 01/12/1853 Wilson Samuel

Harris Charles to Snoddy Isabell 11/05/1838 11/05/1838 Brewer Lewis

Harris Carter to Nations Nancy 09/18/1847 09/18/1847 Jack J.

Harris John to Shelton Jane 07/31/1847 07/31/1847 Café M. F.

Harris Thompson to Irving Martha 09/09/1864 09/10/1864 Parkinson James

Harris William to Renolds Violet 09/07/1866 09/09/1866 Cate Charles

Hart William M. to Lamare Rachel 01/17/1850 01/17/1850 Burns William

Hawks John to Shook Hetty05/29/185005/29/1850

Hayes Isham to Hayes Sarah 03/04/1850 03/04/1850

Haynes James P. to Elliot Margaret E.10/11/1850 10/15/1850 MillerJ. W.

Helvey Daniel M. to  Roberts Syphey04/05/1838 08/05/1838 Price Henry

Hemphill William P. to Triplett Milly 09/29/1849 09/30/1849 Southern William

Henderson Samuel P. to Stephenson S. B.09/01/1853 09/01/1853 Scruggs John

Henderson William to Cunningham Jane 03/23/1850 03/24/1850 Burns William

Herst H. J. to SivelsA.05/10/1851 06/08/1851Burns William

Hickey James to Paris Mary W.08/15/1850 08/16/1850 Jenkins John

Hickox John E. to CoxArispa10/07/1851 10/09/1851 Miller J. W.

Hickox Richard A. to Whillhight Mary Jane 04/02/1851 04/02/1851

Hicks John H. to Smith Rebecca 01/04/1865 01/04/1865 Hyslen Albert

Hicks John B. to Surtman Jane 10/07/1851 10/07/1851 Lee T. N.

Hicks Thomas to LewisEmely08/25/1850 08/29/1850 Hoyl C. R.

Higdon Noah to Rutherford Lydia Ann 02/12/184602/12/1846

Hinsen J. J. to Hicks M. J.10/04/1880 10/10/1880 Miller J. C.

Hollan William to Fry Sarah A.11/28/1861 11/28/1861 Sloop H. M.

Holt Jasper to Wilson Sarah 11/27/18651 1/28/1865 Long J. M.

Houser Jefferson to Brown Mary 06/01/1853 06/03/1853 Lee William

Howard C. W. B. to Morris Mariah T.03/25/1845 03/27/1845 Lowe

Howard William to Hunt Mary Ann01/02/1851 01/02/1851 Ballew William H.

Hoyl Caleb R. to Cantrell Ataline 08/29/1850 08/29/1850 Carson James

Hudson William C. to Lawson Mary Ann09/23/1846 09/24/1846 Benton J. H.

Hudson Roland to Pearson Mary J.07/17/185207/17/1852 Beaver David W.

Hughes William to RhomMahala10/30/185210/30/1852

Hughes Joseph Ely to McKeehen Elizabeth 09/29/1851 10/02/1851 BrandonHiram H.

Hunt J. W. to Beigler D. E.10/29/1870 10/29/1870

Hutton W. C. to AshleyAnn06/14/1856 06/14/1856 Cox A. F.

Hyden Jessee A. to Steed Nancy M.10/29/1850 10/31/1850 Rice T. S.

Inagill Charles to Green Emma06/06/1878 06/06/1878

Ingram Caleb M. to Harless Lurena E.06/12/1850 06/13/1850 Rice T. S.

Isham Jasper to FaneAdeline10/12/1867 10/07/1867

Ivins G. W. to Rice??06/29/1867 06/29/1867

Jack Z. H. to Dopherty Sarah M. 02/14/1852 02/23/1852 Cass Benjamin

Jack Francis B. to Kelley Sue 08/27/1862 08/28/1862 Jack John

Jackson W. D. to Smith Louisa 01/22/1866 01/22/1866

Jackson Amos to Evans Katie 09/13/1866 09/13/1866OwenW. C.

Jackson Samuel H. to White Mary L. 08/13/1868 08/13/1868

Jackson John M. to NeilZ. L.02/19/1879 02/20/1879SmallA. G.

 Janeroay Isaac to MooreNarcissa11/01/1853 11/01/1853

 Jane s Samuel H. to Rudd Margaret A.05/11/1867 05/11/1867

Jarnagin Hamilton to Cook Sarah 11/09/1864 11/15/1864LongJ. M.

Jarnigan Milton P. to Murrill Emily L.12/01/1852 12/01/1852

Jarvis J. L. to Howard Mary E. 09/22/1866 09/23/1866 Carpenter Daniel

Jarvis L. B. to Hart A. J.03/20/1880 03/21/1880 Jones M. E.

Jayness M. F. to Corn M. S.12/30/1879 01/01/1879 Hixson J. R.

Jenkins Benjamin to Haney Catherine 01/20/186101/20/1861PughJ. F.

Jerls Wallace to Shelton Ann11/15/1879 11/16/1879 Plank James W.

Jewell Anson to Hamilton Sarrah11/10/1879 11/11/1879 Stanley Slantey

Jimison Benjamin to Gentry Catherine 12/27/1879 12/27/1879 McNabbL. T.

 Johns Johnathan to Browden Caley 08/06/1838 08/10/1838 Wover A.

 Johns Hugh K. to Pratheny Sarah A. 03/16/1842 03/16/1842

 Johnson Lindley M. to Burnett Eliza Jane 05/14/1844 05/14/1844WallisG. W.

 Johnson Sycander N. to McDaniel Mira06/04/1844 06/04/1844 Rice T. T.

 Johnson Jarrett to McConnell Mary 03/01/1845 03/01/1845 Bridges T. L.

 Johnson Benny M. to Prepnell Phebe L.12/16/1852 12/17/1852 Faulkner Reuben

 Johnson James to Kitchen Recca Ann07/10/1851 07/12/1851 Carpenter Daniel

 Johnson Josiah to Pearman Eliza 09/16/1851 09/16/1851 Rice T. S.

 Johnson Thomas to  Johnson Tennessee 03/05/186 603/05/1866

 Johnson W. B. to Teague Sarah 01/05/1867 01/05/1867

 Johnson William B. to Dean Mary Ann 09/05/1867 09/05/1867

 Johnson Robert to RuddHanner11/16/1868 11/16/1868 Slover John

 Johnson Samuel to Binion Nancy 08/04/1873 08/04/1873 JacksonAmes

 Johnson King to Simpson Mary 12/13/1879 12/14/1879 CarlockE. W.

 Johnson Richard to Middle to n Caroline 10/07/1880 10/07/1880 CopelandA. J.

 Johnston Elmadors R. to SloopMelvina02/21/1850 02/21/1850 SweeneyMoses

 Johnston John W. to Edwards Mary  E. 04/28/1866 04/28/1866 Green John

 Johns to n David to OwensMollie02/06/187102/06/1871CassM. A.

 Johnston P. L. to Ballard Sallie E.02/26/1872 02/28/1872 Kimbrough J. B.

Joines J. H. to Green Margaret 02/17/1865 01/23/1865 Russell Thomas

Jones George to Morgan Delila 02/12/1851 02/14/1851Walker William

Jones William M. to Miller Martha 07/11/1851 07/13/1851 Cass M. A.

Jones William to Hunt Lucy W.08/14/1876 08/14/1876 Sullins T.

Jones John to Kibler Mary 12/20/1879 12/21/1879 Plank James W.

Jones William to Kibble Sarah 02/23/1880 02/24/1880 Dodson John

Jones Calvin to Kinkum Kate 12/09/1880 12/10/1880 Cleveland Hugh

Kebble James to Reid Mary 01/01/1850 01/02/1850 Walker William

Keeton Jacob to Newman Rebecca Ann 03/05/1866 03/05/1866

Kelley Nathan to Triplet Mary 08/28/1838 08/28/1838 Morrison L. R.

Kelley Leroy to ElliottLetty02/09/1852 02/09/1852

Kelley William G. to Small Mary S.02/28/1865 03/01/1865 BriantA. D.

Kelley F. P. to Cate Martha A.05/04/1865 05/11/1865 Nelson W.

Kelley James to Banner Deanner 10/29/186710/31/1867 Hill Stephen

Kelly Eli to Worly Elizabeth 11/14/1866 11/17/1866 Kelley Elihu

Kelsey Stanton to Parker Catherine 06/14/1864 06/15/1864 Miller J. M.

Kenzer Charles M. to Munny Stacia 02/21/1853 02/21/1853

Key J. M. to Aikens T. S.07/17/1878 07/17/1878

Keykindall J. H. to HhoskingsKizzie04/05/1870 04/07/1870 Neil Joseph

Kibble Daniel to Onley Martha 01/29/1851 01/29/1851Walker William

Kibble John to Onley M. J.11/03/1880 11/05/1880 Plank James W.

Kiker Andrew J. to Kennedy Louisa J.11/16/1852 11/16/1852 Buttram Theil

Kiker Thomas to Dempsey Eliza 07/23/1864 07/24/1864 BriantA. D.

Kiker P. M.. to Briant Mary A. 07/28/1871 07/30/1871 Thompson William

Kimbrough D. H. to Cobble Allice 11/14/1879 11/15/1879 Thompson Samuel H.

KingE. W. to Atkinson V. W.12/19/1854 12/20/1854 DugganW. H.

King Robert M. to LoudermilkMalinda01/26/1865 01/26/1865 Thompson William

Kirby John to BradenPhanib01/07/1855 01/07/1855 Baker James

Kirby George to Manrey Sarah 02/17/1850 02/18/1850 DugganA. L.

Kirksay W. W. to Burns July11/23/1879 12/06/1879 Chesnutt D. W.

Kirksey J. W. to Duckett Elizabeth 11/21/1866 11/22/1866 Green John

Kiseer John F. to Lane Agnes 01/12/1871 01/12/1871 Ereckson Willaimson

Kiser John to Casteel Elvira 05/10/1851 05/11/1851Lee William C.

Knight Isaac P. to Triplett Jane 05/10/1864 05/10/1864

Knox William to SmithTennessee03/11/1861 03/14/1861 Miller J . M.

Knox J. S. to MichielCordelia10/04/1880 10/18/1880 DodsonJ. W.

Ladd James to Studdard Mary A.11/22/1864 11/24/1864 Cate Charles

Ladd Thomas to Wilson Catherine J. 09/08/1865 09/14/1865 SawtellE. N.

Lafferty William L. to Dickson Sarah C. 07/19/1874 07/21/1874 Crisman John

Land James D. to Wilkins Elizabeth J.  04/08/1867 04/08/1867

Land William to Spradling Tennessee 09/14/1874 09/16/1874 Thomas James

Lane Daniel to Monroe Mina 09/24/1864 09/24/1864

Lane Samuel to Wear Maxey 04/16/1851 04/16/1851Gregory Robert

Lane John to Moore Lizie 12/31/1880 12/31/1880 McEleveeH. B.

Lang William M. to Pickens Sarah J. 07/26/1867 07/26/1867

Langford William to Hughes Lucy12/16/1850 12/17/1850 Burns William

Langford Melvel to Wilson Nanct J. 02/21/1867 02/21/1867 BloomG. M.

Langston G. W. to Igow Eliza J. 05/29/1865 05/29/1865 Baker James

Lankford John W. to Cate Lissie 12/11/1879 12/11/1879 HutsellG. M.

Large Isaac P. to Miller N. R. 08/09/1865 08/09/1865

Large Henry M. to Hughes Martha C. 10/23/1865 10/25/1865 Baldwin Henry

Large James to Monroe Louisa 01/11/1851 01/16/1851 McPhail Daniel

Lasater William to BrooksSallie07/20/187807/20/1878

Launey John to Small Elizabeth 11/26/1867 11/26/1867

Lawson David to Williams Jane 03/21/1854 03/21/1854

Lawson William l. to Snider Caroline 09/04/1854 09/04/1854

Lawson James H. to Step Elizabeth 01/01/1857 01/02/1857Culpepper

Ledford Galugh to Hamp to n Sarah Ann 05/18/1867 05/18/1867

Ledford Amos to Pane Tempy10/06/1870 10/06/1870

Lee Edward to Fitzsgerald Esther S. 08/14/1850 08/15/1850 Smith E. A.

Leemon A. G. to Elder M. C.09/08/188009/08/1880 Bigham J. M.

Leemon J. M. to Lewis M. G.09/22/1880 10/03/1880 White Benjamin

Leisly John to Cates Martha   Jane 10/25/186610/28/1866Russell Thomas T.

Lemmon Reuben to Woodall Matilda 11/12/1844 11/12/1844 Jenkins John

Letner Casewell to Watson Catherine 11/01/1865 11/02/1865 BeaverD. W.

Lewis Larkin to MizeE. M.01/30/1849 01/30/1849

Lewis G. F. G. to Mitchell Laura A. 07/08/1858 07/08/1858

Lewis Ansel to Gibson Jane 07/03/1865 07/13/1865

Lewis John to Gore Nancy 02/07/185102/07/1851

Lewis Thomas to Lyle Catherine C. 06/30/1850 06/30/1850 Faulkner Rueben

Lewis Larkin to Parris Patsy 04/26/1871 04/26/1871 Cass William

Lewny Evans to Swafford Caroline 12/23/1879 12/25/1879 Ward Avery

Liles John to Struther Darius E.01/25/1858 01/28/1858 Roberts W. M.

Lillard Nelson to Dodson Nancy 12/27/1878 01/02/1879 LathamT. J.

Liner James B. to Clark Sarah A. 02/07/1866 02/07/1866

LinerO. M. to DeWitt Malinda Ellen11/26/1870 11/27/1870 LyleJ. D.

Liner A. C. to Brown Susan 12/15/1877 12/15/1877

Liner R. M. to EavesS. A.03/03/1880 03/04/1880 Carver W. R.

Lingerfelt Jacob to Gregory Martha 10/06/1870 10/08/1870

Long John A. to Newman Mahala Jane 09/18/1844 09/20/1844 Patty R. W.

Long William R. to Atter Sarah E. 11/04/1847 11/04/1847

Long Jacob B. to Pewton Rebeca E.09/25/1852 09/25/1852

Long Isaac to Mills Dianah 07/25/1853 07/25/1853

Long P. M. to Crittenden Laura J. 07/30/1857 07/30/1857

Long James to Marton Mary Jane 12/19/1851 12/25/1851 McKamy William

Long H. L. to Bigham Sarah E. 12/24/1877 12/24/1877

Long James F. to Bigham Margaret P. 01/19/1878 01/19/1878

Loughmiller G. W. to Hester Nancy A. C.11/24/1853 11/24/1853

Loughmiller George W. to Rutherford Fanny E. 09/30/1850 09/30/1850 HoylT. L.

Louper Calvin to Shumaker Nancy 08/24/185308/25/1853FaulknerReuben

Love William to Luttrell C. A.11/20/186611/20/1866MillerE. L.

Lowe Nathan to Burnett Sarah M.11/09/1844 11/09/1844 Small Thomas H.

Lowe Nathan to Burnett Sarah M. 11/09/1844 11/09/1844 Circuit Court ClerkRecords

Lowe James L. to Morris Josie M.05/25/187805/25/1878

Lower George W. to Manery Adeline 11/18/1852 11/18/1852 JackJ.

Lower Nathan to PearsonGazelda06/30/185306/30/1853

Lowry A. M. to Smith Emiline 11/16/1847 11/16/1847

Lowry James R. to McClatchy Elizabeth  M. 01/10/1854 01/10/1854

Luck Thomas to LaneMay01/05/1878 01/05/1878

Lunsford Calven to Bennett Sarah Jane 01/08/1850 01/08/1850

LutrellE. W. to Coffee Sarah 01/14/1867 01/15/1867 Barb J. C.

Luty John R. to Matlock Elizabeth 01/03/1850 01/03/1850 Crocket Gorlley

Lyles G. W. to Monroe Sarah A. 12/08/1879 12/11/1879 Ingram C. M.

Mainer Jobe to Dennis Deliley E. 09/28/1866 09/30/1866 Russell J. S.

Mairot Archibald to Lawson Sarah 08/10/1851 08/15/1851 Carpenter Daniel

Malone Joseph to Casteel Margaret 01/07/1867 01/07/1867 Owen W. C.

Manry Richard to Rue Mary Jane 05/28/1853 05/28/1853

Mansis James C. to McElrath Elin H.10/01/1867 10/01/1867

Marler James to Moore Elizabeth 01/26/1853 01/26/1853

Marler George W. to Moon Sarah 04/21/1853 04/21/1853

Marler Simpson to Hambrick Olivia 09/03/1853 09/03/1853

Marshall Henry to Smith Mary Elizabeth 12/10/1849 12/10/1849

Martin B. M. to Horton Manervy 07/09/1849 07/09/1849

Martin Robert E. to Blackburn Eliza 01/01/186601/01/1866

Martin William to Cline Caroline 03/05/186603/05/1866

Martin James to Cline Nancy A. J. 10/24/1868 10/24/1868

Martin M. P. to McElhaney Ellen M.09/25/1851 09/25/1851Ballew William

Massey Reuben to Wheeler Sarah 02/27/1850 02/27/1850HenleyJ. D.

Massingale James to Watson Jane 11/05/1853 11/05/1853

Massy J. C. to Cates Mary 09/14/1867 09/14/1867

Master Alfred T. to Coats Mary S. 01/31/1854 01/31/1854

Matfield Ezekiel H. to Lattimore Susan C. 02/05/1866 02/05/1866

Matlock Charles T. to Howard Nancy 11/09/1852 11/09/1852

Matlock Nelson to Arnwine Jane 11/08/186611/08/1866

Matlock C. L. to HutsellEllen12/15/187012/15/1870

Maxwell Alexander to Norvel Martha  J.10/16/1850 10/18/1850

Mayfield Edmon to Coates Marthy 03/16/1867 03/16/1867

Mayfield Williams to Hoyl Narcissa12/17/185012/17/1850

Maynor William T. to Kirby Malinda10/16/187510/16/1875

McAdoo Samuel to Sliger Isabelah 05/20/1869 05/20/1869

McAffee James to McGuire Nancy 12/05/1849 12/05/1849

McAffrey H. A. to Horton Anna B.11/12/1879 11/12/1879SullinsT.

McAllister P. G. to CoffeyHenrietta02/15/1866 02/15/1866

McBrayer J. H. to Thompson Nancy A. 08/11/1865 08/13/1865 Jane way James

McBroom James A. to Patty Sarah M. 09/08/1853 09/08/1853

McCain Garrick to McCall Margaret 11/21/1864 11/21/1864

McCaleb Luke to Prigmore Porlie11/18/1875 11/18/1875

McCallister J. M. to Talent Fanny A.01/24/1866 01/24/1866

McCarty James C. to Hanks Elizabeth W. 10/01/0851 10/02/1851 MillerJ. W.

McCaslin Matthew L. to Deaton Ellin W.10/06/1853 10/06/1853

McClary B. F. to WilsonMattie12/20/1867 12/20/1867

McClatchey Lewis to Wards Mary Jane 06/08/1869 06/08/1869

McCloud W. W. to McCarty Jane B. 02/17/1851 03/02/1851Scarbrough James

McCroskey Davis P. to Detherow Sarah Ann04/20/1853 04/20/1853

McCuiston A. J. to Lusk Sarah  J. 09/08/1853 09/08/1853SharilsS.

McCulley G. H. to Beene Sarah  E.01/23/1867 01/23/1867

McDaniel William to LilesGemima10/26/1851 10/28/1851Lee William C.

McEnturff Thomas to Pugh Nancy 12/03/1849 12/03/1849

McEwen Robert N. to Balfour Sarah C. 12/11/1851 12/11/1851 MillerJ. W.

McGentry John to WhittenPolly01/11/1854 01/11/1854

McGinty Madison to Brock Martha 03/05/1851 03/06/1851 McKamyW.

McGonegalJ. M. to Shults Mary Ann09/12/1850 09/12/1850 Robertson Joseph

McGonyal Floyd to Dorsey Nancy 04/23/1849 04/23/1849

McInturf John to Graves Nancy 12/04/1857 12/04/1857

McKeehen George H. to Cunningham Melinda 04/22/1851 04/22/1851 Burns William

McKehan James to Cunningham Mary A. 03/22/1853 03/22/1853 Shel to n James W.

McKinny Thomas to Mel to n Susan 09/06/1867 09/06/1867

McKinsy H. M. to WardElisey08/28/1867 08/28/1867

McKnabe Alcany to Hunt Rebecca 09/26/1850 09/26/1850 John A.

McMahan J. C. to Jackson Sarah 05/04/1864 05/04/1864

McMillan Joseph W. to Ingram Mrs. Sarah A. 01/23/1851 01/23/1851 Price Henry

McNabb James to MynattLivista11/15/1853 11/15/1853

McReynolds D. M. to Rice Sarah L. 09/16/1867 09/16/1867

McReynolds Hugh S. to Rice Mattie L.03/28/1871 03/28/1871

McRoberts Hilton to Smith Mary Francis 09/18/1868 09/18/1868

Meadows James L. to Carter Susanah 08/21/1849 08/21/1849

Megell Samuel to Barker Laura A. 03/26/1854 03/26/1854

Melton Stephen J. to Walker Adaline 08/11/1853 08/11/1853

Melton G. W. to Rogers Eliza J. P.12/02/1853 12/02/1853

Melton J. K. to Basinger Caldonia 02/15/1871 02/15/1871

Melton Allen to Cox Lizzie12/25/1875 12/25/1875

Melton Thomas to Grady Mrs. Margaret 04/27/1850 04/27/1850 HenleyJ. D.

Millard C. R. to Carlock A. C.01/31/1871 01/31/1871

Miller William W. to Belcher Elizabeth 10/24/1849 10/08/1849

Miller John P. to Miller Margaret 09/26/1857 09/26/1857

Miller William to Vincent Nancy 11/30/1865 11/30/1865

Miller James A. to Shearer Elvirry11/10/1866 11/11/1866 BloomG. M.

Miller John to Green Mandy11/13/186711/13/1867

Miller James A. to Jackson Susan 01/25/1868 01/25/1868

Miller Russell to Wilson Jane 01/15/1850 01/15/1850

Mills Charles H. to Brown Sarah C. 09/06/1849 09/06/1849

Minsey John M. to McElhaney Mary 10/21/185110/21/1851 Ballew William H.

Misemer William to Torbett Mary Ann 11/05/1850 11/06/1850 CunninghamJ.

Mize Henery W. to Stansbury Elizabeth 11/02/1848 11/02/1848

Monroe James to Hughes Missy M. 08/01/1851 08/03/1851 WallisG. W.

Moore Archibald R. to Cowden Martha 03/08/1854 03/08/1854

Moore William to Eatons Margaret 01/15/1857 01/15/1857

MooreAllen to Dugan Leantine 11/05/1857 11/05/1857 Neil Joseph

MooreMartin B. to Keith Martha C. 04/23/1864 04/23/1864

MooreAllen to Small Jane 12/27/1870 12/27/1870

Morgan Harvey to Kinchelo Polly 08/18/1845 08/18/1845

Morgan John to AbbotPolly04/28/1849 04/28/1849

Morgan Henry to Brock Caroline 09/10/1849 09/08/1849

Morgan William M. to Shumaker Mary Ann 09/16/1853 09/16/1853

Morgan Mordicai H. to Elder Susan H. 11/16/1853 11/17/1853WhitesideG.

Morgan Thomas to PotterAdeline02/10/1866 02/10/1866

Morgan David to Nickelson Martha   Jane 07/28/1866 07/28/1866

Morgan Timothy to Presely Harriate 09/11/1868 09/11/1868

Morgan Silas to Evans Mahaly11/26/1869 11/26/1869

Morgan John R. to Stainer Polly06/23/1849 06/23/1849

Morris Jesse to Wells Rebecca 09/06/1864 09/06/1864

Morris Alfred W. to Trim Narcissa11/28/1850 11/28/1850 WallisG. W.

Morris George W. to Fitzgerald Mary C. 01/06/1851 01/07/1851

Moss Bartley H. to Martin Eliza  J. 10/01/1853 10/01/1853

Murrell Onslow G. to Hickel Mrs. Parthenia 05/01/1850 05/01/1850 MillerJ. W.

Myers Franklin to Davis Malinda 12/15/187012/15/1870

Neely Dr.  William H. to McPherson Elizabeth 09/04/1851 09/04/1851

Neil J. W. to Moore Bettie 12/09/1880 12/14/1880 SmallA. G.

Newman Flemming S. to Miller Susanah 10/19/1846 10/19/1846 McAdooR. H.

Newman Thomas J. to Day Mary J. 01/22/1867 01/22/1867 GoforthN. B.

Newman D. M. to Ferguson L. V. 12/09/1878 12/13/1878 RussellJ. S.

Newman Jason M. to Derrick Mary 03/25/1879 03/27/1879 Eaton C. H.

Newman F. H. to Gentry Nancy 07/02/1880 07/02/1880 MatthewsE. H.

Newman Jacob P. to Fetzl L. M. 09/26/1851 09/26/1851 BarnetNathaniel

Newton William to Roberts Elizabeth N. 11/02/1846 11/02/1846 Rucker William 

Newton George  F. to Wilson Margaret 04/17/1880 04/17/1880MagillR. M.

Newton Jasper to Crabtree Percilla 09/17/1851 09/17/1851

Niel Joseph M. to Moore Angaline 02/10/1879 02/11/1879 ReynoldsD. M.

Norman William to Cash Mary Ann03/04/1879 03/04/1879 MorganB. F.

Nunn P. B. to Breedin Tabitha07/26/1853 07/26/1853 Burns William

Oliver James M. to Kee to nEmiline11/10/1851 11/10/1851 McPhailDaniel

Pack Benson to Morgan Elizabeth 11/21/1877 11/22/1877 Davis John

Panitt Thomas to Grayson Sarah Ann 08/19/1845 08/20/1845 ReynoldsGreen L.

Parkison Manuel to Daugherty Julian 01/06/1842 01/06/1842 Jenkins John

Parkison J. C. to Matlock S. L.09/16/1880 09/16/1880 Long William F.

Parsons George to Gilbert Mary Ann10/31/184 410/31/1844 KelleyJ. M.

Patton Robert to Ward Mary L. 03/05/1861 03/05/1861 Caldwell George  A.

Patty William W. to Ferguson Ede 11/29/1843 11/30/1843 Gregory Robert

Patty R. J. to Reynolds Pelina11/11/1844 11/11/1844 Circuit Court ClerkRecords

Patty James M. to McCafery Mary Jane 10/09/1851 10/09/1851 RussellT. T.

Patty I. R. to Smith Lea12/02/1850 12/02/1850

Paul Marida to Wassom Orpha 07/02/1852 07/02/1852 Elder William R.

PaulG. W. to Logan Marthy 11/03/1866 11/04/1866 BloomG. M.

PayneW. M. to McClain Victory 11/11/1865 11/15/1865 LongJ. M.

Payne Thomas J. to Prusse Mary O. 11/03/1866 11/04/1866 LongCarroll

Peak William C. to Matlock Nancy F. 01/01/1855 01/04/1855 Caldwell George  A.

Peaks Bluford to BrockMalinda12/11/1841 12/17/1841 BallL. Y.

Pearce David to Ensminger Mary 09/21/1865 09/23/1865 MathisA. L.

Pearman Miles to Renoe Louisa C. 04/21/1858 04/21/1858

Pearse David to Evans Lucinda 02/11/1850 02/12/1850 ScarbroughJ. M.

Pennington Nelson to Bigham Nancy Ann 09/19/1845 09/20/1845 Kamy William M.

Perman James to Rutherford Sarah   Jane 10/21/187010/22/1870Neil Joseph

Perry Thomas to Ritchey Sarah 11/02/1864 11/03/1864 Williams E.

Pettitt Frances A. to Carson Sarah E. 01/21/1865 01/23/1865Wilson William G.

Pettitt Clinghan to Blackwell Mary 02/16/1878 02/16/1878

Philips Thomas to Standefer Elizabeth 06/10/1853 06/10/1853 Anderson M. D.

Phillips John P. to Dunham Matilda 05/01/1864 05/02/1864 Atkins James

Phillips Washington to Allen Mandy08/05/1866 08/07/1866 Parkison James

Philpot W. L. to Gordan Caroline 11/18/1879 11/20/1879

Philpots John to Little Polly 06/06/1850 06/06/1850 JackJ.

Philpott William B. to Elliott Nancy J. 04/28/1860 04/29/1860 Thompson William

Pickell John to Trew Kittie 09/14/1880 09/18/1880 Chesnutt J. W.

Pierce John to Lawson Sarah M. 03/01/1845 03/01/1845 Café Moses A.

Pierse Samuel to NiceleyAnna07/17/1868 07/17/1868 Gilbert J. W.

Pike Samuel to Blackwell M. A.02/18/1879 02/18/1879 Matthews E. H.

Poe John L. to Kible Nancy 08/21/1851 08/22/1851 Bonner James

Poe William to Largent Susannah 09/23/1850 09/23/1850 Walker William

Porter L. to Cooke Catharine 04/03/1871 04/06/1871Camp Joseph

Porter B. T. to Sharp Mary  E. 09/02/1878 09/02/1878

Powell Thomas B. to Lowry Mary  E. 03/03/1879 03/05/1879 Wilson David M.

Powell J. K. to Dodson Mary  E. 09/22/1879 09/25/1879 LongW. F.

Powers Robert to McDowellMelinda02/09/183902/09/1839 Smart John B.

Powers Samuel to SmithMargaret A.06/09/185506/10/1855 GarrisonE. S.

Powers Forrest M. to Powers Sarah 05/05/186405/05/1864 Wilson William G.

Powers James to Hope Nancy M. 05/26/1864 05/29/1864 CarpenterD.

Prather C. H. to Studdard Sarah T. 01/21/1865 01/22/1865 LongJ. M.

Presswood Harry to Mains Mary Ann 03/03/1879 03/03/1879 MorganB. F.

Pres to n James to Landers Sarah E. 07/21/1866 07/12/1866

Price Dossey to Coats Nancy 08/22/1867 08/22/1867

Price Henry B. to Smith Mary A. 07/07/1870 07/07/1870 Womac J. A.

Priestwood John to Johnson MaryAnn 02/13/1845 02/13/1845 Steed

Prior John to Manus Easter 08/29/1864 09/01/1864Thompson William

Prophet John W. to Newman Margaret 10/07/1852 10/07/1852 CoxJ.W.

Prumferee Zacchariaha to Davis Pricilla 03/01/1841 03/01/1841 Rogers John 

Pugh Johnathan H. to Rud  Elizabeth 06/18/1844 06/18/1844BallL. L.

Pugh Landon to Dixon Tennie10/13/1880 10/14/1880DodsonJ. W.

Queener John M. to Leslie Nannie05/19/1880 05/20/1880Denton Calvin

Quinn Morris O. to Secerest Nancy Malinda 05/15/1850 05/15/0850

Raburn Clemons to Wayman Nancy J. 03/03/1879 03/03/1879Hutsell G. M.

Raby William S. to Sharp Elizabeth 11/11/1864 11/13/1864Beaver D. W.

Rackley A. M. to CoatsDerendy10/01/186710/01/1867

Ragan William to Helums Sarah A. 01/21/1853 01/23/1853 Liner O. M.

Ramay Clayiborn W. to Foster Lucinda 02/27/1850 02/27/1850

Ramsey John to Buckner Sarah  E. 05/04/1871 05/04/1871

Ramy Thomas to LockmillerHassie10/08/1870 10/09/1870Hor to n William G.

Randolph Robert M. to Coatney Salma J.10/23/1865 10/25/1865RandolphGilmore

Randolph William to Fleming Mary 11/03/1870 11/03/1870

Raper John S. to Robeson Mary Ann09/29/1843 09/29/1843 Scruggs John

Raper William to Maxwell Elizabeth 11/19/1864 11/20/1864 Scruggs John 

Ratledge George L. to Dooley Nancy E. 01/17/185701/18/1857 Parkinson James

Rayburn James J. to Sanders C. E.03/31/184903/31/1849

RayburnJ. J. to BighamM. L.10/04/187010/06/1870LongT. M.

Rayburn Henry to Manery Martha 05/18/185005/20/1850JackJ.

ReaganJeff to McKeldinEllen08/19/188008/30/1880McGill Robert

ReedBaxter to Fry Nancy 04/22/186504/29/1865 WilliamsE. Z.

Reed Fleming to Wear Mary 09/21/1865 09/21/1865 ThomasS. M.

ReedSimeon to Guthrey Elizabeth 12/17/1851 12/17/1851

Reid John to Burnett Sarah 02/18/184502/18/1845

Reid John S. to Dearin Larindar03/06/1847 03/06/1847 Benton J. H.

Reno John to Riddle Ellen04/03/1879 04/03/1879 IngramC. M.

Renolds H. T. to Dugan Matildy Elizabeth 06/06/1866 03/10/1866 HoylC. R.

Renow Samuel to Sellers Martha 02/28/1865 03/02/1865 BeaverD. W.

Revis Burton to Logan Elizabeth 03/24/1842 03/24/1842 BloomA.

Reynolds John M. to Russell Martha  L. 12/07/1864 12/08/1864 Scruggs John

ReynoldsT. J. to Dixon Eliza  J.12/07/1864 12/08/1864 Scruggs John

Reynolds Perry to Philips Mariah06/14/1866 06/14/1866 BarbJ. C.

Reynolds Joseph to McElwee Elin 09/08/186609/09/1866Hamil to n Joseph

Reynolds William to Simmonds Eliza  A.02/09/1867 02/10/1867 SullinsTimothy

Reynolds John to Dixon Maggie A.03/09/1869 03/09/1869

Reynolds William to Boon Julia12/12/1878 12/12/1878 Denton Calvin

ReynoldsH. T. to Furguson M. E.11/19/187911/27/1879 KelleyW. B.

ReynoldsD. to Corn M. C.12/30/1879 01/01/1880 HixsonJ. R.

Rhea James M. to Cash Lucinda 05/25/1841 07/05/1841Jenkins John

Rice Henry to Hawke Mary  E.06/15/1854 06/15/1854

RiceA. N. to TerryP. J.10/04/1866 10/04/1866 Denton Calvin

RiceJackson to Lane Emely06/01/1870 06/02/1870 CassMoses

Rice Jesse C. to Benson Martha 12/07/1862 12/07/1862 Caldwell George  A.

Rice W. L. to Wattenbarger Jenira09/10/1861 09/11/1861 CarpenterD.

Richardson Samuel H. to Buttram Sarah  E.10/08/1866 11/01/1866 ButtramM.

Richey Silas H. to CryPolly07/11/1850 07/11/1850 HenleyJ. D.

Richey William to Cry Margaret S.11/07/1850 11/07/1850 HenleyJ. D.

Richey William W. to Cauldwell  Elizabeth 10/30/1851 10/30/1851 Gregory Robert

RiddlePleasant to Bishop Nancy  A.01/25/1865 01/26/1865 Baldwin Henry

RiddleJ. W. to Manis Sarah  C.07/02/1880 07/04/1880 LathamT. J.

RidenJ. T. to Eaden Martha  J.08/01/1867 08/01/1867

Riggs James  Alexander  to AutrySallie03/31/1880 03/31/1880WhiteD. M.

Risden James to Kea to nTempy07/11/1865 07/12/1865McPhailDaniel

Ritchey Alexander  to Bogart Mary  L11/01/1865 11/02/1865ThorpeW. W.

Ritchie John J. to Henley Frances 03/24/1847 03/25/1847 Ballew William

Roark William to Davis Ellen 02/06/1880 02/06/1880FergusonW. H.

Robbinett John F. to McNabb Rhoda T.12/03/1851 12/03/1851 JohnA.

 Roberts Edmund D. to Mansell Susanah 09/06/1838 09/06/1838 Randolph Robert

 Roberts E. A. to Benton Jane 03/01/1866 03/01/1866

 Roberts E. S. to Wassom W Eliza  Ann04/01/1871 04/01/1871

 Robertson Milton to Hardy Mary 09/20/184909/20/1849

 Robertson Hugh to Green Jane 05/24/1852 05/24/1852 HichailDaniel

 Robertson William E. to Carter  Elizabeth  J. 05/18/185305/18/1853

 RobertsonDavis F. to Madden  Elizabeth 10/04/185410/05/1854 RobertsW. M.

 RobertsonHugh to Snider Sarah 04/25/1864 04/27/1864 SuttersG. L.

 Robertson Benjamin  to Coats Catherine 10/18/1866 10/21/1866 MillerT. L.

 Robertson Joseph to Dodson  Elizabeth  Ann11/14/1850 11/14/1850

RobinsonNavy to CoatsMargaret11/30/1866 12/04/1866CarpenterDaniel

Robinson James M. to Million  Elizabeth 01/12/1870 01/12/1870HaunA. C.

RobisonJ. J. to Perry Mary 05/17/1865 05/17/1865 ChesnuttI. K.

Robison James to Anderson Caroline 01/12/1866 01/12/1866

Rockhold Thomas to Kinser Caroline 08/22/1865 08/22/1865

RogersA. L. to MorganC. A.12/20/1849 12/20/1849

RogersJ. M. to Davis Sallie 02/14/1866 02/14/1866MillerJ. M.

Rogers James to King Isabellah 09/03/1868 09/03/1868

Rogers William to Womack Morning E. 02/16/1869 02/16/1869

RogersA. F. to McMinn Savilla 09/28/187009/28/1870

Rogers William J. to Gentry Anna C.12/21/1877 12/21/1877

Roges William S. to Thompson  Rachel 09/26/1849 09/20/1849

Rolling Andrew to Martin  Rachel 10/08/1849 10/08/1849

RopkaOnne H. to Malone Mary  A.06/02/1864 06/02/1864OwensW. C.

Rose William to Wilson Mary  Ann04/13/1854 04/13/1854

RoseOliver to Rose Marsa08/07/1866 08/09/1866PeaseHamil to n

RoseWillis to Meadows Emeline10/06/187310/06/1873Renfroe Andrew

RothwellJ. M. to Baldwin Susan  E.11/02/1865 11/02/1865CarpenterDaniel

Rowan F. M. to Dixon Sarah  E.01/14/1865 01/17/1865Russell J. S.

Rowan R. C. to Cantrell Alice E.10/11/1865 10/11/1865 Denton Calvin

Rucker William to  WilliamsSalistine11/30/187711/30/1877

Rucker Silas N. to Ziegler Martha 05/23/1861 05/23/1861MillerD. L.

Rudd Harred to Rutherford Margaret 02/16/1842 02/16/1842

Rudd John to Stansberry Jane 04/28/185204/29/1852SwaffordA.

RuddJ. M. to Gibbs Martha 01/17/187801/17/1878

Russell John to Weatherly Sarah 06/01/185806/01/1858

Russell James B. to Stepp Mary  J.09/12/186509/13/1865 Scruggs John

Russell Isaac to Slack Mary  D.11/15/186611/15/1866 RussellJ. S.

Rutherford William to AtkinsonFrances02/25/184502/25/1845 HoyleC. R.

Rutherford J. L. to Rodden Harriet R.01/08/186601/08/1866

Rutherford John to GroganbyDeletha08/24/186809/01/1868J ayneUriah

RutherfordT. H. to Carden  Eliza  J.04/02/1879 04/03/1879 SmallT. H.

Rutherford Calvin M. to CarterKezia07/30/185008/01/1850Wallis George  W.

Rutherford Joseph R. to Pearce Luisa 04/17/1850 04/18/1850Russell Thomas T.

Rutherford Randle to Dy Artimeilia 02/09/1850 02/09/1850

Rutherford William P. to Loughmiller  Elizabeth  A.03/04/1850 03/05/1850CarlockJ. C.

Ryerson William to MurraySally10/24/186410/24/1864RowleyE. 

Saffel William H. to Queener Mevina07/18/1878 07/18/1878

Scarborough H. L. to Dixon Callie12/29/1877 12/29/1877

SchickFinley to Haden Huldah H.06/19/185206/19/1852

Scoggins Burgess to Gold Rebecca 02/26/1839 02/26/1839 Circuit Court ClerkRecords

ScottG. M. to Fost Mary 06/03/1849 06/03/1849

Scroggins Jackson to Buttram Julia12/20/1848 12/20/1848

Sellers Jonas to Humphrey Mary  J.12/10/1877 12/10/1877

Senter James P. to Matlock Jane 04/21/1858 04/21/1858

Shamblin William to  Johns to n Mary  S.10/12/186410/19/1864

Shamblin John S. to Helms Martha 01/16/1866 01/16/1866

SharpAddison to Porter Mary  D.10/25/1849 10/25/1849

Sharp Joseph to Richards  Eliza  01/14/1851 01/16/1851 McKamy William

Shearer John M. to Bradley Nancy  E.12/04/1867 12/24/1867

Shearer William to Hamilton Sarah 12/05/1876 12/05/1876

Shell William to Carroll C. E.03/29/1849 03/29/1849

ShellMcKamry to Howard Mary 03/04/1851 03/04/1851 BillingslyL. D.

Shelton John E. to Pearson Lucinda 08/08/1853 08/08/1853

Shelton Larkin to Millan Martha  A.05/15/1856 05/15/1856

Shipley William to Ball Sarah 03/10/1866 03/10/1866

Shipley James to CochranMollie08/03/187808/03/1878

Shipley David F. to Sharp  Elizabeth 01/02/185001/06/1850 Buttram Hiel

Shipley Sterling to Buttram Lurana 08/27/1850 09/01/1850 Carpenter D.

Shoemaker Calvin to Brewer Lucinda  N.04/21/1853 04/21/1853

Shoemaker Evan to Dunlap Minerva C.07/22/1865 07/22/1865

Shoemaker Evin to Crews S. J.02/01/1868 02/01/1868

Shoemaker L. F. to Shire Mary  C.07/26/1878 07/26/1878

Shoemaker William M. A. to Cannon  Elizabeth 02/24/1850 02/25/1850 Jenkins John

Shook M. V. to Cardin Jane 01/13/1866 01/13/1866

Shultz Humphrey to Terry Isabella12/20/1849 12/20/1849

Simpson Henry M. to CarterNeley08/10/185308/11/1853ReaganJ. H.

Simpson James M. to Studdard Martha 12/19/186712/19/1867ColewrathG. M.

SivilsClin to n to AllenErmine11/13/187011/13/1870

Slack Abraham  to Trew  Caroline 11/26/1851 11/26/1851

Sloope Henry to Gilbert Magga 03/23/1867 03/23/1867

Slover William H. to Jarnigan T. J. 02/07/1842 02/07/1842

Small Wilson to Heiskell Virginia A.08/07/1878 08/07/1878

Smart Isaac to Graves  Elizabeth 02/26/185102/27/1851Walker William

Smith Joseph W. to Dixon  Elizabeth  C. 06/24/1852 06/24/1852

Smith E. S. to Morris Martha  J. 03/12/1854 03/12/1854

Smith A. C. to McKinney E. S.12/13/1865 12/13/1865

Smith Adam to Hampton Louisa12/29/1868 12/29/1868

Smith B. H. to Barnett Jennie12/14/187712/14/1877

Smith Hesekiah to Swafford  Lucinda 12/29/1851 12/29/1851 JenkinsJ.

Smith James to LoganEnglantine12/13/185112/13/1851Kirksey George  W.

Smith John B. to Thompson Sarah 07/17/185007/25/1850ChapmanWilson

Smith William to Morgan Rebecca 03/29/185104/01/1851 Walker William

Snider Andrew R. to Lemare Mahaly10/20/1847 10/22/1847 MetcalfG. C.

SniderPeter to Ensminger Sarah  E.11/03/185311/05/1853

Snider Robert M. to Guthrey Martha 03/16/1854 03/16/1854

Snider W. G. to Denton S. E.10/22/1867 10/22/1867

Snoddy George to Armstrong Sarah A. 09/18/1854 09/18/1854

Southard James M. to Doan Rachel  A.12/23/1852 12/23/1852

Sparks Lee to Shook Elizabeth 03/12/1849 03/12/1849

Sperlin Joseph J. to Sharetes Sarah  S.11/02/1867 11/02/1867

Spradlen R. J. to Halland M. S.03/24/1868 03/24/1868

Spriggs Ezekial to Houston Mrs. Mary Ann 09/12/1850 09/12/1850 McClemore Young L.

Stadefer Jackson to Ahl Mary Sweeney12/16/1850 12/17/1850 Dodson L. B.

Stamphill James to  Roberts  Caroline 02/21/184202/21/1842

Stanton J. K. to Fry M. E.12/08/187012/08/1870

Stanton Simon to Boggess Virginia 12/24/1877 12/24/1877

Steed Henry to Venderpool  Elizabeth 10/08/1850 10/08/1850Burns William

Stephens George  W. to Cate Mary 11/16/1853 11/16/1853

Stephens H. G. to Lambert Addie 0927/1870 09/27/1870

Stephenson Robert A. to Smith Matilda  A. 09/08/1853 09/08/1853

Stone William G. to Errickson P. 08/07/185008/07/1850

S to weDawson to HutsellArta06/02/187806/02/1878

StuartRichard to Nickels  Elizabeth 01/16/185101/16/1851GregoryTapley

StublefieldP. C. to Martin  Catherine 10/17/185110/19/1851 JohnsonUriel

Studdard Thomas to Melton Arme  Jane 11/06/185011/07/1850Jenkins John

SwaffordAlfred to Carver Mary  A. 10/12/186510/12/1865

SwaffordJ. A. to GreenM. T. 12/26/187012/26/1870

Swafford William to Pearson Mary  S. 11/05/187511/05/1875

Swanes David to Teague Sarah 06/08/186906/08/1869

Swinford Elijah  to Glass Caroline 08/08/185008/08/1850ScarbroughM. G.

Swinford James to SafiraDavis08/23/185108/23/1851

SwinfordLevi to Rucker Nancy  E.01/19/185001/19/1850BryanJ. C.

TalleyJ. W. to ReedTempy S.11/09/186411/10/1864PaineM.

TaylorCharley to GreenBetty02/10/187902/12/1879

Teague David to Or to nEmiline08/15/185008/15/1850

TeagueFranklin C. to New to nMalinda08/10/185008/11/1850ScarboroughJ. M.

Teague John W. to Brock Sarah  A.01/02/186101/02/1861JackJ.

TensellJackson to ArnwineMalinda 01/24/186701/31/1867Thompson William

 ThomasBazzel to Dixon Susan  S.11/03/186611/04/1866Miller Morgan

 Thomas William to Phillips  Elizabeth 01/26/187801/26/1878

Thompson William to Dodson Martha 08/14/1877 08/16/1877 Ingram C. M.

ThompsonJ. C. to ThompsonM. E.01/31/188002/01/1880Thompson Samuel H.

ThompsonD. H. to Elrod Mollie A.05/15/1880 05/16/1880 Denton Calvin

Thompson John to Jones Martha 11/30/1850 12/01/1850 Sweeney Moses

ThurmanA. H. to Forgy  Elizabeth 07/25/187107/29/1871Dodson John W.

Thurman George  F. to Guffey Sina 11/17/187911/20/1879ErecksonW.

Tipton William B. to Hunt  Phoebe 06/19/185106/19/1851SharetsS.

 Torbet John to Lang  Elizabeth 01/04/187701/03/1877KelleyW. B.

 Townsen William to Parsons Sarah 12/24/1866 12/25/1866 Williams E. Z.

 Townsend William C. to Roland Katharine10/13/1838 10/18/1838 WainsfordJ.

TrewPerry to Wallace Jane 05/02/1864 05/02/1864

Trew George  W. to Walton Polly T.02/25/1850 02/25/1850

Trewhitt J. L. to Cochran Delia 06/02/1880 06/08/1880 Russell James S.

Trim Lafayett to Giles Lusany 09/08/1849 09/08/1849

TriplettPery to Hunt  Elizabeth 09/15/1847 09/16/1847ForrestM. F.

Triplett William to  Roberts Matilda 12/25/1865 12/26/1865 Johns to n Robert

True Felix to Maddox  Inez12/19/1879 12/21/1879StephensonW. H.

Turner Andrew to Hounsell  Susan ah10/02/1849 10/02/1849

Turner Andrew to Kelly  Virginia 12/07/1880 12/07/1880RichardsonS. T.

Underdown John to Burk  Martha  03/16/186503/16/1865 Williams E. Z.

Upton  James to Henderson Harriett 07/22/1871 07/23/1871JonesWilson

Upton Daniel to Gaunnel Allice12/03/187812/03/1878LaneO. M.

Van Dyke Cornelius to Yount Louisa  Jane  01/23/185101/23/1851SherettsStephens

Vanzant John to Will Nancy 10/10/185310/10/1853

Varnell David N. to Lowry Mary 05/08/184905/08/1849

Vaughn Irby to West Sarah 06/26/187806/29/1878

Venable William R. to Hoyt Sarah Cornelia03/10/185103/12/1851Lyons John

Vincent Charles to Colback Nancy 12/13/186512/13/1865

Walsh Robert to ColeJulie S.06/27/187606/29/1876JayneUriah

Wankins Joseph J. to Parks  Elizabeth  J.01/13/185301/13/1853BarbA.

Ward Henry Price to McNabb Mary 03/19/185103/20/1851BarnettNathanial

WareG. W. to Womack Mary  J.10/26/185910/27/1859MathisA.

WattenbargerAnise to McKeehenAmeline09/24/185109/25/1851BarndonH. B.

Wattenbarger Thomas to McWhen Sarah  Ann07/25/185107/31/1851ButtramHiel

Weir David to StuartMargaret01/23/185101/23/1851Walker William

Wilkins Charles T. to Kirk Patrick Mary  A.07/21/185107/21/1851

Willis William H. to Hail Martha 01/24/185101/26/1851Walker William

Wilson Isaac M. to Newman Eliza 08/06/185108/07/1851Gregory Robert

WilsonJoshua B. to Miller Nancy 05/05/185105/06/1851CassM. A.

Wilson Patrick W. to Barnett Mary  C.02/14/185002/15/1850Russell Thomas T.

Wilson Wilburn to Thompson Louisa01/07/185101/07/1851

WoltenG. W. to FoxElla T.06/05/187806/05/1878

Workman Samuel  to  Johnson Mary  J.12/20/186712/20/1867

Worley John H. to Thorn to n Virginia  F.04/17/185104/17/1851Russell Thomas T.

Wright Thomas B. to CruseIraanah12/04/185012/05/1850BryantJ. C.

Wyatt William to Pike Mary 03/28/184203/28/1842

York John J. to LutrellMiltilda08/27/184308/27/1843

Young Charly to Norman Eliza 02/24/187902/28/1879

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