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McMinn County Historical Society and Archives are open weekdays from 10 am - 2 pm.

An"Inquiry Form" is to be filled out either from this website or in-house and if genealogical inquiries are persued, please fill out the "Genealogical Pedigree Form" and print it off to take with you prior to arrival to aid in research.

McMinn County Archives Building
McMinn Archives Hours
MCHSA Inquiry Form
Genealogical Pedigree Form
Email completed forms to
PLEASE NOTE:, in partnership with the Tennessee State Library and Archives, has added an index to and scanned images of Tennessee tax records for the years 1783 - 1895. The indexes to these records at's Tennessee State Library and Archives web page can be viewed by all. RESIDENTS OF TENNESSEE who are not members of can view the scanned copies of the records by first going to the Tennessee Electronic Library, clicking on the Genealogy tab, and then clicking on Tennessee Records; the scans of the tax records can then be viewed after a free log-in on the Ancestry site. The indexes and images are free to Tennessee residents. Individuals who subscribe to can also view the scanned records.

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