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McMinn County
Grant Book Excerpts K

Deed Book  K


Page 68




4 6 Oct 1851 JAMES W. GRISHAM, Exec of PHILANDER WRIGHT, dec’d,  to CHARLES F. KEITH; Bill of Sale for slaves




8 9 Oct 1848 HARTWELL IVEY JR to DAVID W. BEAVER of Meigs Co.


10   4 May 1850MIRANDA THOMPSON of McMinn Co to ROBERT CORCHRON; witnesses depose that MIRANDA (he) acknowledged deed.


11   24 Feb 1851    JEPTHA SIVILS of Bradley Co to WILLIAM W. COWAN of same;    Deed of Trust.


18   17 Oct 1851    THOMAS and ELLEN KENDRICK of Polk Co to GEORGE W. BRIDGES; their undivided interest in land where JOHN RUDD now lives, which came to them by descent from THOMASRUDD, dec’d.


20   18 Mar 1846    FANEY DODSON, widow, and the heirs of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, to ROBERT COCHRON; FANEY DODSON widow of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, WILLIAM L. DODSON as Atty for ALFRED and JAMES P. DODSON, heirs, resident citizens of Missouri, and WILLIAM  E. MARTIN husband of NANCY W. DODSON, and MARY JANE DODSON,  heirs, and ELIZABETH DODSON late wife of ADISON JENKINS by her or their Atty.; signed by all heirs including ADISON and ELIZABETH A. JENKINS who also acknowledged deed, ELIZABETH apart from her husband ADISON; 11 Aug 1848, JOHN JACK deposes that he lived as near neighbor to witness C. SANDERS who has departed   this life.


22   26 Sep 1851    JAMES A. JARNAGIN to MORRIS M. SMITH; his undivided interest, being 1/10, as heir of CASWELL JARNAGIN, dec’d.


23   9 Sep 1851 ISAAC and MARTHA HART to JAMES SMITH; Bill of Sale for slave.


24   28 Aug 1848    ANDERSON COFFMAN and wife LOUISA formerly CAMPBELL to DANIEL WAUMACK;   land where WILLIAM JANUARY now lives.


29   12 Apr 1832    WILLIAM  HUGHART to JOHN HAYNES;  17 Nov 1851, JOHN MURPHY identifies handwriting of witnesses GEORGE H. RAMSEY   and DAVID H. SHIELDS, each of them having moved from the limits of Tenn.


38   1 Nov 1851JAMES HAGGARD and wife SEYAPHENE former wife of  WILLIAM McCROSKY, dec’d, to DAVID P. McCROSKY; their interest in undivided real estate of WILLIAM McCROSKY, dec’d.


40   11 Aug 1848    STERLING CAMP to SARAH McNIGHT; for love and affection; witness STERLING P. CAMP proves deed in McMinn Co and witness WILLIAM CAMP proves deed in Bradley Co.


43   24 Oct 1834    ROBERT WALKER to WALLIS W. SEVILS;  8 Dec 1851, witness DAVIS PRIDDY proves deed in Meigs Co and WILLIAM McKAMY identifies handwriting of witness JAMES W. ERWIN who has removed beyond the limits of Tenn.


47   2 Jan 1846  JOSEPH S. McCONNELL and wife MARY ANN and ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHY to WILEY J. McCLATCHY;  whereas   WILEY J. and ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHY and MARY ANN  McCONNELL, sons and daughters of the late JOHN McCLATCHY, dec’d, have divided title and hold equal undivided interests in land, subject to the dower interest of the widow  ELIZABETH McCLATCHY.


53   4 Feb 1851 RHUHAMA BEVINS (her mark) to JOHNATHAN BACHMAN  of  Sullivan Co.


54   15 Aug 1849    MICHAEL DARTER, Adm. of JOHN DARTER, dec’d, who died n 1844 in Scott Co., VA, o SALLY PATTERSON.


56   30 Jan 1849WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON to J. M. WALLIN; 20 Dec 1851, JOHN AMBRIGHT identifies andwriting of witness ISAAC WALLIN who has    died.


59   13 Apr 1850    Circuit Court Decree:  JOHN L. BRIDGES, Adm of JAMES   IKE, dec’d,  VS  SUSANAH IKE widow, and JAMES H. and JOHN B. PIKE,HARLES DICKISON and wife LUCY, OHN MIRZER and wife   SUSANAH, DAVID HARGAS and wife ELIZA M., WILLIAM WIAYATE and wife POLLY, and ELIZABETH C. PIKE, heirs of  JAMES PIKE, dec’d.


61   18 Dec 1850    Circuit Court Decree in petition to sell land, JOHN M. CANTRELL ,  Adm of CLEMENT  SANDERS, dec’d,  VS  MARGARET SANDERS widow, JAMES M. HICKS and wife ELLEN, JAMES J. RAYBOURN and wife CATHARINE, MARY JANE BROCK, COLVIN KERBY and wife ELIZABETH, WILLIAM T ., ARDEN, JOHN,  NANCY J., MARGARET, and MARTHA SANDERS, heirs and distributees of C. SANDERS, dec’d.


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68   21 Nov 1851   MINA J. (her mark) RUDD to JOSHUA, a free man of color; Bill   of Sale for my negro woman called ANNA aged about 60 years, for and in consideration that the said JOSHUA supports and maintains me during my   natural life, I being old and unable to support myself.


79   15 Nov1851    THOMAS CAMP, WILLIAM C. PORTER, SARAH McNIGHT,MARY BATES, JOHN HAMBRIGHT, and WILLIAM CAMP to   OSWELL M. LYNER and JAMES M. WALING, Trustees of the UnitedBaptist Church of Christ know as the Hiwassee Church; for the purpose of a public graveyard; one acre, so as to leave the grave of STERLING CAMP, dec’d, in the center of said lot.


80   17 Feb 1849    WILLIAM DAVIS and wife POLLY formerly HELLEMS,WILLIAM CEMENT and wife ELIZABETH formerly HELLEMS,   THOMAS HELLEMS, MADISON CARNEY and wife MARTHA JANE   formerly HELLEMS, of Bradley Co., to ELI HELLEMS; their part as heirs of  JOHN HELLEMS, dec’d.


83   25 Dec 1851    JAMES GETTYS  to Dr. JOHN L. ATLEE of Lancaster, PA; house and lot where EDWIN ATLEE now resides


84   17 Jan 1852W. C. BEWLY and wife LAVINIA A. formerly PECK, one of the eight heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, of McMinn Co., to W. W. PECK;  land where ELLIOTT PECK formerly lived and on which his widow NANCY now lives;  our father’s estate.


90   3 Mar 1848 JAMES COWEN to WILLIAM R. WEIR of Knox Co.


93   14 Feb 1852 GEORGE M. HUTSELL to JOHN HUTSELL; Writings Obligatory; in return for JOHN’s land, GEORGE M. agrees to maintain JOHN    and CHRYSTENA HUTSELL during their life, and they are to retain possession during their life.


95   26 Feb 1852 J. W. MILLER to WILLIAM H. BALLEW;  Deed of Trust of personal property, including one gold watch in possession of JAMES TURNER subject to the claims upon it, one library of books, etc.; owes money to various persons.


98   19 Feb 1852 AUGUSTUS O. FISHER of Roane Co to THOMAS N.VANDYKE


100 27 Feb 1852  MARY L. RIDDLE to WILLIAM A. G. REED; her 1/14 part, as heir of   JEREMIAH REED, dec’d, to land, subject to the widow’s dower.


102 4 Mar 1852 JOHN KING FITZGERALD of Monroe Co to SETH THOMAS of Litchfield Co, Conn.; land in McMinn Co.


107 15 Oct 1846  JOHN, LETTIS (her mark), and RHUHAMA (her mark) FIELDS  to ABIJAH BOGGESS of Meigs Co; land on Sooey Creek...said land is described in the Will from JOSEPH FIELDS to the aforesaid JOHN  FIELDS and others.


109 8 May 1851THOMAS B. McCLURE of Meigs Co to CHRISLEY and ANDREW FOSTER, land known as the Old Cash Mill Place.


116 31 Mar1852ROBERT F. BRADEN, Sheriff, to NEWTON J. PETERS; whereas of the day of 1849 CHARLES A. PICKENS, Gdn of JOSEPH N.SMITH, and others recovered a judgment in the Chancery Court at Cleveland   against LANDON C. PETERS; land in McMinn Co. sold to high bidder JOHN G.  MAYFIELD who transferred title to N. J. PETERS.


117 17 Oct 1851CHRISLEY FOSTER, Exec of DANIEL PERCELL’s Will, to   ELIJAH McPHERSON; Bill of Sale for slave.


118 27 Mar 1852 ANN ARMSTRONG to brother JOHN ARMSTRONG; for love and for her support during her lifetime; Deed of Gift of slaves.


119 2 Apr1852  JACKSON SMTH to WILLIAM D. SMITH; Power of Atty to sign his name to bond of WILLIAM D. as Gdn to minor heirs of  ELLIS M.RIGGS, dec’d.


120 8 Apr 1852 WESLEY GASTON and wife LAURA J.  formerly PECK, one of the eight heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, to W. W. PE CK; their interest in land where ELLIOTT PECK lived and where his widow  NANCY now   lives and owns dower;  our father’s estate.


123 15 Oct 1848 THOMAS, MASTIN JOHN, and JAMES H. SHIPLEY to NEHEMIAH SHIPLEY; their equal shares in land which their father CHRISTOPHER SHIPLEY bequeathed to them with his other legal heirs at the death of our mother ELIZABETH SHIPLEY; proven by witnesses URIAH H. and DAVID F. (H.) SHIPLEY.


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126 24 Feb 1852 THEODORE H. McCALLEE and MARY DIXON, Execs. of  WILLIAM T. McCALLEE, dec’d, to SILAS SMITH.


132 19 Apr 1852  ROBERT F. BRADEN, Sheriff, to THOMAS HOYL; land sold fortaxes in 1845 was bid off by REUBEN SHARITTS, and whereas   REUBEN SHARITTS being a nonresident of the County of McMinn,CHRISTOPHER HUFACRE redeemed said lands, in pursuance of the laws of the State of Tenn. in such cases.


136 19 Apr 1852    HENRY L. SMITH to ISAAC BENSON;  Deed of Trust; SMITH  to pay to said BENSON or his agent MATHIAS BENSON....and in consequence of MATHIAS BENSON intending to remove to Benton Co., AR, where  the said SMITH resides I agree to let said SMITH have the use of said waggon and harness to take his family to  Bento Co in company with the said MATHIAS.


137 2 Oct 1844 MARY HOYLE to nephew JAMES HENRY SMITH son of brother HENRY L. SMITH and ANN T. SMITH now citizens of AR;  for love and affection; Deed of Gift for slaves, made in duplicate lest one copy be   lost or   mislaid.


139 28 Oct 1850    THOMAS STAINER of Independence Co., AR to ROBERT S.    MAHAN;  by virtue of a Power of Atty giving him full authority to sell all of his father’s land in McMinn Co.


143 7 May 1852 NANCY FORGY to JOHN ARMSTRONG; her interest, as an heir or otherwise, in slaves. [These are the same slaves as named in deed on page 118 above]


145 17 Oct 1849 GEORGE CLARK to WILLIAM STEPHENSON; 1 Jun 1852, witness JAMES B. RIDDLE has removed to Oregon.


146 5 Apr 1852 JOHN HAMBRIGHT to ROBERT B. DAVIS of Polk Co.


150 5 Jun 1852 WILLIAM LEDBETTER, Pres. and S. R. ANDERSON, Cashier,  of the  Bank of Tennessee at Nashville, to STEPHEN K. REEDER; land lying near the  railroad depot near Athens, beginning on the east line of the  depot   ground as donated by the Bank to the E. T. & GA R. R. Co., by   deed dated 12 May 1851


153 23 Jun 1852 STEPHEN and SETH BEDFORD, Merchants trading under the name of SETH BEDFORD & Co., to WILLIAM A. G. REED;  Deed of  Trust for all their merchandise in their store in the west part of Athens.


154 26 Jun 1852 WILLIAM LOWRY and wife POLLY to BYRUM ALLEN; Bill of Sale for slave.


156 15 Jul 1852 MARSHALL W. CUNNINGHAM to  ALEXANDER H. and WILLIAM F. KEITH; land where he now resides.


159 12 May 1852 HARVEY McKENZIE to BENJAMIN H. MCKENZIE and N. G.   GIVEN of Meigs Co.,; Deed of Trust for wool carding machine situated on Short Creek.


163 24 Apr 1852  JAMES and BENJAMIN KIBBLE to WILLIAM KIBBLE; their undivided interest, as heirs, in land of JOHN KIBBLE, dec’d.


168 10 Aug 1852  LYDNAH (LYDNEY) HALE of Franklin Co by her Atty ALEXANDER W. HALE to JAMES W. McSPADDEN;  Bill of Sale for slave.


171 12 Sep 1851 WILLIAM LEE to EDWARD LEE


185 17 Sep 1852 WILLIAM W. NEAL of Monroe Co to JOHN O. NEAL.


187 Aug 1852  Decree of Chancery Court at Athens in Ex Parte Petition of heirs of  WILLIAM H. COOK, dec’d WILLIAM H. COOK died in McMinn Co on   9 Oct 1848, testate, and possessed of lands not particularly mentioned in   his Will, among which is land on Conesauga Creek known as the homeplantation, including the forge lands; also WILLIAM H. COOK in his lifetime and THOMAS COOPER had purchased land known as STARR  Reservation, about 1533 ½ acres on both sides of Conesauga Creek including the 640-acre reservation of CALEB STARR and his wifeNANCY, but WILLIAM H. COOK   and THOMAS COOPER, making a  division of said land among themselves, never made any other title other than the memorandum signed by them; WILLIAM H. COOK in his Will   left in trust to GEORGE W. COOK for the    benefit of NANCY W. THOMPSON land beginning at the WILLIAM RANDOLPH house, and including the Iron Works of WILLIAM H. COOKE, land lying above the road leading to the Iron ore bank, as her full  proportion of his estate; the other heirs, being of full age, gave a Power of Atty to ROBERT F. and GEORGE W. COOKE to sell all the land not mentioned in Will; land sold and now purchase money has been paid, butCOOKE, two of the signers of the Power ofAtty, had died, and a perfect   title could not be made.  Heirs of the Petition are ROBERT F.,HEZIKIAH C.,  GEORGE W., and JAMES B. COOKE, DANIEL THOMPSON and wife NANCY W., DUKE W. KIMBROUGH and wife   ELIZA, THOMAS COOPER and wife CLARISSA, ELMIRA COOER, JAMES CARSON and wife ATALINE JOHN D. CHATTIN and wife SUSAN, CALEB R.HOYLE and CLINTON D., PUTNAM W., MARY B. J., DAVID, and SUSAN HOYLE, minor children of SARAH M. HOYLE, dec’d, by their Gdn. CALEB R. HOYLE.

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193 4 Sep 1852  JAMES CARSON of Bradley Co to HEZEKIAH C. COOKE


194 24 Sep 1852 N. C. HOOD to THOMAS WALLIS of Monroe Co.


208 16 Mar 1852  DANIEL D. GIBSON of Bradley Co to ELENER C. MARTIN of the same.


210 5 Oct 1852 E. J. GRISHAM and wife MARY J. formerly PUGH, of McMinn   Co. to J. W. and H. PLANK; her 1/3 part of land of FLEMIN PUGH, dec’d; acknowledged on same date by the GRISHAMs in Hamilton Co.


212 4 Oct 1851 MARGARET and JOHN A. (C.) IRKPATRICK to E. A. TAYLOR






218 12 Oct 1852  NANCY, ISABEL E., ESTHER S., and NANCY M. TEMPLETON, heirs of JAMES A.TEMPLETON, dec’d, to M. R.  GIBSON


219 12 Oct 1852  NANCY, ISABELL E., ESTHER S., and NANCY M. TEMPLETON, ROBERT H. PORTER, and JAMES H. PEARCE, Title  Bond to M. R. Gibson;  Gibson has purchased from the Grantors all the claim that DAVID J. and JOHN D. TEMPLETON, VINCENT HAYMES and wife ABAGIL C., they being lawful heirs of JAMES A. TEMPLETON, dec’d, late resident of McMinn Co., have to land.


224 9 Aug 1846 PETER FITE JR of Murry Co., GA to ELIAS FITE;  his undivided interest in lands of PETER FITE SR, dec’d.


226 12 Aug 1852    DANIEL W., THOMAS, and JOSEPH LATTIMORE(LATIMORE), CATHARINE THOMPSON, GEORGE W. and RACHEL  QUEENER, JOSEPH and CAROLINE COBBS, LE. E. and SARAH CANTRELL, JAMES and KATY BURCHAM, to THOMAS and JOSPH LATIMORE; Power of Atty; being desirous of selling at as little  expense as possible all the property coming to us as heirs of JOHN LATIMORE, dec’d,...and as there are other heirs not embraced in this agreement, who are all understood to be willing thereto, but whose consent and signatures cannot now be   had, on account of absence and minority;  signed by JOSEPH and THOMAS LATIMORE, JAMES and CATHARINE BURCHAM,JOSEPH and CAROLINE bCOBBS, L. E. and SARAH ANN CANTRELL, ALFRED THOMPSON by his Gdn JAMES BROOKS, D. W. LATIMORE, G. W. and RACHEL QUEENER, JOHN LATIMORE, JAMES and NANCY BROOKS, and CATHARINE THOMPSON


227 12 Aug 1850 JAMES HICKEY and MARY W. PARIS, Marriage Contract:  Property that MARY W. has is to remain hers and at her death to go to the heirs of her body by JAMES HICKEY (if any) and if no children, then at   her death to the children that JAMES HICKEY now has (or may have); witnesses A. J. and L.   J PARIS


229 1 Nov 1852RACHEL SIMPSON formerly FITE to ELIAS FITE of Adams Co.,”elenoise”; her undivided interest in lands of PETER FITE, dec’d, joining in the conveyance hitherto made by husband JOHN SIMPSON


230 12 Oct 1852    JOHN SCARBROUGH to WILLIAM B. JOHNSTON, Trustee;   Deed of Trust for land on which is situated the Spinning Factory formerly know as McConlays Factory, on Eastanalle Creek.


231 18 Feb 1852    Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  WILLESTON M. COX  VS  heirs and widow of CHARLES McDONALD, dec’d, and JOEL K. BROWN;   title divested out of respondents NANCY McDONALD, JOHN McDONALD, JAMES RUCKER and wife VIRIGINIA. CHRISTOPHER,   LAURA, REBECCA, EGLENTINE, ISABELLA, SEMENTHA, and EMELINE  McDONALD, and JOEL K. BROWN;  minor heirs have six months after reaching 21 to  impeach the decree.


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232 2 Nov 1852M. T. CALLAWAY to WILLIAM B. JOHNSTON in trust for JARROTT G. DENT of AL; Deed of Trust for slave and DENT is to haveuse of said negro for the interest on the note.


234 16 Oct 1852    ELIZA SMITH of Osage Co., MO, to PHILLIP FRY and JAMES H. REAGAN;  Power of Atty to lease, sell or rent her 1/8 part of undivided land of her father JAMES RETHERFORD; acknowledged before STEPHEN C.   ATKERSON, J. P. in the township of Jackson Co., MO and certified by E. M. LETTON, Clk of Osage Co., MO Court.


235 19 Jun 1852ELIZABETH DODD, widow of WILLIAM   L.  DODD, dec’d, late ELIZABETH  RUTHERFORD,  of Sangamon Co., IL, on of the heirs of   JAMES RUTHERFORD, dec’d, of McMinn Co. to JAMES H. REAGAN;   Power of Atty to sell her interest in land and in the dower interest of her   mother NANCY RUTHERFORD, the widow; acknowledged in  Sangamon Co., IL.


239 1 Dec 1851 MARGARET SANDERS to JOHN L. BRIDGES; land on which    she now lives, it being her dower interest in land of her husband C.    SANDERS,dec’d,




245 19 Mar 1847 STERLING CAMP to STERLING JACKSON McKNIGHT; for  love and affection; witness WILLIAM L. McKNIGHT proves deed, 20 Nov  1851,   and THOMAS CAMP identifies handwriting of STERLING  CAMP who has departed this life.


248 25 Nov 1852 JOHN GOSS SR, to CURD GOSS.


250 25 Nov 1852 JOHN GOSS SR. to JAMES GOSS


252 10 Apr 1852 WILLIAM HARRIS of Walker Co., GA, to ADOLPHUS D.McCLATCHEY; acknowledged in Walker Co., GA before DAVID IRWIN, Judge and JOHN DICKSON, Clk of Superior Court.


255 13 Nov 1850 FLOYD McGONIGAL to WILLIAM F. PECK of Bradley Co.


259 4 Jan 1853  MARY ANN and SUSAN JANE FRANKLIN to JACKSON WILLSON; Power of Atty to collect $118 bequeathed to them by their   father    EDMUND FRANKLIN, dec’d, of McMinn Co.; acknowledged in   White Co before GEORGE G. DIBRELL, Clk, at his office at Sparta.




269 26 Aug 1851    WILLIAM H. DEDRICK to FLEMING G. GIBBS and wife;   Obligation; whereas JAMES F. BRADFORD on 30 Oct 1846 sold unto   JANE   EATON now wife of FLEMING G. GIBBS.


270 3 May 1852SALLY (SARAH) HALE to WILLIAM BAIN;  her Deed of Gift of life estate in land from JOHN CANSLER.




272 12 Feb 1853    DAVID CLEAGE, trustee for JOHN E. CATE, to ANNE B. PATTON; land whereon said CATE then (1842) lived.


273 11 Feb 1853    JULIA B. THOMAS to CHARLES STAPLES.


274 12 Feb 1853    JANE THOMAS of Bradley Co to CHARLES STAPLES


276 18 Feb 1853    JAMES R. PECK of Bradley Co., to W. W. PECK; his interest in estate of his father ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, and in dower of NANCY PECK, widow of ELLIOTT PECK.


279 1 Dec 1852 JOHN MORRIS of Polk Co to JOHN W. CULLINS.


281 21 Sep 1852    LEWIS PIERCE and wife CHRISTINA formerly FITE of Bradley  Co., to    HENRY FITE; their half of their undivided share of land of PETER FITE, dec’d.


282 26 Mar 1852    LEWIS PIERCE and wife CHRISTINA formerly FITE of Bradley  Co., to    JOHN SIMPSON; other half of their interest in land of PETER FITE, dec’d.


283 11 Jan 1851ELIZABETH WHITE widow of NATHANIEL WHITE, dec’d,JAMES FINNELL and wife ANN, ALFERD H. LAWSON and wife  ELIZABETH, JOHN HANKINS and wife MARTHA, NATHANIEL WHITE, all of Bradley Co., JOHN WHITE of McMinn Co.,  COMODORE WHITE of IL,   heirs of NATHANIEL WHITE, dec’d, to WILLIAM MARTIN; their interest in land.


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285 5 Mar 1853 GEORGE W. MAYO to THOMAS J. CAMPBELL; Deed of Trust for twenty bedsteads, feather beds, and furniture now in the hotel where I now reside and keep public house.


287 7 Mar 1853 HARRY RECTOR a free man of color to JAMES B. COOKE;  Deed of Trust.


288 23 Feb 1853 WILLIAM W. ANDERSON of Hamilton Co to ROBERT N.McEWEN.


290 14 Mar 1853  WARNIN SMITH, who lives in AL, to J. METCALFE & Co; her  dower interest in lands of her dec’d husband STEPHEN SMITH.


293 25 Mar 1853  JOSIAH CHILDERS of Carroll Co., AR, to HEZEKIAH C. COOKE; land....conditional line made by JOHN SHELTON....except the widow ELIZABETH SHELTON’s dower.


295 19 Feb 1853  THOMAS J. CAMPBELL, Trustee appointed by deed for  GEORGE W.   ROSS, JAMES W. McSPADDEN, RICHARD  C. JACKSON, ROBERT C. MORRIS, ROBERT N. McEWIN and THOMAS J. CAMPBELL to convey title in their behalf to ELIZABETH J. FUQUAY.


297 4 Apr 1853 DAVID SMITH of Bradley Co to WILLIAM G. BARKER




305 17 Aug 1852  JOHN SCARBROUGH to ANDERSON CLARK, JOHN CLARK, THOMAS BISHOP, WADE HAMPTON, WILLIAM SCARBROUGH, and WILLIAM PORTER, Elders of the Cumberland Presbyterian Camp  Ground or Church; for $12.50 paid by ANDERSON CLARK


310 19 Feb 1853  W. F. FORREST, Exec of JOHN  MATLOCK, dec’d to NIMROD   DODSON.


312 22 Apr 1853  ISRAEL C. SMITH to ELISHA BRIENT, JOHN SMITH, JOSEPH SMITH, JOHN MIDDLETON, SAMUEL WILSON and ELISHA    COX,   Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; for love and affection   for laws of God and His people; for a location for a public school house and contingent buildings; land on Middle Creek to include the meeting house, schoolhouse, and contingent buildings, also one tract inclosed and used as a grave yard,    near  the house in which the said ISRAEL C.SMITH now lives.


313 27 Apr 1853  JONATHAN PICKEL and WILLIAM PATTEN, Execs. of  WILLIAM H. CUNNINGHAM, dec’d, and both of Monroe Co., to FRANCIS BOYD.


314 24 Feb 1852  ISAAC LOW and WILLIAM R. LONG, Adms. of SAMUEL  LONG, dec’d, to JAMES W. LONG.


315 5 Oct 1846 JOHN R. AHL to A. J. A. and E. M. NEWTON


316 12 Apr 1847  MARY and MELTON J. DOAN to JESSE W. FLINN.


317 29 Sep 1852  JOHN GRUBB and wife NANCY ANN, lately citizens of McMinn Co., to ELISHA BRYANT; Power of  Atty. to sell their interest in land on which ELLENDER ROBINSON, widow of THOMAS ROBINSON,dec’d, now resides and which was set apart to her as her dower interest; the GRUBBs acknowledge in White Co.


319 19 Apr 1853  ISRAEL and GEORGE W. STANDEFER to CHARLES W. RICE; Deed to Trust for personal property


323 23 May 1853 JOHN HANKINS of McMinn Co and N. C. WHITE of Adams Co., IL, to JOHN HOYL.


324 29 Nov 1852  JOHN H. EIFFERT and wife MARGARETT A. H. to WILLIAM  B. JOHNSTON;  Deed of Trust for one undivided half of the JACK WALKER Reservation, lying at the mouth of Eastanallee Creek and on which the EIFFERTs now live, and on which the mills called McELRATH’s Mills are situated.


325 14 Feb 1846 JACOB FITE of Lewis Co to JOHN SIMPSON; his undivided interest in land of PETER FITE, dec’d;  acknowledged 21 May 1853 in Lewis Co.


326 23 Feb 1847  POLLY MURRAH formerly FITE and her husband   JOHN  MURRAH of Adams Co., IL, to ELIAS FITE; their interest in land, as heirs of PETER FITE, dec’d;  acknowledged in Adams Co., IL.


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328 21 Jun 1853A. J. HILL of McMinn Co to ROBERT F. COOKE,  JOHN KING,  GEORGE BROWN, JOSIAH I. WRIGHT, and WILLIAM L. EAKIN, all of Monroe Co; Title Bond in the amount of $50,000.00 on condition that  he make title to one half the mineral interest in land in McMinn Co., if copper or other minerals shall be found, the Grantees testing for minerals at their own expense, but to have the use of timber from the land for mining purposes;  the operation to commence in twelve months.


329 21 Jun 1853ROBERT F. BRADEN to same Grantees as in deed on page 328 above, same conditions; land on which he lives.


330 21 Jun 1853BENJAMIN MARRS to same Grantees as in deed on page 328, above, same conditions, land he now lives on.


331 2 Jul 1853 Article of Agreement, JOHN C. WILSON and GEORGE W.NORVELL with ROBERT F. BRADENand STEPHEN K. REEDER; whereas WILSON and NORVELL are owners of land....and it is believed by all parties that  there are veins of copper ore on the land, and for the purpose of testing for same, and developing the mines, if any...


332 22 Jun 1853 JOHN BAKER to same Grantees as in deed on page 328, above; same conditions.


333 16 Aug 1852  REUBIN SHARITS to L. D. MERCER and all the other heirs of STANDWIX HORD, dec’d, any interest that he may have acquired in land.


334 9 Jul 1853   JOHN HOYLE SR to son LEVI HOYLE for use and benefit of daughter SUSAN E. JONES of Georgia; Bill of Sale for slave; for love   and affection; witnesses J. B. and JOHN H. HOYLE


335 6 Dec 1852 JAMES T. FITZGERALD to C. L. OWEN of Monroe Co.


336 27 Jul 1853 JOHN L. NEWMAN and wife CATHARINE to MORGAN MILLER; land which was previously conveyed to MILLER by SARAH and JAMES M. ST. JOHN and JOHN L. NEWMAN, and this deed made for purpose of conveying whatever interest wife CATHARINE may have in said land.


337 30 Jul 1853 ELIZA SMITH LIPSCOMB to her daughters MARGARET T. MOORE  and HELEN M. FIFFE; for $300, and for love and affection.


340 6 Aug 1853 THOMAS VAUGHAN, Clerk of McMinn County Court, by virtue of a  decree of said Court, conveys and transfers various slaves to  ALEXANDER MAXWELL, NATHAN THOMAS and wife MARY, CATHARINE J., ROBERTW., SARAH, LOUISA, and CORNELIAMAXWELL.


342 29 Jul 1853 JAMES W. LONG to WILLIAM R. LONG; in consideration of amount which is to be deducted from the said WILLIAM R. LONG’s portion of the said  JAMES W. LONG’s estate after the said JAMES W. LONG’s deceased, land with exception of portion and privileges conveyed to T. L. HOYLE and his associates, and also one fourth part of the minerals that may be found by T. L. HOYLE and associates, which is one half of said    JAMES W. LONG’s part.


345 29 Jul 1853 JOHN W. HOYLE, CALEB R. HOYLE, THOMAS COOPER,   WILLIAM P. COOPER, of the first part, and  JACOB QUEENER of the second part, Agreement; whereas JACOB QUEENER possesses title to   Pain Town Farm; parties of the first part to test land for copper, and if any found, they are to have half the mineral rights.


349 8 Jan 1852  WILLIAM N. HICKS of Bradley Co to ELIZABETH SENTER of Calhoun


350 3 Feb 1852 REUBIN HUMPHREY to JOHN L. BRIDGES, Power of Atty; whereas by last Will of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., dated 9 Jun 1845, there is bequeathed to the heirs of HIRAM and GEORGE HUMPHRY, brothers of said JAMES, dec’d, a certain estate,   and whereas the said HIRAM HUMPHREY has lately departed this life leaving a widow LORINDA HUMPHREY, and the following children and heirs, to wit, three sons, REUBIN, STEPHEN and NORRIS, and four daughters, CAROLINE wife of JAMES OLIVER GOODSON, LOIS wife of HAMILTON NELLIS and LUCY and MARY JANE HUMPHREY, all of age except the last two named daughters;  REUBIN is their agent and by the Power of Atty gives Bridges power to recover the estate; acknowledge in St. Louis Co., MO.

Page 75


352 10 May 1852  GEORGE HUMPHREY of the township of Gainsborough in County of Lincoln and province of Canada to JOHN L. BRIDGES, Power of Atty; same as in deed on page 350 above; GEORGE is the proper son of   GEORGE HUMPHREY named in the Will; witnesses JOHN PECK, carpenter and JAMES GILLIAM, blacksmith, both of township of   Gainsborough, County of  Lincoln, province of Canada, appear before  JOHN GUSTAVOUS STEVENSON, a Notary Public for that part of Canada formerly upper Canada, and residing at Cayuga in County of  Haldimand in said province, and declare that they have for many years known GEORGE HUMPHREY, cooper, of said township of    Gainsborough and that he is the son of GEORGE HUMPHREY, brother of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, of McMinn Co.


353 1 Oct 1852 JOHN C. ROBINSON to WILLIAM S. ROBINSON; his fee simple interest in remainder in land after the death of ELEANOR ROBINSONwhohas a life estate in same.


354 1 Feb 1849 DAVID CLEAGE, Trustee and Cashier to Mrs. JANE AGNEW,   widow and sole heir of DANIEL R. AGNEW, dec’d; JANE having fully paid note made by DANIEL for Lot No 31 in Athens.


355 14 Sep 1850  JAMES ARNWINE to C. SHELL; 5 Sep 1853, witness H.SMALL has removed from the State of Tenn.


359 10 Sep 1853  JAMES S. BRIDGES to WILLIAM H. BALLEW; Deed of Trust;  is indebted to ELIZA WHITE Admx, of Washington Co., VA




369 4 Oct 1853 THOMAS A. ANDERSON of Coffee Co to T. NIXONVANDYKE; whereas on or before 5 Jun 1833 I was the owner of a piece of land conveyed by WM LOWRY Esq., and whereas I the said ANDERSON, and  SOLOMON BOGART paid for building a small brick house within the NW corner of said lot, and after said house was built, I conveyed, on 5 Jun 1833, said lot with the said building thereon, to SOLOMON BOGART and  JAMES  H.  REAGAN, GEORGE W. MAYO, VICTOR M. CAMPBELL, and T. NIXONVANDYKE as trustees for the purpose of establishing a Normal school on said lot, and whereas said trustees, having declined to execute said trust, conveyed said  lot and building to the said ANDERSON and BOGART, the original owners, so that they should own the same interests that they had before; lot and building being South of and near the town of Athens, bounded by lands now owned by said    T. NIXON VANDYKE, WILLIAM H. DEADERICK, and the Presbyterian grave yard.


370 13 Oct 1853    WILLIAM J. YOUNG and wife DARCUS E. formerly PUGH, to   J. W. and H. PLANK; the one third part of land of   FLEMING PUGH, which   DARCUS inherited as heir.


371 24 Oct 1853    MILTON R. MAY to GEORGE W. BRIDGES; Deed of Trust for 140 medical books and furniture, including one fine French bedstead.


375 3 Oct 1853 MORRIS M. SMITH to BIRDEN M. C. SMITH


376 8 May 1853MOSES BONNER to WILLIAM KNOX of Bradley Co.


379 6 Nov 1846BARSHEBA JOHNSON widow of JOHN JOHNSON, WILLIAM   J., MARY, JOHN , and NANCY A. JOHNSON, and JOHN STANDFIELD and wife SARAH formerly JOHNSON, heirs of JOHN JOHNSON, dec’d, late of  McMinn Co., to JAMES SMITH of Murry Co, GA.


383 4 Sep 1841 JACKSON SMITH to MARY THOMPSON;  Bill of Sale for slaves;  “the cause of our swapping is to keep family together, as we think it humane to do.”


384 25 Sep 1851    BING NEWTON to JOHN MASSEY;  18 Nov 1853, WitnessISAAC H. McNABB having removed to Missouri, his handwriting is identified by M. G. McNABB.


385 29 Sep 1852    VINCENT HAYMES and wife ABIGALE CAROLINE, of Green Co, MO, to WILLIAM F. FORREST; Power of Atty to sell ABIGALE’s interest, as heir, in land of JAMES A.TEMPLETON, dec’d, as heir of JAMES A. TEMPLETON JR, dec’d, both of whom died in McMinn Co and as heir of ZEBULON B. TEMPLETON who died in AL, and also as heir of WILLIAM F.  TEMPLETON who died in Mexico, the first being the father and the other three being the brothers of ABIGALE; acknowledged in Green Co., MO;  ABIGALEC. HAYMES is proved to be such by JAMES JONES and JOSHUA   HAMILTON, two respectable witnesses.


Page 76


386 25 Dec 1852    DAVID G. TEMPLETON of Cherokee Co., Texas, to WILLIAM F. FORREST, Power of Atty to sell his interest as “heir of JAMES A. TEMPLETON and  MARY TEMPLETON, dec’d” and interest in land “on which   my mother NANCY TEMPLETON lately resided” and in land “sold by my father JAMES A. TEMPLETON in his lifetime”; acknowledged in Cherokee Co, Texas before W. C. HENRY, Chief Justice of County Court, at his office at Rusk, certified by O. G. WOODALL, Clerk.


388 4 Oct 1852 JOHN D. TEMPLETON of Newton Co., MO, to WILLIAM F.   FORREST; Power of Atty to sell interest in land of father JAMES A.  TEMPLETON, dec’d, and of brothers ZEBULIN B.and WILLIAM F.TEMPLETON, dec’d, acknowledged in Newton Co., MO before ROBERT   BROCK, Clk of Co  Court, certified by JOHN PLUMMER, Presiding Justice.


394 6 Oct 1849 ALEXANDER C. ROBESON to WILLIAM ROBESON; his interest in land known as the old farm of A. C. ROBESON, dec’d.


400 10 Oct 1853 WILLIAM P. H. McDERMOTT to GANN NEWMAN, a free colored man.




406 7 Dec 1853 JOHN P. FOREE, Exec of LEWIS M. FOREE, dec’d, of CattoogaCo., GA to JOHN L. McCARTY

409 13 Sep 1853 JAMES HILL to S. J. ROWAN of Monroe Co.


412 29  Sep 1852 JOHN LONG of Walker Co., GA to F. W. ETTER.


413 31 Dec 1853 “MARY MATHEWS guardian, of minor heirs, JACOB S. MATHEWS, JOSEPH MATHEWS, ASENITH MATHEWS, and SARAH E. MATHEWS, guardian and heirs, over twenty-one years of age, of the Estate of  AARON MATHEWS, dec’d,” to ELIJAH HUTSELL; signed MARY MATHEWS guardian, JOSEPH MATHEWS, ASENITH MATHEWS, SARAH  E. MATHEWS; the witnesses depose that they are acquainted with MARY MATHEWSguardian, JOSEPH MATHEWS, ASENOTH MATHEWS, and SARAH E. MATHEWS.


416 24 Mar 1846 JAMES SMALL of Meigs Co. to THOMAS C. JORDAN of same; land in Meigs Co.


418 23 Dec 1853 WILLIAM P. H. McDERMOTT, JAMES W. McSPADDEN, WILLIAM H. BALLEW, ROBERT N. McEWEN, and GEORGE W. BRIDGES,  Trustees of “Forest Hill Academy”, to ALEXANDER CLEAGE, the highest   bidder at sale held in pursuance of a resolution of the Board of Trustees; 160 acres.


420 10 Nov 1853   BENJAMIN ROBERTS to CALVIN C. ROBESON of Meigs Co.


421 10 Nov 1853   WILLIAM S. ROBERTS to CALVIN C. ROBESON of Meigs Co.


424 4 Nov 1853RICHARD A.,  LEWIS, and WILLIAM BRYANT to JOHN C.   RUTHERFORD; their three tenths undivided shares, as heirs, in estate of    RICHARD A. BRYANT SR., dec’d, late of  McMinn Co.


425 4 Jan 1854  MARY MATHEWS, widow of AARON MATHEWS, dec’d, to   ELIJAH HUTSELL; her dower  interest in land sold 31 Dec 1853 by MARY, JOSIAH, ASENETH,and SARAH E. MATHEWS.


428 27 Nov 1852 P. C. STUBLEFIELD to MAHALA STUBLEFIELD and G.W. HANDLEY; one-fourth part of undivided land.


429 7 Dec 1835 SAMUEL JOHN of Knox Co. to EZEKIEL JOHN; 30 Jan 1854, witness JONATHAN JOHN identifies handwriting of the other witness, THOMAS JOHN, who has departed this life.


430 18 Oct 1853    A. J. PECK of Gole Co., CA, one of the heirs of ELLIOTT PECK,dec’d, of McMinn Co., to W. W. PECK; all his interest in his father’s estate and in dower of NANCY PECK, widow of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d; acknowledged in Sacramento Co., CA.


431 23 Sep 1850    JOHN STANFIELD of Bradley Co. to LAMBERT BUNCH; the land where said BUNCH now lives.


433 28 Dec 1853    CHARLES HALEY and wife MARGARET L. formerly SMITH of Roane  Co to MOSES LONG; land bequeathed to MARGARET L by her father JACKSON SMITH.


Page 77


435 9 Nov 1853THOMAS J. CAMPBELL, Trustee, to JOSEPH McCULLY; that  portion of Fyffe Farm, adjoining Athens, known as lots 13 and 14, according to the plat and survey as made out by  H. B. HAYWOOD, Civil Engineer, on file at office of Register of McMinn Co.


436 3 Dec 1853 JOSEPH McCULLY to JOHN B. DUNCAN of Bradley Co.


437 7 Feb 1854 MOSES SWEENY, Adm of JOHN ARMSTRONG, dec’d, to JOHN KING; Bill of Sale for slave.


439 8 Feb 1854 ANNE LIZA HANNUM of Blount Co formerly ANN ELIZA  WHITE, one of the children of JAMES WHITE, dec’d, late of Abingdon, VA, to THOMAS A. CLEAGE.


444 15 Feb 1854  BENJAMIN WASSON to MINTA E. WASSON; Bill of Sale for slave.


444 15 Feb 1854  BENJAMIN WASSON to ENOCH T. WASSON; Bill of Sale for slave.


445 15 Feb 1854  BENJAMIN WASSON to LYDIA C. WASSON; Bill of Sale for slave.


445 24 Apr 1852  JAMES M. McGONIGAL and wife MARY A., DAVID NEIL and wife ELIZABETH A. and GRANVILLE SHULTS, all of the heirs of OLIVIA SHULTS, dec’d, to  H. L.SHULTS; JOHN CHILCUTT, Esq of Bradley Co., takes  examination of ELIZABETH NEIL as to deed.




452 22 Feb 1854 JOHN W. BROWN of Roane Co to ROBERT S. MAHAN




457 11 Oct 1851 STEPHEN HUMPHREY of Wayne Co, Mich to brother REUBENHUMPHREY in the Cherokee District of Canada West;  Power of Atty to collect his share of estate of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, which was bequeathed to HIRAM HUMPHREY, brother of JAMES; STEPHEN is an heir of HIRAM;  acknowledged in Wayne Co., Mich.


458 8 Dec 1851 NORRIS HUMPHREY of the township of Seneca, Count of Haldimand, province of  Canada, SAWYER, son of HIRAM HUMPHREY, to REUBEN HUMPHREY, SAWYER of village of Indian in said county of Haldimand; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, as heir of HIRAM HUMPHREY


459 7 Nov 1851JAMES OLIVER GOODSON of the township of Dumfries in the united counties of Wentworth and Hatton in province of Canada, and wife  CAROLINE, daughter of REUBEN HUMPHREY, son of HIRAM HUMPHREY; Power of Atty. as in deed on page 458above; acknowledged in village of Paris, county of Wentworth.


460 18 Nov 1851   JOHN HAMILTON NELLES of township of Seneca, county of Haldimand, Canada, and wifemLOIS, daughter of HIRAM HUMPHREY, to REUBEN HUMPHREY; Power of Atty, as indeed on page 458 above.


461 18 Jan 1854GEORGE HUMPHREY, cooper, of township of Gainsborough, county of  Lincoln, Canada,n to REUBEN HUMPHREY; Power of Atty. as in deed on page 458, above.


468 20 Feb 1854    GEORGE HORN to WILLIAM McKAMY for the sole use of wife AMANDA M. HORN; Deed of Gift; slaves were inherited by wife AMANDA and always considered as her property.


470 6 Oct 1848 GUILDORD CANNON of Monroe Co. to PLEASANT N. LEE.


472 26 Jan 1854CHARLES M. McCLARY to THOMAS R. McCLARY of PolkCo.


475 12 Sep1848[Deed in Book I, page 603, is repeated]  Acknowledged 29  Sep   1853 by LEWIS ROSS before DAVID WALKER, Judge of Supreme Court of Arkansas.


487 13 Feb 1854    WILLIAM ROGERS, Mayor of Calhoun, to WILLIAM  THOMPSON


495 25 Feb 1854    Copy of Decree of Chancery Court:  HUMPHREYS L. SHOULTS  VS JAMES M.  McGONIGAL and JOHN R. McGONIGAL by his regular Gdn JAMES M. McGONIGAL; on 24 Apr 1842 MARY ANN McCGONIGAL and her husband JAMES M. McGONIGAL were owners of one undivided interest out of five in land belong toOLIVIA SHOULTS, dec’d, and on that date, MARY ANN and her husband, and DAVID NEIL and wife ELIZABETH A.,  and GRANVILLE SHOULTS sold their undivided interests. to complainant HUMPHREY L. SHOULTS, it being three

interests out of five; on 29 Oct 1852 the said MARY ANN McGONIGAL died in Bradley Co. leaving JOHN R. McGONIGAL, her minor child, and JAMES M. McGONIGAL, her husband.


Page 78

499 8 May 1854HIRAM I. VAUGHAN and wife SARAH MARIAH of Blount  Co., AL to AKE HENRY of

same; Power of Atty to receive their share of estate of JAMES  WILSON, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., from the Adm JAMES WILSON; acknowledged in Blount  Co., AL before URIAH S. NESMITH, J.P., JOHN C. GILLESPIE, Judge.


502 19 Dec 1848    Four deeds to the East Tenn & GA R.R. Co. from LEWIS R. HURST, JOHN L. HURST,

ELIJAH CATE and GREENBERRY CATE; all received $1000. each for the right of waythrough their farms in Mouse Creek Valley, and for damages done.


507 13 Feb 1854 MARK RICHARDSON of Campbell Co to JAMES DENNIS; his undivided interest being one fourth part, in land.


509 20 May 1854 ALEXANDER D. KEYES to WILLIAM M. SEHORN; lot on the NW side of Athens and

between Athens and the Rail road depot, being part of the out lotslaid off on the land donated by the Legislature to said town.


511 23 May 1854 CARY ARMSTRONG and JOHN MORRIS, Article of    Agreement: in return for the great

advantage that MORRIS has been to improving ARMSTRONG’s   farm with money and hands, MORRIS is to have the privilege of erecting such buildings and  using such land as he and his family may require.




514 12 Aug 1852    Copy of Circuit Court Decree:  ISAAC LOW and WILLIAM R.LONG, Adms of SAMUEL

LONG, dec’d, and ELIZABETH H. LONG, THOMAS and LUCY CALDWELL, JOSEPHLONG, and LUKE LEA LONG by his next friend HANNAH  LONG, all heirs of SAMUELLONG, dec’d, and HANNAH LONG, widow of SAMUEL LONG,dec’d,; petition to sell land for distribution; land is sold to JOSEPH H. LONG.


515 19 Jun 1854JAMES METCALFE to CHARLES METCALFE; all his lands in McMinn Co.


519 16 May 1854   JOHN MOORE SR to ALLEN MOORE; tracts of land including the farm on which JOHN

MOORE SR now lives and reserves the right of occupation to   himself and wife ELIZABETH during their lifetime;  ALLEN is to support said JOHN and  ELIZABETH, they being both very aged, and is to pay sums to JOHN MOORE JR., GEORGE W.  MOORE and REBECCA S. MOORE, children of said JOHN MOORE SR., at his death.


525 3 Jul 1854 THEODORE P. JOHNSTON of  Walker Co., GA and NANCY BRADFORD, Adminx of JAMES F. BRADFORD, dec’d, to  MARY ANN RAGSDALE; lot in Athens on which Mrs. RAGSDALE now lives.  JOHNSTON acknowledged in Walker Co., GA.


528 26 Apr 1854 LEWIS BREWER to P. W. BREWER.


530 7 Jan 1854 JAMES H. McCOY of Monroe Co to JOHN WEBB of Roane Co.


533 7 Feb 1854 WILLIAM A. CARTER to JABIN S. TAYLOR of Monroe Co.

534 15 Mar 1854 SETH THOMAS of Plymouth, Litchefield Co., Conn. to G. W. WALLACE and J. T. FITZGERALD; acknowledged in Litchfield Co.




539 19 Aug 1854 DANIEL C. KENNER of Bradley Co to JOSEPH PELTON of Polk Co; on half of undivided interest in lost in Calhoun.



539 21 Aug 1854  JOSEPH PELTON to ROBERT H. WELLS, both of Polk Co.; thelots as in deed on page 539 above.



540 23 Aug 1854  SARAH E. NEWMAN, widow of ROBERT M. NEWMAN, dec’d, to DIMMON and McKAMY W. DORSEY, JOHN A. LONG, CLINTON B. NEWMAN, ALEXANDER CULUTON, and BUREL BUCKNER; Deed of relinquishment for all property bequeathed to her by her late husband.



541 26 Jun 1854HENRY RICE, Adm. of MARTH RICE, dec’d, JAMES   FORREST, ALLEN HALEY, WILLIAM L. RICE, ELISHA DODSON and wife MARY,  C. L.  KING, one of Adms. of WILLIAM MATLOCK, dec’d, HENRY MATLOCK Adm. of HENRY MATLOCK, dec’d, to ADOLPHUS H. CROW; whereas MARTHA RICE in her   lifetime, ELISHA DODSON and wife MARY, ALLEN HALEY, JAMES FORREST, WILLIAM L. RICE, HENRY MATLOCK in his lifetime, and WILLIAM MATLOCK in his lifetime, made a Title Bond.

Page 79



550 12 Jul 1854 WILLIAM BURK to SAMUEL P. IVINS;  Bill of Sale for Press and type now in his possession, being the materials which were sold by JOHN  McGAUGHY, Trustee.


550 11 Sep 1854  Tennessee and Alabama Mining Co., Original Certificate:  “We whose names are hereto signed, do certify that we have formed ourselves into a Company, under the provisions of an act of the general Assembly of the State of Tennessee, entitled, “an  act to authorize the formation of Corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical, or Chemical purposes;”  Signed by A. D. KEYS, C. W. RICE, JOHN L. SENTER, JOHN L. McCONNELL by C. W. RICE, Atty., J. M. HENDRIX, S. K REEDER, GEORGE W. ROSS, THOMAS B. MAYFIELD, ROBERT N. McEWEN, WMs. MAYFIELD, DAVID CLEAGE, THOS. A. CLEAGE, ALEXANDER CLEAGE, JOHN A. GOULDY, HENRY MATLOCK, J. B. COOKE, JANE E. McDERMOTT by J. B. COOKE, Atty., HENRY RICE, J. W. GIBSON, MILLER F. RICE by C. W. RICE,  A. J. DODSON by C. W. RICE


552 19 Sep 1854    ROBERT H. McCROSKEY to ELISHA MELTON of Fannin Co.,   GA


553 29 Sep 1854    JOHN ELLIOTT and wife SARAH to B. E. CASS; their interest in   land, which is one fourth held

in the individual right of said SARAH ELLIOTT as one of the heirs of ABSOLOM CARNEY, dec’d, and also one-third of the  interest of JOSEPH and MARGARET HIGDON, the same having been conveyed to us by deed heretofore.






556 31 Aug 1854  CATHARINE DOBBS and husband JOHNSON S. DOBBS, bothof Pulaski Co., VA, to

GEORGE W. MOORE; their interest in land; acknowledged in Pulaski Co., VA



559 22 Feb 1853  Chancery Court Decree: JAMES P. SENTER VS  JOHN L. and WILLIAM SENTER by

their Gdn. TANDY S. RICE;  title divested out of said minor heirsof MARTIN SENTER, dec’d.


560 23 Sep 1854 JAMES W. McSPADDEN to JULIANN WEST and her heirs.


570 5 Nov 1853LAURA S. PATTY, feme covert, and GEORGE O. PATTY to   JAMES S. RUSSELL; land on which they reside.


573 12 Dec 1850  RICHARD LAWSON to WILLIAM WASSON; 27 Oct 1854, the handwriting of witness SETH

BEDFORD, who has gone to parts unknown, is proven.


575 14 Dec 1853  WILLIAM H. and HUGH C. REYNOLDS to MARY M. and  LUCY J. REYNOLDS; their

interest in a slave which descended to them and to the Grantees as heirs of GREEN L. REYNOLDS, dec’d.


577 1 Sep 1854 JACOB QUEENER to NORMAN W. BLACKWELL of Polk Co.


579 18 Oct 1854    SAMUEL C. AGNEW to HENRY H. RIDER, ROBERT SNIDER, and LEWIS R. HURST, Common School Commissioners of Fourth Township, Range first: $200; for use of the Common School, lot on the south south west side of Athens, where said AGNEW now lives.


582 11 Nov 1854   ISAAC WIDOWS of Meigs Co. to DAVID S. CAMPBELL.


583 7 Mar 1854 MARTHA M. MARTIN, JOHN W. SMITH, MARK ROBERTS  and wife EMILY, all of

Anderson Co., TX, to MARY M. CARR of Galveston Co., TX; Power of Atty. to attend to all business in connection with settlement of the estate of our father  NAT SMITH, dec’d, in theState of TN,  also of the estate of our uncle STEPHEN SMITH,  dec’d, in the State of TN; acknowledged in Anderson Co., TX.



585 12 May 1846   LOVEY (her mark) PEARSON to CHRISLEY FOSTER; her undivided share in the estate of

her husband DOCTOR PEARSON, dec’d.



ELLIS and wife NANCY formerly PEARSON, LUCINDAPEARSON, and SHIRWOOD W. PEARSON, to CHRISSLEY FOSTER;  their undivided shares of estate of DOCTOR PEARSON, dec’d.


Page 80


587 28 Oct 1854    WILLIAM M. STANFER and wife REBECCA L. formerly PEARSON and CHARLES M. PEARSON, all of Polk Co., to CHRISLEY FOSTER; their two undivided shares in estate of DOCTOR PEARSON, dec’d.


588 22 Apr 1852 SARAH PATTERSON to CHRISLEY and ANDREW FOSTER; two acres


593 22 Aug 1850 Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  MOSES and JAMES LONG, execs of  GEORGE LONG SR, dec’d,  VS MILTON L. PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH LONG widow of GEORGE  LONG SR. NANCY LONG widow of GEORGE LONG JR, dec’d, and as Gnd of WILLIAM, JACOB and MARY LONG, minor heirs of GEORGE LONG JR., PLEASANT LONG and wife ELIZABETH formerly ELIZABETH LONG daughter of GEORGE LONG JR., JOHN, ISAAC, and MAPLES LONG, JAMES LONGLEY and wife NANCY, JOSEPH MORTON and wife ELIZABETH, DAVID GORMAN and wife RUTH, JESSE WEAR and wife MARGARET, daughter of GEORGE LONG JR., dec’d, and JOHN S. LONG;  land sold to high bidder MILTON L. PHILLIPS, who was the owner by purchase of four shares being one half of the land, and therefore was to pay only one half of the purchase price.


594 6 Dec 1854 CORNELIUS BROWN to daughter SUSAN SHARITS and her children; land for love and affection.


595 4 Mar 1845 Decree of Chancery Court:  MILTON L. PHILLIPS and wife and others, heirs of HORACE

HICKOX, dec’d,  Ex parte;  land of HORACE HICKOX, dec’d,   sold for division of proceeds among heirs, and PHILLIPS was the purchaser;  said PHILLIPS being one of the heirs by marriage, and Gdn of RICHARD A., JOHN E., and LAMIRA JANE HICKOX, minor heirs.


597 25 Aug 1854  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Ex parte; ELIZABETH  JARNAGIN, widow of CASWELL

JARNAGIN for herself and as Gdn of  ALLISON W. B., ALFRED  HOUSTON, CASWELL and JOHN N. JARNAGIN, minor heirs of said CASWELL, and MORRIS M. SMITH and wife AMANDA M.,  and HENRY LI. EATON and wife SARAH   L., and A. M. RUNYAN and wife MARY ANN, said three femmes covert being also heirs and daughters of said CASWELL JARNAGIN, dec’d;  land on Eastanallee Creek  sold  to D. W. PRATHER.


600 21 Nov 1854 WILLIAM A. DUGAN and wife ELMIRA to THOMAS   COOPER; their interest in land, it

being the farm of HENRY COOPER, dec’d, lying on Cain Creek.


603 11 Nov 1854 A. R. T. ROGERS to JAMES BLACKBURN of Bradley Co.; lot   63 in Calhoun.


605 30 Mar 1852  HENRY RICE, Obligation to M. R. GIBSON; agreement about  fences; handwriting of witness

WILLIAM WOOLF, who is dead, is proven 11 Dec 1854 by  WILLIAM McKAMY and HENRY WOOLF.


606 11 Nov 1853   DICEY (DESA) CUNNINGHAM formerly WILSON, heir and distributee of JAMES WILSON, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., to brother JAMES WILSON; Power of Atty. to sign name to deed from heirs of JAMES WILSON, dec’d, to the East    Tenn& GA R. R. Co., for

four acres of land formerly know as the Hicky farm, for use as a   depot   and for railroad purposes; DISA CUNNINGHAM acknowledges, apart from her husband, in Polk Co., MO before ISRAEL W. DAVIS, Clerk of Co. Court.






613 3 Nov 1846 ELIZABETH MEIGS to ALFRED SWAFFORD;  4 Apr 1854, the handwriting of witness M. C. HAWK, who has died, was proven.


619 3 Oct 1850 JAMES RUTHERFORD JR to WILLIAM RUTHERFORD JR; his one-eighth undivided interest

in land of JAMES RUTHERFORD SR, dec’d.



their undivided interests in land of their father, JAMES RUTHERFORD SR, dec’d, and in the

dower laid off for mother NANCY RUTHERFORD.


622 24 May 1853   ISAAC C. THOMAS and wife EVALINA of Giles Co., to H. M.   SIMPSON; their share of

land of father JAMES RUTHERFORD, dec’d, and in dower of mother NANCY; acknowledged in Giles Co.


Page 81


Deed Book L has been missing for many years.  It was evidently here in May 1871 when the Register made a copy of the deed on page 387, but was missing by 1895, according to testimony in Chancery Court Case No. 1340.


The following deeds were found in the Chancery Court files by this compiler, while doing the research for her book of abstracts of these cases, and were reregisters in the current deed books.


49   17 Jan 1855Now in Deed Book 8L, page 634  MARIA L. HOLSTON formerly PECK of Jefferson Co., to W. W. PECK; one of the eight heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, late of McMinn Co.,; her interest in landon which ELLIOTT lived and on which his widow NANCY haslived until a few weeks since; also land in Bradley Co. and all estate of her father; witnessed by HENRY H. PECK and E. P. HOLSTON.


81   6 Sep 1853 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 406 JAMES H. ROGERS of Walker Co., GA to HARRISON DILL of McMinn Co.; lots 59 and 60 in Calhoun; registered 19 Feb 1855 by T. VAUGHAN, Clerk, JOHN M. VAUGHAN, D. C.


180 15 May 1855   Now in Deed Book 8J, page 591  SAMUEL HARDY to WILLIAM EDGMAN; registered 5 Nov 1855.


209 6 Dec 1855 Now in Deed Book 8L, page 274  ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHYto A. BLIZZARD;  Trust Deed to secure his creditors; land on Eastanallee Creek, slaves, stock, etc.


227 29 Sep 1855    Now in Deed Book 8J, page 410  DAVID N. BELL of HamiltonCo., to ARTHUR ST. JOHN of McMinn Co;  lot 34 in Athens; registered 24 Dec 1855.


236 25 Jan 1856Now in Deed Book 8L, page 170  JAMES McDANIEL to DANIEL HORTON; land he bought of JAMES McSPADDEN and R. C. JACKSON formerly owned by JAMES H. FYFFE; witnessed by  W. G. and H. C. P.HORTON


239 1 Feb 1856 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 782  JOHN F. POWER to ANDREW McKELDEN; land which was deeded from said POWER to his son JAMES MILES POWER on 15 Mar 1851,who died intestate


244 25 Dec 1855    Nov in Deed Book 8J, page 413  ARTHUR ST. JOHN to daughter  REBECCA O. BRIDGES; my house and lot No 34 in Athens, to the exclusion of her husband; registered 5 Feb 1856.


264 8 Mar 1856 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 667  WILLIAM R. SMITH and wife FRANCIS JANE to JOHN J. MIDDLETON; land in Hamilton Co. upper corner of JOSEPH C.WILLSON...upper corner on bank of Tenn River...McCOILEY’s line; part of 369 acres which SAMUEL WILSON died possessed of an bequeathed to his daughter FRANCIS JANE.


278 24 Nov 1855  Now in Deed Book 8M, page 367  JAMES S. McCROSKEY to BENJAMIN DAVIS; land on  Chestua Creek; registered 5 Apr 1856


282 11 Apr 1856  Now in Deed Book 8K, page 494  Circuit Court Decree to divide land:  STERLING RAGSDALE and wife SARAH ANN, DANIEL and JOHN HICKS VS DANIEL McPHAIL in his own right and as



HICKS, and ABEL HICKS, infants by their gds. THOMAS CECIL and JOHN McPHAIL; Lot no 1 to DANIEL McPHAIL;




311 7 Jul 1856 Now in Deed Book 8L, page 207  JAMES W. GRISHAM of Troop Co., GA , as one of heirs of JOHN M. GRISHAM, dec’d, late of McMinn Co to ELIJAH GRISHAM JR; undivided interest in land.


349 30 Sep 1856 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 664  ISRAEL C. SMITH toWILLIAM R.SMITH;  land..BROWDER’s Meadow...reserving fraction on which the Methodist Church and school house stands and where the grave yard is.

Page 82


351 18 Aug 1856  Now in Deed Book 8L, page 697  ANNA DUCKWORTH, WAITSELL DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM M. JAMES, and JOHN A. DUCKWORTH;  Title Bond; whereas MARY and THOMAS DUCKWORTH have executed title bond to BYRAM ALLEN for land on Chestua Creek and MARY and THOMAS are minors under 21;  registered 3 Oct 1856


364 30 Oct 1856  Now in Deed Book 8J, page 586  J. A. GOULDY, Sheriff to BENJAMIN C. JAMERSON;  CHAMBERS & MACKLIN recovered a judgment against GEORGE H. HACKLER on 19 Mar 1851....selling undivided interest of GEORGE H. HACKLER in land of GEORGE HACKLER, dec’d.


379 2 Apr 1853 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 589  ELISABETH HACKLER to ROBERT HACKLER;  her right and title to land formerly property of GEORGE HACKLER, dec’d; registered 12 Dec 1856


387 31 Dec 1856  Now in Deed Book 8L, page 168  DANIEL HORTON to ELIZABETH McCREERY;  30 acres adjoining Athens, beginning at a stake at bridge on the R. R. running W with the Race Track Road..S to R.R.;  copy made 19 May 1871


403 1 Sep 1856 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 826  CHARLES A. PROCTOR to WMs. MAYFIELD;  land sold to PROCTOR by JOSEPH ROBINSON, WILLIAM O. BARRETT, and DANIEL PEARCE; registered 14 Jan 1857.


421 7 Feb 1857 Now in Deed Book 8L, page 629  JOHN E. HICKOX to E. W. HYDEN;  80 acres near JOHN HOYL’s spring.


426 Jan 1856 Now in Deed Book 8I, page 900  JAMES C. CALHOUN and ELISA ANN FOSTER to ALEXANDER GREEN;  land in District 14;  signed by JAS. C. CALHOUN, QUINTILIAN (his mark) FOSTER, and ELIZA A. (her mark) FOSTER; ELIZABETH FOSTER the  “Fem Covet.”


458 2 Apr 1855 Now in Deed Book 8J, page 419  ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHY to F. McKINZIE; land on Spring Creek sold by ARCHIBALD R. TURK to EMANUEL HANY and ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHY known as HAWKINGS Old Mill Place; registered 28 Apr 1857


 491 14 Mar 1857    Now in Deed Book 8L, page 342  THOMAS ROGERS of McMinn Co. to WILLIAM P. and JAMES S. VARNELL of Calhoun;  Lot No. 58 in Calhoun.


572 21 Dec 1857    Now in Deed Book 8J, page 408   JACOB SLIGER to JOSEPH W. GIBSON


In the Register of Deeds Office now, there are two volumes of deed indexes which were prepared about 1900 by E. B. MADISON, an illustrious attorney of Athens, preserved by CANDLER & HITCH, prominent attorneys, and presented to the Register by Mr. WALLACE D. HITCH.


The following are those entries in these two volumes which are listed as being in Book L.


3 1854    W. M. LOWRY, C&M to ANDREW HUTSELL


68   1852    J. A. & E. M NEWTON to B. J. AHL






183 1855    W. F. KEITH to JAS. B. COOKE


196 1855    DAVID PEARCE to Mc W. DORSEY




214 1855    E. T. WASSON to JNO LOWRY




238 1856    JAS. LOWRY SR. to JAS. & JOHN D. LOWRY


256 1856    THOS.  ROGERS, Agent, to S., T., & R. BISHOP



                                                                        Deed Book L


  page 83


 267  1855    M. Wattenbarger to W.D. Wade.


(293)   1856    Geo. W. Bridges to Thos. Edgeman.


(307)   1856    Thos. Prigmore to Jno. G. Buttram


(327)   1856    Wm. S. Calloway to Danl. Parkeson.


(332)   1855    R.H. Hickox to Jeptha Sivils.


(341)    1856   Thos. W. Johnston to J.H. Hornsby.


 (472)    1857   A.J. Kyker to Uriah Kyker.


 (505)    1857   Jno. Lowry to Jas. H. Lowry.


 (546)    1857   Robert F. Cooke to Thos. Cooper.


  (587)   1858   Humphrey Shults to James Wilson.


In the same two volumes of indexes, there are two entries which have no meaning to this compiler or to the present Register:


L Sheet  Mitch. Plat   Plat & Survey


L Sheet 1859  Jas. Chesnutt to Carroll Long.


Also in the same two volumes, there is an entry in pencil, evidently written by Mr. Madison, as follows:


23 Aug 1822 The Legislature donated to Athens ½ of SE qr Sec 28 and ½ of NW qr Sec 34 all in F4 R1 W.





Page 84   



31   1856  Nancy Peck, widow of Elliott Peck dec’d, formerly of McMinn Co. but  now of Murray Co., Ga., to Washington W. Peck formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga.;  her dower in land where Elliott lived and where she lived until  Dec 1854.


32   10 Sep 1853  A.R. Byington and wife Mary J. to Wesley Gaston.


34   19 Feb 1857  John Smith to William A., James C., John D., and Sarah J. Fain.


35   10 Feb 1858   John M. Crow of Bradley Co. to Mary Duncan; acknowledged in Bradley Co.   before John H. Payne., D.C.


37   30 Oct 1854  Holloway Powers to David R. McCuistian and George H. Powers;  land with exception of 25 acres in a square where the new house stands, which is reserved to Holloway for his lifetime.


 38   9 Nov 1855  George H. Power to David R. McCuistian; his undivided interest in land purchased from Holloway Power in his lifetime.


39    9 Feb 1858  John F. Power to Lewis Stanton; Deed of Trust for land and property;  Kelsey H. Power has become his endorser on note.




(42a)    {This deed is not copied in the book, but is inserted between pages 42 and 43. It is written in red and brown ink and has plats of the land sold.}


(45) 7 Sep 1857  Charles a. Proctor to William Russell Proctor of Philadelphia, Pa.


46    9 March 1858  Carroll Long to John A. Long in trust for the use and benefit of Carroll’s wife Nancy and her children Sarah S. and Elizabeth F. Long and any other children which she may have; whereas my wife Nancy S. Long formerly Nancy S. Oury was at the time of her marriage possessed of slaves and land.


471 Feb 1858  Charles Cate to John M. Monds, B.A. Prophet, Michael C. Reynolds, A.G. Derrick, and Julius Miller, Trustees for the Methodist Protestant Episcopal Church, South, Mars Hill meeting house; $1.00; one acre on which said meeting house is now situated; land to be used for a church and also for a public school for the benefit of the public and convenience of the neighborhood.


46   9 Mar 1858  Carroll Long to John A. Long in trust for the use and benefit of Carroll’s wife Nancy and her children Sarah S. and Elizabeth F. Long, and any other children which she may have; whereas my wife Nancy S. Long formerly Nancy S. Oury was a t the time of her marriage possessed of slaves and land.


47   25 Jul 1857 William George, Clk. Of County Court, to E. Sawtell; Bill of Sale for female servant named Margaret who was sold by me as Clerk on 20 Dec 1856, under a decree of Court for distribution among the heirs of Burnt F. Seay dec’d.


48   12  May 1851  Bank of Tenn. to East Tenn. & Ga. R.R. Co.; lots 15 and 16 and part of lot 14 of the out lots laid out from the lands donated by the Legislature to Athens, about 4 ½ acres, to be used for a depot and station purposes, and if not so used, to be reconveyed to the Bank.


50   15  Dec 1857  L.C. and J.W. Rentfro to East Tenn. & Ga. R.R. Co.; 2 1/2  acres embracing the whole line of rail road running through the land formerly owned by Robert Rentfro dec’d.



52   8  Jan 1858  Austin Fry of Monroe Co. to William H. Ballew; Deed of Trust for land and personal property; is indebted to A. McKeldin, his partner in merchandising, said partnership dissolved in 1853.


57   25 Jun 1857 Levi Swinford and wife Nancy Emeline of Williamson Co., Ill., heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d, late of McMinn Co., to Joseph C. Rucker;  Miriam Rucker is Gdn. For said Joseph C., another heir of Mordica; their 1/9 interest; by John T. Loudon, their Atty. In fact.


58   20 Jun 1857   Same Grantors as in deed on page 57, above, to Miriam M. Rucker by her Gdn. Miriam Rucker; same conditions.


59   16 Jun 1857   Same Grantors as in deed on page 57, above, to Silas N. Rucker, one of the   heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.


21 Feb 1855   Chancery Court Decree, Ex parte petition: Martha M. Martin, John W. Smith,   Mark Roberts and wife Emily, adult heirs of Nathaniel Smith dec’d. and James   C., Laura, and Texana Smith minor heirs by their Gdn. Mary M. Carr; since the    institution of this suit, Martha M. Martin has married William Wright of Texas;140 acres of Nathaniel Smith dec’d and also 60

 acres of Stephen Smith dec’d. sold to Charles Metcalfe.



page 85


69   5 Feb 1858   John Arnwine to Thomas Lyons Williams Arnwine and Fleming Mellville Matlock Arnwine, his grandchildren, and minor heirs of his son Alburtis Arnwine  dec’d; land, for love.


736 Dec 1855   Elijah Cate to Thomas L. Cate for the use and benefit of Elijah’s daughterSarah Elizabeth Sherman and her female children, born or yet to be born;two slaves; for parental love.


83   24 Nov 1857   A. Barb to F.M. Barb; land, for $300, paid in work and labor done.


84   29 May 1858   Delilah Thompson to William W. Porter.


86   1 May 1858   James P. Senter and wife Nancy Jane to Henry Matlock; Bill of Sale for slaves.


89    17 Jun 1858   Alston Boyd to Spencer B. Boyd, both of Polk Co.; his interest in estate of Philip Cooper dec’d, as one of the children of  Jincy Boyd dec’d.


90    30 Jan 1854   William Tunnell to Jesse Tunnell;  his interest as heir of John Tunnell dec’d.


91    26 Jan 1858   John Hunt and wife Margaret N. (W.) Of Georgia, Keziah M. Tunnell,   Elijah A. Edons (Eton, Eaton) and wife Nancy M., James Roberts and wife Esther   Catharine, of McMinn Co., to Jesse Tunnell.


9 Nov 1857   John H. Leuty and wife Elizabeth to Alexander Cleage; Bill of Sale for slaves; acknowledged in Cass Co., Ga.


104   2 Apr 1857   David M. Lewis and Jane Haggar to Sarah Lewis for her lifetime and after   her to H.E. and J.M.A. Lewis.


105   15 Nov 1857   Wm. H. Walker to Wm. H. Walker; Power of Atty. to sell land.


108   No date.   William Houston Walker to Rodeman Hurst; being lawfully authorized by Power of Atty. to execute said deed.


109   3  Jan 1858   James Willson to John N. Delzell; four lots in town of Mouse Creek.


110   Dec 1856   County Court Decree: John Armstrong, Exec. and  Malinda J., William Baker, and Sarah Catharine Armstrong, minor heirs of Andrew Armstrong  dec’dby their present Gdn. David Cantrell; land sold May 1853 to Christian E.  Mountcastle, and now the notes are paid and title divested out of said three heirs.


114   11 Aug 1858   Daniel W. Robinson to Kesia Tunnell as trustee for the use of Easter Catherine Roberts, who is the daughter of John Tunnell dec’d.


119   18 Jun 1857   Martin A. Kenneday of Meigs Co. to George W. Marler Jr.


123   10 Aug 1858   George H. Power to Alexander C. Robeson; Power of Atty. to make settlement with C.C. Robeson or any one having control of the estate of Robert W. Hamilton dec’d for the distributive share of my wife Martha Jane Power, and  to invest such funds for her sole benefit.


125   14 Aug 1858   James McClarney to Frankling, John L., and Henry L. Guffy.


128   6  Jan 1858   John R. Porter to John L., Thomas F., and Henry L. Guffy


129   8  Jul 1858   Daniel C. Kenner of Bradley Co. to Lewis N. Shelton of La.;  acknowledged in Bradley Co. before H.H. Rucker, Clk.


134   28 Jul 1858   Elizabeth Ashe to L.E. Cantrell and R.A. Firestone; her dower interest in    land of her husband J.R. Ashe dec’d.


136   1856   Joseph Rabern to James J. Rabern; a fraction of his quarter of land.


141   1 Sep 1858   Dimmon Dorsey Jr. to A.C. Robeson as trustee for M.J. Power and Mrs.  Rebecca Buttram.


142   25 Aug 1858 Peter K. Whetsell to Lucinda E. Whetsell; his one half interest in the Gibbs Hotel and lot 108 in Athens.


143   20 Aug 1858   Thomas L. Hoyl of Bradley Co. to heirs of Lemuel J. Paris.



147   23 Oct 1857   John S. Reed to S.W. Reed; his 1/14 interest in undivided land as one of  the heirs of Jeremiah Reed dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.


148   6 Feb 1858   James Alexander McBroom and wife Margaret S. to N..M. Crockett; 


151   20 Jun 1857   Levi Swinford and wife Nancy Emeline of Williamson Co., Ill., heirs of Moridca Rucker dec’d, to Hilton H. Burk and wife Sarah C., they being also heirs;  interest in land and their 1/9 interest in personal property; also their interest in   lands set    aside by Chancery Court to Hamiton L. Wason and wife Rachel M. Wason.


156   1 Nov 1858   Charles R..Gardner to A. Burk; Deed of Trust for “one Camera used for taking likenesses together with all the chemicals, plates, and cases, borders, and    preservers thereunto belonging, for carrying on said business.  Also the head dressand camera stand, & also three sheets, twelve yards of dark cambric, developing & fixing solution, the bath, and bath holder, one gutta percha dish, and two gutta   percha funnels, also two buckets, and two trunks.  Also one vice for clearingplates.


168   6 Nov 1857   Richard Stanley of Meigs Co. to Martin Bunch.


169   4 Apr 1853   County Court Decree: E.P. Bloom and Samuel Firestone, Execs. of MathiasFirestone dec’d VS Mary Ann and Mathias Firestone, minor heirs of  Mathias Firestone dec’d, defended by their Gdn. James C. Firestone, and Sarah E. and Mary E. Cobbs, minors defended by their Gdn. JosephCobbs; by the Will of    Mathias Firestone dec’d the interest of the proceeds  from the sale of lands is to be applied to educating Mary Ann and Mathias   Firestone, minor heirs, until the expiration of ten years from the date of hisdeath, at which time a specified legacy is to be paid to each of the  following parties, to wit, 1st William Firestone, 2nd Alfred Firestone, 3rd James Douglas and wife Elizabeth, 4th Martha, David, Mary,   and SarahCobbs, heirs of Joseph and Sarah Cobbs and 5th John Firestone.


174   13 Sep 1858  Eliza C. Duggan to Allen Moore.


187   22 Dec 1858   John Hill of Murry Co., Ga. to Elizabeth Marr.


189   15 Mar 1855   Jessee R. Grigg of Green Co., Mo. to Samuel Grigg; his undivided half   of land left to him and Samuel by Joel Grigg dec’d; acknowledged in Green Co.,Mo.


192   20 Nov 1858   Allen Boone, Exec. of Samuel Hardy dec’d, to William Edgemon.


193   30 Dec 1858   William S. Edgemon to Joseph B. Reed of Meigs Co.


198   17 Jan 1859   Isaac W. Fyffe to Eli Helums; Deed of Trust for the shares of two heirs of  the lands of Isaac W. Fyffe Sr., his own and the one that he purchased from    William Mee and wife Sarah E.


203   19 Aug 1856   Chancery Court Decree: David Crockett, Exec. of John Crockett dec’d, and Nelson Crockett VS James Crockett; at sale, Nelson buys the 1/8 undivided interest of deponent James Crockett in the lands of John Crockett dec’d, to take effect after William Crockett, the grandchild of said John Crockett dec’d, who is now about 14, shall reach 21.


207   12 Jul 1856   John Thomas to Cyrus Zimmerman; his interest in land near Athens, it being the land upon which the Athens Foundry and Machine Shop now stands, near the   East Tenn, & Ga. R.R.; land and lots sold to the bargainers; acknowledged in    Bradley Co.


210   10 Jan 1859   M.B. McMahan, Trustee for George Horn, to John L. Atlee; acknowledged in Knox Co. before William Craig, Clk., J.N. Craig, D.C.


212   21 Feb 1859   Benjamin Wells, Adm. of John Grisham dec’d, to Henry Walker.


(212a)    {This instrument of writing including plat which appears to be the original, is   inserted between pages 212 and 213.}   25 Jan 1859   Processioning and survey of landsof Louis F., John G., and William H. Briant, by running the line between their land and that of H.H. Turner, corner of Henderson and James Carter land, corner of Susan Carter    land.


21321 Feb 1859   John Arnwine of McMinn Co., and one of the heirs of AlbartusArnwine, late of Cherokee Co., Texas, now dec’d, to Alford W. Arnwineof  Cherokee Co., Texas; Power of Atty. to collect his share of lands,property, and    23 slaves in Texas.



Page 87


217   28 Feb 1859   Emaline Witt to Lee Cate; her 1/12 interest in land, for and in consideration of $12.50 with interest from 27 Aug 1844 to 28 Feb 1859.



220   24-May 1855   John Morris to Isaac Morris.


221   22 Nov 1858   Cyril Carpenter to Dan Carpenter.


224   3 Jun 1858   Thomas J. and Isaac A. Lowry, two of the heirs of Isaac Lowry dec’d, to John D. Lowry, James Lowry, John D. Fain, and Christian Shell, trustees of New Bethel Presbyterian Church; two acres and 149 ½ poles including the shed erected for a place of preaching; land was sold by Isaac Lowry in his lifetime but no title was made; T.J. and Isaac A. Lowry have purchased rights to land from the other heirs.


225   3  Jun 1858   Thomas J. and Isaac A. Lowry to Thomas Stephens, William Laseter, and Monterville Reynolds, School Commissioners of 4th Township, 1st Range, East of the Meridian; for the promotion of learning and for the establishing of a site for a school; land...near the Baptist Church.


227   18 Jun 1855   Benjamin Isbell to Mathias Cox, Isaac Stalcup, and John Lowry, School Commissioners of 4th Township, 1st Range East of the Meridian; one acre, for the promotion of learning and for the establishing of a site to build a school house on, with free access to the Spring; this deed is made in place of one made about 1833 which is lost.


229   22 Apr 1851   Christian Peters, Sheriff, to Tandy S. Rice; land belonging to the heirs of N. Jarnagin dec’d , sold 1850 for unpaid taxes; witness Milton P. Jarnagin proves deed, 10 Mar 1859, and William Lowry Sr. proves handwriting of William F. Keith, the other  witness, who is now dead.


231   11 Mar 1859   Cyrus Zimmerman to Furgus M. Kilgore; one half the land on which the Athens Foundry and Machine Shop stands, and lots adjoining, near the town of Athens, as laid down in the survey by H.B. Haywood, Engineer, on file in the Register’s office.


232   15 Mar 1859   Alexander D. Keyes to Washington R. Grubb; lot 27 on the plan of my lots laid off between Athens and the E.T. & Ga. R.R., said plan registered in Book L, page 539, said  lot 27 adjoining lot 27 ½  sold, and now occupied by a turn table for said rail road.


233   3  Mar 1859   James Gettys of Meigs Co. to Daniel Horton; lots 71, 72, 75, and 76 in Athens, on which John L. Bridges’ livery stable is erected.


234   11 Feb 1858   J.H. Magill to Mary E. Shadden; lot no. 3 on Railroad Street in town of Mouse Creek, on which said Mary E. now lives.


236   30 Oct 1851 James W. Crawford and wife Susan M. to Martin Paine; their interest in land.


245   23 Feb 1859   James F. Newman to Garrett Newman.





247   22 Oct 1858   James Hawkins of Polk Co. to William McKenzie; land...line between Benjamin and John Hawkins.


248   19 Dec 1855   James Calaway Triplett to Elisha Melton, Thomas Melton, and Hugh Studdard; his entire interest, being 1/4, in undivided land.


249   23 Aug 1855   Chancery Court Decree; Ex parte, Theodore H. McCullie and Mary Dixon, Execs. of William T. McCullie dec’d, and John Dixon, and William P., Henry A., James J., Mary E., Alice H., and John H. McCullie, all heirs of William T. McCullie dec’d by their regular Gdn. Alfred Swafford; land sold to Adolphus P. McClatchy.


250   15 Apr 1859   Chancery Court Decree:   Elizabeth Coffman, widow and admx. of G.P.F. Coffman dec’d VS Margaret N., William B., and Sarah E. Coffman, heirs of G.P.F. Coffman, and David Weir and William Thompson; in 1855 G.P.F. Coffman died intestate, having been in partnership with David Weir in ownership of lands and a mill.


252   9 Jul 1857   Mary M. Bryan (Bryant) and James C. Rucker, both by their Atty. P.B. Bryan, to Silas N. Rucker; all are heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.


page 88


253   9 Jul 1857   Same Grantors as in deed on page 252, above, to Miriam Rucker, Gdn. of Miriam Matilda Rucker and Joseph C. Rucker, heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.


254   19 Apr 1859   Planters Bank of Tenn., O. Ewing, Pres, and D. Weaaver, Cashier, of Davidson Co, to W.G. and Daniel Horton, Merchants trading under name of W.G. Horton  & Co. in Athens, lot 94 on which their houses and store now stand.


255   12 Apr 1859   John Small to Albert G. Small.


259   5 Mar 1855   James Cox to Thomas E. Cox; land, except for 20 acres including the house of said James Cox, out buildings, and Spring, to be the property of said James Cox and his wife for their lifetime; for $600., and in consideration of Thoms E Cox’s good care and attention to James and his wife during their natural life.


260   6 Dec 1856   Charles Russell to Luke Peak of Meigs Co.


262   2 May 1859   James C. Rucker of Wise Co., Texas, one of the heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d, to Hilton H. Burk and wife Sarah C., also heirs; his interest in estate which was assigned to the Burks by Chancery Court, and also his 1/9 interest in personal effects, and also his interest in estate of John Rucker dec’d as heir of said Mordica.


263   2 May 1859   Same Grantor and conditions as in deed on page 262, above, to William A. Rucker, also an heir.


264   10 Dec 1856   Circuit Court Decree: Russell S. Lane, Adm. and heir of Tidence C. Lane dec’d and Elizabeth Lane, widow of Tidence C. Lane dec’d VS John F. Lane by his Gdn. ad litem Willie Lowry, and Mary Jane Rowan by her Gdn. F.M. Rowan, John H. and William C. Shelton by their Gdn. James W. Shelton, all heirs of Tidence C. Lane dec’d; land sold to Russell S. Lane with Russell and John F. Lane as his securities.


  266)   7 May 1859   Stephen Bedford formerly of McMinn Co. but now of De Soto Parish, La., to Isham W. Farmer.


268   7 May 1859   Stephen Bedford of De Soto Parish, La., to Phillip P. Owens; money to be paid by W.D. and W.A. Buckner who are now minors, and when paid, Owens is to relinquish his title.


274   18 Apr 1859   Robert N. McEwen and Elizabeth R. Nice, Execs. of William G. Nice dec’d, to John L. Bridges; Elizabeth acknowledged in Henry Co.


280   9 Dec 1858   John Arnwine to Marshall Arnwine; Bill of Sale for a little negro boy named William, 8 months old, “to pay to my six Soninlaws named in my last Will and Codicle”


280   1 Sep 1848   John Arnwine to Marshall Arnwine; Bill of Sale for slave; witnesses Nancy Arnwine, James H. Dover, James M. Dodd; 17 Jun 1859, witnesses Dodd and Nancy Garrison formerly Nancy Arnwine prove deed.


283   25 Feb 1859   Chancery Court Decree: Charles Metcalfe VS Margaret J., Charles P., and George C. Metcalfe, minors, and J.P. Lynch, and Bank of Tenn.


284   Mar 1859   County Court Decree: Starke D. Grills VS William G., Martha L., and Margaret J. Grills, Samuel L. Knox and wife Mary E., adult heirs of Harriet W. Grills dec’d and Thomas J., Sidney L., Emaline E., Jasper E., and Dicy A. Grills, minors by their Gdn. ad litem James Baker; land, except that sold by Jackson Smith in his lifetime, and land reserved according to the Will of Jackson Smith dec’d, sold to Alexander H. Keith.


287   27 Apr 1859   Mortimore F. Johnson of Monroe Co. to William R. Stewart; acknowledged in Meigs Co., before J.J. Lillard, Clk.


288   16 Feb 1858   Robert B. (P.) Smith to Charles A. Pickens; his undivided interest in estate of father Joseph Smith, having been advanced by his father in his lifetime.


291   12 Dec 1856   Joseph N. Smith to Charles A. Pickens; his undivided interest, as heir, in estate of Joseph Smith dec’d.


292   8  Jan 1855   Nimrod  N. Smith and wife Margaret L. and Robert A. Stephenson

 (Stephens) and wife Matilda C. formerly Smith, all heirs of Joseph Smithdec’d to Charles A. Pickens; their undivided interests in estate of Joseph Smith dec’d, the father of Margaret L. and Matilda C. 


293   9 Jul 1859   James M. Henderson, Adm. of A.D. Keyes dec’d, to A. Jackson Irvin as trustee for Sarah Wilson and her heirs.

Pager 89


295   16 Jul 1859 East Tenn. & Va. R.R. Co., Samuel B. Cunningham, Pres., and A.G. Graham, Trustee, to Richard Norris & Son, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Deed of Trust for entire income received for said Company by the East Tenn & Ga. R.R. Co. at Dalton, Chattanooga, or elsewhere along the line, for 18 months; Company is indebted to said Norris & Son about $25,000. for two locomotives.


296   16 Feb 1859 Samuel R. Glenn and wife Mary Ann, Alexander Jarvis and wife Susan J., heirs of Betsey Cox dec’d, Edward Anderson and wife Sarah, all of White Co., to John W. Glenn of same; Power of Atty. to receive all the estate due them as heirs of James Wilson dec’d.


300   5 Apr 1859 George W. Longley and wife Mary of Bang Co., Mo. to Simeon E. Browder of Polk Co., Tenn.; Quit claim to their interest in estate of Simeon Eldridge now dec’d; acknowledged in Bang Co. at town of Casville.


302   1 Jun 1859  James Gettys of Meigs Co. to Jacob W. Gilbert; lots 116 and 117 in Athens on which the tan yard is situated, formerly occupied by said Gettys.


303   22 Apr 1859 Stephen Hill to John  Hill.


311   29 Mar 1859  Martha Stewart to Stephen Hill; her dower in land.


312   23 Mar 1859 Henry C., William R., and Giles W. Stewart to Stephen Hill.


313   8 Aug 1859 Joseph Moore and wife Jesten to John J. Helm.


317   22 Sep 1856  Henry C. Peck of Gentry Co., Mo., heir of Elliott Peck dec’d of McMinn Co., to Washington W. Peck, of originally Cherokee, now Murry Co., Ga.; his interest in land where his father Elliott Peck lived and on which Elliott Peck’s widow Nancy lived until the Fall of 1854; acknowledged in Gentry Co., Mo.


318   17 Aug 1854  Circuit Court Decree: James Wilson in his own right and as Adm. of James Wilson dec’d, Sarah Wilson widow, and William P. Wilson, Russell Miller and wife Jane, W.W. Peck and wife Dialtha VS Thomas W. Cunningham and wife, William Vaughan and wife, and James Henry an infant heir of said James Wilson dec’d by his Gdn. ad litum James Forrest; dower allotted to widow Sarah, and James Wilson is high bidder for the home farm and slaves; “then follows an exhibit of a book kept by James Wilson dec’d”.


322   29 Aug 1859   James D. Sewell to Francis M. Sewell of Meigs Co.


324   18 Sep 1858   Isaac B. Kimbrough and wife Mary Ann Eliza, lawful heirs of Nancy W. Thompson, to Duke W. Kimbrough; their undivided interest in real estate of Nancy W. Thompson, to take effect at her, Nancy W. Thompson’s, death, in land devised to Nancy W. Thompson by William H. Cooke, except that portion which Mary Ann Eliza sold to R.F. Cooke before her marriage; acknowledged in Monroe Co.


329   27 Aug 1859   John B. Eldridge to William L. Rice, Gdn. of the minor heirs of John Matlock dec’d; Order, to said Rice, as one of the Adms. of Simeon Eldridge dec’d, father of John B.; acknowledged in Bradley Co.


331   1 Sep 1859   Charles Metcalfe to C.L. King and Thomas B. McElwee; $21,000.; land on big Mouse Creek, including all the mills, factories, machines, buildings, and water privileges, that Metcalfe has heretofore enjoyed upon said land.


335   2 Sep 1859   Thomas B. McElwee and C.L. King to Hugh McElwee, the one fourth undivided interest in the property in deed on page 331, above.


337   1 Sep 1857   Thomas B. McElwee to M.L. Phillips; the 3/8 undivided interest in property in deed on page 331, above


339    18 Feb 1851 Chancery Court Decree: Mary E.P. Lide VS Ann V. Netherland widow of J.W. Netherland dec’d, and Gdn. of Virginia, Margaret, James, Josephine, Cornelia, Ann Eliza, John P., and Catharine Netherland, children of James W. Netherland dec’d, and William F. Keith and James Forrest, Adms. of James W. Netherland dec’d; at sale, James W. Netherland had bought reversionary interest of Mary E.P. Lide, widow of John W. Lide, acting as agent for Mary E. P. Lide.


Page 90


Pag   342   7 Sep 1859   Simon Hoexter and Michael Wolf, Article of Agreement; they have entered into partnership as retail merchants in Athens, Hoexter furnishing the money and Wolf the work, for one year; acknowledged in Bradley Co.


349   22 Sep 1859   A.M. Benton and wife Mary Ann formerly Firestone to John Benton and Carter W. Cobb; Power of Atty. to receive their share, as heirs, of estate of Mathias Firestone dec’d from Samuel Firestone, Gdn. & C.


350   5 Sep 1859   Hugh P. and John W. Wilson to John J. Helm.


352   18 Aug 1852   Chancery Court Decree: Theodore H. McCallie and Mary Dixon and her husband John Dixon, Execs. of William T. McCalllie dec’d VS William P. Johnson, John L. McCarty, John Scarborough, John W. Smith, Mary M. Carr and husband ____ Carr, Martha M. Martin and husband _____ Martin, Samuel H. Smith, Emily Jane Robinson and ______ Robinson, and James, Laura C., and Amelia T. Smith, heirs of Nathaniel Smith dec’d, and William P., Henry A., James J., Mary E., Alice H., and John H. McCallie, by Gdn. ad litum Theodore H. McCallie.


357   23 Sep 1859   Peter K. Whetsell to Daniel Horton; Gibbs Hotel property.


358   23 Sep 1859   E.S. Brown and wife L.E. Brown to Daniel Horton; their interest in Gibbs Hotel property.


364   20 Aug 1857   Chancery Court Decree: David Cleage, Allen Butler, and James Lamar, Adms. of Z. Lamar dec’d, and Eva Lamar, widow, and Francis and Nancy Lamar, heirs VS Amon and Mary Lamar, children, and Eliza A.F. Small and James Thomas Snider, grandchildren of said Lamar dec’d, by their Gdn. ad litem; there being seven heirs.


369   13 Aug 1857   John Murphey of McMinn Co. and William Murphey of Whitfield Co., Ga. to Walter Mansell of Bradley Co., Jacob and Williamson Erickson both of McMinn Co.


374   5 Sep 1859   John W. and Henry Matlock, Adms. of Albartus Arnwine dec’d to C.H. Guthrey.


381   27 Apr 1837   John Mathews of Bradley Co. to Tandy Rice; 25 Aug 1859, Mathews acknowledges deed in Hamilton Co.


385   1 Dec 1856   County Court Decree: Thomas Grisham and Benjamin Wells, Adms. of John Grisham dec’d, and Thomas Grisham in his own right, James W. and Elijah Grisham, Elizabeth McCrary and husband Robert McCrary, Mary Ann Pharless and husband Samuel Pharless VS Martin Vanburen Grisham, Joseph Grisham, Jane Wyrick and husband Oscar Wyrick.


388   19 Nov 1857   Levi, A.Clark, John, Thomas L., and Daniel H. Hoyl, Jemima Maston, David L. Hoyl, Thomas P. Wells and wife Margarett, Williams Mayfield and wife Narcissa, and Thomas H. Jones and wife Susan, heirs of the late John Hoyl dec’d, to John A. Long.


393   5 Sep 1859   Christopher and Edward M. Ricks to Henry Nelan.


400   4 Sep 1855   Thomas and Esther Crabtree to William J. Green.


401   5 Sep 1855   William J. Green to Thomas and Esther Crabtree.


405   28 Jun 1859 William Foster to the heirs of Andrew Foster dec’d, Betsey Eliza his wife, and John H.C., Mary R., Chrisley A., Emily, James W., Margaret M., children of the dec’d.


414   23 Dec 1859   J.T. McCarty of Meigs Co. to William B. Johnston.


417   16 Jul 1859   William B. Clark to Oswell M. Liner and James M. Waldon, Trustees of the Hiwassee United Baptist Church; for the love and affection I have for the worship of God; five rods of land beginning on the SW corner of the meeting house lot near the river.

419   14 Sep 1854   Moses Cunningham to Gabriel L. Medaris of Meigs Co.


page 91     



422   1 Nov 1854   Mary M. Carr, John W. Smith, Martha M. Martin, Mark Roberts and wife Emily J., by their Atty. in fact Mary M. Carr, James C., Laura, and Texana Smith by their Gdn. Mary M. Carr, heirs of Nat Smith dec’d to Charles F. Keith; in 1853 Keith and Nathaniel Smith made a joint purchase of land known as the Forest Hill farm, the object of said purchase being to secure a home free of charge for the teacher of Forest Hill Academy.


423   7 Jan 1859   James E. Rucker and wife Elizabeth, John, James, and Jathan Gregory, R. M. Hamrick and wife Martha, Alfred Cate and wife Mary, William B. Erwin and wife Sarah, Jesse Rucker and wife Mervinda, to Benjamin Gregory; titled “Tapley Gregorys Heirs”.


428   19 Oct 1859   Archibald J. Peck of Solano Co., Calif. to Washington W. Peck of Ga.; his interest, as one of the children, in estate of father Elliott Peck dec’d and in dower of mother Nancy Peck; acknowledged in City and County of Sacramento, Calif.


429   6 Oct 1856   County Court Decree: Mary, Laury, and Penelope Jones by their Gdn. Nancy Fore, and Elizabeth Ann Keith by her Gdn. Alexander H. Keith; sale of land which had been decreed to the complainants by Will of Penelope E Irvin dec’d.


431   30 Apr 1859   Helen M. Fyffe of Grainger Co., John McMahan and wife Margaret T. formerly Moore, to Samuel P. Ivins.


432   28 Nov 1859   William G. Thompson of Rockingham Co., Va. to Solomon D. Henkel of Shenandoah Co., Va.; acknowledged in Rockingham Co.


435   21 Apr 1855   David W. Beavers to Thomas C. Odom of Meigs Co.


436   28 Jan 1860   H.C. Peck to Washington W. Peck of Ga.; his 1/8 interest in estate of father Elliott Peck dec’d and in dower of mother Nancy.


437   8 Sep 1857   William C. Owen and wife Jane, heir of Jeremiah Reed dec’d to James B. Reed; their 1/14 part of estate subject to widow’s dower.


439   2 Dec 1859   Bennett Shelton to A.J Shelton


441   16 Aug 1859   Chancery Court Decree: Sarah R. Willson and husband James Willson VS John C., David M., Hugh L., and Nancy S. McReynolds, minors defended by their Gdn. John McReynolds; Coleman C. McReynolds late of Cass Co., Mo. died intestate in 1850, leaving Mary McReynolds his widow, who has also since died intestate, and Sarah R. Willson, the Complainant, and the Respondents his children; since the death of Mary McReynolds, all of said heirs have been brought to Tenn. to live, and John McReynolds has been appointed Gdn. by Bradley Co., Court.


447   18 Feb 1857   Chancery Court Decree: Martin M. Hicks, Adm. of  Joseph Smith dec’d VS Delilah Smith widow, and other heirs of Joseph Smith dec’d; land sold to Clinton Norville


449   10 Nov 1859   James F. Newman to Henry Newman; his interest in estate of father Bird Newman.


451   6 Mar 1860   Clinton L. Norvill Jr. to John F. and Asbury R. Norvilll;  Clinton purchased land of Joseph Smith dec’d and the Grantees aided him in paying for same.


453   21 Dec 1858   Isaah S. Garrison to James H. Reagan; his interest in estate of Phillip Fry dec’d, it being the share of heirs David D. Dean and wife Delila, which he had purchased.


454   20 Feb 1860 Chancery Court Decree: S.K. Reeder, Exec. of Rachel Kinder dec’d VS James B. Rudd.


455   5 Feb 1858   Alexander H. Deaderick, Exec. of  William H. Deaderick dec’d  to William H. Howard; William H. Deaderick died 30 Oct 1857.


459   8 Feb 1860   William McCaslin of Monroe Co. to John McCaslin.


464   15 Mar 1860   James B. Rudd to H.H. Rudd; Deed of Trust for lot on which said James B. and his father William Rudd  now live.


465   13 May 1851   Thomas R. Rudd to McEwen & Gillespie; his interest in land, including widow’s dower, upon which his father the late Joseph Rudd lived and on which his mother Susan Rudd  now lives.


page 92 



469   20 Mar 1860 Henry Walker to T.W. Warren; Lot No. 4 in the plan of lots laid off by A.D. Keys on the NW side of Athens, beginning at the corner of Mrs. Martha Ann Meredith on W side of street leading from the public square towards the Depot, running thence SW to the alley opposite or E of the Foris Hill Academy, thence NW.


473   30 Jan 1860   R.M. Lillard of Monroe Co. to Elmore Brock.


476   5 Feb 1859   G.W. Kirksey to A.J. Kirksey.


487   12 Apr 1860   J.L., A.B., and W.P. Medaris to M.A. Cass, Thomas Maston, and N.M. Crockett; Deed of Trust of horses.


489   21 May 1859   New Orleans, La., Second District Court: Petition of John Charles Barelli of New Orleans that he has administered as testamentary executor of the late Lewis Neville Shelton dec’d, and whereas he is universal Legatee under the nuncupative will....and whereas there are no legacies under particular title left by said deceased, but only two conditional charges imposed upon the estate with which your petitioner is willing to comply, he prays that he be acknowledged and recognized contradictorily with Wiliam H. Hunt, Esq., attorney of the absent heirs, as the universal Legatee....and as such to be in possession of all the property belonging to the estate; Petition granted, P.H. Morgan, Judge; P.S. Wittz, Clk.; M.M. Cohen, Commissioner for Tenn. at New Orleans. {This is titled: Allen Shelton, Commissioner, John C. Barelli.}


491   18 Apr 1860   Moses Snider to James A. Houston; Deed of Trust for his interest in a Title Bond made to him 7 Feb 1860 by R.M., Susan, and Sarah J. Saffell, and J.C.M. Bogle and wife Elizabeth C. formerly Saffell, the title to be made when Sarah J. and Elizabeth C. reach 21.


503   11 May 1860   Samuel J.A. Frazier, B.K. Mynatt and wife Mary E. of Knox Co. to C.F. Gibson.


504   2 Apr 1860   Armsted H., Samuel P., William H., and David T. Wilson to Samuel Wilson; their undivided interest in land.


506   4 Mar 1860   Richard C. Jackson to Thomas H. Callaway and Euclid Waterhouse, of Murray Co., Ga.; one fourth part of the undeveloped mineral interest in land.


510   5 May 1860   James C. Maples of Cherokee Co., Texas, to William B. Reynolds of Cleavland, Bradley Co., Tenn.; Power of Atty, to receive his part of estate of his father William Maples late of McMinn Co.; acknowledged in Cherokee Co., Texas.


514   2 Apr 1860   Thomas Wilson to daughter Cyntha Wilson, and at her death to son Thomas J. Wilson, and at his death to his children; deed for slave, for love and affection.


515   30 Aug 1859   Allen Butler to daughter Nancy Price formerly Butler, wife of A.J. Price.


516   11 Jan 1859   Clarinda Mitchell to James H. Mitchell.


(1)   11 Jun 1860 Alexander H. Keith, Adm. of Nancy Fore dec’d, to Julius Miller.


519   Corporation of the Town of Athens, Tenn.:  Election inspectors Daniel Horton, James Baker, and John F. Slover certify that at an election held in Athens at the Court house on 9 Jun 1860, a majority of the votes were cast in favor of incorporation.  Petition of the “inhabaitance” of Athens; the boundaries to be the same as shown and specified in the original plan of said town, to wit- Commencing at N corner of Lot No.__ known as Hornsby’s lot, running with the street SW to the W corner of Lot No.__ known as the old Academy lot, so as to include the Athens Female College property, and the lots and residence of E. Rowley thence with the street SE to the S corner of Lot No.___ known as Turners lot, thence NE with the street to the E corner of Lot No.  known as Bakers lot, so as to include the lot and residence of E.A. Atlee, thence NW to the big spring lot, thence NE with



 page 93


520   25 Apr 1860  James Massingale Sr. to James C. Massingale Jr.:  Land including the house where said James C. now lives.


524   23 Jan 1860  Hiel Buttram, Exec. Of James Hicks dec’d to Danie Hicks.


525   13 Sept 1853  Wilson Baker of Meigs to Jonathan Thomas; the third part of land that Alexander Baker lived and died on.


527  10 Feb.1859 James Thomas of Rhea Co to Jonathan Thomas.



531  7 Feb.1860 Samuel Firestone to Thomas F. Martin and wife Presha Martin: for love and natural affection.


529   8 Aug. 1860 Polk Co.,Tn  Reuben F. Mastin of McMinn Co. to Charles A. Proctor of Fitchburghe, Mass,   his one eighth undivided intrest in the Turtletown lands belonging to the estate of Thomas W. and Jemima Mastin dec’d; the lands being in Polk Co.


535    30 Jun 1860 Mortimer F. Johnson of Monroe Co. to David L. Campbell of Meigs Co.   


542   16 Jan 1839 Jacob Sharp to son Hiram Sharp; 24 Jul 1860, witness Union    Graves proves deed in Laclede Co., Mo. before John L. Henderson clk., P.H. Edwards,  Judge; 18 Aug. 1860, the hand writing of witness Nathan Richardson, who went beyond the limits of Tenn,  in 1839 and is reputed to be dead, is proven.


544   9 Feb. 1859 C.L. Owen to French Pickell of Roane Co.


546   25 Jun 1860 Daniel W. Robinson to Archabald Blizard; lot adjoining  Athens on  its Western limits, partly fronting Washington St.


551   20 Aug. 1860 William C. Peak and wife Nancy P. of Meigs Co. to Charles L. Matlock; their one undivided fifth interest in dower land of Sarah Matlock widow of  William Matlock dec’d.


 562   17 Aug 1860 Hyram K. Hedgecoth of Cumberland Co. to T.C. Henly, truste for J.W. Blackwell; Deed of Trust for still and fixtures.


 566  7 Aug. 1860 William C. Mc.Lin and wife Nancy A. formerly Lassater, of Collin Co., Texas, to John Smith of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to collect monies due  Them from William Lassater, Adm. of estate of her father Willy Lassater Dec’d, or from the Chancery Court Clerk; acknowledge by Hurst 2 Oct 1860.


569 No date. Roadman Hurst to M. Ancient Shipley; acknowledged by Hurst  2 Oct.1860.


570 4 Oct. 1860 John A. McCrosky to David P. McCrosky; his undivided fifth interest in lands belonging to the heirs of William McCorsky dec’d.


573 Oct 1860 Daniel W. Robinson to George W.Bridges, who is security for his debt to Sloupe and Dodson, Commissioners of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Athens; Deeds of Trust for personal property.


575 23 Jun 1860 J. Hamilton Hale and wife M.L. to William D. Vandyke; their interest in the purchase money arising from the sale of land by decree of Chancery court at Athens in case of Lois Deaderick and others VS H.M. Campbell and

others, known as the Gibbs Farm, acknowledged in Hawkins Co.


576 12 Oct 1860 Leah Henry to Hugh P. Wilson, trustee for Gideon Cate, Deed of trust for oxen and wagon.


Page 94


578   23 Aug 1860  Chancery Court Decree: William B. Porter, Adm. of A. L. Sharp dec’d VS Mary D. Sharp widow, and Mary Elizabeth, William B., Alexander, John B., and Locky M. Sharp, minor heirs.


579  10 Oct 1860 Bennet Cooper and Mary Robinson, Marriage Contract: Cooper f Bradley Co.; each party to retain all property witch they respectively owned, especially   $6400. in cash and one share in estate of Wyley Lasetter dec’d which belongs to Mary Robinson.


587 15 Oct 1860 Silas Sivils to Mahala Sivils.


588 25 Oct 1860 Daniel W. Robinson to George W. Bridges: Deed of Trust for 10,000 bricks, more or less, and 2000 ft. of lumber consisting of rafters. Plank and other timber, all of which is now lying on the lot upon which the old Cumberland Church originally stood; he is indebted to Sloop and Dodson , Commissioners of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


590 10 Aug 1860 William Yearwood to son Thomas Yearwood; for love and for extra work and labor performed; Deed of Gift of  slave given him to him in 1847 and of blacksmith tools, but William to have use of during his life, if he wishes; nothing shall be so construed as to prevent son Thomas from receiving his equal portion of the remainder of estate with other heirs.

594 5 Oct 1853 Nancy Cantrell to L.E. Cantrell;  her interest in estate as widow of Gabriel Cantrell dec’d, and also interest which she purchased of son W.J. Cantrell


595   6 Jan 1859 Charley McGinty Alexander Cantrell of Webster Co. Mo. to Leemaster E. Cantrell; his interest in land of his father Gabriel Cantrell dec’d; acknowledged in Webster Co.


596   4 Nov 1856 Robert H. T. Cantrell of Webster Co.,Mo. to Lemaster E. Cantrell; his interest in land of father Gabriel Cantrell dec’d ; acknowledged in Webster Co.


598   2 Jan 1854 Thomas H. and James R. Cantrell of Dade Co., Mo., to Lemaster E. Cantrell; their interest in land of father Gabriel Cantrell dec’d; acknowledged in Dade Co.


60013 Nov 1860 James W. Bridges of McMinn Co. agreement with James W. Hanson of Fannin Co. ,Texas; Bridges agrees to take charge of about 1000 head of cattle and about 60 head of houses, of said Hanson, in Erath Co. , Texas, to have control by 1 May 1861; Hanson to pay expenses of Bridges and family from Jefferson, Texas to Erath  Co.


60523 Nov 1860  Jacob W. Gilbert to George R. Gilbert of Marietta, Ga.; Deed of Trust.


610 7 Nov 1826 John K. Farmer to Sarah Wiles; Title bond to a lot a SW end of Athens, on S side of the new street which I have laid off to run through my land, it being  the second lot from the commons, on that side of the new street; to make deed so soon as I obtain a right form the commissioners to the land; 2 Jul 1829, Sarah Wiles assigns bond to Edy Lusk; 13 Nov 1860, Edy assigns bond to Jackson Grubb.


611 13 Nov 1860 Edy Lusk to Jackson Grubb; lot, as in bond on page 610, “Upon which I have lived and held in peaceable adverse possession for the last thirty years.


614   11 Dec 1860 Charles Metcalfe and L. R. Hurst, trustees for the  Christian Church at   Athens, to Richard C. Jackson; south half of lot No. 20 in Athens.


619  10 Dec 1860 Grandville C. Williams and wife Margaret C. to A.C. Robeson; Deed of Trust for on half of an undivided interest in land.


20 Aug 1859 A. C. Robeson, Trustee of Martha J. Power, to Margaret C. Williams; on sixth part of land, the same as in deed page 619.

Page 95


635  4 Feb 1833   Starling Camp to William T. McCallie; 8 Jan 1861, handwriting of    witness T.H. McCallie and Andrew Defore, who have both removed beyond the  limits of the state, is proven.


638 17 Feb 1857  Chancery Court Decree in division of lands among the heirs of Mordica   Rucker dec’d; dower to widow Miriam, and tracts set apart to heirs Miriam M. Rucker, Joseph C. Rucker, Silis N. Rucker, William A. Rucker, Hillton H. Burk and wife Sarah C., Hamilton Wasson and wife Rachel M.; case is entitled: Heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d, Silias A. Rucker, Hamilton Wasson and wife Rachel, Hilton H. Burk and wife Sarah C. VS Miriam Rucker widow, William A. Rucker by Gdn. William Burk, Joseph and Miriam M. Rucker by Gdn. Miriam Rucker, Livi Swinford and wife Nancy, P.B. Bryan and wife Mary, James C. Rucker, heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.


647  9 Apr. 1860  T. S. Brown of Bradley Co. to Martin Bunch.


648  7 Jan 1861 County Court Decree: C.A. Armstrong, Adm. of William and Sarah Armstrong dec’d, Samuel Armstrong Gdn. of Thomas, Montgomery, Francis, David, and Joseph Armstrong, minor heirs of said William and Sarah Armstrong VS John R. Howard.


650  26 May 1860 Joseph S. Yoder to Miss Sarah Walker.


652  Feb 1861 John Heckler of Roane Co. to Robert hackler; his one undivided fourteenth of land.


654  2 Jul 1860 W. M. Taylor and wife M.M. formerly Spermen, Henry A. Taylor and wife Nancy E. formerly Spermen, William H. Webb and wife J. A. formerly Spermen, all of Grayson Co., Texas, to J.W. Gibson; acknowledged in Grayson Co.


656  1852 Joel Roberts and wife Mary, and John Marquis Sperman, all of Dallas Co., Texas, to Jacob Sligar, who sells to Joseph W. Gibson; acknowledged in Dallas Co. 7 Jun 1852.


658  10 Apr. 1852 Elizabeth, Sarah, and R.T. Spearman, and Charles R. Basket to Jacob Sligar; whereas Westly Spearman, late dec’d of McMinn Co., at the time of his death left living a widow Elizabeth Spearman, and the following children, his heirs: Sarah Spearman John M. Spearman, Mary Spearman who has since intermarried with Joel Roberts Robert S. Spearman, Lorenzo M. Spearman, Susannah Spearman who has since intermarried with Rice Basket, Jamima, Malinda, and Nancy Spearman.


670 7 Jan 1861 James H. Lasater of Marion Co., Oregon, to John Smith of McMinn Co.,; Power of Atty. to collect monies due him as heir of Wiley Lasater dec;d ; acknowledged in Marion Co.


680    Mar 1861 Hervey McHan and wife Margaret J. of Whitfield Co.,Ga. To James R. lasater of same; Power of Atty. to proceed to Tennessee and collect their share of estate of Wiley Lasater dec’d, they being heirs of Jonathan Lasater dec;d, who was an heir of Wiley Lasater dec’d.


683    20 Mar. 1861 James Gregory to the Methodist Episcopal Church, for the love and affection I entertain for the Church and Education; to the Commissioners that are or may be appointed for bulding a meeting house, also that all denominations shall have the privilege of worshipong in it, also for a school house 1 ½ acers in District 3, from the farm where I now reside.


68527 Nov 1860 William B. Broomfield of Monroe Co. to John Hill of same.


69310 Apr 1861 William Teague to daughter Sarah Teague; for love and affection and Sarah agrees to care for father if he becomes helpless.


69411 Apr 1861 Laura S.Patty and husband George O. Patty to Thomas A. Cleage; Deed of Trust.


699  12 Apr 1861 William Lowry of Bradley Co. to James S. Bridges.


701  25 Mar 1861 Miss Ailcy E. Pridmore  of Bossier Parish, La. Appeared at office of Rial A. Lancaster, a Notary Public of Claiborne Parish, La. In Minden, appoints her brother William M. Pridmore of Bossier Parish, who is in Tenn., as her Atty to transact her business.


702  7 Nov 1860 Joseph Hamilton to Louisa M. Gilbert.


Page 96


70615 Feb William H. Deaderick of Galveston, Texas, to U.L.York; his interest in ten acres.


70725 Feb 1859 Thomas S. Deaderick of Wharton Co. Texas, to U.L. York; his interest in ten acres; acknowledged before Solomon J. Thomas, Clk.; certified by Joseph H. Deaderick, Chief Justice of Wharton Co.


7087 Nov1860 Robert H. Deaderick of city and State of New York, to U.L. York; his interest in ten acres.



7107 May 1861 U.L. York records the last three deeds, made by the brothers of his wife Mary, a daughter of Dr. William H. Deaderick dec’d, “they and her father intending the same to secure a permanent home for my said wife…now therefore I accept said title as trustee….and hold said land and the appearances for the sole use of my said wife”.


717 Dec 1860 David R. Crockett and Margaret E. Crockett to N.M. Crockett; “all our interest that we have as collateral heirs of John Crockett dec’d”.


718 29 Aug1860 William A. Stephens to Jasper N. Stephens; his undivided half interest in town lots in Mouse Creek.


71918 May 1860 J.G.Dent of Hamilton Co. to James H. Reagan; Bill of Sale for slaves.


722  5 Aug 1861 Allen Wear to Charles Staples, John Hoyl, and E.W. Hyden, School Commissioners; one acre to include the school house and spring.


72327 Jun 1861 Williams Mayfield to Jese M. Hill; “by virtue of the title in me vested by deed of trust for use and benefit of Jese M. Hill, by my mother, the late Penelope Mayfield (deceased) do make and convey to the said Jese Hill, he being of the age of twenty one years”.


724   2 Jan 1861 Mallisa Dixon to James Forrest; Deed of Trust for the slot she lives on at Mouse Creek; Eli Dixon is her security on notes.


725   27 Jul 1859 C.E. Mountcastle to J. A. Long, Thomas Melton, Hugh Studdard, W. R. Long, Nathan Melton, C.E. Mountcastle, and R.M. Mastin, Trustees for Wesleyana Methodist Church, South; $ 25.00’ one half acre.


731 No date. S.N. Rucker, Reservation. “I hereby declare my intention to have reserved to my own use as a homestead Such a part of my premises Known as the Harkrider farm….according to the law of said State reserving the homestead of each head of a family…”; acknowledged 30 Aug 1861.


733 11 Aug 1861 James Culton of Bradley Co. to John McMahan.


734 8 Dec 1854  George L. Gillespie and William S. McEwen of Roane Co. to Robert N. McEwen; $1.00; all their interest in lands in McMinn and Monroe Counties, belonging to them and the said Robert N. McEwen.


73720 Dec 1860 James H. Peace to John Vaughan of Rhea Co.


73810 Jan 1861 Joshua Ewing of Lee Co. , Va. To daughter Jane D. Caldwell wife of Alfred Caldwell of McMinn Co.; for love and affection; Deed of Gift of slave; acknowledged in Lee Co. at Jonesville.


73924 Dec 1860 Sarah Shults, an heir of Olevia Shults dec’d, to H.L. Shults; her undivided interest in land.


740May 1858 Humphrey L. Shults to J.F. Shearman, John L. Delzell, David Neil, W.A.___, E.___, trustees for a school; one half acre, for the purpose of establishing a good, permanent, and lasting school near the depot at Mouse Creek, as my subscription to said school.


746 4 Nov 1861 Clemuel Gregory to Elija N. Gregory; $200.


747 4Nov 1861 Clemuel Gregory  to Syntha Ann Gregory; $200.


751 22 Sept 1858 James R. Barnett and wife Sarah A. Barnett, James H. Dugan and wife Mary E., John Young and wife Elizabeth J., James R. Barnett Gdn. of  Mary A., John W., Sarah E., Margarett M., and Louisa E. Boulding (Bauldins, Bauldings, Baulding), minor heirs of Nancy A. Baulding dec’d formerly Barnett, Joseph Coker Gdn. of John T. and D__na C. Barnett, minor heirs of William C. Barnett dec’d, Leucinda Barnett widow of Charles C. Barnett dec’d, and Abram B. Coker Gdn. of Charles Willson Coker, minor heir of Luvena A. Coker dec’d, all of Hamilton Co., Ill., to William C. Barnett of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to sell land; witness C.S. Vise, M.F. Lowry; acknowledged in Hamilton Co., Ill


Page 97


763  18 Apr. 1856 Sterling P. Camp of Bradley Co to John M. Workman.


764  30 Feb. 1855 Chancery Court Decree; John Hambright Adm. of Sterling Camp dec’d, Kisiah Hambright, W.C. Porter and wife Margaret, Mary Bates, Sarah M. McKnight, and Thomas Camp sons-in-law and daughters of Sterling Camp. James Knox and wife Nancy A., Sterling P., Elizabeth T., Mary Jane, Thomas J, and John D. Camp, minors by their Gdn. Mary Camp, son-in-laws, sons, and daughters of John Camp dec’d  VS William Camp; land sold by decree Aug. 1852 and rights of complainants and respondent divested from them.


765  12 Dec. 1861 William H. Newman to Tabitha Bowlin (Bolin) and her heirs, the wife of William Bolin.


771   20 Dec. 1860 John Webb of Monroe Co. to Benjamin F Sanders.


772   21 Dec. 1861 Caleb Smith to Mary A. Carson and her heirs, to wit, William M. and Sarah E. Carson; part of his farm.


781 7 Jan. 1862 William W Porter to Sarah McNutt.


782  7 Jan 1862 William W. Porter to J.R. and W. F. McNutt.


786  28 Mar 1861 Andrew J. McMahan to Caswell L. Walker of Cherokee Co NC .


787  10 Jan 1857 William White to Andrew Jackson McMahan ; for love and affection.


788  30 Jul 1861 Duke W Kimbrough to Duke H  and Robert F. Kimbrough; land that was allotted to him by the heirs of William H. Cooke dec’d , including a part of what was originally Starr’s Reservation .


794   21 Jan 1862  J. Hamilton Hale of Hawkins co to T. Nixon Vandyke, gdn. of  Henrietta M. Campbell.


799   4 Nov 1861 L.M. Spearman, Joel Roberts and wife Mary formerly spearman, Jeremiah W. Davis and wife Sarah A. formerly Spearman, Charles R..Basket and wife Susan formerly Spearman, all of Grayson Co, TX , to J.W. Gibson of Polk Co, all their interest in land.


Deed Book N


Page 98


1   25 Feb 1862 John Vaughan of Monroe Co. to Lucy Rothwell.


2   26 Feb 1862 Ann E. Pope, wife of Fielding Pope, of Blount Co. to Stephen K. Reeder, lots 92 and 93 in Athens for which she, Ann E. Hammon before her marriage, gave Title Bond on 21 Oct 1856; acknowledged in Blount Co. apart from her husband , Rev. F. Pope.


3   19__1860 Thomas Gibson to daughter Mahaly J. Jones; for love and affection.


4   17 Sept 1859  “Fisher’s Heirs, Deed, Boyd Porter”; James F.H. Gregory and wife Adoreus, Andrew Cowan and wife Margaret, and John Fisher to Boyd Porter; all their interest in land.


5   13 Jan 1862 John E. Hickox to Ferdinand Jett; one house and lot near Athens, bound on West by the public road leading to Mont Verd Mills.


6   10 Jan 1862 James C. Fain; the undivided one half interest in land.


9   7 Mar 1862 John L. Bridges, Clerk and Master, to James M. and A.L. Henderson; lots belonging to widow and heirs of A. D. Keyes dec’d sold 11 Oct 1860; lot 12 in Athens, with house thereon, to James M. Henderson and lot 19 to A.L. Henderson.


12    15 Jan 1862 Morin E. Wamack, and heir of Ezekiel Bonner dec’d , to James Gregory, Adm. of James Bonner dec’d, for the benefit of the heirs of  James Bonner dec’d; her undivided share in land of Ezekiel Bonner.


13    24 Feb 1862 Nancy, Rufus, Louisa, and Lycrgus McClary, heirs of Thomas R. McClary dec’d, to James M. Knox of Bradley Co.


16    8 Mar 1862  James M. Knox  of Bradley Co. to William Knox of Polk Co.


17    Feb 1862 F. M. Millard to G.W. Millard; land with exception of lot on which Andrew Chapel stands


24    1 Sep 1857 David Weir to Elizabeth Coffman; 7 Apr 1862, witness John Whiteside proves deed and James T. and William Whiteside prove handwriting of witness Joseph G.Whiteside, who is dead.


25    20 Mar 1862  L. Dotson, Allen Cochran, Joseph B. Reed, and Charles A. Barnett, Trustees of Mount Cumberland Church formerly known as Jerusalem Church, and Successors of John Miller, James McKamy, Nathaniel Smith, Joseph Robeson, and Isaac  W. Fyffe, former Trustees, to William M. Seahorn and James H. Hornsby; two acers on Eastanalle Creek, formerly known as Jerusalem Camp Ground.


29   16 Dec 1861 Thomas B. McElwee to John Baker of Meigs Co.


30  19 Aug 1859 William Paris Sr. to Robert H. Paris.


32    Nov. 1861 William C. Courtney and Gilbert B. Tennent, trading under name of Courtney & Tennent, to William H. Briant; Bill of Sale for slaves; acknowledged in Charleston District, S.C. before Samuel J. Hull, a Tennessee Commissioner in S.C.


38    24 Oct 1860 William C. Owen to Sintha Robinson; land on which she now lives.


39    3 Feb 1862  John N. Melton to Stephen J. Melton.


40    12 Feb 1862 James Massingale to J.C. Massingale.


41    17 Jan 1857 Nathaniel Barnett of Meigs Co. to Martin Bunch.


42    14 Mar 11861 James M. Brett of Desoto Co. Miss. To James H. Reagan: Power of Atty. to sell his land in Monroe Co. and in Sweetwater.


48    15 Apr. 1859  William P. Cooper of Polk Co. to Thomas Cooper; all his right to land known as H. Cooper farm.


49    17 Mar. 1860 Martha Younry of Athens  to Cornelius W. Jorden in trust for her daughter Mary Jane Jorden, wife of said Cornelius, and at death of Mary Jane to her children, Mary R. Martha A., John A., Cornelius S., Willee R. and George B. Jorden, and such other children as she may give birth to; lots 26 and 27, for love.


51  12 Jul 1862 Raleigh Chesnutt to Henry R. Chesnutt.


page 99


55    28 Apr. 1862 Johnathan Thomas to M. C. Owens and wife Caroline formerly Thomas; for $500.00. and also their part of the estate of said Thomas.


56    1 May 1862 Jonathan Thomas to John L. Thomas ; for $2000. and all his legatee of the estate of Jonathan Thomas when deceased.


59    6 Aug. 1862 James Gaut of Bradley Co. to William S. Edgeman.


60    Mar. 1862  L.J. and B.J. Glaze, deed to divide among themselves the land of Henry Glaze dec’d, which came to them by descent and by deeds from various heirs.


61    30 Dec. 1861 John E. Hickox t Lorette Reed and her heirs.


66    30 Jun. 1862 Ferdinand Jett to John E. Hickox; house and lot near Athens, bound on S by W.A.G. Reed dec’d.


677 Feb 1856 William Thompson to John F. Sharp; 18 Nov 1859, witness William B. Porter proves deed and proves handwriting of the other witness A.L. Sharp who is dead.


75    28 Sept. 1854 George W. Culpeper and wife Sarah formerly Armstrong, and Priscilla Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; the 1/6 undivided interest, each, in land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.


76    25 Mar. 1858 Francis M. Pearce and wife Amanda formerly Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; their 1/6 ;undivided interest in land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widows dower.


77    8 Sept. 1862 Milus Smith and wife Louisa P. formerly Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; their 1/6 part of land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.


85    5 Nov.1860 County Court decree from Buckner’s heirs toAlexandr McKinzey; James R. and John A. Buckner, Isaac H. Lewis and wife (does not give complete style of case ); land sold and interests of complainants and respondents divested from them.


87    4 Aug. 1862 John L. Bridges to Thomas Rogers, Chairman of McMinn Co. Court and his Successors in office for the benefit of said County; $400; lot 34 with buildings thereon in Athens.


88    8 Dec. 1860  William Yearwood to son H.B. Yearwood; for love; Deed of Gift of slave, but not to take effect until William’s death; deed shall not be so construed as to prevent said son from an equal division with other children.


92    26 Dec. 1860 Elizabeth Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; her undivided 1/6 part of land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.


95    2 May 1859 County Court Decree; A.J. Hill, Exec. VS “John Charles Cocran & Willoby ray burn De__ & J.J. Dixon”, land known as the old Price place sold, reserving that which was deeded form Teastator, Joseph Rayburn, to his son J.J. Rayburn; rights of heirs of Joseph Rayburn named in the acption to the decree vested in E.P.Bloom, the high bidder.


96    10 Jun 1862 T.J. Weir, P.B. Weir, John H. Weir, by his Atty. T.J.Weir, Margaret Weir, Isabella Weir, and Sav___Weir, heirs of John M.C. Weir dec’d, tho Joseph McCully; signed by T.J., Margaret, Bill, Villa, P.B. and Bella Weir, and “Bella Weir PB”; witness depose that they were acquainted with T.J., Margaret, Villa. P.B. and Bella Weir and they acknowledge deed in their presence.


100    16 Oct.1862 Thomas Grisham to William L. Lafferty and Mary B. Boyd


101    2 Oct. 1862 Henderson Carter to Allen Dodson; nine shares in two tracts of land.


102  14 Sept. 1857 Mary M. Sellers, William, John, Thomas H. , Hanna, and Francis Gallant, and Nancy Wilson and husband James E. Wilson, heirs to James Gallant; Hannah signs as Hanna Clark.


105  30 May 1862 The heirs of James W. Long dec’d, viz, J.A., W.R. and G.A. Long, Maize Blackburn and wife Louisa, Willy Shugart and wife Mary H.., John Goodner and wife Nancy, and W.H. Stephenson and wife Lucy Ann all of McMinn and Bradley Counties, to Carroll Long of McMinn Co. and James R. Long of Haywood Co., NC; the Blackburns, the Goodners, and G.A.long acknowledge in Bradley Co. and the other Grantors acknowledge in McMinn Co.




page 100


109   14 Mar. 1862  W.A.Rucker to H.H.Burk; his undivided interest in the dower of Miriam Rucker and his interest in the share of John C. Rucker dec’d.


110   22 Aug. 1862 Chancery Court Decree: Polly Lowry by her next friend Willie Lowry VS Charles McGhee in his own right and as surviving Exec. Of John McGhee dec’d, W.J.Niles and wife Margaret W., Mary McGhee widow and Admx.with Will annexed of Barclay McGhee dec’d, Ann, Margaret, John, Levina, and Mary McGhee, minor heirs and children of Barclay McGee by their Gdn. Mary McGhee; “It being suggested to the Court that the respondents have... contracted to sell, for $1500., about ten acers of land heretofore ordered to be sold for the satisfaction of the decree rendered in favor of the complainants in this Cause to the Trustees of the Athens Female College which is lying and being on the north side of Athens& bounded as follows, on the South West by lands belonging to Erastus Rowley, A.McKeldin, & the estate of A.D. Keys, and others, on the North side by the road running from town to Forest Hill, and continuing in a strait line with the road until it reaches the North line of the described land, being the land on which the Athens Female College is located....”’; land divest out of respondents and vested in fee simple in John F. Slover, William M. Sehorn, R.M.Fisher, William H. Ballew, Alexander H. Keith, R.C.Jackson, George W. Bridges, M.L. Phillips, Tim Shullings, Thomas L. Hoyl, S.K. Reeder, Willie Lowry, Andrew Hutsel, John L.Bridges , and Samual P. Ivins, trustees of the Athens Female College; the contract to supercede a contract existing between William Lowry and others and the trustees, and the money when paid is to go to Polly Lowry.


116    22 Nov 1862 G.W. Marler Sr. and G.W.Marler Jr. to David Miller.


120    4 Oct 1862  A.R.T. Rogers to Thomas Rogers; his undivided interest in land.


128   No date. Thomas Rogers to James B. Lackey of Blunt Co.; deed registered 24 Dec. 1862


129  12 Dec. 1862 Joseph S.Yoder of Virginia to William M. Sehorn; land except a house and one acre sold by me to Miss Sarah Walker, lying on the road leading form Athens to Fite’s Bridge; acknowledged in Marion, Smyth Co., Virginia.


140    26 Sep.1862 William Yearwood to son James M. Yearwood, he being physically weak; not an advancement to him and not to prevent him from sharing with my other children in my estate; for love and affection; Deed of Gift of slave.


141    31 Dec. 1862 L.L.Ball to daughter Emeline E.Weir; for the love he has for her.


144    1 Dec. 1862 Jesse H. Gaut and John B. Hoyl of Bradley CO. to John F.Sharp; land

which they bought at sale.


145  15 Mar.1861 W.T.Russel to T. J. Russell; Deed of Trust for land in Polk Co.( the beginning of this deed is on page 145 and is continued on page 279 which is among the deeds for 1864.)


155   1 Dec. 1862 County Court Decree; Ex parte proceedings, Mathew, Albert, Sham and wife Luana, Jesse Samples and wife Debby, William Bolin and wife Leticia, Jessee Grisham and wife Levina, Jonathan Jones and wife Celia, William Calhoun and wife Martha, and Henery Neal Adm. of Edmund Browder dec’d.


156   6 Nov. 1862 Circuit Court Decree; Wilson &Dixon, Adms. Of Eli Dixon dec’d VS widow and heirs; house sold to widow Malissa Dixon.


157  22 Nov. 1849 William Foster to Isaac E.Fitch of Meigs Co.; acknowledged 21 Aug. 1860.


page 101



159    27 Jan 1863 George Wattles and Otis B. Wattles. Article of Agreement; entering into partnership in the tanning and manufacturing of leather in Athens.


160   16 Dec.1862 Eli and John C. Hellums and Rebecca Dillon to David W. Weeks; land known as the James Hellums farm.


161   25 feb.1859 William P. Allison of Walker Co.Ga. to William Cannon..


163  25 Aug. 1862 Abija Boggess of Meigs Co. to Mrs. Elizabeth S. Cowan.


164 3 May 1862 G.W.Norvill of Bradley Co. to Charles Cate.


169   5    Sept. 1860 Mathew Maddux to father Joseph Maddux; Lease; father Joseph is to live in house he now occupies for his lifetime, and Mathew agrees to care for him, “also his present wife Lettitia, is also privileged to stay on the premises so long as she behaves herself like a good affectionate wife”. 24 Feb. 1863 , witness J.C. Carlock proves deed and declares that the other witness, C.E. Mountcastle, is in the service.


170    24 Dec. 1862 Daniel Horton to Jane E. Casey.


 172   21 Sept. 1852 Claiborne Neil to brother Joseph Neil; all his interest in estate of our father John Neil who is yet living.


176   24 Feb. 1863 John Cate and William Parshall Cate to John Crews and wife Eliza formerly Cate; in consideration of an agreement; all are heirs of Simeon Cate dec’d.


181   4 Mar.1863 William Teague and wife Julian A. formerly Coats to Eliza Coats; their undivided interest, as heirs, in land of William Coats dec’d.



184   19 Mar. 1863 Elias Gibson to Charles F. Gibson; in return for slaves, stock, farming utensils, Charles F. is to go upon the farm where Elias now lives, enjoy the profits, and care for Elias and wife as long as they live, and to educate John W. Gibson, son of Elias, and give him at age 21, a horse, saddle and bridle.


187    24 Mar. 1863 Charles Staples to William H..Staples.


190   6 Mar.1863 James Gregory to Andrew hut sell; land subject to natural life estate interest of Eleanor Burk formerly the widow of Tapley Gregory dec’d.


191   10 Feb.1863 E.T.and Ga. R.R. Co. to R.C.Jackson; whereas on 14 Aug 1862, the Board of Directors for the East Tenn. And Ga. R.R. Co. ordered that James H.Reagan and Jno. L. Bridges be appointed a Committee to sell the old office and lot of the company at Athens; north half of lot 20.


192   Thomas Stephens to Pleasant Lane of Monroe Co.; 23 Mar.1863.



193   8 Jan. 1863 C.L.Rice to J.F.Elkins of Polk Co.


195   5 Sept. 1859 John M.Lowry to John Lowry; in consideration of land conveyed to me by John and James H. Lowry, I covenant to pay to Robert A.Lowry, per annum during the life of my father and mother John and Elizabeth Lowry, as my part of their support, and at their death, to pay sum to the living children of said John except Robert A. Lowry; and the children of such children as are dead; the part coming to the children of Jane Neely ( who is now dead.) not to be paid to their father, but to them or their Gdn.


196  No date. Robert A.Lowry to father John Lowry; in consideration of land conveyed to me by said John and James H. Lowry, I covenat to decently support said John and his present wife Elizabeth Lowry, they being my father and mother, for their lifetime, and to pay sum at their death to their living children except John M.Lowry, and the children of those that are dead; money coming to children of Jane Neely (who is dead) is not to be paid to their father, but to them or their Gdn.


197   7 May 1862  County Court Decree; James Orton, adm. of John Baker dec’d VS Cal, Hamilton and James Baker, Sol Bogard and wife Catharine, Sarah and Elizabeth Baker, Mary Baker, widow of John Baker ; land sold to E.P. Bloom.





page 102


202  9 Apr. 1857 Rankin Co., Miss.; Marriage contract between William E. Coleman and Frances C.Walker formerly of Ga. But now of said county, James S. and Freeman Walker, Trustees; Frances C. is possessed in her own right of about $33,000., part in her possession and part in the possession of said trustees for the purpose of collection; acknowledged in Rakin Co. Miss.



204  5 May 1858 Upson Co. Ga.; Petition of Daniel Grant, James S. and Freeman Walker, William E. Coleman and wife Frances C.;by marriage settlement ,9 Apr. 1857 in Rakin Co., Miss. Between William E. Coleman and Frances C., James S. and Freeman Walker were appointed Trustees; William E. and Frances C. have removed to Ga. And the Trustees live in Miss., and a large part of the estate is in said Upton Co.Ga.; Daniel Grant appointed Trustee; Documents registered in McMinn Co. 18 Apr.1863.


207  13 Nov 1862 Margaret Rice, Obligation; Margaret Rice, widow of Henry Rice, releases to the heirs her right of dower, in return for their releasing to her all their clam to property that was hers before their marriage.


210  4 Apr 1863 Allen Boon, Exec. Of Samuel hardy dec’d to Jacob.George, William, and John Vance.


211  3 Feb. 1863 M.G.McNabb to N.B.McNabb; his on undivided share, as heir, in land of James McNabb, dec’d; 200 acres of which his part is about 22 acres.


212    3 Feb.1863 M.G.McNabb to N.B.McNabb; the share of Taylor McNabb, which he purchased, in land formerly owned by Elizabeth McNabb, dec’d; Taylor her heir.


213  30 Dec. 1860 Elizabeth Stafford to Thomas Rogers; Power of Atty. to sell land.


214  10 Oct 1862 Agreement; Daniel, Nancy W., Samuel H., R.R., George W., James B., and Delphina A. Thompson with H.P. and G.W.Williams, and James A. Peck;  Thompson’s agree to lease their Iron Works for five yrs, and the Williams and Peck agree to repair the Iron Works and put it in operation; but any time that the Williams and Peck should be stopped by the authorities of the United States of America , is not to be counted in the five years; of the said H.P. Williams shall be forced out with the Conscript, then this obligation to be null and void, if he wishes it to be; M.E.Rogers signs with the Thompson’s.


219    18 May 1863 Peter L. Bryant of Bradley Co. to Thomas G. Bryant.


220    Jan 1863 William (W.M.) Heiskell and wife Virginia formerly Netherland, and James M. Yearwood and wife Cornelia formerly Neatherland, to William L. Rice; their undivided 2/7 interest, as heirs in land of Dr. J.W. Netherland dec’d. on which his widow now resides and has dower.


222  Jun 1863 R.C.Jackson to D.W. Prather, Charles Staples, Mitchell Gaston, Morris C. Sullins, J.D. Gaston, A.J. Prather, and Alexander Turner, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Cedar Springs Camp Ground; for regard for the Church; ¼ acre were the church now stands.


227  17 Apr 1854 William R. and Joseph H. Walker, Division of Land that was willed to them by their father Robert Walker.


230  8 Jul 1863 Marshal Arnwine to Zechariah Rose; land deeded to him by his father John Arnwine.


235  22 Jul 1863 Ephraim Sawtell to A.S. Jones and M.P. Sally of Wane Co.Ky. Bill of Sale for a colored woman  named Elizabeth Willer, wife of William.


238  5 Aug.1863 Madison Love of Sequatchee Co. to Charles L.King and Joseph Alexander.


239  7 Oct.1862 John W. Paris to Thomas Mayfield of Polk Co.


241  1863 Michael C. Reynolds of Monroe Co. to James K. and John N. Reynolds.


244  8 Sept. 1857 John, Hugh B., William G. and Mary C. Robinnett, heirs of Michael Robinnett dec’d, to James L. Lemons; signed by John and H.B.Robinnett and A.J. and Mary Guffey.



page 103



246    18 Aug. 1863 Thomas G. Bryan to H.H. Rudd of  Hamilton Co.


255   3 Sept. 1863 Asa Ambrister of Roane Co. to Laura V. Gerding wife of Fre___ W. Gerding and daughter of the late Alphonse de Montyr of Roane Co.; land in Rhea Co.


258    23 feb.1863 Fargus M.Kilgore To Mary Ann McCasland.


259    Nov.1862 Pheby White to Mary Grisham.


260    9 Mar.1863 H.H. Matlock to Ed jerkins; land for the services of Ed Jerkins in the Confederate Service as a substitute for H.H. Matlock.


267    20 Feb,1864 Montgomery Kibler of Bradley Co. to Henry D.Massereau.


268  16 Mar. 1864 Marriage Contract between  Alferd C.Aytes and Loretta Reed; to be married on 17th inst. They agree that her own property is to be reserved to her and her two children.


281  10 Apr.1860 Marcus B. John and wife Mary Ann to James Willson; land except mother’s dower; acknowledged in Maries Co, Mo. on same date.


284  2 Aug. 1864 James Denton to Calvin Denton; Deed of Trust; James is Gdn. of Isaac and Matilda Denton, children of William and Amanda Denton, and Joseph Keepheart (Keetheart) of Monroe Co. is his security.


285  21 Aug. 1861  W.C.,M.A., Leah, J.L., Rachel B. Robert Y., and M.A. Vaughan, Reynolds and Sarah A.E. Cantrell, H.R. and Mary I.Chesnutt, to Calvin Denton; farm that belonged to Thomas Vaughan at his death.


289    1 Nov. 1864 Robert N. McEwen of Know Co. to Edwin Abate Sr. and John L. Atlee.


290    1 May 1863 A.C. Robeson and Rebeca Buttram to Mary A., Narcissa C. , Samuel H.,and James H.Hamilton; Title Bond to land when the Hamiltons reach 21.


291    9 Dec. 1864 John H.Cassaday of Roane Co. to A.J. Shelton.



295  10 Dec. 1864 Samuel A. McDermott, Adm. of James E. McDermott dec’d to Louiza A. McDermott Deed of Trust for his undivided sixth intrest in 3000 acers in Monroe Co. known as the McDermott farm, and to house and lot in Athens; is indebted as Adm. of P.M. Cooke wife of James B.Cooke, and Louisa A., Inez, and Julia McDermott; acknowledged in Knox. Co.


298    30 Dec.1864 William M. Sehorn to Eliza Wattle.


308  14 Apr. 1865 David A.Cobb(Cobbs) to A. Blizard; Deed of Trust for land where he now lives , bound on the S. by Chilhowie Mt.; is indebted to various persons and to the heirs of Thomas B. Mayfield, to wit, Frances, Elizabeth, Louisa ,Penelope, Mary, Letitia, Elvina, Emaline.


309   22 May 1863 Samuel  P. Henderson to Charles A.Proctor of Polk Co.; Mortgage deed.


312    25 Oct., 1862  James Prichard to Elizabeth J.Rudd.


313    10 May 1865 J.A. Long to C.Long in trust for Mahala Jane Long, wife of said J.A., and her children. Nancy Annett, James Robert  Dudley, John Bascum, Rufus Albert Spencer, William Carrol Clinton, and Matta Carry Long, and any other children that may be born to her; “whereas a great portion of my funds came by my wife which was mainly vested in my lands.”


316  22 Jun.1865 Robert Smith to Children  Robert P., Elizabeth and Presley C. Smith; for love and affection; Land.


317   22Jun.1865 Robert Smith to youngest son Jesse Smith aged nine years old the 15th of April 1865; for natural affection; the home place.


318   30 Jun.1865  Robison Snider to Montgomery Snider; Deed of Trust; is indebted, together with H.M.Bales and Chas.Metcalf, to James A. Darwin, adm. f John T.Blevins dec’d.


319   1 Jul.1865 James P.Taylor to Henrietta P.Rudd.


322  11 Jul.1865 William H.Bridges to father James H. Bridges, aged, almost helpless and in decline of life, for love and affection, for his lifetime and then to Horace A. Bridges, for love and affection.


page 104


324  13 Jul.1865 J.A.Hoskins and wife Mary E. of Whitfield Co. Ga. To J.H. Magill; lot in Mouse Creek upon which Mary E.Shedden now Mary E. Hoskins formerly lived.


327    28 Jun.1865 J.E. Caldwell of Bradley Co. to William F. Baumann of Knox Co.


328  7 Sept. 1863 J.Jack to S.H. and F.M. Jack.


328    19 September 1862 Benjamin Eldridge to Montraville Reynolds, School Commissioners; for the advantage of a convenient and permanent school and for the purpose of the cause of Religion; land contiguous to the Middle Creek Academy.


329    9 Aug. 1865 Stephen J. Melton to Henry H. and Thomas M. Glaze.


333    5 Apr. 1865 Samuel Firestone to son Samuel Polk Firestone; for love.


334  5 Apr.1860 Samuel Firestone to daughter Permelia Firestone; for love; land of which Mathias Firestone died possessed.


334    20Aug.1863 Samuel Firestone to daughter Sarah Purdy; for love.


346   28 Aug.1865 James W. Netherland to John P. Netherland; his undivided one seventh of farm occupied by the late Dr. James W. Netherland.


347  13 Jun 1865  Hugh L. and Alexander E.Moore; Deed of Trust for land know as the farm purchased by William Moore Sr. in his lifetime.


352   20 Nov 1854 William M. Baker to Clemuel Gregory; “the third part of all the land that Alexander Baker died possessed of the legacy of Wilson Baker”.


35313 Jul. 1863 John O. Bottom of Meigs Co. to T.L. Farrell.


355  18 Sept.1865 Martin Bunch to A.Howard and wife R.Howard and Jasper Faris and wife Margaret ; Deed of Gift.


358    28 Aug.1865  John Brandon and wife Telitha to Benjamin A.Prophet.


362   25 Sept 1865 Mary A. and W.M. Carson to F.A. Pettitt and wife Sarah E.; land deeded to Mary A.,W.M. and Sarah E.Carson; by agrement of all  parties.


363  2 Oct.1865 William T.McCarty to William G.B.Britt of Dooley Co.Ga ; his undivided sixth part of lands of his father John L. McCarty dec;d, laying in McMinn , Bradley and Meigs Counties.


364  27 1865 Copy of Discharge of William B.Shelton, a private of Lt.Wiley M.Christian’s Co.B., First Tenn. Infantry, who was enrolled 3 Dec 1862; discharged 3 Aug. 1865 at Nashvilleform service of the United States; born in McMinn Co., is 19 yrs of age, 5’9”high ,red complexion, yellow eyes, red hair, and by occupation when enrolled a mechanic; Shelton makes Oath of Identity, and says he was in the regiment cmmanded by R.K. Byrd.


366  5 Oct 1865 John R.  Porter to daughter Martha Sharp; for love.


365   7 Oct 1865 Jamison L.Mynatt and wife Mary E. to James Parkison; Deed of Trust for their undivided hald interest in land that was willed to Mary E. Mynatt and Sarah I. Weir by their father William R. Weir dec’d.


 of W.H.Cooke dec;d, except timber to make 10,000 rails for fencing on D.H. and R F Kimbrough’s farm should they need the same.


370    15 Oct. 1865 M T Stanfield of Monroe Co.. to SD Stanfield.


371    17 Oct 1865 William D.Smith to William H.Ballew; Deed of Trust for his undivided interest in land willed by Jackson Smith dec’d to his daughter Eliza Emeline Lowry now dec’d.


374   23 Oct.1865 Alfred Swafford to Larkin F., John L.M. and Alfred A .Swafford.


379   15 Feb. 1865 Ann Bonner, widow of James Bonner dec’d, Agreement with Preston G.B.Melton ; Melton leasing her land for farming on shares.


383  13 Nov.1865  Marriage Contract between William C.Eblin and Mrs. E.L. McElorath now a widow; contemplate marriage on 14 Nov 1865;  her property to remain hers, including farm and mills at mouth of Eastanallee Creek.


384  9 May 1855  B C Jamison to Bogan Cash; witnesses identify handwriting of Jamison now dec’d.

Page 105


384  18 Nov 1865  James W.Plank to William J.Plank; $400.00 for 79 acres and Deed of Gift for another 79 acres.


387 24 Nov.1864 Joseph H.Smith to Burrell Hamilton, a Freed Man.


39027 Sept. 1864 Alfred Swafford to William C. , Nancy P., and Joel C. Cole, heirs of Elizabeth Cole; for love; said Elizabeth Cole to have use of land for purpose of raising and schooling said children until they become of age.


396  9 Dec.1865 William D.Browder to David A. and William Browder of Monroe Co.; land in McMinn and Monroe Co.


397  24 Nov.1865 Thomas M. Dodson to James Reed, Marion, and Martin Davis.


414  12 Sept.1865 Thomas A.Cass to W.M.Cass.


415   28 Dec.1865 Calvin M. Johnson and wife Lucinda to J.H.Magill; Deed of Trust.


418   2 Nov.1865 Charles V.Orton to Charles V.Orton Jr.


419   6 Sept. 1865 Copy of Decree of Meigs Co. Circuit Court, David L. Hutsell, CLK.;29 Dec. 1858, Petition for Partition; J___P. Denton and wife Sarah Ann  Jehu or John T. Denton and wife Narcissa, Tyler Nance and wife Polly Ann, Thomas H. Smith and wife Jemima, heirs of Thomas Wamack dec’d VS J.W.Roberts and wife Polly Ann, William, Jacob, Thomas, Daniel, and Samuel Wamack, the three last minors by Gdn.E.W. Roberts.


422    16 Dec. 1865 Moses Bonner to daughter Elizabeth Jane Bonner; for love.


423  13 Jan 1866 Clemule Gregory to Elijah N. and James  F.H. Gregory; for love.


426   13 Jan. 1866 George A. Caldwell of Sullivan Co. to James M. Henderson; lots 88 and 89 upon which said Caldwell recently resided.


427   6 Jul.1863 Thomas Cooper to W.T. Peck and N.C. Peck the daughter of said Cooper.


Deed Book O




45    16 Jan.1866 David Weir of Bradley Co., to Jackson H. Downey.


46  13 Oct.1865 G.H H. Dill to John A.Shipman of Bradley Co.


60   16 Aug.1865 Thomas Cooper To Clarisa Elizabeth Oregon Williams, Thomas Cooper Williams, and Mary Cooper Williams, heirs of  Mary Elizabeth Williams the daughter of Thomas Cooper; for love.


62    16 Aug.1865 Thomas Cooper to Eliga Williams and Eliza Celestine Williams. The daughter of  Thomas Cooper; for love.


66    4 Jan.1866 James P.Robeson to Margaret Shook.


67    25 Sept.1865 Mary A.Carson and Sarah E. and F.A. Pettitt to William M. Carson; divison of land deeded William M , Sarah E. and Mary Ann Carson; Sarah E. is wife of F.A. Pettitt.


69  15 Jul.1865 Samuel T.Riddle to daughter Martha Dixon; land, for natural affectio and for the particular attention she paid to me and her mother Mary Riddle my wife in our affliction and under the infirmities of age.


72  24 Mar.1866 D.A. Wilkins of Ga. To J.M. Wilkins; acknowledged in Fulton Co.,Ga.



74    24 Mar.1866 Francis M.Millard to Edwin A. Atlee, Andrew Hutsell, G.W. Millard, Thomas A.Cass, and Charles Pickens, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church; one acre on which Andrew Chaple now stands.


78    7 Apr. 1866 C.Zimmerman to Emily A. and Letitia M. Evans; my home place except the house and lot leased for life to Margaret H. Reed.


79    3 Apr.1866 Allen Dennis Sr. to Allen Dennis Jr.



80    16 Mar 1866 Andrew J. and William H. Wingo to Elias Gibson, Plumley McGrew, William McKinsey, William Barker and Clement Eaton, Trustees of the Methodist Epsicopal Church; $25.; one acre, a portion of the tract known as the Deaderick Mill property.


83    26 Dec. 1865  Thomas Cooper to W.H. Cooper. For $2500. of donation towards his part of my estate.


86    26 Nov. 1853 James McNabb, Adm. with Will annexed of Ezekiel Bonner, to Mathew G. McNabb.


89    24 Apr. 1866 William Burns to Benjamin F.Green; one half of his drug store in Athens.


90    7 May 1866 Wellington H. Rothwell, Adm. of Allen Dodson dec’d. to A.D. Bryant.


93    15 Mar. 1866 William Burk Sheriff to Milton L. Phillips and Archibald Blizard; 553 acers known as the Metcalfe Factory Property and also the Madison Love farm.; sale of Joseph M. Alexander’s interest in said property. Sold to satisfy judgments.


94    23 May 1866 Daniel Heiskell to William H. Heiskell; for love.


96  4 Apr. 1866 Bank of Tennessee. Samuel Watson, Pres., and W.J.Cochran. Cashier, to Samuel Watson of Cheatham co.; Deed of Trust for all property of the Bank in the following Tenn. Towns.; Nashville, Clarkswille, Memphis, Sommerville, and Brownsville, and for all notes, bonds, and other assets of the bank and to sell same; “in compliance with the act of the legislature of Tenn entitled an act to wind up and settle the business of the Bank of Tennessee.”


102    20 May 1866 Ewill Smith toJ.L.Hurst; Deed of Trust; is indebeted to Emily C.Redmon.


103  7 Jun. 1866 Gabriel Clark, Declaration of intention as a house keeper and head of a family to claim a homestead exemption, under the provision of the homestead law.


104  11 Jun.1866 John Scarbourgh to son Wm.H. Scarbrough; his one third interest in land and mills.


105  28 Mar. 1838 William H. Deadrick to Thomas J. Campbell in Trust for daughter Eliza Ann Vandyke formerly Deadrick and her husband T. Nixon Vandyke and thier heirs; for love; part of property sold to Deadrick by Samuel M.Gantt, befinning at a stake near the Presbyterian grave yard; Deadrick reserves the right of a family burying ground in 1/8 of an acer at the begining corner of the tract; acknowledged 11 apr. 1838; reistered 12 Jun. 1866.


106  7 Jun. 1866 Robert H. Wells of Polk Co. to George F. Miller of Pennsylvania.


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107  7 Jun. 1866 H.C. Hyman to H. Human.


108   9 Oct. 1865 George S. Snody and wife Sarah A. to Robert F. Cooke; acknowledged in McDonough Co. Ill.


113  27 Jun. 1866 David Cleage to William Burns. J.J. Helms, Charles M. Keith, Cyrus Zimmerman, Otis B. Wattles, Thomas E. Williams and Theodore Richmond, Vestry of St. Paul’s Parish of the Episcopal Church in Athens; $250; lot. Beginning 17 feet and 8 inches from the Brick Shop formerly occupied by George Sehorn ow occupied by J. A. Hyden , thence North with the line of the street 45 feet 4 inches....the same conveyed to me by Ephraim Sawtell by deed dated 11 Mar. 1842.


114    4 Dec. 1865 Reynolds  Cantrell to the Little Hope Babtist Church.


114  4 Jun. 1866 County Court Decree; E. Walker, Adm. of James McAffrey dec;d , VS Wm. Sehorn and others; notice of sale in the Cleaveland Banner; land bought by Nancy McAffrey and by Wm. M. Sehorn; title divested out of heirs ; Taylor, John and Alexander McAffrey.


117    13 July 1866 James C. Calhoun of Chattanooga to James C. George of Meigs Co.; his undivided interest in estate of James Calhoun dec’d who died in Polk Co. coming to him as grandson of the dec’d; Deed of Trust.


120  8 Sept. 1865  Articles of Agreement; John J. and William Mm. Dixon ,.parties of the first  part, agree to get “Eureka Mills” in complete running order, and Thomas B., James and F.B.McElwee (McElwee and Sons) parties of the second part, are to manage the mills for 5 yrs.


124  27 Jul.1866  James R. Lowry to John D. Lowry and A.A.Newman; Deed of Trust for his intrest in lands of father Daniel Lowry dec’d.


125  3 Aug.1866  John T. McCarty of Meigs Co. to William T.McCarty of Ga.; his 1/6 undivided interest in lands of father John L.McCarty.


126  1 Jun. 1865  Contract between William Cass and Burrel B. Melton; Cass is to board and clothe  in comfortable Janes and cotton clothing ( such as he wears himself) the said Melton at the rate of $75. per yr. For a certain note which said Melton holds on Thomas A. Cass; if Melton should die, then his effects to be property of said William Cass.



127  14 Apr. 1866 James C.Carlock to Nancy J. Thomasson and Mary O. Green.


130   8 Aug. 1866 Nat. D. Smith of Catoosa Co. Ga. To Richard Wilson of same.


131  8 Aug. 1855 John J. Smith of Walker Co. Ga. And Martha A.Smith and husband John B. Smith of Whitfield Co. Ga. To Richard Wilson of Catoosa Co Ga.; the undivided 2/3 part in land after the death of N.D.Smith who has a life estate in same; land laid off to Jackson Smith


133   20 Apr. 1863 Thomas and Nathan Melton and Reuben F. Maston to James Melton. James Pane, Moses Cass, Warren Hyden and Thomas Melton, Trustees for the Parsonage of the Athens Circuit Methodist E. Church South, $327.50; 15 acres.


134  15 Aug. 1866 Robert Smith claims lands under the Homestead Act.


135  17 Aug. 1852 Copy of Chancery Court Decree; Robert F., Hezekiah C., George W. and James B. Cooke, Daniel Thompson and wife Nancy W., Duke W. Kimbrough and wife Eliza, Thomas Cooper and wife Clarissa, Elmira Cooper, James Carson and wife Adaline, John D. Chatten and wife Susan, Caleb R. Hoyl, and Clinton D. Postman W., Mary B.J., David, and Susan Hoyl minor children of Sarah M. Hoyl dec’d by their Gdn. Caleb R. Hoyl; Ex Parte; William H. Cooke died 9 Oct. 1848, testate, in McMinn Co.


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140    7 Sept. 1866 Willis B. Carr to William H. and George W. Smith of Polk Co.


146   16 Nov. 1865 J.F. Elkins to S.H. Dickey of Monroe Co.


153   13 Oct. 1866 M. Whitten to Alfred S.Haley; one dental chair, one spittoon, ect. Which are in Whitten’s office in Chattanooga; Haley to secure and sue for them if necessary.


154Copy of Discharge, issued 3 Jun 1865, and Oath of Identity, 26 Oct.1866 of John H. Henegar, a Private of Capt. Newton Hooker’s Company (C), 4th Reg. Tenn. Inf. Volunteers, United States service; was enrolled 1 Sept. 1862; discharged at knoxville; born in McMinn Co. is 19 yrs of age, 5 ‘10” , fair complexion, black eyes; discharged signed by Charles M. Judd, Lt.


157    11 Oct. 1866  W.C.Vaughan to N.B.Dunn; Deed of Trust of  personal property; is indebted to Ann Eliza Dunn, Adm. with Will annexed of E. H. Dunn.


160    No date  Grandville A.J. Baker and wife Sarah C. of full age; Power of Atty to Woodson H. Wetherly to collect her share of estate of her grandfather and her mother; acknowledged in Henry Co.


164   21 Nov.1866 A.S.Casey and wife . Elizabeth Casey to Lavina Sloop widow of James Dloop; ther undivided ¼ of lands sold to george H. James Sloop in 1846 and 1848.


171   6 May 1859  Andrew Boyd of Meigs Co. to Duke Ward.


172   12 Nov.1866 Josiah Rowan to John W. Cloniger, both of Monroe Co.


173   21 Nov. 1866 James C. Carlock, Declaration for Homestead.


172   21 Nov. 1866  James C. Carlock to John B. Hoyl of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust for land , excluding his homestead, which was the old homestead quarter of David Hoyl dec’d; Carlock is Gdn. of David H. Greene a minor, and is also Adm. with Will annexed of Torrence J. Paris dec’d,  and as such is held to his collateral heirs, among whom are the children of John J. Payne, Sarah Vanzant, the minor heirs of Mary Hickey dec’d, C.H. Ward and wife Jerusha; David H. Greene comes to a majority on 27 Feb. 1868.


174  26 Nov. 1866 Thomas E. Cox, Declaration for Homestead.


177  10 Oct. 1866  John R. Porter and Martha J. Sharp to A. McKinsey; acknowledged by Martha J. Sharp apart from her “said Husband”


180  30 Nov. 1866 Alfred Hanks, Declaration for Homestead, under 2114 Section Artical 11 of the Code of Tennessee.


180  13 Jul. 1866 Martha A. Meredeth to daughter Jincy A. Styles, for love, and at her death to Martha E. Malone only child of said Jincy.


184  12 Jul. 1865 Discharge from the service of the U.S. of John Small, pvt of Capt. Robert J. Patty’s Co. (F) 4th Reg. Of Tn. Cavalry Vol., who was enrolled 6 May 1863; discharged by reason of Special  Authority for Tn.Troops ; born  in McMinn Co. is 21 yrs of age, 6’, fair complexion , gray eyes, dark hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer.


185  1 Aug. 1866 John B. Cobb to his sons John A., Joseph L. James C. and Jones B. Cobb; for love; all his intrest in estate of mother Mary Beavers dec’d in Greenville District, SC ,  it being Mary Beavers’ interest in estate of Sarah McJunkin dec’d.


190    1 Dec. 1866 John Jenkins to William Spencer of Polk Co.


196  19 Nov. 1866 Mary E. Jones of  Hamilton Co., Ohio, Articles of Agreement with Thomas H. Murry late of Washington Co.,Tn; they are entering into copartnership in mercantile business and practice of medicine in Mouse Creek; Mary E. Jones to stock the store and her husband James S. Jones to be clerk, they share profits in both ventures.


197  12 Dec. 1866 Lorinda Eldridge of Hamilton Co. to Charles L. Matlock; her undivided 1/5 interest in dower land of Sarah Matlock, widow of William Matlock.


198  14 Sept. 1865 Erastus Rowley to Henry Lemuel Rowley, colored man.


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199  14 Sept. 1865 Erastus Rowley to Nelson Gettys, colored man.


200  21 Aug. 1865 F.A. , William B., and John J. Dixon and Elizabeth Cole to J.W. Dixon, all heirs of William Dixon dec’d.


201  17 Dec.1866 Cyntha Robertson to George W.Bridges; home near the Depot.


203  5 Jul. 1865 Discharge for service of the U.S. of Thomas Anderson. A Sgt. of  Capt. James H. Walker’s Co. F , 2nd Reg. Of Tn. Cavalry Vol. Who enrolled 1 Aug.1862; discharged at Nashville by reason of General Order No.83; born in Knox Co. is 22 yrs of age, 6’1’’ , dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer; transportation to be furnished to Maryville; sighed by L.W. Hosea,  Capt. 16th Inf. (at the heading of this instrument the clerk has written “Eagle” in large letters, to indicate the Eagle Symbol on the original.)


205  2 Jan. 1867 Henry Lemule Rowley, Lewis E. Cleage, Albert J. and Burrel Hamilton to Otis B. Wattles; Deed of Trust of lots between Athens and the E.T.& Ga. R.R. as registered in Book L, page 593; they are indebted to Mary E. Trusdell.


206  19 May1866 Liddia Armstrong to Viny Rowley; one half of a lot she bought of James Bayless.


208  27 Nov. 1866 Copy of Chancery Court Decree; Erastus Rowley VS Athens Female College. At public sale of the building, school furniture, out buildings, and twelve acres of land on the northern limits of Athens, Erastus Rowley by his agent E.A.Atlee was high bidder at $7150. all of which sum was owed to him by the college. Except $431.88; the twelve acres bounded as follows, adjoining the lands of E. Rowley and A.McElden on the west, A.Cleage and A. Caldwell on the North, A.Cleage and R.M.Fisher on the East, and J.H.Hornsby and C.A.Jordan or Mrs. Ewry  on the South.


209  22 Dec 1866 Circuit Court Decree; Powell H. George Adm. of Wm. George dec’d VS widow and heirs; sale held 13 Oct. 1866 after advertising in the Athens Press, a newspaper published in Athens.


214  14 Jan. 1867  William M Seahorn to Henry L. Rowley, Albert J. Hamilton, Lewis Cleage Evens ( Lewis Evens Cleage?) Burrel Hamilton, and Emanuel Hoyl Trustees of Zion Church; Lot No.1 in Sehorn’s Addition to the town of a stake on the road leading form Athens to Mouse Creek Depot.


215  19 Jan.1867  William P. Carmack to John Worthman of  Bradley Co.


216  26 Jan 1867 Warner Trew to Jesse J.Trew; intrest in estate of father Thomas Trew.


217  5 Feb. 1867 Jacob Graves, Jacob Sharp and wife Vilena, William Smart and wife Lucinda, Isaac Smart and wife Elizabeth, John McEnturff and wife Nancy and Union Graves, widow of said Christopher and J. Russell Atkinson, to James Gregory; all  their intrest in land.


220  24 Jan.1867  James Dennis to Isham and David H. Dennis; his 5/8 interest in land, adjoining Mark and Craighton Dennis; Attest; Joel and John Dennis.


221    Dec.1866 Petition by citizens, now without the corporate limits of Athens, to have limits extend one half mile in all directions form the Court House and to hold an election for such purpose; signed by M.A.Helm, M.L. Phillips, A.Blizard, W.C.Owen, F.Brigham, Wm. A.Warren, J. Albert Hyden, John F.Slover, S.M. Henderson, T. Richmond, Edwin A. Atlee, J.M.Berger, E.Walker, Horrance Phillips, A.L.Henderson, Nat. C.Jones, J.M.Clementson J.S.Henery. James B. Rudd, David Nave, Wm.H.Briant, T.W. Warren, Frederick Miller, B.F.Green, R.M. Craig, G.W.Standifer, A.C.Aytes, R.A. Lester, R.M.Fisher; Judges J.D.Moore, Bernhart Gilbert, and James Turner certify that at an election held 2 Feb. 1867 the vote in favor of extension was 21 to 0.


222    Apr.1866 Circuit Court Decree; W.S.Foster, Adm. of S.W.Foster dec’d VS Amands Foster widow, Susan J., Mary M, Margaret V., Tennessee C. Catharine C., Nancy R., and A.Simpson Foster, minor heirs of S.W. Foster and only children.


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223    15 Feb, 1867 James R.Buckner, Declaration for Homestead.


224    28 Jan.1867 Jeremiah F.Strange to Arthur Davis Whitfield Co.Ga.


227  1 Mar. 1867 Elizabeth Grisham, Declaration for Homestead; land on which she and family live, husband Thomas Grisham having abandoned her and family.


229  21 Sept. 1866 Whereas P.P. Owen as Trustees did on 16 Feb. 1861 sell land to T. H. and Mary H. McCarty Execs. Of John L. McCarty dec’d and whereas William Cox has redeemed said land, and whereas T.H. McCarty has sense deceased; Mary H. McCarty, surviving Exec. To Winna Cox, Letha Bandy, Clarenda Wilky and Philip Cox, children of said William Cox.


2312 Mar. 1867 James K..P.Ball, adm. of Levin L. Ball dec’d to J.C. Scates; Levin L. had made Title Bond.


234   2 Mar. 1867 Mrs. Mary B. Boyd, Lease of two rooms in her house for one year to William Gage.


235  18 Mar.1867 James M. Henderson to David Prather a freed man; a copy of the A.D. Keyes plan of lots is interested in Deed Book L. page 539. ( deed book L has been missing for many yrs.)


238  5 Mar. 1867 Carter W.Cobb to William Angelo Kezer Wetmore, Charles Willard Shepherd Wetmore, Sara Florence Elenora Wetmore, and Cora Anna Willard Wetmore, minor children of W.H.and Ellen T. Wetmore, and heirs of P. F.Kezer dec’d.


242  8 Mar. 1867 Frank McCrary to brother Robert McCrary as trustee for her nieces and nephews John and Frances Cate children of David Cate who married sister Coon Cate, and Nancy Helms Virginia Frances Elizabeth Gertrudy and Sarah Celelsey and John Roberts sons and daughters “of brother Robert McCrary, all of whom are minors; for love;  personal property which she is to keep until needed.


245  18 Feb.1867 Ruben F. Maston to Isaac D. Carlock and Mary Elizabeth Knox formerly  Carlock but now the wife of Joseph S. Knox.


246  26 Sept. 1865 Jane and Harriet Thomas to Jacob Wattenbarger; 100 acres  except 10 feet square over the grave of Jonathan Thomas.


249  26 Nov.1866 Copy of Decree of Tenn. Supreme Court as Knoxville, in case of Sarah Ann Calloway a feme covert by her next friend John L. Hurst and John L.Calloway, Mary E. Calloway, Sally L. Durham and Cornelia R., Addie H. , William S., Malinda J. , Emma, and Laura Calloway, the last six of whom are minors who sue by their next friend Sarah A. Calloway  VS William S. Calloway and others; Suit concerns land and slaves deeded by Elijah Hurst, 13 Apr. 1842, to Lewis R. Hurst in trust for daughter Sarah A. Calloway; Supreme Court reverses decision of the Chancellor at Athens.


253    17 Apr. 1867 Thomas Stephens of Georgia to Ezekiel Daniel.


258   4 Jan.1867 Erastus Rowley to T.H. Pearne, J.Albert Hyden. L.F.Drake, J.F.Spence, W.C. Daily, J. W. Mann, Edwin A. Atlee, Milton L. Phillips, M.A. Helm, J B Little, R R Butler, W G Brownlow, N A Patterson, Samuel Hutsell and James Baker, in trust for the use of the Holston Annual conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a male College to be called the Tennessee Wesleyan College; Twelve acers adjoining Athens on its northern limits and being the land on which the Athens Female College now stands, together with said College building and school furniture, and out buildings; $7200.00 for which a promissory note has been executed.


260  19 Apr. 1867 George F. Miller to Charles A. Proctor; land bordering on Polk Co. line, including lands owned by estate of John Reynolds dec’d; Miller acknowledges in Lebanon Co. Pa.


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263   6 May 1867John L. Bridges to Jackson Grubb; for a valuable consideration, transfer of costs due Bridges as former Clerk and Master at Athens; Power of Atty.


265 11 Feb 1867    Zachariah Rose to Thomas Armwine a freed man of color; part of the John Armwine land.


269 3 May 1867John J. Maston to William McKinsey; Acknowledged by Maston in Jackson Co. Mo.


271 29 Apr 1867    William C. Owen to Virginia Brigham.


272 1 Jun 1867  Joseph A. Dillard, Declaration for Homestead.


276 6 Jun 1867  Henry Latham to Augustin G. Bryant of Haralim [sic] Co., Ga.


277 6 Jun 1867  Henry Latham to William J. and S.A. Bryant of Haralson Co., Ga.


278 3 Jun 1867  Henry Latham to Alfred C. Blevins and wife Katharine, Benjamin F. Morgan and wife Sarah A., Alfred C., Joseph, and Elizabeth Stipe, all of Georgia.


279 8 Aug 1866 Agreement between McElwee and Sons and John J. Dixon and Sons, concerning Eureka Mills.


280 14 Jan 1867Agreement between William C. Davis and P.H. George; Davis sells George one half interest in the Press office, a Printing office in Athens; they are to share expenses and profits, Davis is to have exclusive control of the Editorial department of the Paper, Davis is to make a hand in said  office, and George is to hire H.C. Horton to make a hand as Book Keeper and Clerk.


281 7 Jun 1861  Mary Sellers, William, Thomas H., and Frances Gallant, and Hannah Clark formerly Gallant, to John O. Bottom.


282 15 Mar 1867    Isaac M Grubb of Iowa to Peter J. Grubb of McMinn Co.; undivided interest in land; acknowledged in Des Moines Co., Iowa.


283 22 Jun 2867Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to O.P. Hall; judgment rendered against Nathaniel D. and John J. Smith and O.P. Hall, and the interest of the Smiths in lands where Nat. Smith Sr. now lives, 10 Sep 1864.


285 27 Jul 1865 Henrietta P. Howard to M.A Helm & Co.; signed by John R. and Henrietta Howard, and Henrietta acknowledges apart from her husband.


287 22 Oct 1866    John M. Sehorn to William M. Sehorn in trust for sister Elizabeth C. Engledow and Martha, George R., Catharine D., Mary, Alice, and Richard and Oliver Engledow; for love; house and Lot No. 115 in Athens.


288 1 Jul 1867   William P. and James S. Varnell of Calhoun to John H. Bruner Trustee of the Ambrister fund of the Holston Conference of the Methodist

Episcopal Church South; for $600; lot 58 in Calhoun on which said William P. now resides.


   289 15 Jul 1867 Thomas H. Gallant, Declaration for Homestead.


290 22 Jul 1867 William H. Bridges to William H. Briant and T. Richmond; lot 3 in Athens, bounded on the S by Washington Street.


291 22 Jul 1867 William H. Briant and Theodore Richmond to Rebecca O. Bridges.


292 26 Jul 1867 William R. Grubb of Catoosa Co., Ga, to George W. Ross.


298 13 Aug 1867    Copy of Decree of County Court rendered Jan 1861 in case of John Cunningham, Regular Gdn. VS Joseph and Mary Ann Howard by Gdn. Ad libelum; at sale 29 Dec 1860, John Cunningham was the high bidder.


300 9 Jan 1866  George W. Wallis of Rhea Co. to Thornton C. Goddard.


301 15 Aug 1867    Wm. H. Bridges and wife Rebecca O. to Ezekiel Daniel.


301 2 Oct 1865 S.P. Hale, Gdn. Of J. M.  Yearwood, agreement with John C. and James Dean and Charles M. Keith; Hale leases farm upon which James M. Yearwood dec'd formerly lived to John C. Dean, for five years, unless Chancery Court orders sale.


305 19 Aug 1867    Thomas B. McElwee to James and Frank McElwee; transfer of his interest in the mercantile establishment of McElwee & Walden in Decatur, Alabama and his interest in the Dixon Cotton Factory in McMinn Co.; James and Frank are his securities on note.

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305 30 Aug 1856    Patton A. Bradford, Adm. Of John Wolf dec’d, to John Wallen; Wolf made Title Bond to Wallen, registered in Book L, page 334; 107 acres that William Helms died possessed of and by him willed to his wife Rachel during her natural life and at her death to son James Helm, the same land that Rachel now lives on, sold subject to her life estate.


306 28 May 1863   James Atkins to H.B. and S.M. Leeper of Blount Co.


307 22 Aug 1867    R.J. Patty, Tax Collector, to James Wilson; at Apr Term 1866 the land of Lewis R. Hurst was reported by N.J. Peters the then tax collector for the taxes for 1865; sale held 6 Aug 1866, after first advertising in the Cleveland Banner, a newspaper of Cleveland, there being no public newspaper published in McMinn Co.


309 No date.  F.M. Norvell, Eliza Jane Henderson, John C. and Celia J. Wilson, Isham Cottingham Gdn. For John H. Norvell’s heirs, the heirs or part of the heirs of Mrs. Mary Norvell dec’d, living in Henderson and Webster Counties, Ky.; Power of Atty. To John C. Wilson of Henderson Co., Ky. To collect their interests in estate of Mrs. Mary Norvell dec’d of McMinn Co. and in estate of brother Elijah Norvell dec’d son of Mrs. Mary Norvell; acknowledged 30 Jul 1867 by above and by J.A. Henderson in Henderson Co., Ky.


311 30 Nov 1866   Note of J.W. Blackwell to Silas Latham, which he is not to pay “before my death” as Latham has lien on copper Smith’s and Tinner’s tools, and they are his until paid.


313 7 Sep 1867 John Cunningham, J.L. Jarvis and wife M.A., and J.W. Howard to W.H. Briant and Theodore Richmond; part of lot in Athens bound on the S by Washington Street, on the W by the street that runs from Washington St.  to Mrs. Kilgore’s...said lot being known as the lot of George W. Howard dec’d.


314 9 Aug 1867 R.C. McCrary and wife R.E., and George W. Clayton and wife Elvira C., to James H. Reynolds; their 1/6 interest in land that David Crocket died possessed of and also their interest in land of John Crockett dec’d known as the Green Reynolds land, adjoining land of John K. Jackson dec’d.


315 11 Sep 1862    J.P. Briant agreement with William M. Dixon; Briant has sold to Dixon his 1/3 interest in lands, grist mill, saw mill, and cotton factory formerly owned by John J. Dixon & Co. and Dixon has given Briant notes secured by his 2/3 interest in above.


318 19 Sep 1867    Wm. M. Sehorn to Caleb McDermott (Colored).


318 17 Sep 1867    Wm. M. Sehorn to Stewart Bradford (Colored).


320 27 May 1867   Copy of Decree of Chancery Court; James H. Magill VS Rebecca A., Rebecca Ann, Susan Ann, Elizabeth, Matilda, Theodore, John W., ad Rufus Beasley, James Denton, John F. Browder, and Jasper N. Stephens; title to land

divested out of the Beasleys, heirs of John J. Beasley dec’d, subject to dower of widow Rebecca A.


320 9 Aug 1864 Copy of Circuit Court Decree; T.J. Lowry, Adm. Of Isaac Lowry dec’d VS Manerva J. Lowry widow, and Isaac R. and Wallace L. Lowry, minor heirs of Isaac Lowry.


323 24 Sep 1867    James L. Jarvis to Jacob Zeigler of Monroe Co.


324 23 Sep 1867    John Washum to Baxter Reed; where Rachel Fenny used to live.


325 9 Dec 1866 James Gregory and wife Elizabeth, Ezekiel B. and James B. Bonner, John E. Hutsell and wife Margaret, and Calvin L. Bonner all of McMinn Co., Elmore Brock and wife Mary of White Co., John H. Weir and wife Martha  of Sebaston Co., Ark., Joseph Walker and wife Sarah of Polk Co., Mo., al l heirs of James Bonner dec’d, to John H. Shearer; land adjoining the dower  of Ann Bonner.


327 2 Sep 1867 Milton L. Phillips to son Horrace Phillips; Title Bond; to made deed in two years; for love.



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328   3 Jul 1858   Copy, made 1 Oct 1867, of County Court Decree:  Elizabeth Sloop widow of Henry Sloop dec’d, Elizabeth and John Sloop,and Melvina Patterson VS Henry M. Sloop; Commissioners lay off land to  all parties.


329   27 Sep 1867 Julia H. Philips late Julia West to Mahala Sivils; acknowledged in Hamilton Co.


339   21 Oct 1867 William Brazilton of Jefferson Co. to daughter Emily McKeldin widow of A. McKeldin dec’d lately of Athens; for love; lots 84 and 85 on    which A. McKeldin’s dwelling and store house stood.


344   1 Aug 1866   Thomas Carver to Campbell Carver; for love.


345   12 Nov 1867   Thomas B. Mayfield to Susan Gibson wife of Elias P. Gibson, Susan Gibson daughter of Timothy F. Gibson, William Mayfield son of said Thomas B. Mayfield,  Emily S., Thomas B., Jr., and Pearson Mayfield children of said Thomas B. Mayfield; lands, subject to listed debts of Thomas B. Mayfield, and he is to hold lands as heretofore with the comfortable support that he has enjoyed, and he may choose to have live with him for his lifetime any of his children and grandchildren.


346    16 Nov 1867  Silas G. Latham, Declaration for Homestead; land conveyed to him by James Ellis and registered to Deed Book L, page 168.


347   28 Aug 1855 William Brittain of Bradley Co. to Thompson Blackburn of same; land in McMinn Co. except 4 acres whereon Brittain’s Methodist Meeting House stands.


348   18 Apr 1863 Samuel A. Smith of Bradley Co. to Joseph A. Dillard.


348   18 Nov 1867   Thompson Blackburn of Bradley Co. to Edwin A. Atlee Sr. and John L. Atlee; land in deed on page 347.


350   18 Nov 1867   Marian (his mark) Davis and Martin Davis to James Reed.


350   18 Nov 1867   James Reed, Marian and Martin Davis to Morgan Davis.


351   2 Apr 1866   Copy of County Court Decree:  J.W. Plank, Adm. Of Jeremiah Knox dec’d VS Isaac B. Haney et al; Richard a., George W., Margaret S., Laura J., and John S. Knox are the only children of Jeremiah Knox dec’d; land subject to widow’s dower.


353   5 Nov 1867  Robert McCrary and wife Elizabeth to Alfred Hamilton and Charles Cleage; Title Bond to land in District 7, beginning at the bridge on the Rail Road and running West with the Race Track Road.


353   14 Sep 1867 C.L., E.B., and James B. Bonner¸ John H. Shearer and wife Paralee, heirs of James Bonner dec’d, to John E. Hutsell; their interest in dower land of Ann Bonner, widow of James.



355   30 Nov 1867  Henry Rowley, Lewis Evins, Burrel and Albert J. Hamilton to Mary E. Trousdale; Deed of Trust for lot on which the school house is situated known as the Coloured School House.


356   4 Dec 1867  Nelson M. Crockett of Bartow Co., Ga. To Rebecca W. Cantrell of McMinn Co. and Sarah Crockett of Bartow Co., Ga.; his interest in home place of John Crockett dec’d.


358 13 Nov 1867   Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to Lou Emma Dennis; land of Jane Autry sold for judgment in 1861 and Orien Dennis by his Agent Allen Dennis was high bidder; Lou Emma is the only legal heir of Orien dec’d.


360 18 Nov 1867   Susan Campbell of Iowa to J.W. Tally; Power of Atty. To receive from William H. Briant, Atty., money due her upon a judgment obtained by her against Thomas and Thomas L. Upton in Monroe Co.; acknowledged in Washington Co., Iowa.


360 21 Nov 1867   James McDaniel to Mary A. Miller.


361 12 Dec 1867    James Peel and wife Parmelia to R.F. Cooke; land of which Mathias Firestone died possessed.


362   12 Dec 1867    R. Taylor Rutherford and wife Margaret E. to James H. Reynolds; their 1/12 interest in land that David Crockett died possessed and their interest in lands of John Crockett dec’d known as the Green L. Reynolds land.




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36323 Aug 1867    Samuel Wilson to A.H. and S.P. Wilson; his undivided interest in land.


365 25 Nov 1867   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: John D. Lowry, F.M. Pennington et al VS David N. Varnell et al; partition of lands of Daniel Lowry dec’d among the complainants and respondents: to James R. Lowry, Lot No. 4; to Nancy J. Delzell, Lot No. 5; to John D. Lowry, Lot No. 8; to Daniel C. Lowry, Lot No. 7; to Martha N. Lowry, Lot No. 3; to Virginia M. Pennington, Lot No. 6; to Margaret A. Newman, Lot No. 2.  [The lands partitioned are described on pages 366, 372, 373, 374, 381, and 388.]


368 17 Dec 1867    Thomas B. McElwee to Jan Gilbreath and husband J.H. Gilbreath and to Wm. L. Adams as trustee for Hugh McElwee a minor; Title Bond; they are to pay his debts for the land.


375 20 Nov 1865   Martha Ball to John H. Carter; Interest that she now has or may have had in a certain dowry where she now lives upon the land that Jeremiah Knox dec’d bought.


375 20 Feb 1861    Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  James M Henderson, Adm. Of Alexander D. Keys dec’d VS Mary E. Keys widow, John, William, and David L. Keys, Rebecca and John Smith, Mary M. and C.J. Moore, Benj. And Samuel Keys, and the children of Elija Todd, Rebecca B., Mary A., and Sarah E. Todd, the last two by their Gdn., and Margaret J. and Wm. H. White; sale of lots and negroes of estate ordered and sale held 11 Oct 1860, when Alfred Caldwell became the purchaser of house and lot, 9 acres, known as the home place, adjoining J.S. Bridges, Athens Female College, A.  McKeldin, and others.


376 23 Dec 1867    Alfred Caldwell of Knox Co. to Alexander C. Robeson; the lot whereon he formerly resided in Athens, situated on the N side of the road leading from the Depot to the Court House, and bounded on the E by land of McKeldin’s heirs, on the W by lands of James S. Bridges, on the W by the Wesleyan College and others, and on the S by the road aforesaid, 9 acres; acknowledged in Knox Co.


377 30 Dec 1867    Elika A. Taylor of Monroe Co. to A. Blizard and William Bradford.


378 11 Dec 1867    John Shearer and wife Pairlee to Levi and Dianah Fitzgerald; lands of Ezekiel Bonner dec’d.


381 11 Jan 1868A.C. Aytes and wife Loretta to Wm.H. Briant; Deed of Trust.


382 25 Nov 1867   Copy of Chancery Court decree:  C.M. Howard VS Lucinda McNabb and others; land known as Romine’s quarter set apart to C.M. Howard in accordance with Will of Justus Steed dec’d and balance of lands set apart to Lucinda McNabb.


384 6 Dec 1867 Eliza Emeline Weir to Martha Bradford of Polk Co.


387 9 Jan 1868  Edwin A. and John L. Atlee to W.A. Nelson, John F. Slover, A.C. Robeson, and the remaining officers and members of McMinn Chapter No. 74 of Royal Arch Masons in Athens, to W.G. Horton, W.B. McKeldin, Henry K. Brown, and the remaining officers and members of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 50 of ancient free and accepted masons in Athens, and John J. Helm, Thomas A. Cleage,  and John F. Slover, and the remaining officers and members of McMinn Lodge No. 54 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Athens;  $320.;  part of Lot No.9 in Athens.


391 24 Jan 1868Clemuel Gregory to son Ambrose H. Gregory; for parental affection.


393 29 Nov 1867   Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Morris C. Sullins, J.D. Gaston,  Timothy Sullins, Moses A. Cass, John Prather, Warren Hyden, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South VS Richard C. Jackson;  in deed from Jackson to D.W. Prather, Charles Staples, Mitchell Gaston, Morris C. Sullins, J.D. Gaston, A.J. Prather, and Alexander Turner as Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal South at Cedar Springs, dated June 1863 and registered in Deed Book N, page 222, the word South after the word Church in the second line was left out through mistake;  Chancellor rules that word be inserted.


Page 115


394 27 May 1867   Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Louis F. Briant VS Wm. H. Briant.  Wm. A. Nelson and wife Martha, Wm. Foster and wife Elizabeth J., Mathew S. Briant, Mary I. Briant, J.C. Pennington and wife E.C.; land sold to complainant and title divested out of respondents.


396 28 Jan 1868Elizabeth Sloop to Mary J. Sloop; for love and affection, her 1/8 interest in lands of John Sloop dec’d and her 1/8 interest in lands of Henry Sloop dec’d.


397 9 Jan 1867  William Humphrey to Mrs. Elizabeth Bookout.


398 5 Mar 1868 Matthew Clancy and wife Malissa formerly Dixon to Samuel G. Chesnutt; house and lot in the village of Mouse Creek known as the E. Dixon house; acknowledged in Marion Co., Ind.


399 17 Oct 1867    Kissiah M. Tunnell of Autauga Co., Ala. and Esther Catharine Roberts  of McMinn Co. to Mary Ann McCasland; on 11 Aug 1858, Esther Catharine being then a married woman was entitled in her own right as one of the heirs of her father John Tunnell then late of McMinn Co. dec’d, to money due from the sale of land, and funds were invested in a lot near Athens for her sole benefit apart from her then husband James Roberts, and title was put in Kissiah as trustee; husband James Roberts has died; sale of lot in Athens....fronting on College St.; acknowledged by Kissiah in Autauga Co., Ala.


401 5 Feb 1867 County Court Decree:  M.L. Phillips, Adm. Of John E. Hickox dec’d VS Widow and heirs; land sold.


402 21 Mar 1868    William and Catharine Humphreys, Mary A. Cochran of McMinn Co., Eagleton M. and Mary J. Carson of Blount Co. to Joseph Smith.


404 20 Feb 1867    Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to Milton L. Phillips; land known as the home place of John L. Bridges, sold to satisfy judgment brought against Bridges by William G. Horton, Gdn. Of the minor heirs of Frank Pettitt, 7 Feb 1865.


404 28 Feb 1867    Elijah Cate and Henry M. Simpson to Samuel G. Chesnutt; Eli Dixon Tanyard lot in Mouse Creek.


405 4 Apr 1867 Joseph H. Greer to Isaac Blankinship; Title Bond to 160 acres but Greer to have 15 acres including his house, stable, and barn, for so long as he may remain on it.


422 Apr 1867John A. Goldy to John A. Turley of Polk Co.


423 Dec 1866Copy of Circuit Court Decree:  Philip Rowland and wife Sarah VS David, James L., James S., and John A. McCroskey, Josephine Emmerson, Esther Melton, and Joseph W., Frances M., Alfred, and Margaret Melton, Sarah C. Stephens and husband Tipton H. Stephens, Celia Mathews and husband Daniel H. Mathews, all of full age, and Mary Jane, Peter L., James K.P., George M.D., Amanda H., and William H. Melton, the last six of whom are minors defended by their Gdn. Ad litem Jacob S. Mathews; dower assigned to Josephine Emmerson; Philip Rowland is high bidder at sale

and title divested out of all parties to the suit; sale held 13 Oct 1866 after giving 30 days notice in the Athens Press.


425 15 May 1867   Thomas G. Townsend Sr. to Elizabeth W. McConnell wife of J.P. McConnell; lot 52 in Calhoun upon which he built a house and resided.


426 6 Sep 1858 Copy of County Court Decree: James and John Wallen VS Thomas, Jessey, Isaac, and John Wallen, Sarah Igo formerly Wallen, Nancy Wallen who married David Wallen, Elizabeth McMurry formerly Wallen, James Jr., Eliza Jane, Nancy, John Jr., Matilda, and Mary Ann Wallen, heirs of Elizabeth Wallen, dec'd.


434 1 Apr 1867 Copy of County Court Decree:  Montriville Reynolds, Adm. VS William H. Reynolds and others; sale of land to W.H. Wetmore, high bidder, and title divested out of W.H., Manerva Jane, Robert H., and Susan Clarrinda Reynolds.


Page 116


436 9 May 1868John J. Dixon and son Wm. M. Dixon to Jacob P. Brient; mutual agreement to settle the business of the firm of John J. Dixon & Co. composed of the parties aforesaid.


438 14 May 1868   Joseph W. Gibson to wife Sarah A. Gibson; for $4000, which Sarah A. received from the estate of her father William Matlock dec’d.


439 30 Mar 1868    Sarah Walker, daughter of James Bonner dec’d, to husband Joseph H. Walker of Polk Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. To collect her share of estate; acknowledged in Polk Co., Mo.


441 23 May 1868   Joseph H. Walker and wife Sarah formerly Bonner of Polk Co., Mo. To Levi Fitzgerald and wife Dianah; their 1/10 interest in lands of her father James Bonner.


443 3 Aug 1867 Christopher C. Knox of Bradley Co. to James H. Hays of same; land in McMinn Co., also the right and use of the ferry landing on the N bank of the Hiwassee River opposite to the old Underwood ferry.


444 26 May 1868   John F. Browder to Simeon E. Browder; his undivided interest in land upon which the widow Browder now lives; in Apr 1867 his interest was sold to satisfy a judgment, and this deed is to give Simeon the right of redemption.


446 27 May 1868   Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to Simeon E. Browder of Polk Co.; land in above deed, formerly owned by Joseph Browder.


448 23 May 1868   Copy of Chancery Court decree:  Jacob C. Cate VS Robert E.  Cate, Allen Dennis Sr., Mark Dennis, Allen Dennis Jr., and Jane Autry; on 21 Aug 1861, a decree was rendered against Jane Autry in favor of one Joel Dennis and the said Allen Dennis Sr.


451 13 May 1868   William Hoback to Mrs. Rutha Ann Young, Admx. of Thomas Young dec’d; Deed of Trust for steam engine and fixtures and boiler which he has this day purchased from Mrs. Young.


452 28 Dec 1867    Clinton Sivils to Mahala Sivils; his undivided interest in lot.


453 4 Mar 1868 William H. Bridges to Elizabeth Brown and her two children, Charles Marshall and Laura Styles; lot in Athens on Washington Street.


457 27 Feb 1868    Charles K. Bradford to Wm. C. Bradford; his undivided interest and his interest in the undivided interests of his brothers Frank and John D. (Jack) Bradford both dec’d, in lands of father James F. Bradford and mother Nancy Bradford, both dec’d.


458 11 Apr 1868    Samuel H. Dickey to Nancy M. Dickey.


461 18 Feb 1856    Copy of Chancery Court decree:  Sarah Patty widow of Obed Patty dec’d, Ede Patty widow of William Patty dec’d, Obed and Robert J. Patty, George

Reynolds, James M. and Isum Raphael Patty, William H. and David W. Ballew in their own right and as Execs. Of William Ballew dec’d, and Mary L. and Harriet H. Ballew VS Riley Patty, an infant defended by his Gdn. William Furguson and Martin M. Hicks; Robert J. Patty is high bidder at sale of lands of Obed Patty dec’d.


462 21 Jun 1868Joseph Lattimore and Sarah Ann Cantrell, Execs. Of L.E. Cantrell dec’d, to F.M. Cantrell.


464 24 Mar 1868    James H. Pearce to Isabella N. Pearce;  his 1/11 interest in estate of their father James Pearce dec’d.


465 9 Jul 1868   Jasper N. Stephens and wife Margaret W. to Moses Cunningham; Power of Atty. To sell land; acknowledged by Mararet in Red River Co., Texas and by Jasper in McMinn Co.



466 23 Aug 1860    Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  John Scruggs and James Forest, Adms. VS Widow, heirs, and creditors of Albert G. Rice dec’d; dower land laid off to widow Margaret W. and other land sold to settle insolvent estate and Margaret W. is the high bidder.


467 7 Aug 1868 Martha C. Lunsford to William H. Briant; her undivided interest in house and Lot No. 7 in the plan of lots run off by H.B. Haywood, which was sold to her mother Elizabeth J. Fuqua, now dec’d.


468 10 Aug 1868    William B. Clark to Wallace N. Hoge; lot 36 in Calhoun.


468 10 Aug 1868    William B. Clark to Ellen J. Hoge.


475 25 Jun 1868W.H.H. Duggan of Monroe Co. to son James A. Duggan;  Power of  Atty.


476 26 Sep 1862    Catharine Avens of Ark. by Westley Avens, Agent, to Clerisey Balding; lots in Calhoun.


477 8 Aug 1868 Robert W. Fuqua, Louesa C. Fuqua, Thomas R. Wyatt and wife Manerva F., William L. Green and Wife Luisa A., A.J. Woods and Harriet A., to William H. Briant; their interest; their interest in house and lot of their mother Elizabeth J. Fuqua dec’d;  Manerva F. Wyatt acknowledges in McMinn Co., the Greens in Bradley Co., the Woods in Atlanta, Ga., and R.W. and Luesa C. Fuqua and Thomas R. Wyatt in McMinn Co.


481 22 Aug 1868    Henry C. Eblin and wife Mary C. of Roane Co. to William A. Duckworth; their undivided half of land which descended to Mary C. and the said William A. Duckworth from their father Thomas N. Duckworth, subject to dower rights of widow Mary Duckworth.


484 29 Aug 1868    Joseph Hamilton to John B. Hamilton; for love and affection; lands including land which he gave to daughter Mary and which Mary sold to John B., also one half of the mills land; witnessed by Richard B. and Joseph W. Hamilton; “For and in consideration of the foregoing gift, I, John B. Hamilton agree jointly with Albert L. Hamilton to support father and mother during their life time.”


485 29 Aug 1868    Joseph Hamilton to son Albert L. Hamilton; for love, land and one half of mills; “For and in consideration of the foregoing gift, I, Albert L. Hamilton agree jointly with John B. Hamilton to support Father and mother during their life time.”


486 21 Aug 1868    William Paris to Thomas L. Hoyl, Joseph Cobb Sr., C. Long, T. Melton, J.B. Cobb, James Payne, R.H. Paris, W.M. Cass, and Cain Queener, Trustees; $10.; 10 acres and free use of the Big Spring, for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.


487 8 Sep 1868 Harvey and Jehu S. Fry, Execs, to James Dean; land which Dean bought at public sale on 30 Aug 1860 agreeable to Will of Philip Fry dec’d.


488 8 Aug 1868 James Dean to William G. Kelly and Mrs. M.J. Small.


489 20 Nov 1867   T.L. Farrell to Rutha Gallaher.


491 23 Feb 1860    Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Daniel Robinson and wife and others VS James H. and Elizabeth Lasater.


492 12 Sep 1868    George Monroe to Wiley N. Wallace; land adjoining lands he conveyed to Harriet N. Monroe and the farm upon which Robert Monroe formerly lived.


493 30 Mar 1868    Polly, William P., Jasper N., and John M. McAmy to Jesse W. Dodson


494 7 Sep 1868 Copy of County Court Decree:  Reynolds, Rebecca, and Malcom Cantrell, S.P. Hale and wife Elminda VS C.B. Newman and wife Clementine, Alice E., Martha A., Margaret M., and Mary M. Cantrell, Maranda A. Hale, Felix M. Hale and wife Sarah A., and Gdn. Ad litem C.R. Hale; land sold and title divested out of heirs of David Cantrell dec’d.


495 2 Sep 1868 George Monroe to Harriet N. Monroe, wife of son Joseph Monroe dec’d and her children Mary E.J.B. Wallace wife of Wiley Wallace, Margaret E. McChristian wife of John L. McChristian, William M., Lewis F., Horace L., Charles B., Joseph M., Sarah A., Elizabeth P., and George W. Monroe; land, for love.


497 7 Sep 1866 William Ferguson Sr. to William Ferguson Jr.; Title Bond for land; William Jr. to have a credit on the purchase price for the support and maintainance of his father and mother during their natural lifetime.


501 3 Sep 1868 George A. and Alfred Caldwell of Knox Co. to Theodore Richmond.


Page 118


505 6 Jul 1868   Copy of County Court Decree:  Jacob Elder VS Eliza Elder widow and Gdn. of the minor heirs of Robert Elder dec’d, and Thomas Caldwell, Adm.; partition of land between Jacob Elder and Eliza Elder widow and her minor children.




   Deed Book P

Page 119


2 12 Oct 1868    James B. Cooke of Chattanooga to James M. Henderson of Athens.


3 6 Oct 1868 Calvin Browder to Frank King, Colored.


3 24 Oct 1868    Margaret Porter, Execx. of Boyd Porter dec’d, to John B. Porter;  on 25 May 1861 Boyd Porter now dec’d made Title Bond to his two sons Benjamin M. and John B. Porter.


4 24 Jul 1868 Bennet cooper of Bradley Co., Exec. of Philip Cooper dec’d late of McMinn Co., to W.C. and C.A. Barnett; in Oct 1858 Philip Cooper made Title Bond to Jasper N. Stephens then of McMinn Co.; by Chancery Court decree Title was vested in V.M. Terry of Overton Co., who has sold title to the Barnetts.


7 26 Oct 1868    Joseph W. Gibson to Sarah A. Gibson formerly the daughter of William Matlock dec’d; for $500. Of her own money, all his interest in the dower which Jane R. McClatchy lately sold to him, it being 80 acres out of the farm of her husband A.P. McClatchy, the place where Mrs. McClatchy is now living, near James Gettys.


8 12 Oct 1868    Martin Bunch and wife Elizabeth of Phelps Co., Mo. To A. Howard and Joseph Faris of same; acknowledged in Phelps Co.


12   31 Mar 1866    John H. and Martha Weir of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Patton A. Bradford; Power of Atty. to Collect their interest in real estate of Marian Bonner; acknowledged in Sebastian Co.


14   9 Nov 1868William H. Howard to Martin D. Anderson; lots 75 and 76 in Athens, being the S side of the block of lots on which Howard’s Livery Stable is located....fronting on Church Alley.


15   10 Nov 1868   William H. Howard to Adolphus H. Crow; lots 71 and 72 in Athens, together with the Livery Stable, one hack and two-horse wagon, and three horses; Howard agrees not to go into Livery Stable business within four miles of Athens.


18   18 Nov 1868   Wiley Frank, Declaration for Homestead.


19   23 Nov 1868   Charles L. King to Julia R. King; his one half interest in the Mt. Verd tract together with the mills, his interest in the Hester Mills land on Sewee in Meigs Co., in the Glenmore Mills property on Eastanallee Creek, and in land in Brooks Co., Ga., owned by King and Alexander.


21   1 Oct 1868 G.W. Benton to John Benton; Power of Atty to settle his business in McMinn Co. and sell property.


24   4 Nov 1867V.M. Metcalfe of Davidson Co. to J.B. Romans of same.


26   2 Dec 1868 Charles L. King and James Gettys to George W. Bridges; Bridges assigned to Gettys the right of redemption from King of the house and lot in Athens upon which said Bridges now resides, and a tract of land; Gettys has paid money and

designates Mary Dixon Bridges and Hannah Elizabeth Bridges, daughters of said George W. Bridges and granddaughters of said Gettys, as the persons to whom said release should be made, reserving to said Bridges the right of living in said house his lifetime.


27   Nov 1867   Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Christly Foster, Adm. of Daniel Hicks dec’d VS William Hicks et al; title to land divested out of William and Artimissia Hicks and Newton and Mary Ann Linn.


29   5 Dec 1868 Robert M. Staples and wife Catharine R. of Knox Co. to John P. Netherland; their 1/7 interest in farm of the late Dr. James W. Netherland.


30   14 Aug 1868    James C. Calhoun of Chattanooga to Amos Jackson, a man of Colour; lot 10 in the A.D. Keyes plan of lots in Athens, as registered in Deed Book L, page 539.


31   7 Dec 1868 This indenture made and entered into between the heirs of James Wade dec’d, viz, William D., Liney, and Sarah Jane Wade, and Michael Wattenbarger of the one part and Silas W. Wade of the other part.


31   7 Dec 1868 Same Grantors as in above deed to Levi Wattenbarger.


34   25 May 1868   Jasper N. Stephens of Texas to Lewis R. Hurst; deed for half of lots in Town of Mouse Creek to replace lost deed made in 1862.


Page 120


35   2 Sep 1868 Lewis R. Hurst to William E. Hurst; Deed of Trust for the “copy right of a Book Entitled the times an Explanatory treatees upon the prophecees of the Bible together with the Stereotype plates of said work and also the first Edition of One thousand copies of said work now under contract in the Southern Methodist publishing House Nashville Tennessee”; is indebted to the publishing House and others; retains the exclusive agency in the sale of said work.


35   23 Nov 1868   Allison D. Briant to son Matthew S. Briant; for love.


36   12 Oct 1868    James M. Browder of Monroe Co. to Andrew J. Shelton and Nancy H. Woody.


38   28 Nov 1868   Abijah Boggus to Samuel Hutsell, both of Meigs Co.; land....with the the Grave Yard at Buttram’s Meeting House.


39   2 Oct 1868 William Richardson of Campbell Co. to David H. Dennis; an undivided 1/8 interest in the farm where James Dennis now lives, reference being had to a deed from Jonathan Richardson to Mark Richardson for a more perfect description of the land.


41   30 Oct 1867    James M. Briggs and wife Sarah M., and Mary and Eliza M. Eldridge to A.M. and P.V. Hambright; “whereas by descent from Pater Hambright our father, A.M. and P.V. Hambright and the subscribers to this Deed have derived title to and now hold equal and undivided interest (except Eliza M. Eldridge who has an interest of one third of one fifth) in a tract of land”.


42   30 Oct 1867    Same Grantors and Grantees as in above deed; “Whereas by descent from F.M. Hambright, A.M. and P.V. Hambright and the subscribers to this Deed” etc., as in above deed.


46   2 Mar 1867 Assignment of Bankrupt Effects of William H. Taylor, Bankrupt, of Grainger Co. to Ben Peck, Assignee in Bankruptcy, of Rutledge, Grainger Co.


46   15 Jan 1869Mark and Isham Dennis, and J.R. Buckner to Robert M. Erecson and Charles V.Orton Jr.


51   22 Jan 1869Benjamin T. Ziegler of Rhea Co. to Celicea Miller and her heirs.


52   22 Jan 1869A.J. Clark to John Carver of Polk Co.


53   25 Nov 1867   John D. Lowry and others VS David N. Varnell and others; [See Deed Book O, page 365] Lot No. 1 allotted to Frances E. Fisher.


54   2 Dec 1868 William H. Hammond to Ruth R. Martin, by direction of B.F. Martin; part of the John Walker Reservation excepting one acre for the Presbyterian Church and one acre for the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Calhoun.


56   23 Jan 1868Benjamin F. Martin to wife Ruth R. Martin; 10 lots in Calhoun.


57   No date.  W.A. Duggan to Tennessee T. Bloom wife of G.M. Bloom; acknowledged 5 Feb 1859.


58   26 Aug 1867    James T. Lane to daughter Virginia Moss; land free from the marital rights of her present husband Edward T. Moss; $2000. To be paid in her interest in State Bonds and land known as the Mouse Creek farm which she derives through the Will of her grandfather John Moss dec’d and by a decree of Chancery Court in the case of William Lane next friend of Quintina Lane VS Joseph M. Alexander and others.


60   26 May 1868   Joseph H. Walker, Sarah Walker by her Atty. in fact Joseph H. Walker, John H. and Martha Wear by their Atty. in fact Patton A. Bradford, James Gregory and wife Elizabeth to John E. and Margaret Hutsell; their interest in the dower of Ann Bonner, widow of James Bonner dec’d, as heirs.


62   No date.  Elmore Brock and wife Mary and J.E. Hutsell to Margaret Hutsell; their interest as heirs in dower of Ann Bonner, widow of James Bonner dec’d; the Brocks acknowledge in White Co.


63   9 Jan 1869  Madison Pain of Texas by his Agent John H. Tally of Roane Co. to Richard Holland.


Page 121


66   9 Feb 1869 M.L. Phillips, M.A. Helm, T. Richmond, and M.R. May to William F. Long and John P. Peters; the Athens Republican Printing Press, type, and fixtures.


69   16 Feb 1869    Nancy, Mary, Matilda, Emaline (Emiretta), Nancy, Malvina, Catherine, and Martha Cook, heirs of Jacob Cook dec’d, to Robert Bishop and the minor heirs of Thomas Bishop dec’d, to wit, James C., Robert, John, Sarah, and Elizabeth Bishop.


70   16 Feb 1869    William Burns, Register, appoints Adam Burgist a Deputy Register, who takes Oath to support the Constitution of the U.S. and of Tennessee, and that he has never in any way aided the late Rebellion or the so called Confederate States of America.


72   7 Oct 1868 James Bayless to Hiram Bird, Robert Johnson, and Aaron Melton, Trustees of the Freedmen Cumberland Church in Athens.


73   30 Oct 1867    William H. and George W. Smith to W.N., S.H., J.F., and C.M. Dewitt.


74   14 Dec 1868    Thomas Stephens of Barto Co., Ga. To Jacob Clonninger.


74   24 Feb 1869    M.C. Reynolds to William L. Reynolds; his interest in land to which he, James M., and William L. Reynolds, derived title by descent from George Reynolds.


75   12 Feb 1869    William C. Eblin and wife Elizabeth L. formerly wife of H.M.D. McElrath dec’d of McMinn Co. to J.H. Hays and J.E. McElrath of Bradley Co.; one fourth interest in Walker Mill association, the land that M.A.W. Hanks deeded to Elizabeth L. in a trust deed to James W. Campbell.


80   26 May 1868   Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  title to land of Albert G. Rice dec’d divested out of Margaret, Orville, Albert, Robert, and Miller F. Rice.


81   16 Oct 1868    George W. Bogart and wife Nancy formerly Barnett, Joseph L. (W.) Wilson and wife Frances J. Formerly Barnett, Curtis A. Barnett, heirs of James M. Barnett dec’d, to William C. Barnett.


83   7 Jan 1869  A.C. Blevins and wife Catherine to Phebia Green.


85   7 Oct 1867 Copy of County Court decree:  A.D. Briant, Adm of Jonas Wassen dec’d VS Catherine Wassen widow, Eliza and John Wassen, Nancy, Joseph, and Martha Sellers, Jonas Wassen Jr., Elizabeth Brandon formerly McMillen, and John Henry, Jonas T., Mary C., and Martha E. Boofer, and Sarah Jane, Eliza Ann, and Jackson Wassen, Erpha and Meredith Paul, and Mary, John, George, and Cassa Ann Wassen; sale of land of Jonas Wassen dec’d to Catherine Wassen, high bidder.


87   8 Jun 1868  Daniel McKinney to Epperson and Porter; part of the Riceville Farm; Lots 1, 2, and 3, reserving a space of 15 feet between lots 2 and 3 which he hereby gives to the public for an alley; he also gives for a public street the land lying between the first of said lots and the E.T. & Ga. R.R. line.


89   7 Nov 1868Joseph C. Weir to Thomas McCully of Bradley Co.


90   15 Mar 1869    Declaration, Henry Sloop to William A. (H.) Whitess and William Dover; “To building One House 40 feet long 18 feet Wide 10 feet story with 5 doors four Windows, two partitions and a hall running through the same and sealed rough inside for papering and doing all the Carpenter work on the same $140.00.  Said House was built upon lot No. 11 in McKinnie’s addition to the Town of Riceville McMinn County Tennessee and is known in said Town of Riceville as Henry Sloofer’s Nice House.”


91   10 Nov 1867   Elias Walker to Fanny Turk.


91   17 Dec 1868    John Crews and wife Eliza A. to Thomas Edgeman; acknowledged in Hot Springs Co., Ark.


96   17 Mar 1868    W.R. Grubb to son W.W. Grubb; for love; lot in Athens where Charles F. Gibson now lives.

Page 122


97   4 Jan 1866  Benjamin Shell of Polk Co. to Ransom A. Wamack.


100 11 Feb 1868  John F. Sharp, Trustee, to John M. Miller; on 1 Jul 1858 William Thompson then of McMinn Co. made a Deed of Trust to Sharp for lot No. 1 in Calhoun, which was in the plan of lots laid off around what was intended as a Public Spring.


102 17 Jul 1868 Clemuel Gregory to son Green C. Gregory; for love.


104 19 Apr 1869  J.W. Gibson, Sheriff, to M.A. Cass; Sheriff levied on individual interest of R.G. Blackburn in land of Jessee R. Blackburn in Aug 1866.


105 8 Mar 1869 C.C. Curtis to Ann E. Trust, Adm of Robert Trust dec’d of Waldo Co., Minn. [Main?]; Deed of Trust to secure notes due her.


108 17 Apr 1869    Erastus Rowley of New Albany, Ind. To David M. Wilson; house and lot on which William Graves was living at the time of his death and subsequently owned by Samuel P. Ivins and conveyed by him to Rowley, adjoining Athens on the N side....on the East by Tennessee Wesleyan University; acknowledged in Floyd Co., Ind. Before Henry M. Rowley, Notary.


110 9 Oct 1868 David Hart, Gdn. &C of M.L. Hickox, to F.Brigham; a house and lot in Athens which was laid off as dower to Mrs. M.L. Hickox, widow of John E. Hickox dec’d; acknowledged in Campbell Co.


113 19 Mar 1869  A. and Rachel Howard and Joseph and Margaret E. Farris to H.H. Hays.


114 1 Apr 1869 Mahala, E.C., Amanda L., Mahala V., O.S., W.L., and H.B. Burn, and Tennessee T. Bloom and husband G.M. Bloom to Samuel C. Burn.


115 25 Nov 1867  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  James Forrest Adm. et al VS Lydia Ann Smith widow et al; Title to land on which Josiah Smith lived and died divested out of Lydia Ann Smith and Adaline D., F.M., Mary C., and Christopher C. Smith, Harriet S. McCuistian, James M., Sarah C., John S., Thomas R., Misourie P., and Margaret T. Smith; their 1/11 interest as heirs of H.B. Smith dec’d.


122 6 Mar 1869 Jacob A. Tibbs to John Grubb as trustee for Mary A. Grubb wife of Jackson Grubb, and at her death to her children Ernest L. and Arthur Grubb and any other children which she may bear; for natural love and affection to my “selection” Mary A. Grubb; lots in Athens; acknowledged in Whitfield Co., Ga.


126 29 Apr 1869 John F. Robinnett of Edgar Co., Ill. To Samuel Creasman; acknowledged in Edgar Co.


129 Aug 1868 Daniel McKinny to son John L. McKinny; for love; lot 13 in Riceville upon which John L. is now building a house.


131 8 Sep 1865 Jane Hawk to James D. Poter.


133 25 Nov 1867  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  James S. Russell Adm. VS Widow, heirs, and creditors of C.B. Newman dec’d; Mrs. C.Newman the widow was high bidder for the land, and title divested out of Margaret E. and William Armstrong, Sarah A., Mary E., Spencer F., David M., Robert C., Lafayette C., and John M. Newman, heirs of C.B. Newman dec’d.


137 24 May 1869  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Lattimore and Cantrell VS Cantrell; sale of undivided 6/12 interest of L.E. Cantrell dec’d in land of Gabriel Cantrell dec’d, subject to dower of Nancy widow of Gabriel and dower of Sarah E. widow of L.E.; on Federal Road from Madisonville to Columbus; interests of Robert P., John, Mary S., Thomas J., and Ernest Cantrell, heirs of L.E.


143 25 May 1867  James Glasgow Parshall of Monroe Co. to Samuel W. Royston; his undivided interest in land in right of his sister Jane A. Parshall who is now dec’d, land described in deed to his father John Parshall.


145 15 Nov 1866 Andrew L. Rogers of Monroe Co. to J. Bovey.


147 10 Mar 1869 G.W. Standifer to Sallie McKeldin.


149 15 Apr 1867 Joseph B. Smart of Williamson Co., Ill. To John Hill; his undivided interest in estate of Thomas Smart dec’d.


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150 23 Jan 1869John W. Cloninger to Susan E., Francis A., Huldah J., John Luther, and Margaret A. Cloninger, minor heirs of James J. Cloninger dec’d, subject to dower of widow Sarah A. Cloninger as required by a decree of Chancery Court at Benton, Polk Co., in case of Sarah A. Cloninger VS Jason Coe and said minor heirs.


152 26 Jul 1869 Allen Ware to John R. Ware; farm, stock, and all personal property; Allen and his wife Rutha are both getting old and “yet they are hale and harty and bid fare to live many years”; John R. agrees to support Allen and Rutha for 15 years, giving them plenty of good food either at John R’s Table, or food to cook themselves, also to furnish them three suits of clothes every year, “said Allen’s coat pants and vest to be of Good Janes and his under close of Good Plain domestic Goods with linnen for the bosom and ristbands of his Shirts and said Rutha to have one Cotton one linsey and one calico dress each year with three suits of Good cotton under close.  I am also to pay said Allan two dollars in money for spending money each and every month for 15 years”; also a horse and buggy when they wish to ride.


155 24 May 1869   Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  James M. Browder VS Letitia Anderson et als; title to land divested out of Letitia, Thomas, and John M. Anderson, Joseph Hendrix and wife Sarah, Rhoda J., Lewis, and Samuel H. Anderson, as widow and heirs of Allen Anderson dec’d.


156 26 Nov 1867   Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  James Smart Exec. of Thomas Smart dec’d VS Widow and heirs; land, subject to dower of widow Margaret, sold to John Hill.


158 31 Jul 1869 John Baker and wife Emily to Alexander Crockett and Hamilton Browder; one half of undivided land subject to dower of widow Mary Davis, widow of Alfred Davis.


159 8 Feb 1869 S.A. Wallis to Alexander Maxwell; Deed of Trust for personal property; owes Maxwell $300. For taking care of and clothing his children for 1867 and 1868.


162 10 Aug 1869    Francis M. Ellis to M.L. Ellis; his interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.


168 14 Sep 1868    Elmore Brock and wife Mary formerly Bonner of White Co. to Levi and Diana Fitzgerald; their 1/10 part of land of James Bonner dec’d.


170 9 Nov 1858Jacob Houts to Orville Holland late of N.C.


171 10 Sep 1869    Orville Holland to son A.A. Holland; land and personal property, for love; Orville reserves life estate for himself and wife Harriet.


177 18 Jul 1865 Simeon Boggess to James Gettys of Meigs Co.; undivided half of land in Meigs Co., Abijah Boggess Sr. owning the other half.


178 8 Jul 1868   Epperson & Porter to Mary Gilliland.


180 28 Aug 1869    Susannah Sanders and husband Robert, and John and Henry St. John, all of St. Clair Co., Mo., Susannah, John, and Henry being three of the five children of Arthur St. John dec’d; Power of Atty. to John W. Davis of St. Clair Co., Mo., to go to Athens and collect their share of estate of Arthur St. John especially in hands of Adm. A.H. Crow.


185 13 Mar 1869    Catharine Wassom to Martha Sellers; land except dower laid off to Catharine for her lifetime.


189 14 Sep 1859    “State of Georgia County”; Thomas L. Hoyl of County and State aforesaid to David Cobb and Wm. Mayfield; Land known as Huffaker Chilhowee Springs; acknowledged 14 Sep 1869 in Ga., the County not given, before J.C.F. Clark, Clk.; Webster Co., Ga., David R. Herrill, Judge, certifies that J.C.F. Clark is Clerk of Court in Terrill Co., Ga.


191 14 Apr 1869    William J. and Stephen A. Bryant to William Gibony of Meigs Co.


193 11 Oct 1869    Agreement between Mark Dennis Jr. (of Allen) and the said Allen Dennis; Mark agrees to care for the said Allen and wife Mary (mother and father of said Mark) and to furnish a home for his invalid sister Matilda Dennis as long as she wishes; also to pay Elizabeth Erikson, wife of Robert Erikson, another daughter of said Allen.


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200 16 Oct 1868    Joseph (Jasper) F. Wilson and wife Frances J. formerly Barnett, William C., Charles A., and Stephen L. Barnett, Harison B. Burns and wife Margaret E. formerly Barnett, Mary C. Wilson formerly Barnett widow of Patrick Wilson dec’d, George W. Bowgart and wife Nancy L. formerly Barnett, and Elizabeth Barnett widow of James Barnett dec’d, the only heirs of said James M. Barnett dec’d to John Norvell; 17 Mar 1896, W.C. Barnett declares that satisfaction of this lien has been paid.


202 29 Oct 1869    James Bayless to Sarah Jane Ragan.   


203 5 Oct 1868 Cyntha, A. Jackson, Charlotta, and Susanah Waller to A.H.M. Gregory.


208 31 Aug 1869    Indenture made at Calhoun; James H. Hays and wife Susan C. formerly McElrath, of Bradley Co., to Emeline S. Saulspaw; their ¼ undivided interest in land heretofore set apart to Eliza L. McElrath in the Walker Mill reservation.


211 19 Jun 1869J.E. McElrath of Cleveland, Bradley Co., to Emeline S. Saulpaw of Calhoun; 5/8 undivided interest in Walker Mill reservation.


212 1 Mar 1869 Indenture made at Spring Place, Ga.; Ellen F. Morris formerly McElrath and husband James C. Morris of Georgia to J.E. McElrath of Cleveland; ¼ undivided interest in Walker Mill Reservation.


213 30 Oct 1869    William H., R.A., J.C., M.J. (M.T.), Catharine, Nancy E., and Amanda Stevenson to W.H. Cooper.


214 2 Nov 1869Herod H. Rudd and wife Harriet S.. to M.D. Anderson; acknowledged in Hamilton Co.


215 15 Nov 1869   John Smith, Agreement with son Joseph A.R. Smith; John deeds all crops, stock, farming equipment, and furniture to Joseph A.R. if he will live with said John and his mother Elizabeth who are both old and infirm.


217 27 Nov 1869   John Edgemon to Thomas Edgemon; his 1/10 interest in land, as an heir, of Thomas Edgemon dec’d and in dower of his mother.


222 15 Apr 1866    Joel Culpepper and Eliza K. Jenkins, Marriage Contract; money to buy land for her own use during her lifetime, and then for Millard L. Jenkins, minor heir of Eliza K., and Sarah A. Culpeper, minor heir of said Joel by adoption; acknowledged 6 Dec 1869.


225 1 Nov 1869M.L. Phillips, Mayor, and Theodore Richmond, James H. Hornaby, M.A. Helm, James Baker, James Turner, and Henry Rowley, Alderman of the municipal corporation of the Town of Athens, have received a proposition from W. McKeldin & Co. to purchase an alley in said town lying between Jackson and White Streets and separating the lot formerly owned by the Matlock heirs and the Twomey property owned by said McKeldin and W.M. Sehorn, for $65.; lot is of no public use or benefit and is sold.

226 26 Nov 1868   Copy of Chancery Court decree:  Samuel Martin Adm. VS Catharine Fite et als; title divested out of complainant and respondents as heirs of Samuel Wilson dec’d.


229 25 Jun 1867Patton L. Gamble of Hamilton Co. to Louisa J. Roland; lots 17 and 18 in Athens where he formerly had a residence.


231 10 Dec 1866    Copy of Circuit Court Decree:  C.L. Rice, Adm. of Henry Rice dec’d VS Margaret Rice widow, and Henry M., Martha E., and Sarah R. Rice; sale of two town lots in Athens, the first known as Lot No. 1 on left hand  side of Washington St. going West, the first lot W of the original plan of said town and in the John K. Farmer addition, and the second lot adjoins above lot, with Washington Street on the N and Main Street on the S.


233 29 Dec 1869    Thomas Gibson to daughter Margaret Lourse__y Swaffer; land and personal property for which said daughter and John Westley Swaffer agree to care for Thomas and Henrietta Gibson during their lifetime.


234 20 Dec 1869    Abijah Boggess of Meigs Co. to Drucilla Fry of Rhea Co.


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236 1 Jan 1870  Annie M. Kilgore, Admx. Of F.M. Kilgore dec’d, to Julius Aytes; F.M. Kilgore had made Title Bond 22 Sep 1865.


238 16 Dec 1869    Rev. John Worthman of Trenton N.J. to Rev. John W. Mann of Greeneville, Tenn.


240 10 Mar 1868    Katharine Kibble to James Kibble.


245 12 Oct 1868    Paul Bunch and wife Mahala (Hulda) Bunch to Martin Bunch, all of Phelps Co., Mo.


251 1 Jan 1870  The East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia Rail road Company, Thomas H. Callaway President, party of the first part, and Philo C. Calhoun, Richard T. Wilson, and John McGinnis Jr., all of New York, Trustees, parties of the second part; R.R. to issue $3,900,000.00 in bonds to pay debts to State of Tennessee and to extend its “phasilities”, etc.


263 19 Jun 1860James Wilson to Trustees of Mouse Creek Male and Female Academy; for $275, for purpose of a schoolhouse; lot at Mouse Creek, beginning at the street running from the N corner of the Depot towards James Wilson’s 225 feet from the Public depot ground, measuring from the corner of Magill’s store house....; 16 Feb 1870, deed proven by witness J.F. Lowry and by J.B. Kenedy who identifies handwriting of witness John McPhale who is dead.


265 22 Jan 1868Nancy Jan Delzell and husband John N. Delzell of Richland Co., Ill. to John D. Lowry Jr.; Lot No. 5 allotted her by Commissioners.


266 1 Mar 1870 John L. Atlee to Wahington L. Atlee, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.; right to redeem lots in Athens sold for debts of Edwin A. and John L. Atlee; lot 7 on N side of public square upon which Robert N. McEwen formerly lived and now occupied by John L. Atlee.


267 22 Nov 1869   Henry H. Matlock and J.W. Lillard and wife M.E., heirs of John Matlock dec’d to W.B. McKeldin.


269 25 Feb 1870    John L. Thompson to James Neill Gdn. of Margaret and Louisa Neill; Deed of Trust.


269 4 Mar 1870 J.M. Johns to James S. Richards; his 1/6 interest in land.


270 29 May 1869   Copy of Chancery Court Decree;  house and lot in Mouse creek known as residence of Tandy S. Rice sold 1 Aug 1862 for debt; title divested out of children and heirs of Tandy S. Rice dec’d.


280 14 Oct 1868    C.L. Rice to Mrs. N.M. Carlock and Mrs. E.C. Redmon.


281 1 Apr 1870 James C. Carlock Exec. of John Crawford dec’d to C.C. Wester, assignee of Hugh Crawford; Lot No.10 in Athens, bounded on E by P.C. Wilson,  on S by

Property formerly owned by State Bank, on W by Church alley, and on N by Main Street, known as the property upon which John Crawford lived and died.


282 1 Apr 1870 James C. Carlock Exec. of John Crawford dec’d to C.C. Wester, assignee of Hugh Crawford; Lot No. 66 bounded on N by lot owned by Wm. Atlee, on E by Church Alley, on S by Bank Alley, and on W by lot formerly owned by Frank Boyd dec’d.


283 15 Dec 1869    R.H. Wells, Statement of Facts, for the purpose of giving full satisfaction to J.A. Turley; in 1864 William Turley with some 5 or 6 Federal soldiers came to my house with an order for the arrest of William Mayfield and myself and one of the soldiers in searching for firearms, took my wife’s breast pin, and out of this grew the trouble that we are now settling; I am satisfied that Mr. Turley came at the suggestion of William M. Scarborough his father-in-law for the purpose of befriending me, and that I lay no blame on him and never knew him to do a dishonest act but to the subject, Joseph Lattimore and Robert Smith informed Mr. Turley and others that sometime since as they and myself were coming from Athens together that Mr. Turley’s name was mentioned as a suitable candidate for J.P. and that I remarked what elect a damned thief and prowler that robs the houses of honest men and that they cautioned me and that I told them I knew what I was saying that Mr. Turley came to my house and robbed it and took my wife’s jewelry and bed chloes and that she followed him to Mr. Wm. M. Scarbrough’s and took the bed cloes away and brought them home on my mule and. could prove the same by as good a man as there was in Polk Co. to wit Wm. Mayfield which conversation I deny and had I have had any such it would have been willfully and maliciously false.


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 285   20 Jul 1868   Thomas Gibson to daughter Margaret Louiza Swafferd; for love; land adjoining the land that he gave to his daughter Mahala Jane Jones.


 285   4 Oct 1869   Jacob A. Tibbs of Dalton, Ga. to P.M. Milligan.


 286   22 Jan 1870   James C. Carlock to John H. Brunner of Monroe Co.; land begin¬ning at the end of the plank fence that divides the Cane Creek Academy from the Grave yard lot.


 291   23 Apr 1870   Richard C. Jackson to Martha E. Lillard; lots 20, 22, 23, and the E half of lot 21, now occupied by him as a residence together with the stable lots, Stables, Railroad office, bounded on E by Jackson Street, on S by Prison Alley and half of lot 21 now owned by John L. Atlee, on W by White Street, and on N by College Street.


 293   17 Oct 1867   Stephen Bedford of La. to daughter Mary Farmer wife of Isham W. Farmer; for love.


 295   13 Sep 1867   Joseph C. Stipes to B.F. Morgan and A.C. Stipes; his 1/4 undiv¬ided part of land now held by heirs of George W. Stipes dec’d.


 297   15 Nov 1869   Harlin S. Wood and wife Nancy E. formerly Stephens to Jason Coe; acknowledged by Nancy E. in Casey Co., Ky. and by Harlin S. in McMinn county.


 298   5 Apr 1870   Susannah P. Sanders and husband Robert to Mary E. Davis of St.

Clair Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. to collect from A.H. Crow, Adm. of Arthur

St. John dec’d in McMinn Co., her 1/5 equal share of estate of Arthur St.

John late of St. Clair Co., Mo, who died intestate; acknowledged in St.

Clair Co., Mo.


 299   7 Apr 1870   John St. John to Mary E. Davis, both of St. Clair Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. for his 1/5 share of estate of Arthur St. John dec’d.


 300   15 Jan 1870   William Terry to Sarah Ann Isbell of Monroe Co.


 302   27 Sep 1869   Levi Fitzgerald to Margrate Willis.


 303   19 May 1870  Thomas Stephens of Barto Co., Ga. to Jacob, Adam, J. N., and Samuel Sligar.

 304  21 May 1870   George W. Standifer to Mary Morgan.


 316   12 Dec 1863    John T. Barton to William Green; 6 Jun 1870, witnesses J.G. Moss and S.W. Foster are nonresidents of Tennessee.



 317   24 May 1869   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to land divested out of Anderson Fox, Nancy and Thompson Sanders, Sarah McCormack, William Fox, Mary and George Scott, Amanda and Daniel White, Williamson and David Fox, William and Paralee Gold, Malinda and Asa J. Howell, Josephine and Ransom Wamack, Caroline, John, and Samuel Fox, Caroline Fox widow of Abraham Fox Jr., Wesley Cal William Coe [sic], Elizabeth Coe, Levi, Mary Caroline, and Nancy Ann Fox, all heirs of Abraham Fox Sr. dec’d.


 319   4 Mar 1870   A.K. Johns to James S. Richards; his undivided interest in land.


 221   2 Dec 1869   James F., Henry, Mary, and William A. Bradford to Lucy Kamey

 Colored ; their undivided interest in land, a part of the Homestead farm of the late Jams F. Bradford and occupied by us as his heirs, we being the only heirs having any interest therein.


 322   4 Jul 1870   J.A. Gouldy, Sheriff, to Wesley Avens; lots in Calhoun owned by Thomas Denson a nonresident of Tenn., attached 2 Dec 1867.


 323   7 Jul 1870   John L. Atlee to It’s. Sarah C. Leuter; one half interest in lots 47 and 48 in Athens adjoining Jackson Grubb, also the lot known as the Cumberland Presbyterian lot, both on the S; said lots 47 and 48 fronting on White Street and Prison Alley; Deed of Trust.


 325   21 Mar 1870  James Gettys of McMinn Co. to Samuel F. and Richard F. Gettys; .930 acres on Eastanallee Creek with all machinery, mills, buildings, the same conveyed to him 26 Dec 1862 by W.J. McClatchey.


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 328   17 May 1870   P.C. Calhoun, R T. Wilson, and John McGinnis Jr. to East Tenn., Virginia, and Georgia R.R. Co.; release of mortgage.


 331   25 Nov 1868   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: F.M. Rowan At. of Eli Dixon dec’d VS Widow, heirs, and creditors; Mrs. Charity Dixon, widow, is high bidder for land.


(346)  9 Jul 1870 Alexander M. McKinsey to Francis M., Margaret, and Mary C. McKinsey, and Martha Coles.


 34825 May 1870   Paralee Gregory to G.W. Moore; signed by Paralee Gregory, Adolphus P. and Malissa A. McClatchey, and they all acknowledge.


349 27 May 1870   George W. Moore and wife Rebecca J. to John Gregory.


(351) 17 Aug 1869 Stanley G. and John S. Stevens of Casey Co., Ky’. to David Bowerman.


(352) 23 Aug 1870    Jeremiah B. Ellis to Margaret A. Woolsey; his interest in est¬ate ofEzekiel Ellis dec’d.


 360 31 Jan 1870   J.W. Gibson, Sheriff, to Robert Cochran Adm. of John Thomas dec’d; land of J. M  Cass.


361 7 Jan 1853   Humphrey L. and Granville Shults, and David Neill and wife Eliz¬abeth A., a part of the heirs of David Shults dec’d, to John Neil Sr.; their fifth parts, each one their undivided claim or dower; Granville Shults and the Neils acknowledge in Bradley Co. on date given; 6 Jun 1870, witnesses R.S. Lane and John F. Sherman saw Humphrey Shults sign.


364 7 Oct 1862   J.W. Gibson to Jane Walker.


365 21 Apr 1869   A.S. Jones and M.P. Salley of Wayne Co., Ky. to William McKinsey; acknowledged in Wayne Co., Ky. by M.P. Salley before John L. Sallee, his office at Mounticello.


368 19 Aug 1856 Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Richard C. Jackson VS Mary Camp widow, James M. Knox and wife Nancy H., George P. Billingsly and wife M.J., William P. Caldwell and wife Elizabeth T., Sterling P., Thomas J., and John B. Camp, by their Gdn. Mary Camp, heirs of John Camp dec’d; petition filed prior to 1 Oct 1849 in Circuit Court for sale of land of John Camp dec’d known as the Cedar Springs Farm and sale made to Richard C. Jackson 1 Oct 1849, high bidder; all money has been paid, but papers, orders, and decrees have been destroyed by fire, and Jackson does not have title; the original Grant is in possession of the heirs.


369 12 Sep 1870   M.A. Newman and husband A.A. Newman to Virginia N. Pennington; Lot No. 2 as divided by Connissioners.


370 12 Sep 1870 Martha N. Lowry to Margaret A. Newman; Lot No. 3 as divided by Commissioners.


371 12 Sep 1870 Virginia M Pennington and husband F.M. to John D. Lowry Jr.; Lot No. 6 as divided by Commissioners.


372 10 Sep 1870 Nathan Kelly and Miss Virginia K. Thompson, Marriage Contract; Virginia agrees that if Nathan should die after their marriage, she is to receive a child’s part instead of dower.


373  27 Jul 1870 William Martin to John Martin; signed by William and Caroline Martin.


380  28 May 1867 Jasper Newton to Susan C. Cobb.


381 Seo 1870 John B. Cobb and wife Susan C. to Thomas Lattimore.


383 4 Oct 1870 Jeremiah Lawson and wife Dicy formerly Ellis to Ransom A. Ellis; their interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis.


384 23 Aug 1870 Benjamin A. Ellis of Barry Co., Mo. to Margaret A. Woolsey; his interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.


384 23 Aug 1870 Alvin D. Ellis of Barry Co., Mo. to Ransom A. Ellis; his inter¬est in estate of. Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.


385 3 Sep 1870  Andrew 3. Thompson of Grayson Co., Texas to John B. Cobb; Power of Atty. to sell his real estate in McMinn and Polk Counties.


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388 11 Sep 1868 William and Joseph Neil, Execs. of John Neil dec’d, to John F. Sherman.

393 25 Nov 1868 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: H.B. and James Yearwood VS Samuel B., Samuel Y., and Walter S. Haynes, F.A. and Sarah D. Holt, Cornelia H. and Stephen P. Hale, James M. Yearwood, Robert S., James R., William H., Virginia, Thomas, Martha, and Irene Johnson; title divested out of defendants and complainant Thomas Yearwood, as heirs of William Yearwood dec’d,  and vested in H.B. Yearwood, the purchaser.

394 22 Jun 1870 Richard C. Jackson of Knox Co. to Smith S. Robbins of Jefferson   Co., N.Y.; the Cedar Springs farm.

397 29 Aug 1870   Hent Robison to W.C. Owen; his undivided interest in house and lot whereon Cynthia Robison lived and died.

408 10 Nov 1870 William T. McCarty of Dalton, Ga. to Mary I. Smith; his inter¬est in the part of the Eliza Ross reservation which his mother now occupies as her dower interest in land of her husband John L. McCarty dec’d.

 409 4 Jul 1870   John W. Paris to John H. Brunner, President of the Cane Creek Joint Stock Company.


 410    6 Oct 1869   Mrs. Elizabeth Cowan to Donald Bales of Roane Co.

 411 3 Dec 1870   James L. and William H. Gregory to George W. Moore; their undi¬  vided share of land.

 415 13 Nov 1856   Robert B. Wilson and H.T. Middleton relinquish all their claim to the l{iddleton farm and to boy Thomas, to Elizabeth Wilson.

 415 22 Aug 1870   J,C. Wilson relinquishes his interest in lands of his father Samuel Wilson dec’d to P.W. Hoyl.


 418 2 Oct 1869   Mary C. Guffey to Archibald Hampton.

 419 12 Dec 1870   John Evans to Hezekiah Evans; one brick house between the store house of C.P. Wilson and the dwelling of Timothy Sullins, on S side of Public Scuare in Athens, fronting the street, on a lot 15 feet, running back 30 feet, also my chairs, glasses, and barber tools in my shop at Athens and Cleveland,


424 15 Sep 1870   Matthew S. Briant to Nancy A. Briant.

428 9 Dec 1867 Circuit Court Decree: A. Blizard, Adm. of John N. Thurman dec’d VS Widow and heirs; title divested out of Mary Lee, James, and Wil¬liam Thurman, children of John M. Thurman dec’d and vested in R.N. Hamilton the purchaser, subject to dower of Malinda Hamilton.


431 2 Apr 1870 Ezekiel Swaffor to Drucilla Swafford.  



432 9 Jan 1871 A.V. Netherland she to A. McKeldin; acknowledged in Knox Co. before Julius Ochs, Notary.

434 23 Sep 1869 Thomas J., Margaret B., and Bell  Bella  Weir, and Sarvilla McMinn, heirs of John M.C. Weir, to T.W. Brock.

435   7 Sep 1870 John G. and Henry H. Hale, Execs. of Thomas Hale dec’d, to J.W. Lillard.

 437 13 Jan 1871. W. S. Burger and wife Mary C. to W.B. Dixon; two acres being the W half of four acres conveyed by N.?. Jarnagin to D.W. Robinson, Nov  1857, and bounded on W by Kilgore St., on College Street.

 44026 Jan 1871   Partition of lots of James Forrest dec’d in Mouse Creek among his heirs, Albartus, William H., and John N. Forrest.

 44328 Jan 1871P.H. George and William H. Howard to J.K. Clingan of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust for one undivided interest in lots now known as owned by Mrs. Mary George, it being the interest of P.M. George as heir of William George dec’d.


 44412 Sep 1870 Susan Lowry to M.A. Newman  Alexander A. Newman ; Susan has dower in lands of  Daniel Lowry dec’d, and part of dower land is included in Lot No. 3 which was allotted to Martha N. Lowry by Chancery Court; Susan is selling this part of her dower.

 4451 Feb 1871  Isaac Cookson to Mary A. Cookson; personal property and interest in land on which the children of John F. Miller dec’d reside; “All of which property I  acknowledge to be the lawful inheritance of said children”.


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447 21 Oct 1869  Mary D. Newton widow of Edward Newton dec’d to E.M. Newton; relinquishment of all her claims on estate.

 44811 Feb 1871 William M. Gate of Bradley Co. to A. B. Blankenship; half int¬erest in lot in Athens, corner of Washington and White Streets.

 44817 Feb 1871 William W. Alexander to A.B. Blankenship; half interest in lot in Athens, corner of Washington and White Streets.


 450   13 Feb 1871  Henry H. Rider to William H. Rider of Loudon Co.


 457   29 Mar 1870  Rebecca 0. Bridges to Sarah Cates, wife of Eli B. Cates.


458    24 May 1869   Copy of Circuit Court Decree Jane Turner VS H.H. Turner; one half in ---value of his lands set apart to Jane as alimony.


 461   2 Jan 1871   Charles L. King and wife Julia to David Cleage; their interest in Glenmore Mill property.


 466   1 Feb 1871   Gideon Gate and Mary Elder, Marriage Contract; Mary agrees to turn over to Gideon her personal property and proceeds or rents from her Dower, but retains the Dower, where she now lives, in her own name; Gideon agrees to take into his family Craton Elder, daughter of said Mary, support and educate her, and at her majority or marriage to give her $3OO.


 468   14 Mar 1871   James W. Saynisch and wife Pauline A.C. to John L. McKinney; Deed of Trust for farm on which they now live.


 469   30 Nov 1870   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: John B. Kennedy and James S. Beavers VS Elizabeth McPhail, Martha J. Kennedy, Nancy M. Beavers, and Mary J., Daniel B., Elizabeth P., and John W. McPhail; land subject to widow’s dower, sold to John B. Kennedy.


 469   20 Mar 1871   Rebecca Burns, widow of William Burns dec’d, to William H. Briant and Theodore Richmond; part of lot 41 in Athens.


 470   20 Mar 1871   M.L. Phillips and Theodore Richmond, Execs. and Rebecca Burns widow of William Burns dec’d to William W. Alexander, high bidder at sale; lot, facing Washington St. on S, with a front of 20 feet 6 inches, including the building known as the Burns Drug Store, and running back same width to the lot on which said Alexander now resides, bounded on N by said Alexander’s lot, and on E by Church Alley, in Athens; said Alexander stipulates that Rebecca Burns shall have, during her lifetime, the right of pass—way to the Wood—pile, through large gate, in rear of Drug Store.


 471   7 Mar 1868   John W. Paris, William Paris Sr.., and James C. Carlock to C. R. Hoyl, W.C. Vaughan, Robert H. Paris, Robert H. Wells, A. Slack, John Mayfield, J.B. Cobb, Robert Reynolds, E. W. Carlock, John Benton, Joseph S. King, Uriah Payne, and John A. Turley, as Trustees of the new College build¬ing and lot; for love for religion, morals, and literature, one acre, the center of which is to be about one rod S of Coghill School House, so as to include the new College building and the graves; said House is to be used, first, for Educational purposes, secondly for Religious purposes, by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Church, and the Methodist Church South, when not in use by the school, and by all denominations when not otherwise occupied, thirdly the Free and Accepted Masons are privileged to occupy the upper part of the new house for a lodge.


(473)31 Mar 1871  Noah L. Cate and wife Mahala D. of Meigs Co. to James Alexander Cochran;their 2/3 interest in lands of the late John Issom of McMinn Co.


(474)7 Feb 1871   B.E. Cass to Charlotte Gentry, land where she now lives.


(475)14 Jan 1871   D.P. Walker of Monroe Co. to John L. McKinney.


 4771 Oct 1868   William Shipley to James Dean; 8/10 shares of land of father Christopher Shipley dec’d which descended to his ten children; one share to William by inheritance and the other seven shares purchased by him from Tho¬mas, Mastin J., James M., Nehemiah, David, and Randal Shipley, and E1izabeth Smith formerly Shipley wife of John Smith.

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 479   26 Nov 1869   J.W. Gibson, Sheriff, to N.J. Lillard; the undivided interest of J.F. Kinser in land on which Rachel Kinser now resides,


 481   13 Apr 1871   James McClarney of Bledsoe Co. to Hugh Pinckney Burk.


 482   14 Apr 1871   Thomas Denton and wife Mollie E. to H.R. Chesnutt.


 483   11 Jan 1871   William J. Walsh to John N. Workman of Bradley Co.


 4868 Apr 1871   Simeon Edgeman to Thomas K. Edgeman; his 1/10 interest in land.


 486   25 Aug 1869   Anna Bonner and John E. Hutsell, Agreement; Anna deeds her life interest in the Homestead tract  corner of Marion Bonner  for her nat¬ural life to Hutsell and he agrees to board, and she is to live in her own house, and clothe, and provide the best medical attendance for her during her lifetime.


 48721 Jan 1871   G.W. D’Armond to J.B. Davis; his one half interest in land; Attest: F.M. and C.C. D’Armcnd.


 489   24 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Title to land on which John E. Orr lived and died divested out of Edith, Joseph, and Aquilla Orr, William and Caroline Weathers, James H., Sherman, Robert, Elizabeth, Harriett, Lee, David, and John Orr, the widow and heirs of John E. Orr, and vested in Geo¬rge Isbell the purchaser.


 489   7 Nov 1870 Joseph B. Harrel to Moses Harrel; his undivided interest in lands of his father John Harrel dec’d in McMinn Co., in return for the int¬erest of said Moses in land in Girardeau Co., Mo.


 490   7 Nov 1870   George W. Brown and wife Elizabeth Jane formerly Harrel, daughter of John Harrel dec’d, to Moses Harrel; her interest in land.


 491   13 Dec 1866   Copy of Circuit Court Decree: Robert A. Love Gdn. of Robert McNutt VS James McNutt; sale 27 Oct 1866, after advertising in the Athens Press, and title divested out of James and Robert McNutt.


 494   4 Jan 1871   Robert N. Hamilton and wife Sarah M. formerly Thurman widow of John M. Thurman dec’d to James Howe.


 497   27 Apr 1871   A.E. McLelland  McClelland  and wife Kate to Herman Warnecke, Trustee for Julius E. Raht; lot in Riceville; acknowledged in Bradley Co.


 499   23 May 1870   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Joseph Hamilton VS  E .A. and John L. Atlee et als; Title to land divested out of D.G. Atlee widow of E.A. Atlee dec’d, and John L. Atlee, P.C. Wilson and wife L.A. formerly Atlee, E.A. Atlee, A.F. Cox and wife A.V. formerly Atlee, John S. McCampbell and wife A.E. formerly Atlee, S.E. Luter widow of E. Luter dec’d and formerly S.E. Atlee, T. Coleman and wife M.S. formerly Atlee, N.T. Ayres and wife M.A. formerly Atlee, and B.G. Atlee, the children of E.A. Atlee dec’d, and vested in D.G. Atlee.


 501   12 May 1871   John L. Atlee to Margaret L. Gilbert; Atlee releases lien 11 Nov 1899.


 501   12 May 1871   D.G. Atlee to Margaret L. Gilbert wife of George G. Gilbert.


 502   12 May 1871   Calep McDermott to Betty Fore.


 503 23 May 1870   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Deniza and William Scarbrough,

William S. Hambnight, Ann E. and Benjamin S. Knight, John P., B.F., H. H., T.A.C., and D.R.T. Hambright, B.J. and Samuel Henry, E.S. and J.D. Haskins VS John, G.R., M.I., J.F., J.R., Loureina, N.N., Lizzie, and Gaut Hambright, Rebecca and Robert Castle, John and Nancy Hambright, Charlotte Hambnight, and William H. Briant, Gdn. ad litem; land bought by W.R. Hambright.


 5047 Apr 1871   Thomas Caldwell to William G. Horton, Chairman of County Court; lot 34 in Athens.


 50525 Aug 1866   James Gettys and Rebecca Glenn, Marriage Contract; Rebecca of Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa.; Gettys agrees to set apart $5000. in U.S. bonds, the interest on which is to be hers if he should die, and at her death to revert to his estate; Rebecca agrees to relinquish all claims to his estate, dower, etc., except the above interest; James and Rebecca Gettys acknowledge, 23 May 1871.


Page 131


 50617 May 1871   J.C. Weir of Bradford Co., Fla. to Joseph.McCulley; the farm upon which Isaac B. Haney now resides, known as the old George Colville farm.


517 2 May 1871   M.A. Helm & Co., M.A. and John J. Helm, to William W. Alexander; lot 43 in Athens known as the Gibson lot and where John J. Helm now resides, and lot 44 lying immediately N of lot 43 and has upon it stable, cribs, car¬riage-house, cow-house, etc.; said two lots bounded on E by alley, on S by Washington Street, on W by alley separating said lots from the Grubb proper¬ty now occupied by J.J. Manker, on N by alley  and opposite commons, or land supposed to belong to the Baptist Church, or once held in trust for a Female School ; the terms E, S, N, and W are not strictly in accordance with the direction of the sun or compass, but in accordance with usuage in this locality.


518 12 Mar 1863   Lewis R. Hurst to James Willson; proven by witness W.L. Burn in McMinn Co, 11 Apr 1871, and by witness D.G.. Russell in Hardeman Cc. 12 Jan 1871.


519 18 Feb 1834   Williams Mayfield, Instrument with Alexander D. Keyes and Thomas B. Mayfield; on 4 Nov 1853, John B. McJunkin of Polk Co. obtained a lease from W.M. Biggs on land, for twelve months, to test, mine, and pros¬pect for metal, minerals, and fossils, and should he find workable ore, he was to have one half of the mineral interest; on 26 Nov 1853, McJunkin sold to said Williams Mayfield one half of the lease, Col. Biggs being pre¬sent and consenting; Keyes and Thomas B. Mayfield are to pay Williams Mayfield 1/3 each of the purchase price, and are to be joint beneficiaries on any profits or losses; acknowledged by Williams Mayfield 2 May 1871.


520 3 Sep 1870   John M. Miller to Mary H. Bushong of Cocke Co.; lot 86 in Cal¬houn where W.J. Walsh now lives.


521 18 May 1871   William H. Howard and wife Nancy L. to Corporation of Town of Athens; their interest in land, beginning at NW corner of the Grave yard, S of the Court House in Athens, on the road leading to Matthews Mill.


522May 1871   Lois Deaderick, Uriah L. York and wife Mary D., all of Sullivan Co., to Corporation of Town of Athens; land in above deed, to which they had given title bond to the Howards; acknowledged in Washington Co., Va.


523   1 Jun 1871   Thomas Yearwood of Monroe Co. to William Winters.


523   1 Jun 1871  William Winters to C.C. Zachary of Monroe Co.


524   1 Jun 1871   William Winters to R.T. Wilson, President of the East Tenn., Virginia, and Georgia R.R. Co.


526   25 Dec 1869   Ellen 3. Hoge and husband Wallace N. Hoge to William J. Walsh.


528 5 Jan 1871   William Divine of Dade Co., Mo., son of John Divine dec’d late of McMinn Co., to Ewing W. Carlock; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate; acknowledged in Dade Co., Mo.


529 1 Feb 1854   Henry Matlock, surviving Exec. with Will annexed of Henry Matlockdec’d, to Sarah Arnwine.


530  15 Oct 1870  William J. Walsh to Mary Bushong, wife of John Bushong, all of McMinn Co.


531 2 Dec 1867   Copy of County Court Decree: R.A. McAdoo and S.W. Royston, Adms. of James Elder dec’d VS Nancy Elder and others; title divested out of Nancy Stephenson, Jacob Elder, Mary Dennis, and Daniel, Sarah W., Robert, Mark, Lou, and Crayton Elder, and vested in John Elder the purchaser

Deed Book Q

Page 132


 2  17 Jun 1871   James H. Lowry to P.P. Owens, J.M. Clementson, J.W. Rentfro, A.R. Porter, and Seth Edens, Trustees for the M.E. Church South to be built in Riceville.


 3  28 Nov 1870   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Thomas Shipley, Mary and Rob¬ert B. Smith VS Uriah and William Shipley et als; lands of which Christo¬pher Shipley died possessed sold to W.B.L. Reagan; title divested out of Thomas Shipley, Mary and Robert B. Smith, Uriah Shipley, William Shipley, the heirs of Randall Shipley dec’d whose names and residence are unknown, James H., Sarah, James, Joseph, Parolee, and Emeline Shipley, the minor heirs of Nehemiah Shipley decd whose names are unknown, Hannah Shipley, William Shipley son of David Shipley dec’d, Zlizabeth, Thomas C., and David R. Shipley, John T., Nehemiah, Sterling, Elizabeth, Frank, and Melton Smith.


 5  22 Jun 1873.   Corporation of Town of Athens, W. Gettys, Mayor, to M.A. Helm and Co. and J.J. Helm; parcel of ground fronting on Washington Street, run¬ning back with Hill Street.


 5  13 Jul 1671   Thomas Davis to Sarah Beasley.


 6  18 Jun 1370   Joel Dugger to Emanuel L. Dugger; his half interest in land in Buckhorn Valley which was willed to him by his father Daniel Dugger; acknowledged in Johnson Co.


 7  8 Jun 1871   Henry McMahan and wife Margaret to Jacob Elder.


 9  24 Jul 1871   Sam. P. Ivins to wife Louisa; for love; lot 99 in Athens which he had purchased 30 Apr 1859, using for the most part funds that were hers.


 12 24 Dec 1869   John F. Sharp to L.M.C. Melton of Rhea Co.


 13 3 Jun 1871   Ebenezer Divine of Barton Co., Mo., son and one of the heirs of John Divine dec’d late of McMinñ Co., to Ewing W. Carlock.


 17 16 Sep 1867   Mahala J. Onley of Williamson Co., Ill, to Elizabeth Stafford; her dower in the Levi E. Onley land.


 22 20 Aug 1866   Richard Wilson of Catoosa Co., Ga. to Lawrence Swaffor; land laid off to Jackson Smith, from and after the death of N.D. Smith, and the lifetime estate of heirs of said N.D, Smith, viz, John J. Smith, and Martha A. Smith and her husband John B. Smith, which was conveyed to him.


 2624 May 1869   Alexander McKenzie VS  S.H. and James C. Cate, Ezekiel Bonner, Margaret and John E. Hutsell, Elizabeth and James Gregory, James B. and Cal¬vin Bonner, Paralee and John Shearer, Martha and John Weir, Joseph and Sarah Walker, Elmore and Mary Brook, George F. Bonner by his regular Gdn. Joseph McCulley, William, James, John, and Thomas Gregory, by their Gdn. ad litem V.C. Allen; title to land divested out of complainant and respondents.


 28 19 Aug 1871   J.M. Walsh to James Dixon of Bradley Co.


 30 25 Aug 1871   William W. Alexander and wife Penelope Eliza to W.G. Horton and T.J. Cate; Deed of Trust for lots 43 and 44 in Athens, which they now occupy and which they recently bought from M.A. and J.J. Helm, together with the mansion, and also the lot at the corner of Washington and White Streets upon the public square, numbered new sty4.e 37, now occupied by E.A. Cobleigh as a drug store.


 32 24 Aug 1871   Andrew J. Turner and wife Elvira to S.H. McWhirter.


 32 7 Jan 1872.   James H. Lowry to S.D. Stanfield, James Parkison, and James H. Lowry, Trustees of the M.E. Church; for the ministry and membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America.


 33 31 Aug 1871   Mrs. Delilah G. Atlee, widow of Edwin A. Atlee, to James Patter¬son; land with exception of seven acres known as the Gettys Paper Mill seat, which was heretofore sold to Joseph Matthews.


 36 28 Apr 1870   Elizabeth Stipe to B.F. Morgan and A.C. Stipe; her interest in five tracts of land conveyed to Henry Latham, in return for her support dur¬ing her lifetime.


 37 29 Sep 1857   George Reynolds to William E2nore of Blount Co.; 5 Sep 1871, Jacob P. Briant and Martin M. Hicks prove handwriting of witness Elisha Briant, who is dead.



Page 133


 39  18 Jul 1871   James T. Fitzgerald and wife Sarah E. of Laclede Co., Mo .to Claiborne C. Neil of Jackson Co., Ore.; Power of Atty. to collect the int¬erest of the said Sarah E. as one of the children of John Neil dec’d, late of McMinn Co.


 39  15 Nov 1867   R.C., T.J., S.V., Emeline, Martha, Catherine, and Margaret Bates, heirs of William Bates dec’d., to Sterling C. Hambright; lot 90 in Calhoun.


 40  25 Feb 1870   James B. Cooke to George Sherman; lot in or near the town of Athens, bounded on the E by the Forest Hill Academy.


 41  8 Sep 1871   George Sherman to Town of Athens; beginning at SE corner of lot in above deed, running NE with College St. 24 feet, thence across my lot on a parallel with Nat Jones fence to Jones Street, thence with said Street SW 24 feet.


 44  21 Jul 1871   G.M. and P.D.K. Bloom, and E.A. Watts and husband William R. Watts to Susannah, M.E., S.C., and H.W. Bloom; their undivided interest in land.


 45  15 Sep 1871   D.C. Clark and wife Sarah A. formerly Coats, and William Cranfield and wife Mary S. formerly Coats heirs of William Coats dec’d, to J.J. Coats; land on which William Coats resided at his death.


  4624 Aug 1871  Sterling C. 1-{ambright to William P. Caldwell, both of Bradley Co.


 47  25 Jan 1871 Jacob Dethero Sr. to son Jacob Dethero Jr., both of Bradley Co.; signed by Jacob Dethero and wife Nancy.


 48 25 Sep 1871   F.M. Jack and wife M.E. to S.H. Jack.


 49 25 Sep 1871   Samuel H. Jack and wife Mary L. to Lafayette T. McNabb and Noah    Orton.


 51 16 Aug 1871  W.G.B. Britt of Meigs Co. to Mrs. Elizabeth J. Collins.


 51  3 Oct 1871   Corporation of town of Athens, W. Gettys Mayor, to N.E. Cobleigh; lot beginning on lot 34 of Haywood’s addition of said town, at corner of Washington and Hi1l Streets, and running SW with Washington Street 35 feet, to the lot now owned by him, thence across said lot, and parallel with Hill Street, down to Main Street, thence to the E corner of said lot, thence back to beginning; leaving Hill Street 30 feet in width, hit reserving 4 feet of said lot fronting Washington Street, that said street may be given its uni¬form width.


 52  25 Jan 1869   James A. Armstrong to Robert A. and William Armstrong; his 1/7 interest in lands of father William P. Armstrong.


 53  26 Sep 1871   Elizabeth Ann Armstrong to Robert A. and William Armstrong; her 1/7 interest in lands of father William P. Armstrong.


 53 4 Oct 1871  J.M. Henderson to Eliza A. McDonald.


 55  15 Sep 1871   E.E. Johnston of Polk Co. to H.C. Hurst; lot in Mouse Creek; deed to take place of deed which said Johnston made or should have made to E. Cate in 1859.


 58  30 Oct 1871   William B. Dixon and wife Hannah R to Elizabeth Susannah Cow¬ing, all of Athens.


 61  26 Sep 1872.  G.M., S.C., S., M.E., H.W., and P.D.K. Bloom to Eliza A. Watts and husband W.R.; their undivided interest in land excepting one half acre including the grave yard, which is hereby reserved for a graveyard.


 65  4 Nov 1871   James and T.E. Cox to Laurett M. Cox; Thomas E. Cox quit claims to father James Cox his interest in land which the said James had deeded to him in return for his support during his lifetime, and said James Cox deeds to daughter-in-law Laurett the land, whereon Thomas It Cox now lives, in return for his support.


 66   16 Nov 1871   Moses Bonner to M.V. Reed of Polk Co.; lot in Calhoun; sign¬ed by Moses Bonner and wife Lorramie  Loramiey .


Page 134


70 No date. John A. Erwin to S.H. McWhirter; one half or four shares in land; acknowledged 23 Nov 1871.


 70 29 May 1871   James A., H.P., and William J. Ware, Alasaphene Thornton and husband William J. Thornton, all of McDonald Co., Mo., to Allen Ware of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of James Pearce, as heirs of Sarah I. Ware dec’d.


 82 21 Aug 1871   John T. Hart and wife Mary M. to J.H. Ball of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.


 88 23 Dec 1871   David H. and Isham Dennis to John C. Winton of  Loudon Co.; six undivided shares of farm on which James Dennis now lives; attest: John and David H. Dennis.


 90 1 Nov 1853   James L. Kinser to Nancy Rockhold; 12 Dec 1871, signature of witness Stephen Taylor, who is dead, is proven by David H. Dennis.


 95 9 Nov 1871  Joseph M. Horton and wife Margaret Jane to Reuel B. McGaughey; their 1/9 interest in lot 5 in Athens, with a two-story house, with except¬ion of 30 feet off of E side sold to William F. Keith; acknowledged in Fan¬nin Co., Texas.


 96 4 Jan 1872   Jacob H. Fisher and Wife Frances E. to James C. Lowry; Deed of Trust; land, where Fishers formerly lived, deeded to Frances It. by Chancery Court.


 98 4 Jan 1872   Daniel C. Lowry and wife Mattie W. to James C. Lowry; Deed of Trust for lot 7 deeded to Daniel C. by Chancery Court.


 99 3 Jan 1872   E.A. Taylor of Monroe Co. to Jesse Richerson of Loudon Co.


 100    6 Jan 1872   Thomas J. Edgman to Thomas K. Edgman; his 1/20 interest in land.


 101   10 Jan 1872   P.L. Dodson and wife Amanda to John Hill; their 1/5 interest in the Jonathan F. Pugh farm.


  103  17 Jan 1872   George B. Richardson and wife Nancy to Pleasant M. Milligan.


 111 7 Jan 1870   Heirs of Nathan Sullins dec’d partition land among themselves; Lazarus Dodson and wife Rebecca L., J.F.J. Lewis and wife Laura M., N.A. Cardwell, James Steed and wife Elizabeth  Lizzie H. , James H. Cardwell, Timmie E. Cardwell, Armstead L. Mallicote and wife Mary R., the last nine named being heirs of Hazy Cardwell dec’d and entitled to her share; Morrice R. Sullins and T. Sullins deed part of land to Timothy Sullins; the Mallcotes acknowledged in Washington Co., Va.; the Lewis’ acknowledged in Knox Co.; the remainder, except James H. and Timmie E. Cardwell, acknowledge in McMinn Co., and those two do not sign.


 113   20 Apr 1870   Samuel Watson of Davidson Co., Trustee or the Bank of Tenn., to Timothy Sullins; all of lots 67 and 68 in Athens, and some feet in addition on the northern boundary, adjoining property formerly owned by A. Cleage, now by P.C. Wilson and W. Gettys, and bounded on E by White St., on S by Bank Alley, on W by Church Alley, on N by boundary line as now enclosed be¬tween said lots and property of the Crawford heirs, and said Wilson and Gettys, being all the property now included Sn the enclosure of the Bank property; $4725.


 117   20 Jan 1852   Edward Lee to Moses Joines; 9 Feb 1872, proven by witness Solomon Wilson, and by said Wilson and John H. Joines who prove handwriting off witness K.M. James, who is dead.


 124   1 Jul 1868   Elizabeth and A.C. Stipe, B.F. Morgan and wife Sarah A. to A.C. Blevins and wife Catherine; land which they all bought.


 127   29 Feb 1872   Rebecca Burns, widow, and M.L. Phillips and Theodore Richmond, Execs. of William Burns dec’d, to William W. Alexander; Richmond has recently moved to Chattanooga.


 129 1 Mar 1872   Mary M. Reeder to Joseph, J.S., Asenath, and S.E. Matthews; lots 92 and 93 in Athens, situated on Main and Jackson Streets, fronting on the Public Square, known as the Athens Hotel property, and occupied by her until this day.


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 130   29 Dec 1871   Susan and Zilpha Lee to H.C. and William L. Reynolds, and J.H. Joines, Trustees; one acre for building a school house.


 134   18 Jan 1872   John W. Paris to Patsey Lewis formerly Paris; one acre with free access to the spring.


 137   26 Mar 1872   A.B. Blankenship of Athens to James H. Huff  of Red Clay, Whitfield Co., Ga.; “To whomsoever it may concern to know the object of this In¬denture, Greeting: In this, and all transactions between men, may Justice ever reign supreme !”


 139   27 Mar 1872   James R. Love and wife Julia Reagan Love, of Jackson Co., N.C., to Mira A. Reagan; for $9000., part of which is in 600 acres in Monroe Co., their 43 undivided interest in lands of James H. Reagan dec‘d, the other 2/3 belonging to W.B.L. and James A. Reagan, heirs.


 140   27 Mar 1872   Mira A. Reagan to her children, W.B.L. and James A, Reagan, and Julia H. Love; she has released her right of dower in estate of her husband James H. Reagan dec’d.


 146   15 Jan 1872   John M. Ellis of Barry Co., Mo. to Ransom A. Ellis; his inter¬est in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d; acknowledged in Lawrence Co., Mo.


 149   22 Aug 1871   Nancy Rockholt and children Thomas, Franklin, William, James, and Tolbert Rockholt to H.P. Ward.


 154   26 Apr 1872   James A. Dixon and wife Martha C. of Bradley Co. to C.D.S. Wilkins.


 155   24 Apr 1872   Henry Bradford to Mary K. Bradford; his 1/5 undivided interest in the home farm of James F. Bradford dec’d, about two miles from Athens on the great road leading from Athens to Benton.


 155   24 Apr 1872   Fielding Bradford to James F. Bradford Jr.; his 1/5 interest as in above deed.


 156   2 May 1872   John D. Dickson  Dixon  to Martha J. Dixon; his undivided half of land.

 159   7 Jul 1868   Hamilton Pearce to Norvell M. Robinson, Thomas S. Garner, and Isaac P. Threadkill of Fulton Co., Ga.; 3/4 of the mineral interests in land in consideration of their labor bestowed and money spent to open and investigate a vein of minerals; said mineral interest to be developed in next three years or deed is to be void.


 162   28 Oct 1871   James C. Carlock to Margaret Caroline, wife of Thomas J. Hen¬derson Jr.


 164   17 May 1872   Mark Grayson to Joseph Smith in trust for J.H. Smith; Deed of trust for the outfit known as Grayson’s Pavilion.


 167   25 May 1872   Alexander Cleage to James M. Henderson; part of lot 95 in Ath¬ens, beginning at N corner of lot, fronting 28 feet on Main St., and running back the same width 79 feet on Jackson Street, and so as to include the brick store-house on the N corner now occupied by McKeldin, Dement, and Co., also to include the small brick building now occupied by T. Nixon Van Dyke as a law office.


 168   24 Jan 1871   Montraville Reynolds to Thomas H. McGuire minor heir of William McGuire dec’d.


 171   14 May 1872   Smith S. Robbins of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y. to Hiram H. Sage of  Copenhagan, Lewis Co., N.Y.; Deed of Trust.


 173  3 Jun 1871   Charles A. McDonald and wife Matilda S. of Monroe Co. to William

B. Hamilton.


 176  4 Jul 1872   Hugh P. Wilson to Laura Ellen Tennessee, Margaret Cornelia Eliz¬abeth, and Stephen Frances Wilson, children of dec’d. son P.H. Wilson,


 177   4 Dec 1871   Copy of County Court Decree: title divested out of Eliza Bunch, Thomas Rockholt and wife Caroline, Joseph Farris and wife Rachel, and Jane, Sarah, Mary, Henry, James, Elenor, Joseph, and Permelia Cof fman, and also the heirs of William Kinser dec’d whose names and ages are unknown, and also Phebe, Henry, James, William, and Ellen Kinser, all of whom are heirs of  Henry Kinser dec’d.


Page 136


179  No date.   William L. Fambro to John A. Lowry; for $15O., the right, of which I am the proprietor, to make eight pounds of butter from one gallon of sweet milk, in McMinn Co. only; acknowledged 24 Jul 1872.


 180   16 May 1872   East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia R.R. Co., R.T. Wilson, President, Mortgage to the United States; in latter part of 1865, the U.S. sold to the R.R. certain rolling stock, machinery, etc.


 186   11 May 1872   Matthew Nelson and wife Rebecca Ann to Reuel B. McGaughey; their 1/9 interest in lot 5 in Athens.


 187   29 Dec 1869   Alcy M. Dodson and husband Jesse, Sarah B. Dixon and husband James H., Martha A. Bloom and husband P.D.K., and Laura S. Dorsey and hus¬band McKamy W. to Lewis H. and Jason M. Newman; their 1/7 part each undi¬vided interest in homestead and other property of William Newman dec’d.


 188   27 Dec 1871 Isaac M. Wilson and wife Eliza S. to Lewis H. and Jason H. New¬man; their 1/7 part of homestead and other property of William Newman dec’d.


  189  1 Aug 1872   J.M, Newman to Lewis H. Newman; his interest as in above deeds.


  189  17 Jul 1872 James S. Shannon and wife Nancy to Bogan Cash.


 192   6 Aug 1872   James Gettys to W.B. McKeldin; lot 108 in Athens on which the Hotel is located, known as the Horton Hotel property.


 196   20 Aug 1872   Elizabeth Susanna Cowing to Lewis Stanton; acknowledged by Elizabeth S. Cowing and husband Joseph.


  199  10 Apr 1872   George Deaderick and wife Bettie to John Evans; Deed of Trust.


  206  9 Aug 1872   Charles V. Orton and wife Clarinda A. to Robert H. Erickson and

wife Elizabeth.


 208   11 Sep 1872   Alexander, Jemima, and John H. Cleage to Herman Warnecke; Deed of Trust; Alexander, John H., and Thomas A. Cleage are indebted to Julius Raht.


.217   12 Sep 1872   Henry S. Glover and wife Jeannette H. of Jasper Co., Ga  for¬merly Jeannette H. Keith widow of William F. Keith to Jeannette H. Keith, daughter of Jeannette H. Glover formerly Keith and William F. Keith dec’d; for love.


 218   17 Sep 1872   James K. Polk Witt and wife Margaret Ann to Thomas K. Edgman; their undivided interest in land.


 219   14 Sep 1872   Lucy Rothwell to daughter Amelia Ann Rothweil; for love, and for care she has taken of me in my old age.


 221   5 Oct 1869   Nancy Price formerly Coats and husband Dosey Price to J.J. Coats; their interest, as heirs, in lands of William Coats dec d.


 222   28 Sep 1872  John H. Miller and wife Mary to W,J. Davis of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.


 224   8 Aug 1872   John C. Gibson and wife W.M. to Mary Miller, wife of John M. Mil¬ler.


 226   4 Oct 1872   Louisa A. Coats and J.J. Coats and wife Elizabeth to Richard Thomas.


 227   3 Oct 1872  Lucy Pearce to Elijah Hutsell; signed by Lucy and husband John S.


 229   11 Oct 1870   J.P. Howell, Rachel J. Whaley formerly Howell and husband Tho¬mas F., J.H. Howell by his Atty. in fact Elizabeth Howell, all heirs of John Howell Sr. dec’d, to Samuel H. and John V. Howell; land sold by a pro¬ceedings had in Rhea Co. Circuit Court; land in McMinn Co. and partly in Meigs Co.; acknowledged in Rhea Co.


 229   12 Oct 1870  John V. Howell to S.H. Howell of McMinn Co.; acknowledged in Rhea Co.; land of John Howell Sr. known as the Humphrey farm.


 230    1 Oct 1872   Joshua Chapman and wife Susan N. to Aaron Waller.


 23919 Aug 1839   William Paris Sr. to Andrew J. Paris; 16 Oct 1872, witnesses identify the handwriting of witness J.F. Benton who is in Texas.


   239 No date. A.J. Paris to John Leslie; signed by A.J. Paris and wife N.J.;   acknowledged 16 Oct 1872.


Page 137


 240   22 May 1871   Copy of Chancery. Court Decree: Isaac Stalcup et al VS James H. Stalcup et a1; title to land divested out of complainants and respondents, children of Moses Stalcup Sr.; Levi H. Stalcup buys the land.


 242   15 Oct 1872   Jasper Ware of Pineville, McDonald Co., Mo. to Allen Ware; Power of Atty. to collect his part of estate of James Pearce.


  244   8 Oct 1872   Lee Cate and wife flmanda to Greenberry Cate.


 245   25 Oct 1872   Harvey and Jehu  Jehue  S. Fry, Execs. of Phillip Fry dec’d, to James L., David A., William J., Samuel S., Leonidas, John W, and Julia Low, heirs of William E. Low dec’d, late of McMinn Co.


 247   25 Oct 1872   R.H. Paris to James Payne; Deed of Trust, for securing John J. Payne, Atty. “for his heirs to the William Paris estate and Sarah Vanzant.”


 248   15 Oct 1870   A.J. Shelton to S.L, Caldwell, Clerk of the Shelton Grove Uni¬ted Baptist Church, two acres for the use of said church.


 250   11 Sep 1872   William N. Paris to James Hickey of Roane Co.; Deed of Trust to secure note due to Mary I. and Nancy Lurana Hickey, daughters of said James.


 253   26 Oct 1872   Hamilton P. Ware of Fannin Co., Texas to Allen Ware; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of James Pearce dec’d.


 255   16 Nov 1872   Elias Lawson to David Lawson; his interest in lands of Hugh lawson dec’d; acknowledged in Hamilton Co.


  258   28 Nov 1872   John W. Paris and wife Margaret to J.A. Turley.


 259   28 Nov 1872 W.C.  Vaughan to Henry Chesnutt; Deed of Trust; signed and ac¬knowledged by W.C. Vaughan and wife Mary Ann.


 263    7 Nov 1872   Alexander Cleage to C. Myra Crawford and her heirs.


  264  29 Jun 1872  Isaac Leadbetter and wife Martha to William B. Pickens.


 266   28 Nov 1870   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Title divested out of Joseph, Wi11iam H., and Granville Cecil, and Onslow G., Coleman C., and Leander Minzes.


 268   28 May 1871  Copy of Chancery Court Decree: R.G. Blackburn, Adm. of Jesse Blackburn dec’d VS Mary Blackburn widow et al; title divested out of R.G. Blackburn, Susan A. and Thomas A. Case, Malinda B. Duggan, Margaret A. Black¬burn, Eliza B. and R.E. Martin, and Mary Blackburn, heirs.


 269   28 Nov 1872   Richard Swaffor to Malinda Swaffor; Deed of Gift of all his title to land.


 270   7 Dec 1872  James A. Fuqua to William H. Briant; his 1/7 interest in house and lot No. 7 in Athens which descended to him from his mother Elizabeth J. Fuqua; lot in plan of lots laid off by H.B. Haywood.


 271   19 Dec 1872   Charles A. Barnett and wife Louisanah formerly Armstrong to William and Robert A. Armstrong; their 1/7 interest in land of father William P. Armstrong.


 273   16 Sep 1872   Chrisley Foster, Exec. of Thomas McCollum dec’d, to Eldridge Neil  Col’d ; Franklin Co., Ill., Sarah McCullom widow, Joseph M. McCullom, and Alley Pearce formerly McCullom, children of Thomas McCullom dec’d, re¬lease their title to land.



 27629 Jul 1872   J.W. Lillard and wife Hattie S. to Henry El. Matlock; their ¼ interest, as heirs, in land of John C. Matlock which had been willed to him by John Natlock•Sr., and after the death of Mrs. Mary Matlock.



 27711 Sep 1872   Timothy Sullins and wife Mary W. to Herman Warnecke;  Deed of Trust to secure J.E. Raht of Bradley Co., property known as the Bank Build¬ing and now occupied by the Sullins.


279 10 Jan 1873   Humphrey L. Shults and wife Isabel to A.D. Scruggs; the Tandy S. Rice lots in Mouse Creek.


281    Jan 1873   John H. Wood and wife S.E. to E.M. Stalcup; their 1/12 interest in dower land of Nancy Stalcup.


    2825 Sep 1870   Copy of County Court Decree: land partitioned into three parts equal in value, one to Sampson Bishop, one to Robert Bishop, and one to James C., Robert T., Sarah D, John M.P., and Elizabeth Bishop, minor children of Mrs. Nancy Bishop and    heirs of Thomas Bishop dec’d.


Page 138




 284   20 Jan 1873  William H. Brock and wife Nancy E. to Wesley Anne of McMinn Co. and Elmore Brock of White Co.; his 1/9 interest in land of Blasengane Brock dec’d.


 284   20 Jan 1873   James H. Huff of Whitfield Co., Ga. to .A.B. Blankenship; the store-house, residence, and lot in Athens that I bought from him 26 Mar 1872, it being the only property I ever owned in Athens.


  285  7 Jan 1873  J.M. Clementson and wife Mary to Thomas and Charles Riggins.


    287  15 Jan 1873John D. Lowry Sr. and wife M.E. to William P. Wilson Jr. of  Monroe    Co.


 291   11 Jan 1873L.M.C. Melton to 0.P. Melton, a minor; money paid by John Melton dec’d; land subject to dower of widow of John Melton deo’d.


 294   24 Dec 1872   Jacob G. Carmichael and wife Sarah Elizabeth J. to William Lasater,


 296   31 Jan 1873   F.M. Brock to Elmore Brock of White Co.; his 1/9 interest in estate of father B. Brock dec’d.


 297   7 Feb 1873   Isaac and C.C. Stalcup, and F.J. Etter and wife F.A. to E.M. Stalcup; their 1/12 interest in land of Moses Stalcup dec’d.


298 4 Jan 1873   F.A. Pettitt and wife S.E., and W M. Carson and wife M.E. to Mary Ann Carson; division of land, by mutual agreement, that was deeded to W.M., Sarah E., and Mary Ann Carson.


299 4 Feb 1873   Elijah Cate and wife Ellen to son John C. Cate; for parental love, for his services to us in our old age and business aid. to us for eight years since his majority, for his promise to pay judgment brought by David Cleage, for his promise to pay our daughter Martha E. McKamy; our homestead farm where we now reside, subject to our support during our lifetime.


304 21 Feb 1873    John Wallin and wife Emily of McMinn Co. and W.S. Foster and wife Mary P. of Polk Co. to J.A. Turley.


 307   3 Feb 1873    James C. Lemons and wife Ann to Fannie J. Hawk and J.D. Porter.


 310   12 Mar 1873   H. Cate and wife Maranda Tennessee of McNinn Co. to R.J. Cate

of Bradley Co.


 31218 Jan 1870   Carroll Whiney and wife Hannah Eliza, Susan White, and Nancy Ann Caldwell, heirs of Barton White, of McDonald Co., Mo. to Ensley Wann of Benton Co., Ark.; Power of Atty. to attend to their business in McMinn Co.


314 28 Feb 1873   Andrew Hutsell to Charles L. Matlock; in consideration of a part of Ellen H. Matlocks legacy, wife of Charles L. Matlock.


 319 18 Mar 1873   Smith 3. Robbins of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y. to Zelotus M. Brown of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N.Y.; mortgage of land in McMinn Co., the Cedar Springs Farm, and all the personal property on said farm, under con¬trol of A.H. Wilson, tenant; Brown has signed note as security for Robbing as Exec. of Alpheus Brown dec’d.


327 17 Oct 1872   Major L. Wallis and Matilda Wallis to James H. Magill; 8 Oct 1873, acknowledged by Matilda Roy formerly Wallis, and formerly the wife of Major L. Wallis.


 328   27 Nov 1872   C.C. D’Arrnond and wife Emily C. to Williamson  Erickson.


 329   5 Apr 1873    Sampson Bishop and wife Elizabeth to son James Monroe Bishop.


 3314 Oct 1867   Stephen H. Crawley of Polk Co. to S.H. McWhirter.


 33420 Mar 1873    Thomas L.W. Arnwine of Meigs Co. to mother Sarah Arnwine of McMinn Co.; his interest in undivided land, in order that she may pass the remainder of her life in ease and comfort.


 33721 Apr 1873    A. McKinsey and wife Susan to A.C. Smith, in trust for William McKinsey Sr.


 338   17 Nov 1872    William Knox and wife Tennessee of Bradley Co. to John Carver.


 340   11 Apr 1873 Jefferson L. Carson and wife Miranda L. to 4.0. Montgomery; Deed of    Trust.


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 34419 Apr 1872    C.C. Zachary of Monroe Co. to Isaac Benson of same.


 3448 May 1873Isaac Benson of Monroe Co. to Charles Edgar Zachary, a minor child, born of Mrs. R,E. Zachary on 3 Nov 1871, now in the custody and pos¬session of Mrs. R.E. Zachary of Knox Co.; the land in above deed.


 347   15 Dec 1871    Jersey City, N.J.; M.B. McMahan and wife California V. release part of a vendor’s lien which John McMahan held on W.J.McMahan and conveyed to the grantors; acknowledged in Hudson Co., N.J.


 350   2 Apr 1873 J.H. Eiffert to  S.H. McWhirter; acknowledged in Canadian Dis¬trict, Cherokee Nation, before J.L. McCorkel, Clk., Abraham Woodall, Judge of District Court, Will P. Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, at the Executive Office at Fort Gibson.


 353   18 Apr 1873    Samuel W. Royston and wife Elizabeth to J.H. Gaut of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.


 362   2 Jun 1873  James H. Charles and wife Caroline M. to Nancy B. Grant wife of  J.M. Grant.


  364  30 May 1873   D.M. McReynolds and wife Laura L. to William L. Rice.


 364    24 May 1873   C.C. Stalcup and wife Lidia F. to W.L. Rice.


 367   26 May 1868   Thomas Melton to Carrol Long, J.S. Knox, Alfred Morris, Ralley Chesnutt, and C.Y. Brown, Trustees for the joint stock company owning Oak Grove Academy; for respect for education; land near Wesleyanna Church.



 367   No date.   James H. Mitchell and wife Mary B. to J.C. Wilson; Deed of Trust; acknowledged 28 Jun 1873.


 370   26 May 1869   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: David Hunt becomes the purchas¬er of land of Mary Hoyl dec’d; title divested out of heirs Sarah Alloway, and Lawson, Henderson, and Mary Hoyl, J.A.R. Grills, Sydney Smith, Robert and Martha Hoyl, Mary Mayfield, Taylor and Joseph Hoyl, Richard and Samuel Cannon.


 371   14 Oct 1871 Mary Bird to Margaret Lattamore; acknowledged in Knox Co.


372 14 Dec 872 W.M. Kelley, Tax Collector, to Robert Browder; land of    Tabitha Bolin, sold for 1866-7 taxes.


373   30 Jun 1873   John C. and Israel P. Smith of Cherokee Co., Texas to brother William R. Smith of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty, in consideration of trust and confidence, to sell their 1/10 interest each in land of father John Smith dec’d.


 374 23 July 1873  Heirs of John Smith dec’d to James T. Smith; ten heirs are John C., Israel P., and William R Smith, Martha A. Axley and husband James W., Mary M. Norvell and husband Clinton L., Rebecca C. Hicks and husband John H., Joseph A.R. Smith, Cornelia F. Smith, James T. Smith the purchaser, and the children of daughter Nancy B. Lowry dec’d formerly Smith, who are John A., Mary L.A., Robert H., and Nancy E. Lowry; James C. Lowry signs but is not mentioned in the deed.


 377   30 Jul 1873    Amanda N. Burger of Athens to W.B. Dixon.


 3771 Aug 1873 Samuel G. Chesnutt and wife Mary J. to Dr. Abijah Scruggs; lot in Mouse Creek known as the E. Dixon Tanyard; Deed of Trust.


 37826 Jul 1873 T. Nixon VanDyke to Corporation of Athens; in consideration that the town authorities have caused to be made a good post and plank fence to enclose what is now called Cedar Grove Cemetery, S of and adjoining Athens; or an acre, an oblong square, beginning two feet S of the SW cor¬ner of the Van Dyke burial lot, now enclosed by an iron railing.


 38011 Aug 1873    James H. White and wife Fidelia C. to M.T. Gratton of Preston, Fillimore Co., Minn.; mortgage.


 384   24 Jul 1873 William Thompson and wife Mary J.S. of Warren Co. to John A.H. Thompson.


 385   24 May 1873   William Harmon and wife Jane B. to T.L. Farrell.


 387   19 Aug 1873    A.H. Barker and Nathan. Melton to Nathan Melton, Hugh Studdard, A.H. Barker, John Bookout, and A.R. Barker, Trustees of the Methodist E. Church; land surrounding the new Church known as Clark’s Chapel.


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 390   24 Aug 1873.   T.W. Brock and wife Delila to W.J. Brock.


 391    24 Aug 1871    W.J. Brock and wife Martha M. to T. W. Brock.


 395    28 Aug 1873    Marshal Lewis and wife 3.11. to M.V. Reid.


 396    2 Aug 1873 W.D. and John M. Jackson to Lewis H. Newman, in trust for the use of Zion Hill Cemetery.


 399   30 Jan 1866John H. Weir of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Thomas J. Weir; his un¬divided interest in estate of John M.C. Weir dec’d and in same estate which had descended to P.B. Weir dec’d.


 399   5 Sep 1873 John C. Winton of  Loudon Co. to Mark and Creighton Dennis; his undivided interest as heir of William Richardson dec’d, being 6/8 interest.


 402   9 Sep 1873 J.H. Magill and wife Sarah Jane to John H. Parker; Deed of Trust; indebted to George F. Parker of Bradley Co.


 405 22 Aug 1873    Joseph Eblin and wife Zora to S.F. Dixon of Bradley Co.


 412  28 Nov 1870   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to land divested out of Joseph F., Martha J., Alfred A., and Sarah A. Smith, subject to dower of widow Lucinda Smith.


 414   27 Sep 1873    John A. Lowry to James C. Lowry; his interest in land of father T.J. Lowry dec’d.


 415   17 Sep 1873    E.H. Benton and wife Mary E. and T.K. Thomasson to James E. McCanse; land known as the Logan farm.


 420 24 Jan 1873Elijah Cate to daughter Harriet L. Neil; for love.


 421  7 Oct 1873 T.W. Burge of Monroe Co. to W.S. Gaston; one iron safe, desk, and other office furniture now in office of Burge & Gaston, situated over John Evans’ Barber Shop in Athens,


 425  3 Oct 1873    Hugh P. Wilson and wife Nancy to J.B. Reed.


 427  15 Oct 1873   Eusebous Maynor and wife Jincey to R.B. Thompson.


 428 1 Jun 1873 George W. Saulpaw and wife Emeline S., Agreement with James M.Waldie, George B. Ewing of Bristol, Tenn., William Doyle of West Point, Ga., and Joseph H. Girad of Atlanta, Ga.; lease of flouring mill now owned by Emeline.


 432   4 Nay 1871 Margaret Willis to James J. and S. Jane Pugh; part of the un¬divided interest of James Bonner’s heirs.


 434   1 Nov 1873Jesse A. Wilson and Elizaheth Wilson, and Jesse Wilson and Marutia Wilson to William McKenzie; land known as the Gregory farm; E1izaheth and Marutia are wives of J.A. and Jesse.


 436  6 Mov 1873 John L. Thompson and wife Martha to James Baker; Deed of Trust.



 438  17 Nov 1872 Samuel H. Howell and wife Ruth J. to George W. Wallis; Howells acknowledge in Meigs Co.


 443   8 Mar 1873 Thomas McGee, half brother and only heir of Joseph McClure dec’d and Nancy McClure, widow of Joseph McClure, to T.L. Farrell.


 443  18 Nov 1873   R.B. Thompson and wife Mary A. to Charles V. Orton.


 444  9 Sep 1873 John B. Kennedy and wife Martha J. to W.C. Wallis.


 446   10 Dec 1873    Letha and John C. Rice, and L.C. and  E.L. Rentfro to A.H. Rice; land decreed to Letha Rice.


 447   5 Mar 1870 I.H. Cox and M. B. K. Cox to A.H. Rice; their claim to land own¬ed and occupied by Letha Rice.


 449  12 Dec 1873    Allen H. Rice and wife P.T. to R.B. Thompson.


 450   27 Nov 1871   Copy of Chancery Court Decree; title to land divested out of Henry H. .and Betsy Sloop, Absolem Casey and his minor child Cordelia L. Casey, only child of Elizabeth Casey dec’d, Lafayette, Hugh L., and Eliza Sloop, Samuel Patterson and wife Malvina, George H. Sloop, Mary Ann Pinker¬ton, Thomas Hogan and wife Juletta, and James Gibbs and wife Susan C., and vested in Elizabeth Sloop, widow of John N. Sloop dec’d; lands of John N. Sloop dec’d.


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 451   28 May 1873   Copy of Chancery Court. Decree: sale of lands of John Baker dec’d, subject to dower of his widow Mary now Mary Brock, to Benjamin F. Brock; title divested out of Callaway, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hamilton, Joseph, and James Baker, Solomon Bogart and wife Mary, Elbert Maginty and wife, R. Cobb and wife Catharine.


 453   27 May 1872   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Mary J. Thomasson VS  Emma E. and Louisa V. Thomasson; title divested out of all parties.


 460   27 May 1873   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: sale of lands of Thomas Arnwine dec’d, colored, to Marshall Arnwine, and title divested out of heirs John, Lizzie, Charlotte, Robert, William, Anthony, Rose, Jesse, and Amanda Arnwine, and Jane Matlock formerly Arnwine.


 461  4 Feb 1866   Charles Daugherty and wife Celia to Charles R. Daugherty.


 462  Dec 1   1873    T.N. Epperson and wife Malinda S. to Gus Cate.


 464  14 Feb 1873    William C. Randolph and wife Mahulda to Elizabeth J. Collins.



 466   18 Dec 1873    Jonathan P. Edgman to S.G. Edgman; his 1/20 interest in lands of Thomas Edgman decd.


 467   No date. Fatima Wells, Admx. of Benjamin Wells dec’d, to William G. Wilson; Deed of Trust for 2/9 parts of farm of William Prather dec’d, and also one grey mare, blind in both Eyes.


 468   27 May 1872 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to lands divested out of Bird, Henry, and John Newman, Susan McPhail, Rebecca J. and J.B.. Kennedy, Sarah A. Newman, Emily C. and William Kiker, James F. Newman, Louisa and Jos¬eph Redding, Lucinda Newman, Rebecca and George Croxton, Nancy E. and William Thompson, John and Cynthia A. Newman.


 478   25 Nov 1872 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: sale of lands of James H. Melton dec’d subject to dower of widow Susan; title divested out of John N. Melton, Susan Melton widow, Aaron, Hulda, Allen H., and Martha A. Melton, Minerva B. and Henry Scybert, and Julia A. and Horace Baysinger.


 484  27 Feb 1874    M.A. Helm and wife F.M. to A.B. Blankenship.


 486  26 Feb 1874    L B. Blankenship and wife H.C. to M.A. Helm.


 488   23 Apr 1873    Sarah J. Cooke of McMinn Co., by advise and consent of James B. Cooke of Chattanooga, to Thomas P. Duggan.


 490   30 Sep 1873    Thomas O’Brien to Andrew J. Crawford; Power of Atty. to sell his undivided interest in store house and lot known as Crawford Corner, in Athens, bounded on W and N by Boyd, on S by Main St.., and E by White St.


 491  23 Feb 1874    H.C. Hurst and wife E. I. to E.C. Edwards of Anderson Co.;E.I. Hurst acknowledges in Anderson Co.


 492  11 Feb 1874    Joseph Cobb Sr. to son A.J.B. Cobb; for love.


 493   11 Feb 1874    Joseph Cobb Sr. to daughters Susan, Josephine, and Ellen K. Cobb; for love.


 493  11 Feb 1874    Joseph Cobb Sr. to daughter Louisanna Cobb; for love.


 495   Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Mary Wamack, Admx. of Samuel Wamack dec’d VS Henry, Ed., and C.T. Roberts, William Newton and wife Elizabeth, children of Watts Roberts dec’d.


 496   16 Mar 1874    Sephrona Gibbs and husband M. or Dock Gibbs to Eliza A. Briant wife of William H. Briant.


 498   13 Feb 1874    J.J. McConnell and wife C M. and daughter Fannie E., the latter engaged in business of milliners &C, under firm name of Mrs. C.M. McConnell and daughter, all of Knox Co., to J.S. Matthews; Deed of Trust for millinery and fancy goods now at their store house in Athens, on the Public Square.



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1  25 Feb 1874  Joseph B. Reed and wife Margaret P. to Ransom A. Ellis.


10  8 Apr 1874  Lemuel Etter and wife Josephine, George W. Etter and wife LizaJane, Elisha A. Gibson and wife Mary Ann, Henry C. Lambert and wife Sarah E., and Sarah Ann Etter to H. B. Henegar of Bradley Co.; 4/5 of our interest in land.


 12  16 Apr 1874  John Witt to Wellington Keith, Lewis Evans, Alfred Green, George Deaderick, and John Witt, Trustees of Sons of Temperance Lodge No. 29.


 13  1 Jan 1874  J. S. Matthews, Sec., and W. M. Sehorn, Treas. Of the Board of Trustees of E. T. Wesleyan University to Wiley S. Gaston of Athens and William Rule of Knoxville; Deed of Trust for twelve acres where the University stands.


 15  31 Dec 1873  Thomas Melton to J. A. Long, C. E. Mountcastle, Henry Mize, T. Melton, and C. Long, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South; N. E. corner of Wesleyan Church lot; corner of Oak Grove Academy.


 17  21 Mar 1874  John McH. Wilson and wife Ann E. of Navarro Co., Texas to Mark and Creighton Dennis; Wilson’s ½ of 1/8 or 1/16 of land as heirs of William Richardson dec’d.


 23  18 May 1874  Charles L. King and wife Julia R. to James and Frank B. McElwee; Mt. Verd factory property.


27   Apr 1874  John Cross and wife Mary Ann of Washington Co., Ark.; Power of Atty. To Blizard & Bradford to collect judgment in Chancery Court.


32   11 May 1874  J. B. Cooke and wife Penelope M., J. F. Mee and wife Louisa A.,and S. A., John M., Inez C., and Julia A. McDermott, heirs of Col. William P. H. McDermott, to Alexander H. Keith; Lot No. 57 and part of Lot No. 50 in Athens known as the Pearce B. Anderson Property; Grantors acknowledge in Hamilton Co.


35  9 May 1874 William Lee and wife Emeline of Monroe Co., to W. C. and Charles A. Barnett; mill in McMinn Co.


37  No date. William Elmore and wife Nancy L. to Philip DeKalb Bloom.


39  8 Aug 1871  Artemisia Baker, Nancy A. Carter wife of David F., Susan N. Chapman wife of J. C., heirs of George W. Baker dec’d, to James F. Baker, also an heir.


40   25 Nov 1872  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Uriel Johnson VS John A. Long, Carroll Long, J. M. Kelley and wife Nancy H., J. R. D., John B., R. A. S., W.  C. C., Mattie O., M. U., and Oscar C. Long, and L. W. Cate Gdn. ad litem.


 44  12 June 1874  Henry L. Sloop of Colfax Co., New Mexico, Power of Atty. to Wills Peeler of Athens to sell ¼ interest in lands of father James Sloop.


 45  24 June 1874  Henry L. Sloop and wife Maggie M. by Power of Atty. to M. L. Sloop.


 47  3 Jan 1874  Thomas J. Evans to Cyrus Zimmerman of Knox Co.; his interest as one of four children in estate of father Thomas Evans now of McMinn Co.


 48  3 Sep 1873  Albartus Forrest to E. Cate; title to three undivided interests in farm of Isaah Smith dec’d, interests of Frank M., John S., and Henderson Smith dec’d.


 49  4 Aug 1874  John C. McMahan and wife Sarah C. and Elizabeth McMahan to G. M.  Bloom; Deed of Trust.


 50  7 Nov 1873  M. M. Green and wife Caroline to M. T. C. Royston.


 52  24 Jul 1874  Allen Moore and wife Phebe J. to Joseph Neil.


 57  22 Jun 1874  William A. Grubb to Emma A. Grubb; his 1/3 interest in the Grubb corner.


 58  18 July 1874  Caleb R. Hoyl and wife Rebecca; Deed of Trust.


 61  25 Aug 1874  R. W. Maxwell and wife E. J. to Samuel G. Maxwell.


 63  27 Aug 1874 James A. Smith to wife Malinda J.; for love; land on which I now



 67  7 Sep 1874  William L. Rice and wife Frances D. to Robert M. Ereckson.


 68  7 Sep 1874  Receipt by M. E. Lillard and husband J. W. to H. h. Matlock for their

   share of estate of Mrs. Mary Matlock dec’d and of John Matlock dec’d.


Page 143


 76  29 July 1874  Thomas Edgman and wife Martha; Deed of Trust.


 77  17 Jan 1872  Pleasant M. Milligan and wife Jemima to Thomas A. Richardson of Boston, Mass.


 83  5 Sep 1874  Joseph Zeigler and wife Mary formerly Cate, Robert E. and John T. Cate to Jacob C. Cate; their 1/9 interest each in dower of the widow of William Cate dec’d; Elizabeth Cate also signs deed.


 95  20 Aug 1873  John S. Barker and wife Narcissus to William H. Cooper.


 97  21 Sep 1874  Austin Lillard and wife Margaret of Collin Co., Texas to Joseph Cobb; Power of Atty. to sell their 2/8 interest in Granny Cobb farm.


 98  12 Nov 1874  James W. Shook, and J. L. Beaver and wife Elizabeth J. formerly Shook to F. Brigham.


 99  9 Nov 1874S. Gordon Maxwell now in Atlanta, Ga. to R. W. Maxwell.


103 14 Oct 1874    Emberson Sliger and wife Amanda of Butte Co., Calif. to Richard Spradling Jr.; Power of Atty. to receive their share of estate of Richard Spradling Sr.


108 16 Nov 1874  S. D. Stanfield and wife Nancy J. to T. B. Stanfield.


110 17 Aug 1874  John J. Helm of White Co., Ill. To John F. Harris.


111 24 Nov 1874  David D. Reynolds to John M. Reynolds; his 1/7 undivided interest in land of Isham Reynolds dec’d.


115 18 Oct 1870  William Lasater and wife Nancy Ann to Lidda J. Maxwell and Alexander Maxwell, Gdn. of N. (U.) L. Maxwell.


122 1874  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Margaret Saunders VS Andrew J. Brock, Margaret E. Philips, and Raleigh Chestnutt; Margaret Saunders bought land in 1853 of Elbert Brock, now dec’d with Andrew J. and Margaret E. his only surviving heirs; deed made by John Jack Adm. of Elbert to Raleigh Chesnutt is set aside.


124 4 Dec 1874  A. C. Robeson to Miss Bell M. Moss formerly of McMinn Co., but now of Virginia.



128 Dec 1874  J. W. Ripey and wife Alice J. to William A. Horne of Knoxville; Deed of Trust.


131 24 Nov 1873  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Miranda A. McCarty by next friend J. K. P. Ball VS Florence A. McCarty et al; District Court of Cocke Co., Texas appointed Ball as Gdn. of minor respondents; title to land to Elizabeth J.

wife of William N. Russell.


135 7 Dec 1874  James F. Fitzgerald and wife Sarah E. of Jackson Co., Ore. to John F.Sherman; Power of Atty. to collect money due them from estate of John Neil dec’d.


140 11 Dec 1874  Emily C. Kyker and husband W. F. to James B. Kennedy; Power of Atty. to accept proceeds of sale of land of Bird Newman dec’d.


143 31 Dec 1874  Terry Brock and wife Elizabeth to son T. W. Brock, for love.


145 10 Oct 1874  John Morris of Polk Co. to son Robert C. Morris of Nashville; Power of  Atty. to collect monies in Supreme Court cases.


168 9 Nov 1874  Clarissa White, Sarah Elizabeth Whaley, and William and John N. White to John F. Slover; Deed of Trust.


169 19 Jan 1875  Joseph G. Cate to H. L. Cate; his undivided interest in land of father Greenberry Cate; land encumbered by life estate of Lana Cate.


172 30 Nov 1874  Sarah Hicks and husband Geriah M. to Jacob E. Sligar and wife Mary C.; land willed to Mary C. Hicks and Geriah Hicks by James Hicks dec’d.


192 28 July 1874  Sarah J. Cooke widow of George W. dec’d to Malcomb Cantrell for use of Laura Attie, minor and only child of said Malcomb and Margaret Attaline Cantrell formerly Cooke.


193 31 Oct 1873  John M. Burger and wife Manda to George E. Burger; their interestin land of George Burger dec’d.


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197 8 Dec 1874  A. C. Robeson to Corporation of Town of Athens; in consideration of a street being opened from Railroad Ave. to Green Street across the lower side of my lot and $60.; 30 feet off my lot.


199 10 Apr 1873    H. L. Wasson and wife Rachel M. of Montgomery Co., Ark. to Joseph C. Rucker; their undivided interest in dower of Miriam Rucker, widow of Mordicai.


200 12 Dec 1872  David C. Duggan and wife Sue T. and William A. Duggan to Moses K. Buttram.


203 1 Mar 1873  F. G. Cantrell and wife Malinda J., Benjamin B. Cantrell and wife Mary C., H. C. Cantrell and wife Sarah J., all of Webster Co., Mo., to James R. and Joseph P. Cantrell of same; quit claim deed.


205 1 Mar 1873  Sarah J. Clift and husband Henry of Webster Co., Mo. to James R. and Joseph P. Cantrell of same; quit claim deed.


206 21 May 1873  Joseph P. Cantrell and wife Sarah C. of Webster Co., Mo. to James R. and Joseph P. Cantrell of same; quit claim deed.


208 14 Jan 1874  John D. Casky and wife Mary E. of Webster Co., Mo. to James R. Cantrell of same.


209 6 Mar 1875  A. A. Newman and wife M. A. to W. H. Forrest; Deed of Trust; Newmans acknowledge in Jefferson Co.


212 19 Feb 1875  Sarah Ann Cantrell to James R. Cantrell.


216 25 Feb 1875  Louisa Redding formerly Newman of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Bird Newman; Power of Atty. to collect her share of estate of father Bird Newman.


223 28 Jan 1875  C. E. Mountcastle and wife Sarah of Monroe Co., to J. H. Ball of Bradley Co.


228 Nov 1873  James Parkinson and James H. Lowry, Execs. of J. W. Brown dec’d to W. A. K. Wetmore and wife Oney C.


229 5 Apr 1875  P. C. Wilson of Chattanooga to John Evans; Lot No. 59 in Athens.


252 8 Mar 1875  Robert Wilson of Neshoba Co., Miss. To Mark and Creighton Dennis; his 1/16 undivided interest as heir of William Richardson dec’d.


253 15 Dec 1874  Reynolds Cantrell to Calvin Denton; Cantrell acknowledged in Cherokee Co., Ala.


258 10 May 1875  John B. Camp and wife Mary D. and Hannah E. Bridges to T. F. Gibson; their interest in house and lot now occupied by Mrs. Ellen Bridges wife of George W. dec’d; on Washington and Green street corner; John B. Camp acknowledged in San Bernaretine Co., Calif. and the other two acknowledged in Athens.


268 23 Feb 1860  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Daniel Robeson and wife et al VS James H. and Elizabeth Lasater; sale held 28 Sep 1858; deed to Jessee Dodson and Mary Patty 3 Jul 1875; title divested out of widow and heirs ofWiley Lasater dec’d.


269 5 July 1875  Mary J. and J. A. Cochran and Jesse Dodson, Agreement; Mary J. Patty has married James A. Cochran.


275 27 Dec 1869  E. M. and Jasper Newton, Execs. Of Edward Newton dec’d, to Riley James; Jasper Newton acknowledged in Fannin Co., Texas 28 Feb 1875.


276 14 Mar 1874  Riley James and wife Mary A. to E. M. Newton.


279 21 Apr 1875  Louisa J. Rowland of Bartow Co., Ga. to William B. Crouch; lots 16 and 17 in Athens.


295 7 Oct 1873  Homestead set apart for John L. Hurst.


296 23 Aug 1875  Arta M. and T. W. Avens, Execx. And Exec. Of Wesley Avens dec’d to Thomas L. Lassater.


297 24 Nov 1874  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  Elijah F. Johnson, Gdn. of the Respondents, and John Wallin VS Martha E., Nannie L., and Mary E. Johnson, all minors.


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298 5 Oct 1869  B. T. Zeigler of Rhea Co. to J. B. Wilson


299 22 Nov 1873  William M. Brickell Exec. of J. B. Lackey dec’d of Blount Co. to Joseph McCulley.


303 21 Mar 1868  Martha A. Ware to Joseph Cobb Sr.; her undivided interest in estate of David J. Cobb dec’d.


304 15 Dec 1874  Margaret Lillard formerly Cobb and husband Austin to John G. Mayfield; their 1/7 undivided interest in land known as Granny Cobb farm.


305 7 Nov 1874  Joseph, Susan, and Ellen C. Cobb, T. A. Lillard, Josie Cobb, Sarah J. and Thomas H. Gains to John G. Mayfield; their 1/7 undivided interest each in Granny Cobb farm.


313 9 Aug 1875  James B. and Thomas Y. Johnston, and Virginia C. Davis formerly Johnston and husband Samuel, all of Lamar Co., Texas, only children of Nancy Johnston dec’d late of said county and grandchildren of William Yearwood late

of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to William L. Harbison to collect their



335 18 Oct 1875  Charles Metcalfe to Albartis Arnwine; deed originally registered in

Deed Book L,

pages 317-318,

26 Jul 1856.


343 Sept 1875  A. E. Slack, Sarah F. Johnson and husband Jasper, Mary D. Russell and husband Isaac, heirs of Sam Slack dec’d, to Samuel P., J. H. C., and William J. H. Slack; their interest in land.


345 25 May 1875  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  George W. Matlock, Adm. VS Martha Purcell et al; title divested out of Martha Purcell widow, H. M. Young, and Missouri, Martha Jr., Queen, and William Purcell, children and heirs of W.  M. Purcell dec’d.


349 23 Oct 1875  T. B. Stanfiel and wife Mary C. to John G. Hale and Isaac Benson; their interest in the dower of Mrs. Eliza Hale widow of H. H. Hale.


352 23 Jan 1867  Adam Creasman and Sarah Hardin to D. A. McKenzie.


353 10 Feb 1874  E. R. Lutrell and wife S. F., John G. Foster and wife Mary J., and Surilda Coffee to P. S. Coffee.


355 1 Aug 1875  P. S. Coffee and wife S. J. to Joseph M. Haney.


364 25 Dec 1874  Martin Roberts and wife Margaret of Monroe Co. to David M. Lewis.


368 15 Nov 1875  I. B. Haney Sr. And wife Mary to I. B. Haney Jr., and wife Susan C. interest in farm of J. F. Pugh dec’d.


381 19 Nov 1875  W. A. Wamack and wife M. E. to J. W. Pugh; their 1/5 undivided interest in farm of J. F. Pugh.


382 22 Nov 1875  J. W. and W. L. Pugh to C. C. Witt; their 3/5 interest in land of J. F. Pugh dec’d.


387 17 Oct 1875  James Shelton and wife Catharine to son John E. Shelton; for love and his years of service to them.


391 3 Feb 1872  Peter B. Cate, Gdn. of Jemima Adaline Cate formerly Womack, to James Pugh and Isaac Ledbetter.


393 12 Oct 1872  William Buttram and wife Elizabeth Ann and Chrisley Foster and wife Degenira to Christopher Wattenbarger.


395 6 Dec 1875  Sarah E. Lambert and husband Henry C. to William McKenzie; their interest in estate of F. W. Etter dec’d and their 1/5 interest in estate of Sarah Ann Etter at her death bequeathed by will of F. W. Etter made 20 Oct 1857.


400 No date.  Laura A. Jerkins, Francis (her) Jerkins, Samuel C. Cannon and wife Love Ann, Kate Jerkins, Elizabeth Shoemaker, heirs of James A. Jerkins, to John A. Parkison.


413 13 Nov 1875  Martha J. Hoblitzell and husband William of Mound City, Holt Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. to John F. Sherman to receive money due her from estate of John Neil dec’d.


414 17 Jan 1876  G. W. Etter and wife Eliza J. to William McKenzie; his interest in estate of John Neil dec’d.


425 19 Dec 1875    J. D. Hennesee and wife Lee Ann to F. Brigham; their 1/3 undivided interest in house and lot of which Margaret Shook died possessed.



Page 146



431 1 Dec 1875  Elijah Grisham and wife Loveanna to Arminda C. and James E. Browder, Sarah R. Edgman wife of Simeon, William F. Brittain son and heir of William and Mariah E. C., Joseph T., Charles R., Robert McEwen, Louisa J., Horetta M., and Leah A. Browder; paid to us by Robert F. Browder in his   lifetime.


435 13 Oct 1875  Margaret L. Haley and husband Charles to Amanda J. Hall; their    one full share as heirs in estate of Emeline Lowry dec’d; Haleys acknowledge in Roane Co.


437 21 Jan 1876  Ruth K. Carmichael of Parker Co., Texas to husband J. T.; Power of  Atty. to receive her share of estate of father Thomas Prigmore.


447 13 Nov 1875  Rebecca Burnes to John F. Slover, Henry K. Brown, S. W. and G. T. Russell, officers of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 50, A. F. & A. M.; all of lot 41 except portions already sold by Execs. Of William Burns dec’d; also ¼ of lot 42; fronting on Washington Street; in return for her support during her lifetime.


Stephen Francis Wilson; an undivided 1/3 of land which was conveyed to Laura Ellen Tennessee Wilson, Margaret Cornelia Elizabeth Wilson, and Stephen Francis Wilson by deed of H. P. Wilson 4 July 1872.


458 12 Oct 1875  John Hill and wife Elizabeth to Stephen Hill; for love; 1/3 undivided interest in land known as the Thomas Smart land.


463 15 Jan 1876  John L. Atlee Sr. and wife Sarah H. Sr. of Lancaster Co., Pa. to Sarah C. Luter; one acre more or less in Athens fronting and cornering on Jackson Street on E, Mill Street on N, Eastanallee Creek on W, and property of M. A. Helm on S, being the property formerly occupied by Edwin A. Atlee dec’d.


477 9 Feb 1876  Juda Miller to Daniel Lingerfelt Miller; for her support the remainder of her life.


504 23 Mar 1876  Stark D. Grills of Dunklin Co., Mo. to Jasper N. Aiken of Bradley Co.; Power of Atty. to collect moneys due him as heir of Emeline E. Lowry.


506 19 Feb 1876  John W. Brown to Jasper W. Lillard; claims against estate of John Matlock dec’d and wife Mary dec’d, in his own right or in right of deceased wife or child.


508 18 Apr 1876  J. S. Williams and wife Ada D. to A. O. Garrard of Georgia; goods in their millinery establishment.


509 1 Jan 1875  J. F. Guinn to Thomas J. Guinn, both of Meigs Co.


511 28 Feb 1876  James Jerkins to James A. Parkison; his interest in land of Edward Jerkins dec’d.


511 13 Dec 1875  Benjamin Jerkins to James A. Parkison; his interest in land of father Edward Jerkins dec’d.


520 13 Apr 1876  William Burnett of Larimer Co., Territory of Colorado to John F. Sherman; Power of Atty. to collect money due him as heir and grandson of John Neil dec’d and son of Roland and Nancy Burnett formerly of Holt Co., Mo.


526 15 Apr 1876  John L. Smith of Whitfield Co., Ga. to Mary L. Ford of Denton Co., Texas; his interest, being 1/3 of 1/6, in Elizah Ross reservation on Hiwassee River and belonging to estate of John L. McCarty dec’d; dower of widow Mary H.


529 10 Nov 1875  William B. Hamilton to B. D. Ellis of Monroe Co.


534 2 Jun 1876  Joseph M. McCollum and Alley S. Pearce, both of Perry Co., Ill., to W. C. Wallace; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of grandfather George Monroe.


Page 147


540 29 Apr 1876  Nancy Myers widow and Lee Myers and wife Margaret, and Robert M.  Morrow and wife Martha, heirs of Melmoth L. Myers dec’d, to James Parkison.


544 13 Nov 1875  Hamilton Pearce to Thomas Peters of Jefferson Co., Ala.; Agent to sell land.


549 26 Nov 1873  Copy of Chancery Court Decree:  W. B. McKeldin et al VS Julia I.  Gettys et al; property included in dower of Emily S. McKeldin widow of A.


555 8 Jul 1876  William P. Grills and Emeline Pennington formerly Grills and her husband Eli Pennington of  McDonough Co., Ill.; Power of Atty. to James H.    Reynolds to receive moneys due them from estate of Emeline E. Lowry dec’d.


562 6 July 1874  County Court Deed to William Armstrong; R. A. and W. Armstrong

   VS Jane Armstrong, and James L. Cooper and wife Margaret J.


567 17 Dec 1874  Jacob Detherow and wife Elizabeth of Bradley Co. to Thomas Davis.


568 6 May 1876  John H. Grubb to Miss Virginia C. Grubb; his undivided 1/5 interest in the Grubb corner.


570 2 Feb 1871  James Gettys to M. Cunningham; in 1841 Gettys sold lots to Samuel Workman who assigned to Augustus W. Elder who transferred to William Graves who died leaving two daughters [sic], Clara C. Carter former Graves widow of F.B. Carter, and George C. Graves; William Graves assigned to Moses Cunningham; Gettys is making title.



Deed Book S


Page 148


  1   7 Aug 1876  John R. Howard and wife Henrietta to Alexander C. Robeson and William M. Nixon.


  3   7 Aug 1876  Alexander C. Robeson and wife Susan and William M. Nixon and wife Lua to William D. Van Dyke of Hamilton Co.; Deed of Trust; Grantors owe Hugh T. Inman.


  8   23 Oct 1875  S. D. Stanfiel to Andrew Hutsell; house and lot in Riceville, improved by James Crittenden.


 10  16 Aug 1876  George W. Marler Jr. And wife Sarah of James Co. to George W. Marler Sr.; their undivided interest.


 12  26 Aug 1876  George W. Marler Sr. and wife Nancy to E. T. McCorkle of Meigs Co.


 14  27 Aug 1860    John R. Orr to James W. Orr; his interest in land of mother Nancy  Orr now and at her death;  18 Aug 1876, witness J. H. Reagan is dead.


 16  11 Aug 1876  Robert Powell to John F. Slover, Trustee; the Crawford store.


 17  5 Sept 1876  Mrs. E. McKeldin to E. Walker and W. S. McGaughey; for building a new brick house on Lot No. 84 in Athens; the S part of Lot No. 84, near  Matthews store-house on Jackson St., running 25 feet to center of first partition wall in said new brick building, 70 feet back from Jackson St., thence S with back wall of new brick building to Matthews kitchen.


 18  5 Sep 1876  William S. McGaughey and Elias Walker to Hugh T. Inman; their part of lot 84.


 27  8 Aug 1873  Joseph James Dilport and wife Clarinda of Cape Girardeau Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. to sell their ¼ interest in land about two miles W of Riceville on Mouse Creek, purchased about 1865 by Clarinda Wilkie now Dilport, Phillip Cox, Winnie Cox, and Lethe M. Bandy, heirs of William Cox dec’d, from James Hickey.


 29  11 Sep 1876  Robert Powell to John F. Slover, Trustee; personal property consisting of my bar room fixtures, consisting of two large mirrors, two large pictures, ten small pictures, 1000 cigars, one clock, 25 decanter, ½ box tobacco, two lamps, two beds, six chairs, one sorrel horse known as the Maines horse.


 32  29 Sep 1876  Morgan Miller to daughter Eliza James Miller; all land and property at my death.


 35  28 Sep 1876  William T. Gregory and wife Mary W. formerly Womack to Milam J. Womack, Joseph D. and Jacob Womack; their undivided ¼ interest in land which descended to them and the Grantees from Daniel Womack dec’d.


 38  15 Aug 1876  T. W. Burge and wife Maggie J. of St. Louis Co., Mo. to William H. Briant; the Grubb Hotel property in Athens, bound N by the Depot, E by land formerly owned by William Rogers and Joseph McCully, on S by Joseph Smith, and W by Nelson Gettys; the Burges acknowledge in Monroe Co.


 42  5 Jul 1875  Ruel B. McGaughey and wife Lizzie G. to W. M. Nixon; their interest in a two story brick house, with lot, in Athens, being part of the brick yard lot adjoining the College property…to the new street.


 44  Sep 1876  J. A. Grills of Isard Co., Ark. to J. N. Aiken of Bradley Co., Power of  Atty. to collect his distributive share of estate of E. E. Lowry.


44   3 Oct 1876  Thomas J. Grills of Greene Co., Ark. to J. N. Aiken; Power of collect his distributive share of estate of E. E. Lowry.


 47  5 Sep 1876  Joseph S. Knox and wife Mary E. to Alice Serepta and Parthena Arminta Carlock; land on Chestua Creek.


 52  9 Jun 1876  Joseph B. McCarty of Lafayette Co., Florida to Benjamin V. Marsh of Philadelphia, Pa.; his 1/6 undivided interest in Eliza Ross (Indian) reservation.


 53  20 Oct 1876  Tyre Lawson Sr. to son E. D. Lawson, for love.


 54  20 Oct 1876  Tyre Lawson Sr. to daughter Mary Ann Hutson, for love.


 62  4 Sep 1875  Anderson Clark to son A. J. Clark.


 80  12 Aug 1876  Lewis Graves and wife Julia to Charles Hill; their 1/7 interest in two tracts of land.



Page 149


 81  21 Aug 1876  C. J. Wright and wife Catherine to Charles Hill; their 1/7 interest  in two tracts of land.


 96  23 May 1871  Chancery Court Decree:  R. H. Wells, Adm. Of Thomas P. Wells dec’d, VS Margaret Wells widow, and John H., Levi C., Thomas L., and Susan E. Wells, and Mary J. and E. W. Carlock, heirs; land in McMinn and Polk Counties sold to Susan E. Wells.


98   9 Dec 1876  William A. Fain to John D. Fain; land by descent from our father Ebenezer Fain.


109 1 Apr 1876  Bluford Peak to Malinda Peak; the Kinser farm on Mouse Creek in return for her interest in the lead mine of the estate of Terry Brock.


118 4 Jun 1872  Chancery Court Decree:  Letters of Incorporation of The Franklin Association of Athens, Tennessee allowed to M. A. Helm, J. M. Henderson, Lon Blizard, John A. McKeldin, Thomas J. Dement, Jasper W. Lillard, John F. Slover, Wm. H. Briant, Wm. M. Sehorn, Alexander C. Robeson, William B. McKeldin, Jacob S. Matthews, Joseph Matthews, James H. Hornsby, Wilberforce Gettys, James Turner, J. Albert Hyden, Hugh M. McKeldin, William C. Davis, John E. Gibson; “the object of said Association, is to furnish its members an easy and practical method of accumulating their weekly contributions, and of investing and increasing the same by payments into the treasury of one dollar per week, by each member of said Association, for each and every share,  and by this manner be accumulative until it reaches the sum of one hundred thousand dollars”; registered 6 Jan 1877.


122 22 Jan 1877  Thomas A. Richardson and wife Fannie N. of McMinn Co. to Henry T.Davis of Grayson Co., Texas.


131 26 Jan 1877  Elmore Brock of White Co. to son William L. Brock; Power of Atty. to sell land.


138 16 Dec 1876  James I. George of Nodaway Co., Mo. to Sarah M. Harbison; lot No. 62 in Athens, the house where W. L. Harbison now resides.


142 22 Aug 1875  Mrs. Penelope Eliza Alexander, Execx. Of W. W. Alexander dec’d, to George W. Wood; Title bond made by W. W. Alexander on 22 Mar 1875; Lot No. 46 in Athens, upon which Alexander’s dwelling house was burned.


145 6 Apr 1866  James R. Long of Greene Co. to Carroll Long.


152 25 Sep 1876  John Copeland to A. T. Copeland of Polk Co.


153 10 Feb 1877  Benjamin A. Cass to L. L. H. Carlock; town lot, building, and every- thing belonging thereto, fronting 144 feet on White Street on E, 131 feet on College Street on S, and property of John L. Atlee on N and W, known as the Eason or Sweney property.


158 1 Feb 1877  W. Gettys to James Gettys; my brick office on White Street; beginning on NE corner of Lot No. 59…to property known as “Tenn. Bank Property” now occupied by Rev. Timothy Sullins.


162 18 Jan 1876  I. R., J. H., and W. S. Chesnutt, R. F. Cooke and wife N. J. formerly Chesnutt, George C. Mountcastle and wife Mary A. formerly Chesnutt to John M Reynolds; land of which James Chesnutt died possessed; J. H., I. R. and the Cookes acknowledge in Cooke Co., Texas and the Mountcastles in Collin Co., Texas.


164 23 Dec 1875  M. V. Reid and wife Sue to J. H. bond of Meigs Co.; lots 13, 14, 15, 47, 48, and 46 in Calhoun; B. F. Martin has title to part of lot 14.


166 15 Feb 1877  Thomas J. Evans of Hamblin Co. to Cyrus Zimmerman of Knox Co.; Evans had previously deeded to Zimmerman his ¼ part of estate of father Thomas Evans upon his death and deed registered in Jefferson and McMinn Counties; since that time father Thomas has acquired and undivided interest in the estate of his brother William Evans who died without issue; father Thomas has become hopelessly deranged.

Page 150


167 22 Nov 1875  Chancery Court Decree:  Lawson H. Hoyl, colored, is high bidder for the property of Lawson Hoyl dec’d, who legatees are the said Lawson H. Hoyl and James T. Hoyl dec’d, whose heirs are Joseph A., Robert, and Martha Hoyl.


168 15 Mar 1877  M. A. Cass and wife Eliza A. to son B. A. Cass.


170 22 Feb 1877  R. P. Gettys and wife L. M., Miss Emmie A. Evans, and C. Zimmerman and wife L. C., Agreement; division of the estate of Thomas Evans Sr., and care and support for him his lifetime.


172 27 Mar 1869  Allen Ware, William Randolph, and John N. Melton, Trustees of the Poor-house, to W. G. Barker.


180 28 Dec 1876  S. P. Hughes and wife Mary A. formerly Bunch to J. H. Pearce; their ¼ interest in land devised from Martin Bunch dec’d to Duke, Alfred, Martin A., and Mary A. Bunch now Hughes.


181 4 Jan 1875  McMinn County to John E. Gibson; sale of lot bounded on N by Washington Street, S by Main Street, E by alley, and W by alley; Gibson sells to J. Q. Strange.


185 10 Nov 1874  Thomas D. Taylor of Monroe Co., to Sarah E. McCamish and her children.


197 20 Mar 1877  Ruel B. McGaughey and wife Lizzie G. to Robert H. McGaughey; their 1/3 undivided interest in two story frame house on Lot No. 5 in Athens; in consideration of Robert H.’s 1/3 interest in Lot No. 43 in Chattanooga, fronting 25 ft. on Market Street, running back 149 ft., with a two story brick house on the lot in J. C. Stanton’s addition to Chattanooga.


200 28 Mar 1877  Frank B. and James McElwee to M. E., Matilda, Catharine, Mary, Nancy, and Rett Cook.


203 19 Mar 1877  Sarah J. and W. G. Cooke, and Sue C. Cate to D. H. Kimbrough; land in District 13…up the Sugar Camp road.


205 Feb 1877  W. L. McSpadden and wife Margaret Jane and Elizabeth m. Porter to Peter Miller; land on Spring Creek Ridge conveyed to Boyd Porter in 1847; Grantors acknowledge in Knox Co.


208 23 Feb 1877  Bogan Cash to wife Mary; my store and all that pertains to same.


209 15 Jan 1875  Susanah, John W., George W., Mary C., and  Jacob E. Sligar and wife Margaret, and William Hicks and wife Malinda Ann, to James Gregory.


210 17 Mar 1877  John Hill and wife E. to Sarah Brown and Samuel, John, and Jesse Vanzant; his 1/3 interest in land known as the Thomas Smart farm; for love.


212 12 Apr 1877  H. B. Leeper to wife Esther, 1/6 of land, to Mary B. Lee of Knox Co. 1/6, to the heirs of J. M. Leeper 1/6, viz, J. M. Leeper of Loudon, Sarah E. Carter of Knox Co., and Julia A. M. Foster of Georgia, to Elizabeth a Heiskell of Loudon Co. 1/6, to the heirs of S. M. Leeper in Loudon and Roane Counties 1/6. And to Sarah Skates of Texas 1/6; to take possession at his death; wife Esther releases her right of dower.


216 12 Apr 1877  John C. Stephenson to my present wife Sarah L. Stephenson; whereas at our marriage I was a poor man; deeding her own personal property.


223 30 Oct 1875  Malissa M., James A., William B., John D., Joseph S., and Margaret S. Hamilton and Eliza A. Daugherty, and Susan C. Wite to J. A. W. Cooke and Joseph white of Monroe Co.; their right as heirs of Jonathan Hamilton dec’d; Eliza A. Daugherty, wife of D. H. acknowledged in Howell Co. Mo. and relinquished her dower rights.


225 23 Dec 1875  James A. Hamilton and Susan C. White to Larkin Cardin of Monroe Co.; Grantors sign in Christian Co., Ky.


228  May 1877  William H. Ballew, Adm. Of Hugh Crawford dec’d, to W. H. Briant;   Crawford’s half interest in Crawford store-house.


Page 151


229 12 Oct 1875  John Hill and wife Elizabeth to son Stephen Hill; for love; 1/3  interest in land known as the William Brumfield farm.


232 14 Mar 1877  John Hill and wife Elizabeth to son Absalum Hill; for love.


233 16 Mar 1877  John Hill and wife Elizabeth to Russell Hill; for love


237 21 Dec 1876  Chancery Court Decree:  Elizabeth H. Hurst by next friend William S. Caliway VS Elijah Cate, John L. Hurst and others; Commissioners set apart to Elizabeth H. Hurst, wife of John L. Hurst, 1/3 in value in land on N side of the great road leading from Mouse Creek to Athens; plat of land showing neighbors and Mouse Creek location.


242 14 May 1877  James R. Sanders and wife Rhoda to our son Ephraim Beck, 1/3 of our land; to our son Hamilton Beck’s two sons Allen and Joseph Beck, 1/3; and to our son Israel Beck’s heirs, 1/3; for love; all at our death.


245 1 Jan 1877  Jesse Dodson to School Commissioners of the 6th District; one acre on which Dodson’s school house now stands; for school purposes and public preaching; wife Alcy M. Dodson does not sign but acknowledges deed.


247 5 Jun 1877  Horace B. Yearwood and wife Elizabeth E. of Monroe Co. to Solomon G. Hoge of Tennessee but now residing temporarily in Washington City.


249 7 Apr 1877  James S. Kennedy and wife Melinda W. of Buncombe Co., N. C. to Ervin Slusler, who pays in the stock of A. F. College; 1/6 interest; Slusler owns the other 5/6.


252 14 Mar 1877  James R. Long and wife Sarah J. to James S. Kennedy of Buncombe Co., N. C.; Longs acknowledge in Haywood Co., N. C.



259 11 June 1877  L. D. Gentry and wife Harriet to Martha J. Gordan and John, Sarah, Mary A., and Elizabeth A. Carr of Polk Co.; at death of Martha J. Gordan her part to go to the Carrs.


267 Oct 1868  Martin Bunch and wife Elizabeth of Phelps Co., Mo. to Duke, Martin  Jr., Alfred and Mary Bunch.


269 26 Jan 1877  Elias P. Johnson and wife Mary A. to J. C. Neil; land as heir of mother Lucinda Johnson dec’d and of grandmother Nancy Johnson now living.


274 2 Jul 1877  J. M. Goddard and wife T. E. to Euphemia Macfarlane; lot in Athens  fronting on the N side of Washington Street, bounded on E and N by Grubb property, on W by Kilgore Street, and S by Washington Street.


275 25 May 1877  Chancery Court Deed:  Alexander Green VS Thomas A., John H., William C., and Katie M. Cleage, Sarah E. Gillespie, Kittie, Sam, Mary C. and Wilella Cleage, A. M. Brett and wife Mary, and Wms Mayfield; sale of undivided half interest in land known as the Chilhowee Springs place; all   defendants except Mayfield are heirs of Alexander Cleage dec’d.


278 4 Aug 1877  Richard Hickox and wife Mary J. of Polk Co. and Joseph P. Clark to Lawrence Swaffer.


293 3 Aug 1877  James M. Henderson and wife Louisa J. to John R. Howard; lots 88 and 89 in Athens, upon which Henderson now resides.


297 3 Aug 1877 John Swaffer Sr. and wife Elizabeth to daughter -in-law Martha C. Swaffer wife of Lawrence.


300 10 Apr 1876  Circuit Court sale:  W. H. Forrest, Exec., and Walter L., Sarah E., and Fannie L. Forrest, legatees of John M. Forrest dec’d, to James Lewis; land with exception of one acre upon which Mount Harmony Church stands.


306 11 Dec 1872  Circuit Court sale of lands of A. Barb dec’d to F. M. Barb; Sarah and David L. Boyd, J. C. Barb, Josiah and Milly Kinser, and Wesley Kinser,  legatees; life estate of widow Patty Barb is reserved.



309 22 Nov 1875  Chancery Court sale of lands of Joseph M. Burnett dec’d to James S. Burnett; title divested out of Isham Burnett, A. G. and Polly Small, Hamilton and Nancy A. Neil, C. and Eliza J. Baker, Samuel and Sarah J. Worthington, William and Elizabeth Worthington, and Isham B.,  J. P., W. R., Joseph B., Isabella, John, and Charles Neil, and Joseph B., Cyrus, Jane and Albert S. Lowe,    heirs.


Page 152


310 18 Aug 1877  Daniel McKinney to Henry T. Davis of Sherman, Texas.


318 28 Sep 1877  Herman Warnecke, Trustee, to J. E. Raht; sale of land deeded to him in trust by Alexander Cleage and wife Jemima and John H. Cleage on 11 Sep 1872; ten acres near Athens beginning at H. Humphrey’s corner on S side of the mill pond at high water mark…Eastanallee Creek below the Spring formerly known as Lowry’s Mill tract but now known as Cleage’s Mill; also 570 acres near Athens known as the Wm. Lowry farm, purchased by AlexanderCleage at Chancery sale and where he now lives.


322 6 Jan 1877  C. R. Hoyl and wife Rebecca C. to Latitia A., Birdie, Dollie, and Vinta Green, heirs of said Latitia A. Green’s body, of Monroe Co.


323 28 Nov 1870  Chancery Court sale of land of Allen Dodson dec’d to James F. Wallis, subject to dower of widow Martha Dodson.


327 15 Dec 1876  George W. McKenzie, Exec. of Reuben McKenzie dec’d to James A. Womack; title bond assigned by R. Y. Vaughan, the vendee.


330 11 Oct 1877  Mary A. Ragsdale to James S. Russell; lot 91 in Athens, bounded E by lot of David Cleage, fronting Main St. on S, on N by lot of Sehorn heirs, and on W by Black Alley.


337 13 Dec 1875  Lewis Stanton to W. S. McGaughey; West half of four-acre lot in Athens, bounded on W by Kilgore St., N by college, down to center of alley, to Grubb property.


338 15 Sep 1877  W. S. McGaughey to Lewis Stanton; the property above.


339 6 Jan 1877  Jathen Adkins Gregory to George W. Moore; widow of Parlee Gregory farm on Rogers Creek.


343 30 Aug 1877  W. C. Brown and wife Susan, and Joseph G. Farmer and wife M. M., to W. W. Corley; land they may inherit as heirs of J. W. Brown.


345 17 Mar 1877  John Hill and wife E. to Charles Hill; for love.


30 Aug 1877    L. O. H. Carlock and wife Nannie C. of Monroe Co. to J. P. Butler;the Eason or Sweney property in Athens, in return for a lot in Loudon deeded to   Carlock by J. P. Butler and wife F. L.


356 23 Jul 1877  John H. Brunner of Monroe Co. to John A. Turley; lot adjoining the lot on which stands Cane Creek Academy…where the grave yard joins the same line established by John W. Paris, where he sold off the land on which to erect the Boarding House.


359 27 Nov 1876  Chancery Court decree:  sale of land of Wesley Avans dec’d; title divested out of Arta M., Blasingale, and Bradford Avans, William Swaffer and wife Mary E., and John W., Thursey J., and Minerva Avans, heirs.


368 25 Dec 1877  J. H. Brunner and I. D. Carlock establish a line between their lots at Cane Creek Academy.


369 10 Dec 1877  Fannie J. Hawk and J. D. Porter and wife Sarah G. to John Rose.


374 2 Aug 1874  Circuit Court sale of lands of Thomas Edgmon dec’d, including that known as the Fisher farm, to Thomas K. Edgmon; title divested out of Aaron Matthews and wife Margaret, Gideon I. Edgmon, James, Margaret, and Alexander Woolsey, Crabtree [sic] and wife Sarah, and Phelson, James , Allen, Nancy, Bird, Daniel, Joseph George, and Alexander Edgmon, and Samuel, Susan, Jane, James, Tehuha, Thomas N., and John Sparks, Sally Woolsey, S. G. Edgmon, heirs at law of Thomas Edgmon Jr. dec’d.


379 10 Sep 1877  John E. and Margaret E. Williams to Wm. McKenzie; their undivided interest in land and personal property of grandfather John Williams dec’d; Elizabeth E. Williams also signs and acknowledges deed.


386 9 Aug 1877  Hezekiah Evans of Concord to W. S. Gaston; half interest in lot 59 in Athens; between the business house of James Turner and the office of A. H. Keith, Esq., fronting on White St.; being the same conveyed by P. C. Wilson to John Evans and by John Evans to Hezekiah; and also the second story of the two-story house on said lot and the stairway leading from the front to said second story.


Page 153


398 25 Nov 1875  Chancery Court Decree:  Susannah Brient VS Elvira, William M., John H., Mary J., James H., Nathaniel, and Richard J. Dixon, Susan S. and Bazel Thomas, Eli C. and Riley E. Dixon, John A., William H., Susan C., and Joseph Smith, minors, Jacob P. Brient, Sarah E. and William L. Burn, and Mary E., S. J., John F., James M., Mortimer E., and Eliza E. Brient, Minors; the “Eureka Mills” are sold to Susannah Brient; defendants are heirs of Elisha Brient dec’d and of John J. Dixon dec’d.


405 5 Sep 1876  B. M. Cooper and wife Mary C. to E. Williams; land…corner of Star’s reservation…that W. H. Cooke willed to Clarissa Cooper.


409 18 Feb 1878  C. K. Bradford to James F. Bradford; his interest in estate of William C. Bradford dec’d.


411 Dec 1876  Circuit Court Decree:  lands of Dimmon Dorsey Sr. sold and title divested out of William and McW. Dorsey, Nancy McGonegal, Salina I., Sarah S., Mary Charlotte, Charity F., Jonathan, Isaac F., Robert I. N., Thomas H. S. Dorsey, and James E. Funhing and wife Althea E., William P. Hardwick and wife Margaret E., and R. W. Williams and wife Mary L., heirs.


415 5 Jan 1878  M. T. Gibson and wife Salina Carolina to J. W. Melton; land the buncom spring branch top of ridge Eastanallee Creek.


416 5 Apr 1877  Mary A. Barb to Sarah E. Boyd; house and lot in Riceville; for favors shown and love.


416 12 Feb 1878  E. F. and M. J. King of Whitfield Co., Ga. to E. A. Shugart; their undivided interest in Linder tract in McMinn co.


432 1 Mar 1878  W. C. Holland and wife S. J. of Dallas Co., Texas to A. B. Howard of Blount Co.; land in McMinn Co. in return for land in Morgan Co., Texas.


433 11 Mar 1878  J. C. M. Bogle and wife E. S. of Blount Co. to A. B. Howard; undivided interest in Linder tract in McMinn Co.


435 6 Mar 1878  R. A. Shugart and wife N. A. of Dallas co., Texas to A. C. Shugart of Tarrant Co., Texas; their undivided interest in estate of E. B. C. Shugart dec’d.


436 30 Jul 1877  Alexander Green to J. A. Turley, A. C. Robeson, J. D. Williams, and Lon Blizard; one undivided half interest in Chilhowee Springs.


438 30 Mar 1878  Copy of Will of Tyre Lawson, executed 23 Oct 1876; I have here-to for made deeds to most of my children for a tract of land each; have left 160 acres which I give to sons Tyre and George Lawson; to son Elias Lawson, personal property.


441 11 Mar 1878  S. J. Martin and wife Malinda O. to Mary Ann Caldwell of Loudon County.


443 4 Apr 1878  E. T. Moss and wife Virginia E. to Julia A. Matlock; their 1/5 undivided interest in land on Mouse Creek owned by Virginia E.’s father James T. Lane dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.


456 Apr 1877  County Court Decree:  sale of land of P. M. Milligan dec’d to L. D. Milligan; land adjoining that of the Joint Stock Company of Cane Creek  Academy; title divested out of E. B., L. D., J. D., and F. _.Milligan, and Thomas, Mary J., Caswell, and Adaline Maddox, W. H. H. and Imogene Dodson, Clarissa Milligan, Judson and Josephine Bettis, and six other minors whose names are unknown, children of Elizabeth Bettis formerly Milligan, children and grandchildren and heirs of P. M. Milligan dec’d and Jemima Milligan widow.


460 20 May 1874  Charles M. Keith, one of the residuary legatees of the Will of Charles F. Keith dec’d, to Thomas L. and Catherine D. Keith.


463 15 May 1878  W. L. Grubb, in consideration of $1500. Paid to me by R. C. Jackson, to Thomas L. Arnwine and wife Reese J.; the half undivided interest subject to dower of Sarah Arnwine relict of Albartis Arnwine dec’d, being the interest transferred to me by the said Thomas L. Arnwine; M. F. Arnwine is owner of the other half; land on Mouse Creek near Robert Snyder’s blacksmith shop and C. L. King.


472 22 Jan 1878  Augustua G. Bryant and wife Mary to Mary Ann and John T. Powers; land, reserving ¼ acre for a grave yard, where Laduska wife of Thomas J. Kyker is buried; the Bryants acknowledge in Rhea Co.



Page 154



474 29 May 1878  Joseph, J. S., S. E., and Asenath Matthews to Mary M. Reeder; to cancel deed of 1 Mar 1872 from Mary M. Reeder to the Matthews; the Athens Hotel or Reeder property on lots 92 and 93 on Main and Jackson Sts. Fronting the Public Square.


482 28 Jun 1878  Timothy Sullins and wife Mary W. to Julius E. Raht of Bradley Co.; lots 67 and 68 in Athens, bounded E by White St., S by bank Alley, W by Church Alley, and N by lots of Crawford, Wilson and Gettys.


483 3 Jul 1878  J. E. Raht of Bradley Co. to Mrs. Hattie Cleage widow of Samuel Cleage dec’d and her children viz: - Kittie Mina, Samuel, Mary Myrtle, and Will Nellie Cleage; the town lot on Green St where they now reside.


484 25 May 1878  Morgan Miller to wife Sarah Ann and daughters Rachel Amanda Griffitts wife of Jerome and Martha Virginia Robinson wife of John; for love; land personal property but he is to hold until his death; daughter Margaret Cate wife of Charles, and son Nathan Bradford Miller have received their share.


495 19 July 1878  Sarah Ann Miller and Martha V. Robinson to Rachel Arminda Griffitts; their interest in land given them by Morgan Miller dec’d.


503 23 Jul 1877  James Howe, who acknowledges in Rhea Co., to David Bridges, and John Evans, Caswell Parks, John Miller, and Alexander Smith, Trustees of   the Athens Baptist Church (colored); lots 16, 17, and 18 in A. D. Keys addition to Athens, said survey registered in Book L, page 559.


506 16 Jul 1878  Homestead set apart for George W. Matlock.


508 7 Jan 1870  By devise from Nathan Sullins, we, Timothy Sullins, Lazarus Dodson and wife Rebecca L., J. F. J. Lewis and wife Elizabeth H., James H. Cardwell, Timmie E. Cardwell, and Armstead L. Malicoat and wife Mary R., last nine being heirs of Hazy Cardwell dec’d, and M. C. Sullins, sell to Morris C. Sullins land at forks of the Riceville and Royston roads; M. T. De Vault and wife T.E. also sign deed; the Malicoats and De Vaults acknowledge in Washington Co., Va. And the Lewis’ in Knox Co; deed registered 22 Jul 1878.


511 14 Apr 1878  Joseph Rucker and wife Ursula D., Miriam Rucker, and Mary Vicars and heirs to J. B. Wilson; land cornering the dower of Miriam Rucker;  signed by the Ruckers and Robert, Nancy T., Matilda, Martha, Mary A., Mary, J. M. and H. Vicars.


515 13 Aug 1878  Chancery Court decree 22 Mar 1848, copied 17 Dec 1849:  Joanna Bond, Montraville Reynolds and wife Rachel, Robert P. Julian and wife Rosannah, and Elizabeth Bond, widow and heirs of Peter Bond dec’d VS Amon Bond, Exec. and Henry McGuire; Amon and Benjamin Bond were name Execx. but Benjamin has died and Amon is now insolvent and intemperate.


517 1 Jan 1878  partition deed between R. A. Lowry and J. H. Lowry who derived title to land by Will of James Lowry dec’d 7 Apr 1875, subject to dower of Corinna M. A. Lowry.


522 29 Apr 1878  Fielding Bradford of Lamar Co., Texas, to James F. Bradford; his interest in estate of W. C. Bradford dec’d.


525 25 Feb 1878  Tom Crutchfield, Mary J. Williams, and W. Crutchfield of Chattanooga, heirs of Thomas Crutchfield dec’d, to Alexander and David Cleage; deed to replace one made in 1852 or 1853 which can not be found; lot in Athens known as the rock lot on Mill St. near residence of James Turner.


526 25 Feb 1878  Thomas A., John H., and W. C. Cleage to J. E. Raht; the rock lot in Athens, Nos. 79 and 80.

528 28 Aug 1878  A. A. Cass and wife Sarah Ann of Madisonville to J. C. Montgomery.


538 29 Aug 1878  County Court sale, 3 Mar 1873, of land of John Cox dec’d; title  divested out of heirs P. W. Green and wife Susan R., and John H. Hickox, and William Hickox Jr.


540 18 Sep 1877  J. Albert Hyden and wife to Mrs. Lucinda Monday of Bradley Co.; lot 108, in Athens, known as the Horton Hotel Lot, and part of lot 109 fronting on Jackson St….running toward the creek…running back with the Bank Alley from Jackson Street.


548 27 Jul 1878  John M. Tracy and wife Mary J. formerly Collins, daughter of Caroline and John Collins, granddaughter of Roland and Nancy Burnett, and Eugene Patten and wife Corina E., sister of said Mary J. Tracy, to John Sherman  of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to collect their part of estate of grandfather John Neil dec’d; acknowledged in Hall Co., Mo.


550 9 Sep 1878  Thomas Wattenbarger of Gainsville, Ozark Co., Mo. to Christopher Wattenbarger; Power of Atty. to collect their part of estate of father Peter Wattenbarger dec’d.


554 4 Sep 1878  D. H. Brock and wife Jennie to M. A. Hardin and his heirs; acknowledged in Bledsoe Co.


555 15 Sep 1878  Nancy Lurena Hickey of Roane Co., daughter of James and Mary Hickey dec’d and granddaughter of William Paris dec’d, and niece of L. J. Paris  dec’d, to Frank Triplett; Power of Atty. to collect her share in the estates.


560 2 Oct 1878 J. P. Pearson to wife Parthena; for love.


562 2 Sep 1878  Hamilton Neal and wife Nancy Ann of Warren Co, to James S. Burnett; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of Joseph M. Burnett dec’d Nancy Ann being his heir.


570 20 Sep 1878  Leonard N. Tinsley of Whitfield Co., Ga. to John W. Matlock.


573 3 Jan 1878  John Swaffer and wife Elizabeth,  John Dixon and wife Lucinda, Wiatt Sliger and wife Manerva, George W. Burris and wife Amanda to Archibald Hampton; their right to land where Wiatt Sliger now lives.


577 18 Oct 1878  A. Hampton and wife Sallie to William Eldredge of Monroe Co.



Deed Book T


Page 156


 1   19 Sep 1878  James D. Cameron and wife Mary E. of Chariton Co., Mo. to C. C. Dodson; Power of Atty. to receive their part of estate of Charles A. Pickens dec’d.


  3   25 Dec 1849  Joanna Bond, Montraville Reynolds and wife Rachel, Robert P. Julian and wife Rosannah, and Elizabeth Bond, widow and heirs of Peter Bond dec’d, to Andrew McRoberts; signed by first five names and by Elizabeth and  James M. West; 21 Oct 1878, Bradley Co., R. P. Julian deposes that Elizabeth West is now dead; 21 Oct 1878, Bradley Co., Commissioner empowered to take examination of Rosannah Julian and of Rosanah [sic; Joanna?] Bond, a weak and infirm person and quite old, who lives with the Julians.


 10  28 Oct 1878  B. L. Avans and wife Rachel A. to William E. Lasater; their interest in land of Wesley Avans dec’d.


 21  Oct 1878  Jacob Buttram and wife Martha Jane and David McMahan and wife Julia formerly Buttram, all of Ozark Co., Mo., to Christopher C. Wattenbarger; Power of Atty. to collect their part, as heirs, of estate of Peter Wattenbarger dec’d, they being children of Elisha E. Buttram and wife Sarah Ann dec’d, who was daughter of Peter Wattenbarger.


 22  14 Dec 1875  A. Blizard, Exec. Of Jane Agnew dec’d, to John R. and H. C. Neil; the Agnew house in Athens, bounded on the N by the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and P. C. Wilson, S by Main St., E by an alley, and W by P. C. Wilson.


 29  22 Nov 1878  Richard Holland and wife Margaret Elizabeth to M. S. Miller of Roane Co.


 30  16 Nov 1878  Thomas Maddox and wife Mary and Caswell Maddox and wife M. A.; division of land jointly owned.


 35  3 Nov 1878  James J. Pugh and wife Sarah J. to F. M. Willis; division of estate of mother Margaret Willis dec’d.


37  5 Dec 1878  Emeline Crow to Lizzie G. McGaughey; her half interest in the John Crawford corner.


 37  6 Nov 1877  Chancery Court deed:  Robert Powell’s interest in John Crawford corner to Mrs. Emeline Crow.


 39  6 Dec 1878  Louis Evans and wife Malinda to Kissiah Jarnagan of Knox Co.


 59  21 Dec 1878  Thomas Riggins Sr. to son Thomas Riggins Jr.


61   18 Dec 1878  Mary K. Bradford to James F. Bradford; her interest in estate of William C. Bradford dec’d.


 66  15 Jan 1875  W. B McKeldin to H. M. McKeldin; the J. Albert Hyden property in Athens, on S side of Eastanallee Creek, on Jackson St. between the premises  of Dr. M. R. May and the Episcopal Church property.


 66  18 Dec 1878  Polk Parkison to John C., Mary E., Sarah F., L. C., S. F., and George Parkison; his interest in estate of Daniel Parkison dec’d.


67   4 Jan 1879  Henry Bradford to James F. Bradford; his interest in estate of William C. Bradford dec’d.


 71  11 Jan 1873  Jacob Buttram to Moses Buttram, Michael Wattenbarger, and  Alfred Carroll, Trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church; ¼ acre where the old church stood but East of the new church frame.


 74  26 Aug 1876  Bond to Ann Bonner widow from G. F. Bonner; her dower in return for providing for her during her lifetime.


 75  5 Mar 1878  William W. Tice to Joseph G. Brown, both of California, Hamilton County, Ohio; his personal property at the Providence Quaries of McMinn Co.; two derricks, oxen, wagon, tools for working said [sic] guaries.


76   5 Nov 1878  Joseph G. Brown to Mary C. Tice, both of California, Hamilton Co., Ohio; personal property in the Providence Marble and Lithographit Stone Quaries in McMinn Co.


 79  2 Nov 1879  Sarah J. Love and husband W. M. Love of St. Clair co., Mo. to C. C. Dodson; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of Charles A. Pickens dec’d; John P. Love, Judge of St. Clair Co.


Page 157


(81) 2 Jam 1879 James f. Fitzgerald and wife Sarah E.  of Lake Co., Oregon to John F. Sherman; Power of Atty. To collect their interest in estate of John Neil dec’d.


(84) 15 Aug 1877 Chancery Court Decree to sell land: D.H. Dickey Adm. VS James M. Dickey et al; title to land on Spring Creek divested out of heirs D.H. Dickey; James M. Dickey; the heirs of John F. Dickey dec’d to wit J. M. Dickey, Ann Franklin and husband Thomas, Elizabeth Ferguson and William Ferguson, Mahala, Hull Rachel P. Dickey, Perlina Dickey, Sophrona Waller and husband Henry; Elizabeth Elkins dec’d wife of William Elkins whose children are Samuel Elkins dec’d whose heirs are unknown, James F. Elkins, Thomas Elkins, W.J. Bilderback, Eliza wife of Harden Waller, Elizabeth Elkins, the heirs of N.H. Elkins dec’d to wit M.E., Jennie, Sallie, and Mollie Elkins; the heirs of Carline Fox dec’d wife of Abraham Fox to wit Mahala wife of Asa Howell, Samuel fox, Josephine wife of Ransom Warmack, Caroline Davis, the heirs of Ira Fox dec’d to wit Leroy Fox and Mary Fox, the heirs of Rachel Coe dec’d to wit Wesley and William Coe; Ann Gamble’s heirs (her husband is James) to wit Caroline Buchanan, William Gamble, J.F. Gamble, the heirs of Mary Eblin dec’d to wit James, Anna, and John Eblin; and Edom White; J.F. and H.L. Self are also heirs of John F. Dickey.


(85) 29 Jan 1879 C.L. Matlock Sr. To C.L. Matlock Sr. to C.L. Jr., A.B., S.L., M.E., and Margaretta Matlock.


(92) No date.  Heirs of Andrew Hutsell dec’d to Mary Hutsell, widow; Mary to retain possession of land and property her lifetime in return for dower; signed by J.E., E.M., W.H., and E.T. Hutsell, Joseph C Rucker and wife Ursula D., W.D. Stow and wife Artie R., Ellen M. Matlock wife of C.L., H.E. and Helen V. Hutsell, and Clamanda V. Goddard wife of M.B.; acknowledged 5 Feb 1879.


(96) 4 Feb 1879 J.J. Cox and wife S.A. to E.A. Shugart; their interest in estate of E.B.C. Shugart dec’d.


(97) 16 Nov 1874 Sarah Crockett of Hill Co., Texas to Ann C. Furguson.


(101)    29 Dec 1878 F.M. McKenzie and wife Nanie, T.B. Shell and wife Polly Jane, and William Cate and wife Mary A. (Mollie), heirs of Obediah Shell, to G.W. Guffey; their undivided interest

(105)    20 Feb 1879 E.B. Milligan, Thomas Maddox and wife Mary J. formerly Milligan, Caswell Maddox and wife M.A. formerly Milligan, and William H. H. Dodson and wife L.J. (signed Emma) formerly Milligan, heirs of P.m. Milligan dec’d to J.A. Milligan; their undivided 1/10 each in land.

(108)    1 Dec 1866 Sarah Purdy of Cass Co., Ga. To G.W. Benton; the farm known as the spring hill farm.


(115)    3 Mar 1879 Nelson Gettys and John Hughes; Agreement as copartners to do business as merchants in Athens.


(116)    31 Jul 1875 Elizabeth Brock widow of Terry Brock dec’d to W.J. Brock.


(118)    31 Jul 1875 A.B. Brock and wife Harriet to A.J. Brock; their interest in estate of Terry Brock dec’d


(120)    3 Mar 1879 T.W. Brock to W.J. Brock; Terry Brock’s estate.


(142)    17 Mar 1879 Allen Ellis and wife Malinda of Jackson Co., Ala. To J.E. Fike; Power of Atty. to sell the Allen Ellis place on Spring Creek.


(151)    29 Dec 1855 William F. Lacy to William H. Briant; acknowledged by Lacy in Gasconda Co., Mo. 29 Dec 1855;  27 Mar 1879 reregistration of deed which was first registered in Book L, page 468m 29 May 1857, Deed Book L is lost.


(154)    19 Dec 1878 John B. Drake and wife Bell M. of Carroll Co., Miss. to John M. Wilkins; land conveyed to Bell M. Moss now Drake 12 Dec 1874.


(157)    No date. P.C. Wilson to James Turner; the S corner of Lot 59 in Athens; Wilson acknowledges in Hamilton Co.


(167)    1 Dec 1878 Jacob Womack to wife Catherine and daughter Mary Womack; for love. 


Page 158



(168)    11 Sept 1866 James Thomas, J.L. Thomas, Jacob Wattenbarger and wife Eliza (Louise), Caroline Owen wife of M.C., Harriett Thomas, A.C. Thomas, Marshall Arnwine and wife Angeline, heirs and children of Jonathan Thomas dec’d, to G.W. Million, in consideration of his conveying deed to M.C. Owen; the wives acknowledge 1876.

(186)    5 Jam 1879 Sarah A. Johnson widow of William B. revokes a Power of Atty.  she made to T. P. Duggan.


(187)    3 May 189 George W. Ross of Knox Co. to John a. McKeldin; lots 3 and 12 in Athens, bounded  N by Prison Alley, E by Alexander Keith’s heirs, S by Washington st., and W by Black Alley.


(189)    1 Jan 1879; (190) 1 Jan 1879;  (192) 8 Mar 1879;   (193)  7 Feb 1879; and (214) 2 May 1879 [The Grantors and Grantees in these five deeds are so repetitive, that the information is condense; the five deeds are made in accordance with a contract made by Moses Long dec’d. ]   Heirs of Moses Long dec’d; William R. Long and wife Susan C. of Jackson Co., Ark., P.M. Long and wife Louiza Jane, Albert D. Long and wife Martha R., John Long, James F. Long and wife Sarah, H.F. Smith Long and wife Sarah, Joshua Long and wife Mary, James B. Stephenson and wife Eliza, William Emerson and wife Lydia, and J. H. Mitchel and wife Mary Elizabeth (his 1/9 part).


(208)    15 Mar 1879 Mitchel Gaston and wife Jane formerly Wilson and William KcKeown and wife Clarissa formerly Wilson to A. H. Wilson now of Marion Co., Kansas and Samuel P. Wilson; their interest in land, two shares, being 2/9 of whole and 2/8 of 2/9.


(225)    25 June 1879 James Turner to wife Harriett; for love, but his is to have control; lots 69, 70, 77 and 78 and his stock in the Franklin Association.


(226)    26 June 1879 R.C. Cate to wife Elmira; for love; land conveyed to her and to me by her father Thomas Cooper.


(229)    2 Jul 1879 Charles Cate to wife Margaret, for love.


(235)    13 Jun 1879 E.L. Haggard and wife Nancy and W.J. Haggard to Joseph D. Vaughan and wife Fannie and John Vaughan and wife Sarah of Meigs Co.


(241)    24 May 1879 Lassie E. Munsey of Hamilton Co. to Mary A. Lane wife of Dr. D. H. Lane.


(242)    14 May 1879 James W. Love and wife A.E. of Houston Co., Ga. to W.A. Bracket.


(243)    3 Jun 1879 George H. Wilson of Kaufman Co., Texas to A. H. Wilson of Marion Co., Kansas ans S.P. Wilson of McMinn Co., ; my 1/9 interest in the whole and 1/8 of 1/9 interest in land in 2nd District...line to Henry Newkirk’s Lime Kiln.

(245)    26 Aug 1876 Mary, Francis M., Powell H., Thomas M., and Martha A. George, and M.J. Neal to Sarah M. Harbison; lot 62 where W.L. Harbison now lives.


(251)    25 Jun 1879 Charles M. Keith and Charles K. Rowland, agreement; Keith leases for ten years to Rowland the Keith farm on the public road from Athens to Madisonville, about four miles from Athens, where Rowland now lives.


(256)    4 Aug 1879 W.B. Carr to wife Clarinda; for love; retains life estate.


(263)    26 May 1879 W. H. Hammond to John Carver;  his ferry boat, chain, &C on the Hiwassee River at Charleston and Calhoun.


(264)    15 Jul 1874 W.C, Barnett and wife Mary E., Charles A. Barnett, Susan Reynolds, William L. Reynolds and wife Ruth to Ezekiel Daniel;  their undivided half of mill and water power on Little Chestua;  Susan Reynolds lifetime interest and William L. and Ruth Reynolds interest by Will of George Reynolds dec’d.


(267)    12 Aug 1878 James J. Bayless and Wife Mary to A.T. Bayless.


(268)    10 Jun 1876 W.W. Alexander to E. Daniel; lot 38 in Athens on corner of Washington and White Streets, known as Dr. W.W. Alexander’s drug store building, containing basement, one room on first floor, and two rooms above with privilege of right of way to second story.


(269)    1 Jan 1870 Montgomery Kibbler of Bradley Co. to Jacob Kibbler.


Page 159


(270)    24 Aug 1878 Charles Wyatt and wife Mary A. and James E. Wyatt to James L. Haney.


(271)    21 Oct 1878 William McKenzie and wife Ruth M. and B.W. Melton and wife Hannah J. to T.W. Hall.


(273)    24 Nov 1872 John Jenkins and wife Elizabeth to J.H. Jenkins.


(274)    23 Mar 1878  M.C. Derrick and wife Emily to son M.T. Derrick and wife Susan; son M.T. to care for parents.


(275)    21 Apr 1879 James C. Carlock and wife Elizabeth M. to P.H. May and wife Martha  formerly Mayfield.



(277)    13 Aug 1877 A.J. Kyker, W.F. Kyker, M.L. Kyker and wife Martha Jane, B.E. Kyker and wife Mahala Ann, T.J. Kyker and wife Hester Ann, J.E. Kyker and wife Emily P., and P.M. Kyker and wife Mary Ann, and Martha Ann Newman wife John to John M. Kyker; their undivided interest in land of Uriah Kyker dec’d.


(279)    5 Jul 1879 John M. Kyker to Benjamin E. Kyker.


(281) 18 Aug 1879 R.S. Love to H.L. Cate; her interest in dower land of T.B. Love dec’d.


(281)  20 Aug 1879 Portman Swaffer and wife Irenia A. to Ezekiel Swaffer.

Note: 281 is listed twice in the book then goes to 283 I suspect it should be 282.


(283)    21 Aug 1879 J.C. Hankins and wife Sarah J. formerly Wilson to James B. Erwin: lot  26 in A.D. Keys addition to Athens.


(287)    15 Sep 1877 Mrs. Nancy Sharp and heirs of John L. Sharp dec’d to T.F. Guffey; signed by Sarah, M.R., Lizzie, J.B. and S.F. Sharp.


(291)    26 May 1879 Chancery Court Deed:  Mary A. Browder by next friend Ruthie E. Browder VS Calvin Browder; many years ago Mary A. purchased land from her brother Taylor P. Nance and paid for it in full;  by mistake deed made to her husband Calvin;  Mary A. requests that deed be made to daughters Lucy and Jennetta Browder.


(296)    15 Jan 1876 H.L. Shults and Sarah A. Isbell, Execs. of William Terry dec’d to C.C. Isbell of Monroe Co


(299)    4 Sep 1879 James Ladd and wife Ella to George W. Coleman.


(305)    2 ___ 1879 Jacob K. Erickson and wife Martha to son James W. Erickson.


(306)    15 aug 1879 James W. Erickson and wife Malissa J. to Robert M. Erickson and Elizabeth A Roberts.


(309)    24 Dec 1872 Joel Perkinson and wife Henrietta M. to L.K. Perkinson; land... line between said Perkinson [sic] and J.P. Parkison [sic]


(318)    2 Jun 1879 J.D. Porter and wife Sarah G. to Russell K. Johnson (colored) and wife; land in return for a claim that Johnson holds against the United States.


(329)    19 Nov 1878 Receipt from A.J.  and S.B. Dodson to L.B. and E.A. Dodson; their interest in land of Jesse Dodson dec’d.

(333)    1 Sep 1879 J. M. Parris to the School Commissioners of the 14th District; one half acre upon which the colored school is situated.


(341)    12 Feb 1879 R.M. Pickens of Douglas Co., Oregon and late of McMinn Co. to C.C, Dodson; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of his father C.A. Pickens dec’d.


(345)    22 Oct 1879 M.V. Willis to James N. Willis of Bradley Co.


(346)    3 Sep 1879 John Harrel and wife Louisa to D.C. Brindle; their interest in dower of Francis Harrel dec’d widow of John Harrel dec’d.


(353)    11 Aug 1879 Washington J. McMahan and wife Judith M. of St. Paul, Minn. to Calafornia V. McMahan of Jersey City, N.J.


(355)    3 Nov 1879 Richard Spradling to daughter Amanda A. Holland.


(361)    27 May 1874 Chancery Court Decree:  G.T. Russell, J.S. Russell Exec of T.B. Mayfield dec’d, W.H. Ballew Gdn. and others VS Emily S. Russell, T.B, Mayfield Jr., and P.B. Mayfield; sale of four tracts of land.


(363)    26 Feb 1878 Mary D Sharp and heirs to William T. Peak; signed by Mary D., W.B., John A., and A. J. Sharp.


Page 160


(371)    9 Oct 1879 J. Albert Hyden and wife Nancy J. of Cowley Co., Kansas formerly of McMinn Co. to T.F. Gibson; 30 acres known as Forest Hill tract.


(377)    17 Jul 1878 John M. Ely to daughter Polly Crane.


(381)    20 Nov 1879 John M. Cantrell of Hinds Co., Miss. to father F.M. Cantrell; Power of Atty. to receive of Letitia a. Green wife of John P. money due for unpaid notes.


(383)    25 Oct 1877 W.A. Warmac and wife M.E. to Henry Pugh and wife Mary; land, “there is thirty feet square where there is two graves and timber to fence the same...unencumbered except the right away of water for Cowan’s Mill”.

(389)    1 Jan 1868 John Morris of Bradley Co. to Thomas and Sallie M. Hemphill; for love of grandchildren to wit John, Sarah, James, Margaret, Rachel and Isabella Hemphill, children of said Thomas and Sallie; land on Cestua Creek where my daughter Sallie M. now resides


(392)    15 Dec 1879 John Morris of Bradley Co. to John M., James T., and Sarah R. Hemphill, Margaret K. Hemphill who intermarries with Taylor Bayless, Angeline Hemphill who intermarried with John K Cates, J. and Isabella Hemphill, all children of Melvina and Thomas Hemphill and grandchildren of said John Morris.


(395)    24 Nov 1879 Chancery Court Decree:  T.L. Farrell, Adm of Bogan Cash dec’d VS Mary A. Cash et als;  land sold to Mrs. Miriam Kennedy and title divested out of Mary A. Cash widow, Andrew J., Q.V., Artie M., E.H., David B., Nancy J., and John d. Cash, and the heirs of Susan Eakin, and the heirs of James Cash (who are Mary and Sarah), and A.T. Cash, R.B., Silas B., F.L., and N.B. Cash, heirs of Bogan Cash dec’d.


(397)    14 June 1879 John T. Carmichael and wife Ruth R. of Parker Co., Texas, to Bryant W. Smith of Meigs Co., Power of Atty. to collect money coming to Ruth R. from estate of father Thomas Prigmore dec’d and mother Mary Prigmore dec’d and sisters Mahala Prigmore dec’d and Dolly Prigmore dec’d.


(399)    19 Nov 1879 P.A. sharp of Cooke Co., Texas to J.B. Sharp; Power of Atty.; land formerly belonging to John f. Sharp dec’d.


(409)    Jan 1880 John C. Shugart to William H. Ballew; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of E.B.C. Shugart dec’d.


(421) and (424) 19 Jan 1880 Charles L. King to Julia R. King; all land and personal property.


(431) 14 Feb 1874 James Buttram of Rhea Co. to Amelia Rothwell.


(446) 9 Jul 1874 Henry C. McNabb and wife Lina M. to David M. Lewis of Monroe County.


(448) 27 Jan 1880 C.E. Mountcastle of Monroe Co. to W.D. Mountcastle of Blount County.


(453) 14 Jun 1879 M.D. Ware and wife M.J. of Fannin Co., Texas; Power of Atty. to Allen Ware to collect their share of estate of mother M.J. Ware dec’d


(454) 29 Nov 1851 R.F. Cooke to Daniel and Nancy Thompson; four acres; 11 Feb 1880, witness William H.C. Thompson and P.W. Cooper prove deed and handwriting of R.R. Cooke who is now dead.

(455) 13 Mar 1860 Daniel and Nancy W. Thompson to John Cooke Thompson; four acres; 11 Feb 1880 witness H.C. Thompson and witness Wesley McCann prove deed.


(456) Feb 1880 John C. Thompson and wife Mary E. to P.W. Cooper; four acres.


(457) 6 Feb 1880 Charter of Incorporation for Rogers Creek School House to J.E. Fike, J.L. Thomas, John L. Spradling, James T. Spradling and George Jones; for support of a literary or scientific undertaking as a college, university, or school house, powers to confer degrees...establishment of a library, support os a historical Society, promotion of music or the fine arts.


(462) 7 Feb 1880 Rebecca Burns, in 1875, sold lots 41 and 42 to Meridian Sun Lodge #30 in return for her support for her lifetime;  said Lodge make Title Bond to Charles F. Gibson who agree to support Rebecca (with her consent); said Title Bond was not registered and is now lost; Gibson filled his contract by supporting Rebecca until her death;  Gibson desires said Lodge to make title deed to his daughter Mrs. Melissa L. Boice, she having been to the trouble of caring for said Rebecca.


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(463) 14 Feb 1880 Moses Cunningham to E.H. Matthews, Chairman of County Court; lots 51 and 52 in Athens.


(478) 18 Mar 1880 Charter of Incorporation of Mount Verd Mills Company to James Swan and H.W. McElwee of New York City and Frank B. McElwee, William M. Nixon and T.M. Burkett; Swan acknowledged in Jefferson Co.


(485) 25 Mar 1880 Naomi Massingale widow of James C., dec’d to J.H.C. and H.L. Massingale; her title to dower.


(487) 15 Jan 1878 W.H. Forrest and wife M.J. to the Deacons of Mt. Harmony Baptist Church;  land and the building thereon.


(491) 12 Feb 1880 Sarah E. Newman of Bosque Co., Texas to Calvin Denton;  Power of Atty. to sell her real estate;  she acknowledged in McLennan Co., Texas.


(505) Full page plat, in color, of the Mount Verd Mills and surroundings.




(509) 11 May 1879 W.S. Gaston Exec. Of  J.D. Gaston dec’d Ellen M. Harris and husband John W. to W.S. Gaston; in Sep 1875 the Exec. sold the homestead of J.D. Gaston dec’d to Wesley Gaston’  said Wesley failed to comply with the terms of sale and Ellen M. Gaston now Harris wife of J.W. Harris for herself and for her minor sister Mary R. Gaston, heir of J.D. dec’d.


(511) 15 Dec 1879 John Goodman and wife Rachel formerly Coates of Obion Co. to T. H. Butler; Power of Atty. to receive money.


(512) 19 Jan 1880 T.J. Blankenship and wife Louisa t. formerly Coates, an heir to William Coates dec’d, of Independence Co., Ark. to T.H. Butler; Power of Atty. to collect money.


(520) 14 Sep 1868 William and Joseph Neil, Execs. of John Neil dec’d, to Sterling Neil Of Macon Co., Ga: the John Neil Land.


(523) 30 Apr 1880  Sterling Neil and wife Sarah W. of Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia to Pryor N. Shults: a colored a plat of land is on page 524.


(530) 1 Apr 1880 James H. Lowry of Riceville to Wesley Phillips, Lee Adair, Henry Harvey, and Fowler Phillips, Trustees of the Baptist Church (colored) in Riceville.


(536)  3 Dec 1879 A.M. Hambright and Nancy Hambright, William Eldredge and Elvira Eldredge, D.H. Lane and wife Mary A., all of McMinn Co., and James Biggs and wife Minerva of Polk Co. to John S. Cravy of Bradley Co.; land for sole purpose of mining for marbles, minerals, and fossils; land on Hiwassee Rive where the Hambrights and Eldredges live.


(549) 17 Jul 1880 Timothy Sullins to Morris C. Sullins, L. Dodson, and James Steed, one half acre known as the Nathan Sullins graveyard or cemetery to be used as a burial ground for the heirs and descendants of the late Nathan Sullins for no other purpose.


(552) 20 Mar 1878 Bettie, Treshie C., S.A., and R.P. Smith to Henry K. Watson.


(554) 4 Feb 1879 James C. Carlock and wife Elizabeth to Patsy Lewis formerly Paris.


(558)  1 Jun 1880 John W. Erwin and wife Margaret E. of Independence Co., Ark. to Houston Butler; Power of Atty. to receive money due Margaret E. formerly Coats, an heir of William Coats dec’d.

(570) 29 May 1880 J.L., A.J., and J.W. Epperson of Bell Co., Texas to H.W. Epperson;  Power of Atty. to act in their stead.


(574) 6 Jan 1879 George T. Parker to J.H. Magill and wife Sarah J., R.N. Magill, W.M. Magill, and T. A. Magill; Title Bond for J.H. Magill Mill property.



(575)  Aug 1880 A.M. Vickers to Nancy, Mary A., Martha, and Matilda Vickers; his 1/8  undivided interest in land on Mouse Creek of which his father Thomas Vickers died possessed’ signed J.M. Vicars and J.A. Vicars makes acknowledgment.

(576) 17 Aug 1880 Marion Presley and wife Mary E. of Polk Co. to E.A. Dodson; their   interest in real estate of Jesse Dodson dec’d.


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 (577) 2 Feb 1880 J.B. Dodson and wife R.C. of Rockwall Co., Texas to C.C. Dodson; Power of  Atty. to receive their interest in estate of Jesse Dodson dec’d.


(578) 22 Sep 1860  Elizabeth Bain now Rutherford to Samuel E. Guy or Grey; sealed 30 Jul 1868; Elizabeth the wife of William P. Rutherford; registered Aug 1880.

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